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Australia & South Africa

Grandparents of Max Hollis & Siblings

Born: EDWARD ARTHUR HOLLIS was born 09 Sep 1878 in Wandin Yalloack Vic. one of eight children of Hubert John Hollis and Eliza Suckling.

Edward's parents were Fruit Growers [berry farmers] in the Sth Wandin (Silvan) area of Victoria. He was a tiny baby when his parents moved from their original slab cottage on the Wiseman's property with its beaten earth floor to their new home of three bedrooms upstairs, a parlor and another bedroom downstairs and a lean-to kitchen. This home was located on Hubert's 67acres he had gained a licence to occupy. From a young age Edward was introduced to work picking raspberries with his siblings. 

Boer War Service:  Early in 1900 Edward & his brother George dropped a bomb shell on their mother when they made plans to go to Sth Africa to fight in the Boer War.

Edward's Discharge certificate states: Trooper Edward Arthur Hollis No.483 is discharged from Natal Volunteer Composite on 31st July 1902 because of disbandment of regiment. Served 189days, character Very Good. Previous Service with Bushveld Carbineers (of Breaker Morant fame) Medals: Sth Africa Medal & Troopers War Gratuity. Place Dundie July 31st 02.

Occupation Police Constable & Chauffer: On the 16th August 1902 at Cape Town just two weeks after his discharge from army service Edward joined the South African Police as Constable No.841.  His length of service with the police was 14years 107days. He purchased his discharge inpayment of £5,  his discharge certificate dated November 30th 1916 stated: Conduct while serving was very good, Age: 38yrs 2months, Height: 5ft. 10inches, Complexion: fair, Eyes: blue, Hair: light, and Occupation: farmer. Intended place of residence: Chapel Street Salt River. 

After leaving the Sth African police force Edward with his brother George were chauffers each having their own taxi in Salt River. When Edward come back to Australia for a short time brother George went into a petrol station, garage and taxi business in Salt River. On Edward's return to Sth Africa with his wife and small child I am unsure of his occupation at this time.

Marriage: Edward applied for leave from the South African Police in 1910 to bring his future bride to Australia to get married. He and 22year old widow EMMA ALICE ELIZABETH KOOPMAN nee REID married on 01 Feb 1911 in South Yarra Victoria Australia. Emma's first husband Richard Benjamin Koopman had died in 1910 believed from effects of his job as a printer. Emma and Richard had a son Richard but he also had died. (I was told after being accidentally dropped by a servant.)

Wife Born:  EMMA ALICE ELIZABETH REID was born 19 Feb 1889 Cape Town Sth Africa and was classed as colored. Emma was the daughter of engineer/railwayman WILLIAM REID (a Scotsman) and SUSAN PAULSE also classed as a colored Sth African.

Edward and Emma's first child was born in Australia 11 Nov 1911 and by the time of their second child's birth in 1913 they were living back in Cape Town. Between 1913 and 1924 they had six more children, two dying as infants.


Permanent move to Australia: In 1925 Edward, Emma and their children left Cape Town to sail to Australia aboard the "SS Vedic". On the shipping record Edward gave his occupation as Chauffer.  They arrived in Melbourne on 25th Dec 1925.









S.S. Vedic

Notable for being the first White Star liner powered solely by turbine engines, Vedic was built by Harland & Wolff, Govan, and was engined at Belfast. Designed purely as an emigrant ship, with third class accommodations only,  She was launched in December 1917 and fitted out as a troopship, rather than a passenger liner. Her maiden voyage began in Belfast on 11 July 1918, and took her to Boston, where she began her trooping duties.

     Vedic served under the Liner Requisition Act until April 1919, and in September of that year she was used to repatriate British troops from northern Russia. After a 1920 refitting, she was placed on White Star's Liverpool-Clyde-Canada emigrant service, although in 1921, her winter terminus was Portland, Maine, and her summer terminus was New York. In 1922, Vedic and Red Star's Poland were placed on a Bremen-Southampton-Cherbourg-Canada service, which terminated at Montréal in the summer and Halifax in the winter.

     After a 1925 refitting, Vedic was placed on the White Star/Aberdeen/Blue Funnel joint emigrant service to Australia; she did considerable charter work for the Salvation Army, also carrying emigrants to Australia. When White Star and Cunard merged in 1934, Vedic was not transferred to the merged company, but was sold for scrapping at Rosyth.

Home at Silvan: Edward and Emma made their home at Silvan in Victoria where Edward had originally come from. Two more babies were born in 1926 and 1929 swelling their brood to eleven children (9 living) Their home at Silvan was called "Hill Crest"

Death of Edward: Edward died 23 Oct 1945 at the home of his daughter Barb & Allan Knoll Vict. age67yrs.

Death of Emma Alice: Emma died 11 Aug 1969 in Home of Barb & Allan Knoll Vict. Age 80yrs..


Childhood Memory: Charlie Hollis, Edward and Emma's son recalled when he was a boy the family lived at No.6 Scotts Road Salt River, he remembered a church and hall being opposite. He also remembered living at No.12 Roman Road Observatory, where when lying in his bed at night he could hear the lions roaring at Cecil Rhodes Zoo, which was only 15mins. walking time form their home. Charlie said he had attended Rochester Road School Observatory.


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Edward & Emma Hollis Family

1. WINIFRED FLORENCE HOLLIS, b. 11 Nov 1911, Australia; m. AUGUST BENJAMIN OSTERMAN, 17 Dec 1938; d. 27 May 1976, 76yrs Footscray no.13750.

2. AGNES EMMA HOLLIS, b. 29 Sep 1913, Cape Town Sth. Africa; m. (1) B.S.( JACK) OSTERMAN; m. (2) EDWARD JACOB HILLI,  m. (3) BERT SCHMIDT, 10 Dec 1961.

3. CHARLES SUCKLING HOLLIS, b. August 8 1915 Woodstock Capetown South Africa; d. 05 Dec 2004, Latrobe Regional Hospital m. HELGA ADELINE JANS, Vict.

Link: Click here or at bottom of page link for a more detailed account  of Charles and Helga Hollis and Family.

4. ARTHUR WILLIAM HOLLIS, b. 15 Feb 1917, Cape Town Sth Africa; d. 1919, Sth Africa.

5. HENRY WARNEFORD (MAC) HOLLIS, b. Cape Town Sth Africa; m. (1) ISABEL FRANCES BURNS, 19 Jul 1941; b. 17 Jun 1921, Co. Tyrone Northern Ireland; d. 27 Dec 1963, Rabaul New Guinea; m. (2) PENNY TAYLOR, m. (3) MARGARET MARSHMAN

6. EILEEN OLIVE HOLLIS, b. 09 Feb 1921, Cape Town Sth Africa; d. 1921, Cape Town Sth Africa.


8. BARBARA EVELYN HOLLIS, b. Cape Town Sth Africa; m. (1) ALLAN (KARL) KNOLL; m. (2) SMITH,



Birth dates of those still living have been omitted as well Information on the above families withheld because of Australian Privacy Laws. Except for Charles & Helga Hollis. Please contact me for more information.

Contact me if any information is found to be incorrect or if you can add anything to the history of the above family members.



Charles Suckling Hollis & Helga Adeline Jans & Family


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