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John Wyron1 (M)


Child of John Wyron
Grace Wyron+ b. 6 Dec 1652, d. Jan 1694


  1. [S31] Rakestraw-Wyron, Dave Rakestraw.

Dave Yaden (M)

     He married Mahala Chesnut.

Ada Yahres (F)

     She married Eli Augustis Shigley. Ada Yahres married Leonard Clerkin.


Naomi Catherine Yake (F)
b. 29 April 1926, d. 8 January 2000

     Naomi Catherine Yake was born on 29 April 1926. She died on 8 January 2000 at Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania, at age 73.


Erma Yaller (F)
d. 6 January 1961

     She married Nevin Prugh Andrew in 1952. Erma died on 6 January 1961.

(?) Yancey (M)

     (?) Yancey married Marie Harrelson, daughter of Thomas Kincaid Harrelson.


Roy Yancey1 (M)

     He married Elizabeth Williams.



  1. [S27] John Philip Dellinger, Paul H. Dellinger.

Rose Marie Yanzer (F)
d. 16 June 1963

     Her body was interred at Indianapolis, Marion Co., Indiana. BURIED: Calvary Cemetery. She married John Frederick Wood on 22 August 1936. Rose died on 16 June 1963.

Margaret Ann Yarboro (F)
b. 1870

     Margaret Ann Yarboro was born in 1870. She married William Columbus Williams in 1890.


Child of Margaret Ann Yarboro and William Columbus Williams
Carrie Lee Williams+ b. 8 Dec 1896, d. 8 Nov 1990

Elizabeth Yarbrough (F)
b. 1867, d. 1951

     Elizabeth was born in 1867. She married William R. Allen at Lincoln Co., Tennessee, on 3 September 1924. Elizabeth died in 1951. Her body was interred in 1951 at Lincoln Co., Tennessee, at Prosperity Cemetery.


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