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Heerema Craneships

SSCVs and DCVs

Iver Bugge’s ship, SUNNAAS,

became Heerema’s first Craneship.

Iver Bugge was one of the partners of Anco [Norway]

Iver Bugge Ships



ON 5424031

Call Sign : LAJT

Built 1952 Caledon Shipbuilding & Engineering Co. Ltd., Dundee

9,283 brt; 5,201 nrt; 13,810 dwt

1952 Skibs A/S Nanset, Larvik, Norway; Iver Bugge.

1963 Sold to Global Offshore Structures Ltd., Willemstad-N.A.,

         Managed Heerema Engineering Service.

1963  Rebuilt and converted to the first craneship, with a 300 ton lift.

          by N.V. Dok en Scheepsbouw Mij. Verolme, Rozenburg.

          Renamed GLOBAL ADVENTURER.

          Remeasured  9,622 brt; 3,644 brt; 5,350 dwt.

1964  R.E.M. Island built using GLOBAL ADVENTURER;

          First “pirate” TV station. Details below.

1967 GLOBAL ADVENTURER ; Brown & Root Panama S.A., Panama,

         (Brown & Root Nederland N.V., Rotterdam).

1975 Scrapped Kaohsiung, Taiwan.


Global Adventurer

Carrying the prefabricated REM Island


Global Adventurer



Named after Pieter Gerard Thulin (NETM).

Nederlandse ErtsTankers Maatschappij N.V., The Hague.

(Vinke & Co. N.V., Rotterdam)

Yard Nr 555

Built 1956 Scheepswerf J. Smit & Czn., Alblasserdam

18,718 grt; 10,952 nrt; 26,871 dwt

193,23 m x 25,36 m x 9,88 m

15.300 hp; 16.5 knots

Call Sign : PGQA

1968  CHALLENGER ; Panama Overseas Shipping Co. Inc., Panama

           ( Heerema Engineering Service ).

Converted by N.V. Boele's Scheepswerven & Machinefabriek, Bolnes

Remeasured 10,898 grt; 5,919 nrt; beam 29.37 m.

1970  CHALLENGER I ; Arun Shipping Co., Ltd., Monrovia

           ( Heerema Marine Contractors ).

1987  24th April : Towed from Europoort,

          by tug SUMATRAS to Turkey.

1987  15th May: arrived for scrapping, Aliaga, Turkey.


PG Thulin


Challenger I



Call Sign GKFM

Built 1950  Swan Hunter & Wigham Richardson Wallsend U.K.

18,666 grt; 11,391 nrt; 29,648 dwt.

201,16 X 25,68 X 10,94 mt.

480x 100 x 45 ft

Engines : Wallsend Slipway Co.-turbines.

1950 VELUTINA ; Anglo-Saxon  (Shell Tankers Ltd.) London U.K..

1971 Forepart converted ; Renamed CHAMPION ; Heerema Engineering.

           Aft broken up at Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht.




1973  THOR  ex VEEDOL

Built 1955  Mitsubishi Zosen, Nagasaki

For  Tide Water Tankers, Monrovia

733ft 10ins x 100ft 6ins x 36ft 10ins

28,339 grt; 19,564 nrt; 49,819 dwt

17,600 hp Turbine;  16.5 knots

1973  Renamed THOR ; Heerema Engineering.

1982  17th September : Arrived Kaohsiung, Taiwan for demolition.



For Soc. Francaise de Transports Petroliers, Dunkirk

Built 1961  Wilton Feijenoord, Schiedam

Yard Nr 770

Launched April 10th 1961

33,621 brt; 17,800 nrt; 48,549 dwt

746ft 5ins x 102ft 1ins x 39ft 1ins

20,000 hp Turbine; 17 knots

1976  Renamed ODIN ; Heerema Engineering - lift of 2,700 tons.

1994 Scrapped.


The launch of the Armagnac




As much as these early craneships

could be easily manoeuvred into position,

it was clear that stability, strength and power was needed.

Heerema pioneered Semi-Submersible Crane Vessels ( SSCVs ), with the BALDER in 1978 and the HERMOD in 1979. Originally sister ships, HERMOD had major works completed 1984 and BALDER was converted to a Deep Water Construction Vessel (DCV) in 2001. HERMOD was docked July 2004; Keppel Verolme,  Rotterdam, Netherlands. THIALF is a Semi-Submersible Crane Vessel. It was constructed in 1985 as DB-102 for McDermott by Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.. In 1997 it was taken over by Heerema after discontinuation of their joint venture with McDermott, HeereMac.


1978  BALDER

For general details, see her sister, HERMOD

The DCV Balder is a Deepwater Construction Vessel.

Built 1978  Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding Co., Ltd., Tamano.

As a Semi-Submersible Crane Vessel.

2001 Converted to a DCV by Keppel Verolme

         (formerly Verolme Botlek).




1979  HERMOD

Built 1979 Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding Co., Tamano.

For Zodiac Shipping Co. (Heerema Group Services, Panama)

73,887 grt; 22,166 nrt

505ft x 450ft x 282ft

Depth to Workdeck 138ft

Draft 38 – 92ft

Accommodation for 336 men

Maximum Deck load  8,000 tons

Diesel engines; 24,000 hp

6 knots with 8,000 ton loading and at draft 38ft.



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1985  THIALF

Built 1985  Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding Co., Tamano.

For McDermott ( HeereMac ).as DB-102

1998 Taken over by Heerema; Renamed THIALF

Heerema Group Services, Panama

661ft x 542ft x 290ft

Depth to Workdeck 162ft

Draft 43 – 104ft

136,709 grt; 41,012 nrt

Accommodation for 736 men

Maximum load 14,200 tons

Diesel engines; 37,536 hp

6 knots at maximum load and minimum depth.




REM Island

Six miles off Noordwijk, Netherlands.

REM = Reclame Exploitatie Maatschappij

(Advertising Exploitation Company).

Built 1964 at a cost of 9 million guilders by a team of broadcasting entrepreneurs, who used it to broadcast radio and television programmes to the Netherlands under the name Radio Noordzee and TV Noordzee. Financed by bankers Texeira de Mattos, the man with the original idea of broadcasting from an artificial platform was Will Hordijk from The Hague. In 1963 he teamed up with Cornelis Verolme, who owned a shipyard in Cork, Ireland, and Pieter Heerema, of Scheveningen; Heerema's GLOBAL ADVENTURER, brought the prefabricated sections to the Netherlands, arriving off the coast of Noordwijk 3rd May 1964.


The Dutch government gained European support to extend the territorial limit to 11.5km, which meant that REM Island was within Dutch legal jurisdiction.

29th July 1964, the first radio test transmission was made.

13th August : start of TV tests.

1st September : official opening of TV Noordzee.

14th December : TV Noordzee last transmission.

17th December 1964 : boats and police helicopters

arrived at REM Island.

At 0907, Radio Noordzee went off the air.

In 1974, the Department of Public Works began using REM Island

as a base for marine investigations and measurements.

In 2003, REM island was emptied.




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