Edward R

Edward R. Seerie and wife Margaret McLean Duff

Edward R. Seerie, age 23, Scotland, married on 8th June 1861, in Dundee, Scotland, Margaret McLean Duff, age 18.  Edward R. Seerie was the son of Peter Seery and Bridget Reiley.  Edward R. Seerie died March 24, 1924, at the age 86, and wife Margaret died May 11, 1917.

Margaret McLean Duff, was the daughter of John Duff and Margaret Orrock of the Parish of Inverarity, near Dundee, Scotland. Edward Seerie managed the family farm in the Parish of Eassie and Nevay, Scotland.  Edward and Margaret were the parents of eleven children:

  Child Year of Birth Spouse Year Married Year of Immigration

David Duff Seerie


Margaret A. Price 1887 1880

Isabell Duff Seerie


John Miller ca. 1889 Stayed in Scotland

Ann Seerie


never married?

Elizabeth E. Seerie


Robert W. Findlay 1890 1885

Mary J. Seerie


Joseph Gold
Charles Hall

Jessie McGilvray Seerie


James Knox 1896 1890

Helen Imrie Seerie


William E. Russell 1897 1890

Edward Seerie Jr.


Janet P. McNeil 1916 1890

John Duff Law Seerie


Fannie Rector Barton 1901

Peter Seerie


Elsa Odella Himmelheber 1910 1890

William Smith Seerie

1882 Marie Himmelheber 1903 Born in Denver.


Edward R. Seerie

The Seerie family immigrated to the United States in 1890 and settled in Denver, Colorado. Edward R. Seerie, immediately made new friends, and made himself prominent in Denver business circles. The Seerie family settled in the "Scottish Highlands" of Denver, a name that originated in the fact that many residents of the area of northwest Denver were immigrants from Scotland.

Edward R. Seerie was an ardent sportsman and spent much of his time in the open at his favorite sport fishing.  The opening of the season each year found him trout fishing along the banks of the Gunnison river where he would spend several weeks. During his residence in Denver Seerie returned to Scotland to visit his old home and other sections of Europe numerous times.

The eldest son, David Duff Seerie, who had arrived prior to 1890, was already established in business as a contractor and builder. David Duff Seerie,  for many years was widely known in Denver and throughout the state having supervised the construction of the State Capitol building.  Margaret McLean Duff's sister, the widow, Jessie Duff McGilvray had made her home in Denver ten years earlier in 1880. Sons Edward and Peter Seerie are both engaged in the contracting and building business in Denver, and Peter Seerie was a water commissioner of the city.

Isabel Duff Seerie & John Miller

The eldest daughter Isabel Duff Seerie married John Miller in Dundee on the  28th of  November 1884 and remained in Scotland.  Isabell and husband John Miller lived in North Mains of Happis, Parish of Inverarity, Angus, Scotland.  John Miller, was born 12 December 1854, in Carmyllie, and died in 1926 in Dundee. Isabell died in 1950.  They had eight children: (1) Edward Seerie Miller, (2) Wilhelmina Miller, (3) Annie Fyffe Miller, (4) James Miller, (5) John Miller, (6) Maggie Duthie Pirie Miller, (7) David Miller, and (8) Robert Miller.  The fourth born child,  James Miller , came to the United States in 1912 to visited his uncle David Duff Seerie in Denver.  The ship manifest listed James's height as 6 feet 5 inches tall.  James Miller remained in Denver and died in 1944. He is buried in the Seerie family lot at Riverside Cemetery.



    Edward R. Seerie & wife Margaret McLean Duff

   Bottom left: John Duff McGilvray, nephew
    Bottom right: David Duff Seerie, eldest son

Celebrate 50th Wedding Anniversary
June 8, 1911


Edward R. Seerie and wife Margaret McLean Duff celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary June 8, 1911 in Denver, Colorado. Eight of their nine children, including David D. Seerie, president of the Seerie Construction company, were present, and John D. McGilvray of San Francisco, who attended the wedding in Scotland fifty years ago, came to Denver for the express purpose of attending the celebration.

The Seerie family has lived in Denver for twenty years.  They have been long prominent in the business and social life of the city and they have hosts of friends.

The following children were present at the anniversary.
David Duff Seerie, Mrs. Elizabeth Findlay, Mrs. James Knox, Mrs. William E. Russell, Mrs. Mary Gold, Edward Seerie Jr., Jack Seerie and Peter Seerie, all of Denver.  Mrs. John Miller of Scotland the tenth child was unable to cross the ocean for the event.

In addition to the immediate Seerie family there were present John Duff McGilvray and Mrs. McGilvray of San Francisco, Mr. McGilvray being Mrs. Seeries' nephew.  John D. McGIivray was the only one present, outside of the principals, who attended the wedding in Dundee, Scotland, 50 years. ago.

William B. McGilvray, chief inspector of Denver's board of public works, is another nephew who was present with his family.

Edward R. Seerie, b. September 3, 1837 Ireland; d. March 22, 1924, Denver
Sp: Margaret McLean Duff, b. July 16, 1842, Hosenett, Parish of Inverarity, Angus, Scotland
Married: June 18, 1861, Manse of Tealing, Angus, Scotland
Immigration:  1890   


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