Andrew Graham, Western Kentucky Farmer

Andrew Graham, Western Kentucky Farmer

The past is not dead. In fact, it's not even past.

Jessie Graham (1896-1990) did the bulk of the work compiling our Graham family’s history. Though no evidence to document Andrew Graham’s connection to John Graham, or that Oliver was John’s brother, but she told me she believed both things were true, and I have based this page on that assumption. For everything else there is documentation. Andrew and John and perhaps other family members traveled from central to western Kentucky in the early 1830’s, using mules, according to family tradition. The area had been officially opened to settlement by the Jackson Purchase agreement with the Chickasaw Indians in 1818. Andrew, John and John’s brother Oliver all accumulated sizable estates in Kentucky, Andrew and John’s property mainly in Fulton County, and Oliver’s in Bullitt County. Andrew and his wife are buried in the Union Cumberland Church cemetery, not far from where they lived. Documents mentioning Andrew and his wife, Nancy are very scarce. They are mentioned in several censuses, however. I have also discovered a record of he and son John working on road maintenance in 1845, and a record of the recording of Andrew’s will in 1849 (but not the actual will). This has been a project which has fascinated me for many years, when the first history compiled by Aunt Jessie and Edrie Miller arrived at our house in Detroit in 1971. My parents grew up on farms in Fulton County, and delighted their kids with stories of their lives. My father enjoyed Jessie’s and Edrie’s book, particularly reading about the people he knew, but he wasn’t much interested in the ancient history. When he finished reading it in his customary laconic fashion he said, “Looks like our land got messed up.”

There are three Andrew Graham artifacts: his and his wife's gravemarkers in the Union Cumberland Cemetary, the recording of his will (but, as of yet, not the actual will), and a Fulton County record of he and his son John working on the State Line Highway. According to the 1850 census, Nancy was born in Missouri,

State Line Road Survey

This is an entry from the "Fulton-Hickman Genealogical Review," vol 9, no. 2, 1993. The article is called "Minute Book 1 Extracts, April 1, 1845." This is one of three entries on page 13, all dealing with road maintenance.

Ordered Reuben Pouland, surveyor of State Line road leading from Hickman to the Tennessee River commencing at the west corner of Jonathon Lewis's farm and ending at the 50 mile tree. Hands allowed: Johnathon Lewis, Jessie Boyd & hands, F.Helmontoller, Jacob Helmontoller, C. Hansberry & hands, John C. Brown, Thomas Miller, Charles Hodges, Sandy Payne, Andrew Graham & hands, John Graham, George Wilkerson, Joseph Moot, Hyson Hawkins, S.G. Ashley, A. Blackman & hands, John Shuck, James Hammonds and Jacob Hansberry to keep the road in good order.

The Recording of Andrew Graham's Will

From Fulton County, Kentucky Order Book #1

"The last will and testament of Andrew Graham, dec'd, was this day produced in court and proved to be such last will and testament by the oaths of Claiborn Underwood and Joseph Mott(?) subscribing witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded 10 Dec., 1849

8 April, 1850. This day Nancy Graham, the executrix named in the last will and testament of Andrew Graham, dec'd, came into court and agreed to undertake (illegible) of the (illegible) thereof and thereupon took the oath required by and executed a bond to the Commonwealth in the penalty of $10,000 according to law the said will dispensing with the necessity of her giving a bond."

The Family of John and Nancy Jennings Graham

John Graham (1802-1871), the first of the two known children of Andrew and Nancy, was born in Kentucky. John married Nancy Jennings (1808-1880) in Bardstown in Nelson County, Kentucky on October 25, 1824. Nancy's father was Hatsel Jennings. She met her death at age 72, said Graham researcher Jessie Graham,when she was thrown from her horse.

John and Nancy homesteaded in southwestern Kentucky, west of the City of Fulton, on land bordered by State Line Road, near the M&O and I.C. Railroads. Map1 Map2Map3 Map4

They had six children. Click on the names to see more about the families of the children of John and Nancy Graham.

Prior to his passing away, John Graham sold his land to his children. Jessie Graham, a grand-daughter of John and Nancy, made a map of land ownership of the area of John and Nancy's farm in approximately 1900. Jessie's Map

The Family of Oliver C. Graham (2nd son of Andrew and Nancy)

We believe Oliver C. Graham was another son of Andrew and Nancy Graham. This Oliver was born on January 24, 1806 and died on January 27, 1873 in Bullitt County, KY. He first married Nancy Beeler on April 18, 1825 in what was then Jefferson County, KY. It was Nancy Beeler's second marriage; she had a daughter, America Brooks by a previous marriage to a Mr. Brooks The Ancestors of Janet Foster Kippen . Oliver and Nancy had a son, James, and daughters Mary and Elizabeth. James married Melvina Miller The Ancestors of Janet Foster Kippen . Oliver's second marriage was to Tracey Quick, which produced five daughters. Oliver, Tracey and James are buried in the Graham Cemetary in Bullitt County, KY. It was surveyed by Donna Hall in June, 2000 and her work is available online at RootsWeb

Miscellaneous Artifacts


I have contributed a little piece here and there, but most of this simply summarizes a thirty page family history compiled by Jessie Graham and Edrie Miller Graham. Our family will forever be in the debt of these two and all the others who contributed to the gathering and preservation of this family history.

Carol Statkus has typed the Jessie Graham/ Edrie Miller family history, making a few corrections and additions in the process. It is available by clicking here.

My goal is to make the story of our family available to everyone, and to give it interest with relevant artifacts, such as pictures, anecdotes, obituaries, personal letters or newspaper stories. What I have are mostly on this web site. I am hoping, however, those who might be interested in this site will help by sending me material. Contact me if you have anything you'd like to contribute.

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