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FIELDEN Joshua & Sons





Mrs. Mary Sutcliffe, widow, is a cotton manufacturer at living at Ewood Mill in 1841 and 1851. By 1861 she has moved her business to CROW CARR INGS.  Her husband was Eli Sutcliffe who was a bookkeeper living at Ewood Mill in the late 1820’s and early 1830’s. From about 1834 he started up in the manufacturing business, living at Hanging Ditch, Ibbotroyd and Stiles before he died. Although there is no supporting evidence, it is highly likely he carried out his business at Ewood Mill and when he died his widow continued.


Additional information

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Notes from John Travis, contemporary historian:

Before Mr Thos. Ramsbotham erected Centre Vale House in 1826-8 he occupied the cottage or master's house at the far end of Ewood or Malt Kiln Old Factory at which place he had the cotton carding and spinning done, and all the putting out of warps and weft to country side weavers. At the end near the river he had an iron foundry and a staff of moulders and mechanics producing cotton machinery for Knott Mill at the bottom of Deansgate, Manchester, of which he was a partner or owner, the machines when ready being sent off from Todmorden canal wharf by Messrs. J. and J. Veevers' boats to Manchester. The exact date Mr. Ramsbotham came to Todmorden is not known, but it was in the early days of the cotton trade.

The Malt Kiln, or Ewood old factory and cottage, were sold out in Mrs. Crossley’s days, Mr. John Heap, ex-constable, being the agent. Mr. Samuel Fielden was the purchaser for £5,000. He also bought the Ewood Estate and mansion at the death of Mr. James Stansfield, solicitor, for 11,000 guineas.


Land Tax Assessments 1803.


Messrs. Ramsbotham


10s.7d. halfpenny


Land Tax Assessments 1804

John STANSFIELD himself for Ewood Factory


Messrs. Ramsbotham

10s.7d. halfpenny


Stansfield Township Map 1805

Malt Kiln factory marked and looks to be in Todmorden rather than Stansfield.


1805 Valuation of Stansfield

Part of Scaitcliffe, part of a factory building and part of lodge; owned by John Crossley; occupied by Thomas Ramsbotham; annual value £5.18s.6d.


Holden 1809, 1810 and 1811

James & Thomas Ramsbotham of Ewood Mill Todmorden, cotton manufacturers and spinners.


Crompton’s 1811 spindle enquiry

Malt Kiln (no firm stated) 1,296 mule spindles and 600 throstle spindles.


1813 sittings at St. Mary’s Church

The highest price was 7/1d paid by Mr. Thomas Ramsbotham of Ewood Mill.



Mr. Ramsbotham, Ewood Mill, mentioned in account books of Jeremiah Jackson.



Cragg Turnpike Trustee, Thomas Ramsbotham, Ewood Mill.


Stansfield Township map 1816

Haywood (Ewood) Mill marked on land owned part by John Crossley and part by Thomas Ramsbotham. Partly in Stansfield and partly in Todmorden.


Leigh 1818

Thomas Ramsbotham, cotton spinner & manufacturer, Ewood Mill

John Stansfield, cotton spinner & manufacturer, Ewood.


Baines 1822

Thomas Ramsbotham, cotton spinner & merchant


Map of Todmorden 1823

Shows part of Malt Kiln and dams on land owned by John Crossley esq. Remainder of Malt Kiln owned by Mr. Greenwood.


Baines 1824

James & Thomas Ramsbotham & Co. cotton manufacturers and merchants, Ewood and Foster Mills.


Baines 1825

James & Thomas Ramsbotham & Co. Ewood and Foster Mills, cotton spinners & manufacturers, dimity and fustian.


Pigot 1828-29

James & Thomas Ramsbotham & Co. cotton spinners & manufacturers and merchants, Ewood Mill.


Parson & White 1830

James & Thomas Ramsbotham & Co. cotton manufacturers and merchants, Ewood Mill.

James & Thomas Ramsbotham & Co., iron & brass founders, Ewood Mill.


Pigot 1834

James & Thomas Ramsbotham & Co. cotton spinners & manufacturers, Ewood Mill.


White 1837

James & Thomas Ramsbotham, Ewood, cotton spinners & manufacturers


1841 census

Mary Sutcliffe, aged 35, Ewood Mill, cotton manufacturer


White 1842-43

Mrs. Sutcliffe, Malt Kiln, Stansfield, cotton manufacturer.

Gaukroger & Smith, Ewood Mill, cotton spinners & manufacturers


White 1847

Gaukroger & Smith, Ewood Mill, cotton spinners & manufacturers



Report of the Inspector of Factories 1846

Report by R. J. Saunders. - Teacher's Certificate annulled.

I have annulled the certificate of Sarah Greenbank, a schoolmistress in Todmorden township in the Parish of Rochdale for immoral conduct. The only children attending her school were those employed by Messrs. Gaukroger and Smith of Ewood factory in the same township.

Note: The immoral conduct appears to be that Miss Greenbank was unmarried and pregnant. Her daughter Elizabeth was born in 1846. Sarah must have been forgiven, as she was still the teacher in 1851. By then, the school had just 13 scholars enrolled, 2 boys and 11 girls. Reading, writing and knitting were on offer, although only 4 of the 13 chose to learn how to write. Miss Sarah Greenbank was the mistress on a salary of £13 a year. Her 5-year-old daughter was living with her at the school.


Factory Act prosecutions 1847-48

Gaukroger & Smith fined for administrative breaches £2 plus 11/6d costs.


Halifax Guardian 14th April 1849

To be let. Mill now used as cotton mill at Ewood near Todmorden with water wheel 15 feet high and 2 reservoirs. Premises adjoining road from Todmorden to Burnley half a mile from Todmorden. Possession may be had on 1st June next. Apply John Crossley esq. Scaitcliffe, the owner.


1851 census

Joshua Fielden, Ewood Mill, aged 59, cotton manufacturer.

Samuel Fielden (son) aged 32, overlooker

Joseph Greenwood (son-in-law) aged 28, powerloom weaver.

Mary Sutcliffe, Ewood Mill, aged 46, widow, cotton manufacturer

John Stansfield, Ewood, aged 60, cotton spinner.


Slater 1855

Joshua Fielden & Sons, Ewood Mill, manufacturers of cotton goods


Todmorden Rates Book 1860

Occupied by Joshua Fielden; owned by John Crossley; cotton mill; Ewood; rateable value £68.9s.4d.


Todmorden and Hebden Bridge Advertiser 28th July 1860

Partnership between Joshua Fielden, Samuel Fielden and Joseph Greenwood, cotton spinners & manufacturers at Ewood Mill, under the style of Joshua Fielden & Sons, dissolved and carried on by Samuel Fielden and Joseph Greenwood.


Todmorden Post Office Directory 1861

Joshua Fielden & Sons, cotton spinners & manufacturers, Ewood Mill


Kelly 1861

Joshua Fielden & Sons, cotton spinners & manufacturers, Ewood Mill.


Todmorden Rates Book 1861-63

Occupied by Greenwood & Fielden; owned by John Crossley; cotton mill; Ewood; rateable value £68.9s.4d.


Todmorden Rates Book 1864-69

Empty; owned by John Crossley; cotton mill; Ewood; rateable value £68.9s.4d.

1866 – rateable value £80.3s.0d.


Halifax Guardian 14th December 1867

To let; Ewood Mill with water and steam power, cottage adjoining.


Halifax Guardian 28th March 1868

Auction 29th April (estate of the late John Crossley esq. of Scaitcliffe); Ewood Mill near Todmorden, with steam engine, boiler, chimney and shafting; freehold.


29 April 1868

Sale by auction of property of late John Crossley of Scaitcliffe. Lot 5 Ewood Mill and building land at Law-Holme near Todmorden


Todmorden Rates Book 1870 onwards

Not listed