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This web site is dedicated to the family surname of HEBERT. 
Hebert Coat of Arms      HEBERT is an Old French name. Most HEBERTs in North America are descendants of two Acadian HEBERT brothers who came to the New World in the mid-17th century. Today, it is one of the most populous groups of people with Acadian surnames. Though you will find HEBERTs around the world, the greatest numbers ... thousands in fact ... can be found in Louisiana and eastern Canada.

The focus of this site is on HEBERT genealogy, found in the links below.
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"He Burt Yes - A Bear No"
     This painting by George Rodrigue
illustrates what's we've had to deal 
with for years.  It shows a boy in 
school where the black board says 
"No French Spoken in School".  Laws 
made French taboo in Louisiana 
schools after 1921.  In today's world, 
Hebert's face continual 
mispronunciations and missellings 
of their name, much like other 
French names.
The Hébert Family Databook --- now available
     Do you want to share all of the information at the Hébert site with someone who's not online.  A printed version of the Hébert Family Website is now available.  If you try printing the site, it would take hours and over 700 pages.  I've compacted the material to fit it into about 300 pages.  Plus, the printed version of the 6 generations of Héberts includes additional notes which are not on the website.
Revised Acadian HEBERT genealogy online
I've uploaded the revised genealogy of HEBERTs.  The first 5 generations should now correlate with the information that will be in Stephen White's Dictionnaire.  There are additional generations in my data, but they are not complete.
HEBERT Pages at GenConnect on Rootsweb
You can now find a number of resources on HEBERTs from this one page.  This includes links to separate forums on the following: 
HEBERT Queries HEBERT Bible Records HEBERT Pensions
HEBERT Mailing List set up by Brenda Hebert
Simply click on the link (no subject is needed) and type in  subscribe hebert 
HEBERT Message Board by GenForum
This is a message board by GenForum for the surname HEBERT. 
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