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Alma Gibbs (F)

     She married Augustus Moffatt at Tullahoma, Coffee Co., Tennessee, in 1913.


Ann Gibbs (F)

     She married John Houlston Jr. at Pennsylvania in 1684.


Children of Ann Gibbs and John Houlston Jr.
John Houlston
John Houlston

Earl Gibbs (M)

     He married Marjorie Collett.


Louisa H. Gibbs (F)
b. circa 1884

     Louisa H. Gibbs was born circa 1884 at Maryland. She married Ervin Dehoff Waser, son of Moses F. Waser and Malinda Dehoff, on 6 December 1905 at Maryland. Louisa H. Gibbs was census 1910 in 1910 at Stewartstown, York Co., Pennsylvania.


Child of Louisa H. Gibbs and Ervin Dehoff Waser
Melinda Catherine Waser b. c 1908

Clifford P. Gibeau (M)

     He married Lillian Shigley.


(?) Gibson (M)

     He married Martha Booth.


(?) Gibson (M)
b. July 1917, d. July 1921
Pop-up Pedigree

     (?) was born in July 1917. He was the son of Moses Ralph Gibson and Julia Baird. (?) died in July 1921.

(?) Gibson1 (M)

     He married Betsy Bratcher.


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(?) Gibson (M)

     (?) Gibson married Jewell Shigley, daughter of James H. Shigley and Lillie B. Giles.


Ann Welch Gibson (F)

     She married Benjamin Chesnut at Chillicothe, Ross Co., Ohio, on 23 May 1822.

Children of Ann Welch Gibson and Benjamin Chesnut
Isabella Jane Chesnut d. 12 Jun 1862
Mary G. Chesnut
Benjamin E. Chesnut+ d. 2 May 1870
Emma C. Chesnut d. b 1872
John Andrews Chesnut+ b. Mar 1829
James Gibson Chesnut+ b. Oct 1831
Ann Judson Chesnut b. c 1840, d. 12 Oct 1846

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