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Wing Family of America, Inc. - Person Page 25

Wing Family of America, Inc.
Descendants of Matthew & Mary Wing of Banbury, Oxfordshire, England
Person Page 25

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Mary J. (Unknown) (F)
b. August 1857

     Mary J. (Unknown) married Henry Warren Nye, son of Heman Nye and Julia A. Wing. Mary J. (Unknown) was born in August 1857 at Maine.

Last Edited=29 Jul 2005

Children of Mary J. (Unknown) and Henry Warren Nye
Fred F. Nye b. Nov 1874
William H. Nye b. Feb 1876

Mary Jane (Unknown) (F)
b. 28 September 1799?, d. 15 August 1854

     Mary Jane (Unknown) married Stephen T. Huson, son of Cornelius Edward Huson and Sarah Wing. Mary Jane (Unknown) was born on 28 September 1799? At calc from age at death. She died on 15 August 1854 at age 54. She was buried after 15 August 1854 at Huson Cemetery, Brant, New York.

Last Edited=26 Jan 2005

Child of Mary Jane (Unknown) and Stephen T. Huson
Eudela J. Huson d. 11 Sep 1857

Mary L. (Unknown) (F)
b. 7 May 1880, d. 14 February 1952

     Mary L. (Unknown) was born on 7 May 1880 at Strongsville, Cuyahoga, OH. She married Sidney A. Wing, son of Adelbert L. Wing and Ida (Unknown), in 1900 at Berea, OH. Mary L. (Unknown) died on 14 February 1952 at Cleveland, OH, at age 71.

Last Edited=22 Aug 2005

Mrs. Mary (Unknown) Loring (F)

     Mrs. Mary (Unknown) Loring married Thaddeus Ransom Washburn, son of Philip Washburn (II) and Patience Ransom, on 12 November 1821 at Kingston, Plymouth, Massachusetts.

Last Edited=21 May 2005

Mary (Unknown) Lyon (F)

     Mary participated in the No Children event at Sycamore, DeKalb, IL. Mary was born. She married Turner Wing after 1847.

Last Edited=2 Jan 2003

Mary M. (Unknown) (F)

     She married Marvin Higbee. Mary was born.

Last Edited=2 Jan 2003

Child of Mary M. (Unknown) and Marvin Higbee
Flora L. Higbee+ d. 12 Aug 1897

(2nd wife) Mary M. (Unknown) (F)
b. between 1839 and 1840

     Mary was born at 40 1880, Maine, between 1839 and 1840. She married Augustus F. Wing at of Rumford, Oxford, Maine, before 1880.

Last Edited=11 Jul 2005

Mary (Unknown) Morey (F)

Last Edited=3 Apr 2005

Child of Mary (Unknown) Morey and Josiah Swift Jr
Jesse Swift+ b. 3 Oct 1739

Mary (Unknown) Mosher (F)
b. circa 1831

     She married Hiram Sisson. Mary was born circa 1831.

Last Edited=24 Jul 2003

Mary (Unknown) Norton (F)

     Mary was born. She married Dr. Zachariah Perry Wing at Mt. Vernon, Kennebec, Maine, on 13 April 1837.

Last Edited=2 Jan 2003

Child of Mary (Unknown) Norton and Dr. Zachariah Perry Wing
Horace Martin Wing b. Jan 1838, d. 19 Apr 1879

Mary P. (Unknown) (F)
d. 13 February 1859

     Mary P. (Unknown) married Thomas Lombard 3d, son of Capt. Israel Lombard (II) Esq. and Elizabeth Lombard. Mary P. (Unknown) died on 13 February 1859 at Wellfleet, Barnstable, Massachusetts. She was buried after 13 February 1859 at Lombard Family Cemetery, Wellfleet, Barnstable, Massachusetts.

Last Edited=22 Aug 2005

Children of Mary P. (Unknown) and Thomas Lombard 3d
Abigail Hopkins Lombard b. 23 Jan 1836
Mary Maria Lombard b. 3 Sep 1837
William Arnaud Lombard b. 3 Nov 1841
James H. Lombard b. 1845, d. 13 Aug 1870

[poss.] Mary P. (Unknown) (F)
b. 8 August 1847

     [poss.] Mary P. (Unknown) married John R. Caswell, son of Capt. William H. Caswell and Elizabeth B. Starbuck. [poss.] Mary P. (Unknown) was born on 8 August 1847.

Last Edited=13 Nov 2005

Mary R. (Unknown) (F)
d. circa 1860

     She married Abner Braley. Mary was born. She died at Rochester, Plymouth, MA, circa 1860.

Last Edited=2 Jan 2003

Child of Mary R. (Unknown) and Abner Braley
child(ren) Braley

Mary R. (Unknown) (F)
b. 1849, d. 1874

     Her body was interred at Wayne, Kennebec, Maine. Mary was born in 1849. She married Capt. Grafton Norris circa 1870. She died in 1874.

Last Edited=27 May 2004

Mary R. (Unknown) (F)
b. 16 July 1839

     She married Wilson C. Beal. Mary was born on 16 July 1839.

Last Edited=28 Feb 2003

Child of Mary R. (Unknown) and Wilson C. Beal
Ida M. Beal+ b. c 1877, d. a 1949

Mary R. (Unknown) (F)

Last Edited=23 Jul 2004

Child of Mary R. (Unknown)
Adelaide Blood+ b. bt 1840 - 1841

Mary (Unknown) Randall (F)

     Mary was born. She married Joseph W. Parlow at Rochester, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts, on 24 October 1835.

Last Edited=2 Jan 2003

Mary S. (Unknown) (F)
b. between 1812 and 1813, d. 9 June 1872

     Mary S. (Unknown) married Stephen Wing (II), son of Stephen Wing and Martha Howard. Mary S. (Unknown) was born between 1812 and 1813. She died on 9 June 1872 at Fairfield, Somerset, Maine.

Last Edited=16 May 2004

Mary S. (Unknown) (F)

Last Edited=27 Jul 2005

Child of Mary S. (Unknown) and Samuel K. Buffinton
Edmund Francis Buffinton+ b. 2 Nov 1860

Mary S. (Unknown) (F)
b. 1842

     Mary S. (Unknown) was buried at Rural Cemetery, New Bedford, Bristol, Massachusetts. She married Charles Marshall Haskins Haskell, son of Hiram Haskell and Catherine S. Howland. Mary S. (Unknown) was born in 1842.

Last Edited=23 Oct 2005

Mary (Unknown) Shneidacher (F)
d. after 1920

     Mary was born. She married Capt. Malcolm H. Wing circa 1890. Mary (Unknown) Shneidacher died after 1920.

Last Edited=12 Sep 2004

Mary (Unknown) Sides (F)

     Mary was born. She married Rev. Otis Wing in 1879.

Last Edited=9 Feb 2003

Mary (Unknown) Stanley (F)
d. April 1870

     Mary was born. She married Hon. Austin Eli Wing in 1838. She died at Erie, Erie, PA, in April 1870.

Last Edited=25 Aug 2003

Child of Mary (Unknown) Stanley
Rev. Hannibal Stanley+

[poss.] Mary W. (Unknown) (F)
b. 1835

     [poss.] Mary W. (Unknown) married Henry Tradford Weeks, son of Reuben Weeks and Drusilla Trafford. [poss.] Mary W. (Unknown) was born in 1835.

Last Edited=22 Aug 2005

Mary [Polly] (Unknown) (F)

     She married [poss.] John Atwood. Mary was born.

Last Edited=2 Jan 2003

Child of Mary [Polly] (Unknown) and [poss.] John Atwood
Charlotte F. Atwood b. 13 May 1818

Matilda (Unknown) (F)

Last Edited=16 Feb 2005

Child of Matilda (Unknown) and Peter Seigfried
Matilda Elizabeth Seigfried+

Mehitable (Unknown) (F)
b. circa 1785, d. 4 February 1842

     She married Paul Wing (II). Mehitable was born circa 1785. She died at Uxbridge, Worcester, MA, on 4 February 1842.

Last Edited=31 Jan 2005

Child of Mehitable (Unknown) and Paul Wing (II)
Mehitable Wing d. 2 Jul 1823

Mehitable (Unknown) (F)

     She married Ebenezer King. Mehitable was born.

Last Edited=2 Jan 2003

Child of Mehitable (Unknown) and Ebenezer King
Sabrah Clark King+ b. 6 Sep 1807, d. 15 May 1888

Mehitable (Unknown) (F)

     She married John Fish. Mehitable was born.

Last Edited=2 Jan 2003

Child of Mehitable (Unknown) and John Fish
Josiah Fish b. 4 Jan 1717, d. 21 Dec 1802

Mehitable (Unknown) (F)
b. 29 January 1807, d. 4 May 1896

     Mehitable (Unknown) was born on 29 January 1807. She married Deacon Samuel Small(ey), son of Samuel Small and Lydia Burge(ss), circa 1825. Mehitable (Unknown) died on 4 May 1896 at age 89. She was buried at So. Dennis Congo Church Cemetery, Dennis, Barnstable, MA.

Last Edited=18 Jul 2004

Children of Mehitable (Unknown) and Deacon Samuel Small(ey)
(Unknown) Small(ey)
Peter B. Small b. 5 Jun 1828

Mehitable (Unknown) (F)

Last Edited=15 Sep 2004

Child of Mehitable (Unknown) and Ezra Hodges
William Hodges+ b. 28 Feb 1809

Mehitable (Unknown) (F)

Last Edited=9 May 2005

Child of Mehitable (Unknown) and Stephen Collins
Susan Jane Collins Rich

Melinda (Unknown) (F)
b. circa 1821, d. before 1870

     She married Benjamin Tobey. Melinda was born at Battle Creek, Calhoun, MI, circa 1821. She died before 1870.

Last Edited=2 Jan 2003

Melissa (Unknown) (F)
b. between 1836 and 1837

     Melissa (Unknown) married Sylvanus Nye, son of Gaylord Nye and Jane Pride. Melissa (Unknown) was born between 1836 and 1837 at 23 1860, New York.

Last Edited=3 Nov 2005

Children of Melissa (Unknown) and Sylvanus Nye
Sarah E. Nye b. bt 1857 - 1858
Frank Nye b. bt 1859 - 1860

Melissa B. (Unknown) (F)
b. 1830

     Melissa B. (Unknown) married Charles F. Gifford, son of Charles Gifford and Rebecca Howland. Melissa B. (Unknown) was born in 1830.

Last Edited=30 Sep 2005

Mercy (Unknown) (F)

     Mercy was born. She married William Howland at of Pembroke, Plymouth, MA, circa 1736.

Last Edited=2 Jan 2003

Child of Mercy (Unknown) and William Howland
William Howland (II)+ b. 2 Nov 1741, d. 22 May 1824

Mercy (Unknown) (F)
b. circa 1665, d. after February 1729

     Mercy was born circa 1665. She married Freeman Ellis circa 1686. She died at Rochester, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts, after February 1729.

Last Edited=2 Jan 2003

Child of Mercy (Unknown) and Freeman Ellis
Patience Ellis (Wood)+ b. 1 Aug 1699

Mercy (Unknown) (F)

     She married Caleb Lockwood. Mercy was born.

Last Edited=4 Nov 2003

Child of Mercy (Unknown) and Caleb Lockwood
Thankful Lockwood+ b. 22 Dec 1746, d. 19 Oct 1814

Mercy (Unknown) (F)

     She married David Dimmock. Mercy was born.

Last Edited=2 Jan 2003

Child of Mercy (Unknown) and David Dimmock
David Dimmock Jr.+ b. 13 Jul 1792, d. 4 Aug 1879

Mercy (Unknown) (F)

     She married Hatsell Kelley. Mercy was born.

Last Edited=2 Jan 2003

Child of Mercy (Unknown) and Hatsell Kelley
Allen Kelly b. c Oct 1841

Mercy (Unknown) (F)

     She married Warner Peters. Mercy was born.

Last Edited=2 Jan 2003

Child of Mercy (Unknown) and Warner Peters
Ann Peters b. 10 May 1788, d. 3 Sep 1866

Mercy (Unknown) (F)

     Mercy was born. She married Zephaniah Penn(e)y in 1839.

Last Edited=2 Jan 2003

Mercy (Unknown) (F)

     She married David Gifford. Mercy was born.

Last Edited=2 Jan 2003

Child of Mercy (Unknown) and David Gifford
Capt. David Lewis Gifford

Mercy (Unknown) (F)

Last Edited=15 Nov 2005

Child of Mercy (Unknown) and Daniel Thomas
Lucinda Thomas+ b. 16 Apr 1780, d. 28 Sep 1859

Mercy (Unknown) Allen (F)

     Mercy was born. She married Cambary Phillips at Harwich, Barnstable, MA, in July 1855.

Last Edited=2 Jan 2003

Mercy P. (Unknown) (F)

Last Edited=27 Jul 2005

Child of Mercy P. (Unknown) and Jonathan Hathaway
(2nd wife) Mary Jane Hathaway+ b. 28 Jan 1840

Mercy W. (Unknown) (F)
b. circa 1813, d. 10 November 1880

     Mercy was born at d NOV 1880 ae 67, circa 1813. She married Stephen Gardner circa 1837. She died on 10 November 1880. Her body was interred at Vassalboro, Kennebec, Maine, at Cross Hill Cemetery.

Last Edited=5 Jul 2004

Children of Mercy W. (Unknown) and Stephen Gardner
Josephine S. Gardner b. 9 Mar 1843
Laura A. Gardner b. 22 Apr 1845

Mignon (Unknown) (F)

Last Edited=29 Oct 2004

Child of Mignon (Unknown) and Charles W. Post
Mignon Post+

Millie (Unknown) (F)

     Millie was born. She married Judah Gifford circa 1807.

Last Edited=2 Jan 2003

Millie (Unknown) (F)

Last Edited=9 Nov 2004

Child of Millie (Unknown) and Jacob Jackson
Andrew Parker Jackson+ b. 4 Apr 1824, d. 8 Oct 1895

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Wing Family of America, Inc.
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