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My great-grandfather William Frederick TAYLOR (1868 - 1945)

William Frederick (Fred) TAYLOR was born 1 on 1 Oct 1868 in 64 Buckingham Palace Road, London, England. He died 2 on 11 May 1946 in Mater Misercordia Hospital, North Sydney NSW. He was buried 3 in Northern Suburbs Cemetery Roman Catholic Section. He married 4 Naomi Grace (Grace) EZZEY on 19 Jul 1895 in Methodist Church, Elizabeth Street Sydney.

William immigrated to Australia in about 1899 with P & O as a Steward and Musician. He was confirmed 5 with the Confirmation names of St. Aloyisous & St. Joseph. He resided on 14 Jan 1870 at 64 Buckingham Palace Road, London. He resided in 1871 at 5 Northcote Road, Battersea, London. He resided in 1881 at 3 St. John's Terrace, New Wandsworth, Battersea, Surrey. He resided 6 on 19 Jun 1897 in Rosenau Road, Battersea, London England. He resided 7 on 23 Feb 1900 in Newtown, Sydney, NSW Australia. He resided 8 on 3 Sep 1901 at 12 Marian Street, Newtown, Sydney. He was employed 9 as a BandMaster the at time of their marriage on 19 Jul 1895. He was 10 a Professor of Music, a Musician and a Music Teacher. He joined religion Roman Catholic. [Parents]

Household Record 1871 British Census

Willm Fredk Taylor ; Age in 1871: 38 ; Estimated birth year: 1833; Relation: Head
Gender: Male ; Where born: Bristol
Household: other family members
Sarah Miller 17 Merton Servant Battersea London
Charles H Taylor 10 months London, Middlesex, England Son Battersea London
Ida Ellen Taylor 4 London, Middlesex, England Daughter Battersea London
Sarah A Taylor 25 Bristol Wife Battersea London
William F Taylor 2 London, Middlesex, England Son Battersea London
Willm Fredk Taylor 38 Bristol Head Battersea London
Civil Parish or Township: Battersea
Ecclesiastical parish: St Mary
County/Island: London
Country: England
Source information: RG10/703
Registration district: Wandsworth
Sub-registration district: Battersea
ED, institution, or vessel: 22
Folio: 102 ; Page: 42 ; Household schedule number: 188

Household Record 1881 British Census
Name Relation Marital Status Gender Age Birthplace Occupation Disability
William F. TAYLOR Head M Male 49 Bristol Musician & Composer
Sarah A. TAYLOR Wife M Female 34 Redland Bristol
Ida E. TAYLOR Daughter U Female 14 Paddington, Middlesex, England
William F. TAYLOR Son Male 12 Westminster
Charles H. TAYLOR Son Male 10 Westminster
Edith F. TAYLOR Daughter Female 8 Battersea, Surrey, England
Julia E. TAYLOR Daughter Female 6 Battersea, Surrey, England
Louisa A. TAYLOR Daughter Female 4 Battersea, Surrey, England
Albert D. TAYLOR Son Male 2 Battersea, Surrey, England
Cecila TAYLOR Daughter Female 0 Battersea, Surrey, England
Source Information:
Dwelling 3 St Johns Terrace
Census Place Battersea, Surrey, England
Family History Library Film 1341149
Public Records Office Reference RG11
Piece / Folio 0644 / 136
Page Number 26

William Frederick (Fred) was born in Buckingham Palace Road, London in 1868, within sight of the Royal Palace.

My Great-Grandfather obtained a Degree in Music in London, as did other members of his Family. After their Father died young, Fred and his younger brother Charles began working on overseas liners as members of the ship's orchestra to help support their younger brothers and sisters and pay for their education. His Aunty, Emily TAYLOR had married George RISELEY, who was a Conductor at Covent Garden and when his brother-in-law died, George obtained engagements for his two eldest nephews (Fred & Charles) to play in orchestras at Buckingham Palace functions. When his ship was in the Port of Sydney Fred stayed with the family of Mr. & Mrs. Thomas PEET at Neutral Bay, in which his future wife, Naomi Grace EZZEY was employed as a Cook and Housemaid.

On 19 July 1895 his address was given as London at the time of their marriage in Australia. Fred was a Professor of Music, Steward and Entertainer who was employed as a musician for the cruise shipping company 'P & O Liners'. He had settled permanently in Australia by 1899 (after his mother's death in 1898). Fred also played in Theatre Orchestras in both Sydney and Melbourne and taught music.

Fred and Grace had a family of six children:
i William Frederick TAYLOR, b. 13 Sep 1895, Neutral Bay, Sydney, NSW Australia, d. 1895, infant - aged 3 months,
buried: St Thomas Church, North Sydney NSW AUS.
ii Elsie Grace TAYLOR b. 19 Jun 1897 in Battersea, London. She married William Ernest MAY.
iii Leonard Sydney TAYLOR b. 23 Feb 1900 in Newtown, Sydney.
He married (1) Hazel Mary SEARLE in 1931. He married (2) Monica Isabel Carmel SMITH.
iv Felix St. George TAYLOR b. 3 Sep 1901, your maternal great-grandfather who married Iris Jessie ASHER
v Queenie Florence TAYLOR b. 5 Jun 1903 married Jack Stewart BUDDLE on 8 Jun 1929.
vi William Frederick TAYLOR, b. 23 Sep 1904 in Stanmore, Sydney, NSW Australia. He married Eileen Ada JONES and was the General Manager of 'Sands Jewellers" in King Street, Sydney. William & Eileen had two sons.

William Frederick TAYLOR lived for another sixteen years after his wife's death and passed away on 11th May 1946 and was also buried in the Northern Suburbs Cemetery, although not with his wife as he was still a member of the Roman Catholic Faith and so was buried in that section of the Cemetery. Both graves have headstones.

My great-grandmother Naomi Grace (Grace) TAYLOR nee EZZEY

Naomi Grace (Grace) EZZEY was born on 22 Mar 1870 in Comleroy Road, Kurrajong NSW Australia. She was christened on 15 Apr 1870 in St. Peters Church of England, Richmond NSW. She died 1 on 14 Aug 1930 in Wheatleigh Private Hospital, Crows Nest, Sydney. She was buried in Northern Suburbs Cemetery, Sydney NSW Australia. Grace resided 2 on 13 Sep 1895 in Neutral Bay, Sydney NSW. She resided 3 on 19 Jun 1897 in Rosenau Road, Battersea, London England. She resided 4 on 23 Feb 1900 in Newtown, Sydney, NSW Australia. She resided 5 on 3 Sep 1901 at 12 Marian Street, Newtown, Sydney. She resided on 10 Oct 1925 in Bay Road, North Sydney NSW. She resided 6 in 1930 in Willoughby, Sydney NSW Australia. She was employed as a Cook and Housemaid in 1886/1895. [Parents]

Her birth wa registered as follows at New South Wales Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages

Her death was registered in NSW as follows at New South Wales Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages

Grace was the daughter of Henry and Mary Anne EZZY (nee WITNEY).

My Great-Grandmother's birth was registered as Naomi EZZEY and she then married as Grace Naomi EZZEY.

Grace spent her childhood in the Kurrajong until she reached the age of sixteen years when she went to Sydney to take care of the young family of her uncle, Robert WITNEY, who had just been widowed for the second time. Grace EZZEY stayed with her uncle for several years and then when Elizabeth (Cis), his daughter was able to manage the household, Robert obtained a position for his niece in the home of Mr. & Mrs. Thomas PEET at Neutral Bay. The Peel's son was an Engineer on an overseas liner, who stayed with the TAYLOR Family at Battersea when his ship was in the Port of London.

On two occasions during her lifetime Grace suffered from diptheria, which was then a most dreaded and more often than not, a fatal disease. Grace also suffered from deafness and by the time she reachered her late teens she had become almost totally deaf, and for the most part relied on lip reading to take part in conversation.

On 19 July 1895 she resided at Neutral Bay NSW at the time of her marriage to William Frederick (Fred) TAYLOR. In the early days of their marriage she lived in England for several years, at Battersea in London. However, she is known to have disliked life in England and longed to return home to Australia. They appear to have done so after Fred's mother passed away in Oct 1898

Grace TAYLOR suffered a second attack of Diptheria in middle life, which was blamed for weaking her heart, and after several strokes she died on 14 Aug 1930 and was buried in the Church of England Section of the Northern Suburbs Cemetery at Ryde (Section B6. No.55). Diphtheria [diptheria] is an acute infectious disease usually confined to the upper respiratory tract (throat and nose) and characterised by the formation of a tough membrane attached firmly to the underlying tissue (usually the tonsils) that bleeds if removed. The organism responsible produces toxins that affect the circulation and may result in death. In the nineteenth century the disease was occasionally confused with scarlet fever and croup.


Samuel Webster ASHER was born 1 on 25 Jul 1877 in Council Street, Newcastle, NSW Australia. He died 2, 3 on 16 Dec 1945 in "Shere" Private Hospital, Killara Sydney. The cause of his death was Cerebral Haemorrhage and Refunocelrosis. He was buried on 17 Dec 1945 in the Church of England Section of Gore Hill Cemetery, Sydney. He married 4 Emily Magdalen SMITH on 5 Oct 1898 in Presbyterian Church Barry Street Neutral Bay, Sydney NSW. Samuel resided 5 on 5 Oct 1898 in Arthur Street, North Sydney NSW. He resided 6 on 10 Oct 1925 in St. Leonards, Sydney NSW. He resided 7 on 16 Dec 1945 in 6 Falcon Street, Crows Nest, Sydney. He was employed as Shearer at the time of their marriage on 5 Oct 1898. He was employed 8 as Tram Driver when their daughter Iris was born on 19 Sep 1901. He was employed 9 as Caretaker at the time o ftheir daughter Iris's marriage on 10 Oct 1925. He was employed 10 as Carpenter on 16 Dec 1945. [Parents]



Samuel's parents were Samuel William and Mary ASHER (nee WEBSTER).

Samuel was born in Council Street, Newcastle, NSW where his parents resided. He worked as a Shearer at aged 21 when he married Emily Magdalen SMITH on 5 Oct 1898. He was living in Arthur Street, North Sydney at this time.

He was later employed as a Tram Driver and resided at 65 Falcon Street., Crows Nest NSW. He purchased a holiday house at Leura in the Blue Mountains, which he later sold to buy two houses in Station Lane at Woy Woy on the Central Coast of NSW. These homes were on the water and had a boatshed and jetty on the Hawkesbury River. According to his grandson Bryan TAYLOR, Samuel ASHER loved to fish, collect oysters and wild mushrooms. He later sold the property at Woy Woy and purchased two houses at numbers 90 and 90A Falcon Street Crows Nest, when he was in ill-health. He daughter Iris inherited the property at 90 Falcon Street Crows Nest , which remained in her possession until her death in 1991.

There is a possibility that Samuel Webster ASHER may have also worked as a Prison Warder at Maitland Jail? However, I have not as yet investigated this information. (which possibly may have related to his father Samuel William ASHER).

Samuel and Emily had five children:
i. David Arthur ASHER, b. 1898, St.Leonards, Sydney NSW Australia, died about 1978. A Bachelor, David never married.
ii. Mary Madeline ASHER b. 1900. She married Thomas Arthur HOGAN, 1918, in St.Leonards and had two sons.
iii. Iris Jessie ASHER b. 19 Sep 1901, your maternal great-grandmother married Felix St. George TAYLOR in 1925.
iv. Robert Henry ASHER, b. 1905 in Sydney NSW married Esme V FAHL in 1927. They had no children.
v. Sydney Percival ASHER b. 1906. He married twice. Firstly to Estelle LANGTREE with whom he had six children.
Two sons were Bachelors and the third died died when he was 14 days old.

Samuel Webster ASHER's death is registered in 1945.

My great-grandmother Emily Magdalen ASHER nee SMITH circa 1900

Emily Magdalen SMITH was born 1 on 18 Mar 1879 in Benevolent Asylum Sydney Australia. She died 2 on 5 Jun 1945 in Royal North Shore Hospital, Willoughby. The cause of death was Carcinoma of Stomach, Anaemia, Cachexia. She was buried 3 on 7 Jun 1945 in the Church of England Cemetery, Gore Hill. Emily resided 4 on 5 Oct 1898 in West Street, North Sydney NSW. She resided 5 on 10 Oct 1925 in St. Leonards, Sydney NSW. She resided 6 on 5 Jun 1945 in North Sydney Municipality. She resided on 5 Jun 1945 in most likely at 6 Falcon Street, Crows Nest, Sydney. She joined religion 7 Church of England on 5 Jun 1945. [Parents]

Emily was born at the Benevolent Asylum Sydney, NSW. Her father Joseph CLEWETT died six months before she was born. Then her stepfather Jacob James SCHNEIDER died in 1881 when she was 2 years of age. Her birth was registered in Sydney as entry No. 952/1879 SMITH EMILY MAGDALEN to EMMA and neither father is mentioned.

Emily was a 20 year old Domestic Servant residing at West Street North Sydney NSW, at the time of her marriage to Samuel Webster ASHER on 5 October 1898 when her name is given as Emily Madeline SMITH. However, when her daughter Iris married in 1925, her mother's christian name is recorded as 'Emily Madeline SCHNEIDER'.

At the time of Emily's marriage in 1898 her guardian was Charles Henry ALLMEY, her uncle, whose wife was her aunt Eliza Madeline SMITH. However, her mother Emma SMITH was still living at this time. Charles Henry ALLMEY and Mary ADAMS were witnesses to the marriage.

The Informant on her Death Certificate was Mary M HOGAN, Daughter, 37 Falcon Street, Crows Nest.
Children of Marriage :
David A 46, Mary M 45, Iris J 43, Robert H 38, Sydney P 37 Living and 1 male deceased.
Witnesses were : H.TAYLOR and E. McPHERSON.
Her tombstone at Gore Hill Cemetery (Plot 5 Section U C/E) reads : "In loving memory of Emily Madeline, beloved wife of Samuel ASHER, died 5th June 1945 aged 66. At Rest"


My great-grandfather Sid Ashdown

Sydney William ASHDOWN was born 1 on 1 Nov 1883 in Croydon Street, Petersham, Sydney NSW Australia. He died 2 on 19 Dec 1940 in The Grono, Mosman, Sydney NSW when he fell from a building. The cause of death was Natural causes due to wit rupture aneurysm of the aorta. He was buried in ashes were buried at Manly Cemetery. He married 3 Mary Martha (Polly) TAYLOR on 21 Nov 1906 in the Franco-Australian Christian Church Redfern. Sydney was cremated on 21 Dec 1940 in Northern Suburbs Crematorium, Sydney. He resided 4 on 21 Nov 1906 in 17 William Street Marrickville, Sydney NSW. He resided 5 on 26 Jun 1910 in Harbour Street Mosman, Sydney. He resided on 19 Dec 1940 in 51 Bond Street Mosman, Sydney NSW Australia. He was employed 6 as Contractor at the time of their marriage on 21 Nov 1906. He was employed as Foreman Tin Smith on 26 Jun 1910. He was employed as Painter and Decorator in 1940. He was employed as Painter, Contractor on Death Certificate on 19 Dec 1940. He joined religion Presbyterian on 19 Dec 1940. [Parents]



My great-grandfather Sid Ashdown & Phyllis O'Loughlan circa 1935 - 1940

Sidney's parents were Henry and Annie Louisa ASHDOWN (nee SADLER). He was the eldest of five children and had siblings, Fanny Agnes (1885), Eva A (1886), Harry T (1893-1921) and Arthur E (1895).

His birth was registered in the name of Sydney William ASHDOWN. However he was later known as Sidney and marriage
and death registrations are spelt Sidney. He resided at 17 William Street, Marrickville in 1906.
The Witnesses to Sidney and Mary's 1906 marriage were Isabelle ANDERSON and Beatrice ANDERSON, who were most likely related to the Officiating Minister, Pastor John ANDERSON.

Sidney and Polly resided in Harbour Street, Mosman at the time of their son Arthur's birth, when Sidney's occupation was a Foreman Tin Smith on 26 Jun 1910. They had a family of six children :
i Phyllis ASHDOWN, b. 1907, Mosman, Sydney NSW Australia. She married Harold F (Ally) O'LOUGHLAN in 1926.
Phyllis died on 2 May 1932 and is buried with her grandmother in Manly Cemetery. She had one daughter, Phyllis.
ii Sidney Robert ASHDOWN b. 22 Dec 1908. He married Ida Cecilia FAIRBAIRN on 18 Jan 1932, in Mosman.

Arthur George ASHDOWN born 26 Jun 1910, my maternal grandfather married Irene Sylvia KEWN in 1935.
iv William ASHDOWN, b. 1911, died as an infant the same year.
v Mary Dorothy (Dot) ASHDOWN b. 1918, married Francis Charles (Frank) STACEY and they had three children.
vi Roy ASHDOWN, between 1907 and 1924. Roy died in 1924. His death was registered in North Sydney.

Sidney was 57 years of age when he died, however his Death Certificate states he was 59 years. The Supreme Court of NSW Letter of Administration was granted to Sydney Robert ASHDOWN, son of deceased on 31 January 1941, as he died intestate.
Cause of Death : Natural causes to wit rupture aneurysm of the aorta. Inquest Sydney 13 Jan 1941 (copy held).
Informant on Death Certificate : S.R. ASHDOWN, son, 32 Cowles Road., Mosman.
Witnesses : William H. BROMLEY and John. C. PARKES
Children of Marriage : Sydney R 32, Arthur G 29, Dorothy 24, Living. 2 males & 1 female deceased.

Sidney's ashes were buried in the grave of his daughter Phyllis and his Mother-in-Law Mary TAYLOR (nee WILLIAMSON) at Manly Cemetery, by his wife Mary and their daughter Dot. He has no headstone.

My great-grandmother Mary Taylor (Mrs.Ashdown)

Mary TAYLOR was born 1 on 17 May 1885 in High Street, Bannockburn, Parish of Girvan, County of Ayr, Scotland. She died on 1 May 1968 in Sydney NSW Australia. Mary was cremated in May 1968 in Northern Suburbs Crematorium Delhi Road North Ryde. She resided on 21 Nov 1906 in Military Road, Mosman Sydney NSW Australia. She resided 2 on 26 Jun 1910 in HSM, at the time of their son Arthur's birth. She resided in 1968 in 51 Bond Street, Mosman Sydney NSW. She was employed as Home Duties at the time of their marriage on 21 Nov 1906. [Parents]

An extract is held by her grandaughter and states Mary was born 17th May 1885 - The extract is from the register Book of Births for the Parish of Girvan - County of Ayr - dated 18th May 1885.
1885 TAYLOR MARY F GIRVAN AYR 594/00 0064

Mary immigrated from Scotland before April 1898 with her family, when she was approximately 12 years of age. According to her mother Marys' death certificate, the family arrived in Victoria where they lived for four months, before moving to Sydney. At the time of her marriage in 1906, Polly's birthplace is given as 'Giroan, Scotland'. However, on her son Arthur's birth certificate in 1910 her birthplace is given as 'Airdrie' in Scotland.

Her grandaughter advised 'My grandmother - name was just Mary Ashdown - she did not have a middle name - and she was known as (Molly). She was born in Bannockburn - Parish of Girvan - County of Ayr 17/05/1885. This information came from an Extract Entry of Birth No. 64.

Her grandaughter also has a letter to her grandmother written by her cousin Susan Williamson on 26/02/1961, which states that 'George & his wife celebrated their silver wedding at the end of 1960' - I take this to be John's brother? The letter is addressed to 'Dear Molly' so that was obviously her 'common' name and it is signed 'your loving cousin Susan'.
Her address was 14 Ashgrove, Craigneck(?) Airdrie, Scotland. Another grandaughter, Yvonne (my mother) advises that Polly was called both Polly & Molly, by different family members.

The Witnesses to Sidney and Polly's 1906 marriage were Isabelle ANDERSON and Beatrice ANDERSON, who were most likely related to the Officiating Minister, Pastor John ANDERSON.

Mary had a house opposite Berry Reserve at Narrabeen Lakes in 1936, which she owned until about 1945.

She out lived her husband by 27 years and as a widow, she resided with her daughter Mary (Dot) at 51 Bond Street, Mosman. Mary's father Robert Taylor also resided at No.51 Bond Street until about 1946.

It is said that Mary died of a broken heart, as after her son Arthur's death on 5 Apr 1968 she refused to eat and passed away four weeks later. She died on 1 May 1968 at her home at 51 Bond Street, Mosman in Sydney. The cause of her death is stated as '(1) Myocardial Infaction, Left Lower Lobar Pneumonia. Duration (1) Instantaneous (2) 2 & days'. Myocardial degeneration Means degeneration of heart muscle, but is often used as a euphemism for Old Age. Myocarditis is 'Inflammation of heart muscle' and 'Myocardium' is Heart muscle.

Her ashes were placed in Niche Number. SV154 (which is next to her son Arthur's (Niche No. SV155) who passed away the previous month).


My great-grandfather Samuel William KEWN

Samuel William KEWN was born 1, 2 on 27 May 1871 in 35 Stirling Street, Kirkdale, Liverpool, Lancashire England. He was christened in Church of England. He died 3 on 30 Mar 1940 in Lowestoft & North Suffolk Hospital. The cause of death was (1) Cachescia & (2) Carcinoma Colon. He married 4, 5 Martha Mary KEEN on 11 Jun 1894 in Walton on the Hill, Liverpool, England. Samuel resided in 1881 in 149 Arlington Street, Kirkdale, Lancaster. He resided in 1891 in 33 Roxburgh Street, Walton on the Hill, Lancashire. He resided on 11 Jun 1894 in 24 Andrew Street, Walton, Lancashire. He resided 6 in 1901 in 8 Penwith Street, Penzance, Cornwall. He resided 7 in 1895/1901 in Penzance, Cornwall, England. He resided in 1906 in Mutford, Suffolk, England. He resided 8 on 6 Aug 1911 in 276 Angela House, St. Margarets Road Mutford, NL, Suffolk. He resided on 20 Oct 1918 in Market Place Kessingland Lowestoft, Suffolk. He resided 9 in Apr 1928/1940 in 47 Rotterdam Rd. Lowestoft, Suffolk. He was employed as Steam Engine Fitter, aged 20 years in 1891. He was employed as General Dealer in Penzance, Cornwall in 1901. He was employed 10 as Engine Driver in 1911. He was employed 11 as Marine Engineer (Journeyman) on 30 Mar 1940. [Parents]

Search Results on :
Surname First name(s) Age District Vol Page
Births Sep 1871
KEWN Samuel William W. Derby 8b 291

Death Registered in Apr, May, June Quarter of 1940
Kewn, Samuel W. Age 68 District : Lothingland Vol. 4 a Page : 2504

Address Administrative
County Civil
Parish Ecclesiastical Parish Parliamentary Borough Rural
District Municipal
Borough Municipal
149 Arlington St Y Kirkdale St Aidans Kirkdale Liverpool Sandhills

Full Transcription Details for Samuel W Kewn
National Archives Reference Schedule Number
RG Number, Series Piece Folio Page
RG13 2253 143 18 123
Penwith St No 8
Civil Parish Rural District
Town or Village or Hamlet Parliamentary Borough or Division
Penzance Western Or St Ives Division Of Cornwall
Ecclesiastical Parish Administrative County
St Johns Cornwall
County Borough, Municipal Borough or Urban District Ward of Municipal Borough or Urban District

Samuel W Kewn
Relation to Head of Family Condition as to Marriage Age Last Birthday Sex
Head M 28 M
Profession or Occupation Employment Status Where Born
General Dealer Own Account working at home Liverpool

Martha M Kewn
Relation to Head of Family Condition as to Marriage Age Last Birthday Sex
Wife M 25 F
Profession or Occupation Employment Status Where Born
Undefined Cornwall Penzance

Samuel W Kewn
Relation to Head of Family Condition as to Marriage Age Last Birthday Sex
Son S 5 M
Profession or Occupation Employment Status Where Born
Undefined Cornwall Penzance

Anthony M Kewn
Relation to Head of Family Condition as to Marriage Age Last Birthday Sex
Son S 1 M
Profession or Occupation Employment Status Where Born
Undefined Cornwall Penzance

FREEBMD Search Results on :
Births Jun 1895
Kewn Samuel William Penzance 5c 247

Births Jun 1897
Kewn James Cecil Penzance 5c 221
Deaths Jun 1897
Kewn James Cecil 0 Penzance 5c 173

At the time of the 1881 British Census Samuel, aged 9, was living at 149 Arlington Street with his 30 year old Mother Eunice who was head of the household and his two younger siblings, James aged 4 and Albert aged 3. The Census Place was Kirdkale, Lancashire. Samuel's mother Eunice died of Enteric Fever in 1882 when she was 31 years of age and family members advised that Samuel and his brother James were raised by their grandmother, however we do not know by which one.

Samuel was a Bachelor, aged 22 and Martha a 19 year old Spinster at the time of their marriage solemnized at the Parish Church, in the Parish of Walton on the Hill, County of Lancaster according to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Established Church after banns by F.Johnson, Curate. Both gave their residence as 24 Andrew Street, Walton. Witnesses to the marriage were Thomas and Janet GILDEA. This was possibly St. Marys Church Kirkdale, which was just off Walton Rd. The cemetery was made into a park called Lester Gardens which is still standing although it is still known as St .Mary's. St Marys Church Kirkdale was a seperate church than St Mary's Walton on the Hill.

Samuel and Martha had moved to Penzance within twelve months of their wedding as their first child, Samuel William KEWN's birth was registered there in June 1895. In the 1901 Census Samuel KEWN, aged 28 born in Liverpool, is living in the Parish of Penzance, Cornwall and his occupation is a 'General Dealer'.

Samuel was an Engine Driver on a North Sea Fishing Boat at the time of his daughter Irene's birth on 6 Aug 1911 and was living at 'Angela House' St. Margaret's Road Lowestoft, at this time. He served in the Navy during World War 1 and he was still a North Sea Fisherman in 1927 and was living in lodgings at Lowestoft, County Suffolk residing at 47 Rotterdam Road in Apr 1928, when his income was 30/- p.w and he stated his age as 54 in papers held regarding his daughter Irene's migration to Australia. The house was believed to have belonged to a Mr. & Mrs. Bishop who used to take in visitors and lodgers. It is a terrace house (a row of about 30 houses all adjoining each other) which was built in the 1890's and is about a 10 minute walk from the Town Centre, Harbour and beach. Lowestoft is about 100 miles from London.

Family lore states Samuel moved to Felixstowe after his divorce. The English North Sea port of Felixstowe is situated in East Anglia, the most easterly part of the country. It is located in Suffolk, on the north bank of the River Orwell near its confluence with the River Stour. Harwich is within sight on the opposite bank. Both ports are less than a mile from the open sea. Felixstowe is Britain�s most important liner port, handling both containers and wheeled cargo, known internationally as The Port of Felixstowe, but locally still often as The Dock.

Samuel died in 1940 at Lowestoft & North Suffolk Hospital, Tennyson Road, Lowestoft NR32 1PT. His death is registered
on the island of Lothingland in north-east Suffolk. Cause of death included Cachescia. Cachexia or Emaciation (wasting) is usually due to cancer malnutrition or malaria.

History of Herringfleet and St. Olave's - the old smugglers' route from Yarmouth to St. Olaves

My great-grandmother Martha Mary KEEN and her daughter Irene in 1912

Martha Mary KEEN was born 1, 2 on 27 Jul 1874 in 35 Market Jew Street Penzance, Cornwall, England. She died on 28 Feb 1932 in Penzance, Cornwall, England. She was buried in Older part of Penzance Cemetery. Martha resided 3 in 1881 in 3 Rodds Court, Penzance, Cornwall. She resided in 1891 in 15 New Street Penzance, aged 17. She resided 4 on 11 Jun 1894 in 24 Andrew Street, Walton, Lancashire. She resided 5 in 1901 in 8 Penwith Street, Penzance, Cornwall. She resided 6 in 1895/1901 in Penzance, Cornwall England. She resided in 1906 in Mutford, Suffolk, England. She resided 7 on 6 Aug 1911 in 'Angela House' St. Margaret's Rd. Lowestoft, County Suffolk. She resided on 21 Apr 1914 in 17 New Street, Penzance, Cornwall. She resided on 24 Oct 1918 in 3 Cherry Gardens, New Street Penzance, Cornwall. She resided on 14 Feb 1928 in 4 Cherry Gardens, Penzance, Cornwall. She was employed as Scholar, aged 7 years in the 1881 Census in 1881. She was employed 8 as Domestic Servant, employed aged 17 in 1891. [Parents]

My great-grandmother Martha Mary KEEN

FREEBMD Search Results on :
Births Sep 1874
Keen Martha Penzance 5c 289

FREEBMD Search Results on :

Market Jew Street is the main road at the top of New Street in Penzance. No.35 is just around the corner from New Street.

In the 1891 Census Martha resided with her family at 15 New Street, Penzance. Her father John was no longer living (having passed away in 1888) and her mother Jane KEEN, Widow is head of their household. Also at home on the night was her brother Ewan KEEN - Single - age 24 - Carrier born Mullion, her sister Frances L Keen - age 18 - Domestic Servant Employed - Born Penzance, her brother Arthur KEEN - Single - age 15 - Carpenter Employed - Born Penance and her youngest sister Mabel KEEN - age 11 - Scholar - Born Penzance.

i Samuel William KEWN, b. 1895, Penzance, Cornwall, England, d. 20 Oct 1918, in World War 1 at the
Casualty Clearing Station Satonica. He is buried in the Doiran Military Cemetery. He was a
23 year old Private of the 8th Battallion in the Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry at the time.
ii James Cecil KEWN, b. 1897, Penzance, Cornwall, England, d. 1897, as an infant in Penzance.
iii Anthony Michael KEWN, b. 15 Sep 1899, Penzance, Cornwall England.
iv Alexander KEWN, born about 1900. Possibly died young, as he is not listed in the 1901 Census.
v Christopher William KEWN, born 1901, possibly in Penzance, Cornwall England.
vi Eunice Angela KEWN b. 28 Sep 1901 married William (Bill) Henry BENNETTS and had a family of 9 children.
vii Cecil James Alexander KEWN, b. Sep 1906, Suffolk, England, d. 24 Oct 1918, 3 Cherry Gardens, New Street Penzance, Cornwall. at 13 years of age
viii Irene Sylvia b. 6 Aug 1911, my maternal grandmother, was born in Mutford, North Lowestoft, Suffolk and married Arthur George ASHDOWN in 1935.
ix Rudolph Kenneth KEWN b. 21 Apr 1914. Partner (1) Florence Mary STREET. He married Mabel DREW and Elizabeth Doris (Doris) HARRY. He fathered nine children and adopted Mabel DREW's two children.
x Charles Frederick KEWN b. 12 Dec 1916 married Mary HAND, 8 Oct 1941, in Gulval, Cornwall and had a daughter

Samuel divorced Martha in 1916.

No.4 Cherry Gardens, Penzance, where Martha resided on 14 Feb 1928, is now a Home for the Aged.

The Cemetery at Penzance is located at St. Clare, in earlier times it was referred to as the Heamoor Cemetery. and is most likely where Martha is buried as it is where most Penzance folk were buried after the mid-1800s. It's a large cemetery and searching is difficult unless you know where to start looking. There is nothing separating 'old' from 'new' but from my cousin Andra Hollow's experience most of the older graves seem to be located on the south side of the cemetery (nearest Penzance); additionally there are Anglican, Methodist and Roman Catholic areas but these areas are not marked, you just have to know where to look! The Cornwall Family History Society, as of Feb 2005, have no publication of the records of burials in this particular cemetery. Records are locked in an office within the cemetery, however the office is unmanned though there were about 12 large volumes, all hand written. The CFHS Journal mentioned these volumes have now been digitally scanned by the CFHS and that the records will eventually be made available on CD. Although it appears Martha's death is not recorded in the GRO, that index is not perfect as some people have not been recorded in the GRO


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