Old Neath Street Names                                                                        Old Neath Street Names

  I hope to build up a series of small maps which will help researchers to locate streets which have now disappeared.
                                      Area                                        Streets
Penydre and Tynycaeau Llantwit Road;     Union Court;     Jenkins Court;  Smith`s Court;     Davies` Court;   Morgan`s Court; 
 Jones` Court;     Strick`s Court;   Water`s Court;  Nant Lane;    Sydenham Terrace;  Orchard Terrace; 
 Public Houses : The Bear;  The Star & The Farmer`s Arms
Neath Castle Area James Street;     The Latt;    Golden Lane/Gold Street
Hart Lane/Russel Street;    Glamorgan Street;
Old Market Street;   Cattle Street;      Cow Lane;
Duck Street;     Angel Street;      Wind Street;
New Street;      Church Place;     Hopkin`s Court