2 Square Rd 3 Mary Slater head u 66 shirt maker own account Hebden Bridge Yorks 2
4 Square Rd 4 Cyrus Penrose head   68 general labourer worker Cornwall 4
    Jane Penrose wife   66     Cornwall Maryann  
    Elizabeth S. Penrose dtr   32 cotton spinner worker Cornwall Redruth  
    Herbert W. Penrose g/son   12 cotton spinner worker Walsden  
6 Square Rd 2 Thomas Sutcliffe head w 80 retired grocer   Todmorden Yorks 6
    Hannah Sutcliffe g/dtr u 23 weaver worker Walsden  
8 Square Rd 2 Henry Boothroyd head m 34 labourer in tannery worker Huddersfield Yorks 8
    Emma Boothroyd wife m 32     Worksop Notts  
    Geo. Alf. Boothroyd son   9     Holmfirth Yorks  
    Joe Boothroyd son   5     Walsden  
10 Square Rd   unoccupied              
12 Square Rd 5+ Benjamin Howarth head m 26 publican own account Langfield Yorks 12
    Mary Howarth wife m 29     Stansfield Yorks  
14 Square Rd 5+ Thomas Smith head m 45 plate layer worker Walsden 14
    Elizabeth Smith wife m 41     Walsden  
    Henry Smith son u 20 weaver worker Walsden  
1 Back Square 3 Thomas Mills head m 50 weaver worker Todmorden Yorks 14
    Mary Mills wife m 41 dress maker   Todmorden Yorks  
    Thomas Mills son u 24 weaver worker Todmorden Yorks  
    John Thomas Mills g/son   4     Hebden Bridge Yorks  
16 Square Rd 3 James Willie Greenwood head m 24 weaver worker Todmorden 16
    Hannah Mary Greenwood wife m 21     Todmorden  
    Kate Greenwood dtr   1     Walsden  
18 Square Rd 5+ William Henry Hall head m 51 tanner worker Luddenden Yorks 18
    Ann Ellen Hall wife m 57     Castley Yorks  
    Beatrice Hall dtr u 18 card room hand worker Walsden  
20 Square Rd   unoccupied              
22 Square Rd 4 Hannah Binns head w 65 retired ironmonger   Walsden 22
    Lydia Binns dtr u 31 domestic house maid at home Walsden  
24 Square Rd 4 John Jackson head m 39 loom tackler worker Walsden 24
    Alice Jackson wife m 32     Whitworth Lancs  
    Ernest Jackson son   8     Walsden  
    Fred Jackson son   6     Walsden  
    Annie Jackson dtr   2     Walsden  
    Betsy Jackson dtr   10 mths     Walsden  
26 Square Rd 4 William Fielden head m 53 weaver worker Walsden 26
    Mary Fielden wife m 49     Walsden  
    Betsy Ann Fielden dtr u 24 weaver worker Walsden  
    Bertha Fielden dtr u 16 weaver worker Walsden  
    Albert Fielden son   8     Walsden  
28 Square Rd 3 John Howarth head m 42 general labourer worker Walsden 28
    Sarah Howarth wife m 43     Walsden  
    Emily Howarth dtr u 19 weaver worker Walsden  
30 Square Rd 4 William Jackson head m 50 warper worker Walsden 30
    Hannah Jackson wife m 45     Walsden  
    Thomas Jackson son u 22 weaver worker Walsden  
    Fergus Jackson son   13 warehouse worker Walsden  
    Lilly Jackson dtr   11     Walsden  
    Harry Jackson son   5     Walsden  
32 Square Rd 3 Joseph Crabtree head m 40 weaver worker Walsden 32
    Ellen Ann Crabtree wife m 45     Walsden  
    Thomas Crabtree son u 17 weaver worker Walsden  
    John Crabtree son   14 picker maker worker Walsden  
34 Square Rd 3 Jonas Dugdale head m 35 cotton beamer worker Brierfield Lancs 34
    Hannah Dugdale wife m 40 cotton winder worker Walsden  
    John Dugdale son   8     Walsden  
    Mary Maud Dugdale dtr   3     Walsden  
36 Square Rd   not recorded              
38 Square Rd 4 James Jones head m 50 labourer worker Northampton 38
    Eliza Jones wife m 51     Birmingham  
    James Henry Jones son u 23 linen weaver worker York  
    John Edward Jones son u 25 linen weaver worker York  
    Elizabeth Ann Jones dtr u 18 cotton spinner worker York  
    Herbert Jones son   15 card room hand worker Todmorden Yorks  
40 & 42 Square Rd 5+ James Fielden Law head m 45 labourer worker Todmorden Yorks 40 & 42
    Mary Ann Law wife m 46     Halifax  
    Emma Law dtr u 21 weaver worker Walsden  
    Susan Law dtr u 20 cotton winder worker Todmorden Yorks  
    Annie Law dtr u 18 weaver worker Nelson Lancs  
    Alice Law dtr   13 spinner worker Walsden  
    Edith Law dtr   11     Walsden  
    Bertha law dtr   8     Walsden  
    Kate Law dtr   6     Walsden  
    John Robert Law son   3     Walsden  
    William Newell father in law w 73     Walsden