Bronze Age

Bronze Age

These files are about the connections to the Levant and the Aegean sphere during Bronze Age. It is hard to sort out from which source we got the influences. It is harder to know what did our Scandinavian ancestors use for pay when they got things from South.

Pairhood | Early Bronze Age, Age of Pairhood, pairhood at Fossum, Otherworld or Netherworld, Unêtice culture, fertility, idol, Two lands of Egypt, Seth and Horus, Gemini, Candlemas, pairhood, Gemini as fix-star, Archer the guard

Age of Pairhood, fellowship, double axe as guard, Minoan culture, time law, two-cupmarks, lunula, bowler hat, Loke, idea of wanax, labrys, Kivik grave, Gemini as fix-stars, Archer the guard, Procyon, Ramadan, New Moon Mare, The Girl, Kore, Demeter, fire altar

Anatolian trade | Anatolian bridge, Greek trade, Hittites, Ionian heritage, Roman collegium septemviri, Greek geronsia, Male league of horsemen, Assyrian influence, Greek World Order, Aedicula seal, Mycenaean World Order, Kültepe, Karatepe, concepts in society, bear-guise

Feudal Age | Feudal ideas, Bull, Baltic amber, Early speeders, Herodotos, Hittitian symbolism, Hird head of nobility, Cybele and horsemen, horn-altar, slaves or clients, putout child, secret language, light chariot, Faeton charioteer, Riding-Thor

Minoan trade | Age of Aries, eroding rock art, customs in spring, agriculture carvings, male league, Minoan Crete, Ugarit, Aries, half-year symbols, Iphgenia is offer instead, sibylline question, new moon saturates, Aspeberget, plough from Beotia, priests priestess

Cadmus | Phoenician trade, Cadmus the trader, Age of Water-snake, fire-drill and tree cult, moon-year, Phoenician temple, season symbols, hand symbols, guiding stars, caduceus, lure the octopus, Water-snake, Half-year snakes, Loke on glue-stick, power-belt

Celts | Celtic culture, Stag Cernunnos, Vitlycke, Halstatt culture, winged chape, Irminsul, marriage symbol of fertility, lure-blowers, Celtic neck-ring, riding the Stag, Thor smith and farmer, Apollo with horns, Tarvos Trigarnos, Moon calendar at Ekenberg

Agriculture rock-carvings | agriculture rock-carvings, corn, wheat, barley, Egyptian pickaxe, Egyptian Beotian Minoan plough, Celtic words, sowing machine, Etrurian arder, Three furrows in Thor, offer in grave, agriculture pictures

Age of Water-snake | Water-snake or Hydra, Undervorld, Serpent, Eart-snake and Earth-eye, fours seasons, Swan, Backa, Half-year snakes, Isis, Osiris, Loke on the glue-stick, Killing of Balder

Danish Bronze Age dresses |Danish Bronze Age, woman skirt, woman sari, Egtved Girl, Skrydstrup girl, Minoan style, Goddess with Snakes, dagger, sword, head-gear, Herodotos, Danish girls in Artemis' Temple at Delos, cultural trade

Male dresses Bronze Age |Male dress, Scandinavian rock carvings, loincloth, sari, slim cover, Egyptian culture, Sumerian culture, skirt of sheepskin, long or half-long kirtle, Akkadian, headgear, Age of Oxen, Minoan culture, Ugarit, battle chariot, Age of Aries, oxwagon, Age of Handman

Textiles, Hittitian culture, Babylon, priest-king, Sumerian symbolism, yearman, tunic, Horus, Egypt, Aegean worlds, Anatolia, Levant, power belt, Celts, Gundestrup kettle, trousers, Persia, caftan, military order, foot-soldier, cavalry, Celtic feast, gille, neo-Hittitian, battle chariot,

Kaisa Warg's recipe, rock carvings, two-wheel chariot, double-axe, crescent moon, boat-axe, copper tools, dagger, slab cist, gable hole, ritual axe, Isis-dagger, female goddess, educating system, horse-ship, Ekenberg,

Ships Sumer - Egypt |Ritual boat, early ships, Egyptian boat, Sumerian boats, Watergate, Water-snake, Ugarit, rock-carvings, Flood, wheel, Indus ship, reed ship, symbolic marriage, vase paintings, Naqada, Gerzeh, year ritual, votive ship, sails-ship, Syrian

Mediterranean ship | Cycladic ships, Phaistos desk, Phoenecian ships, Herodotus, Hyperboreans, Ekenberg, trier, trireme, rock-carvings, duck-head ships, ritual boat, Medinet Habu, Phoenician coins, Sidon, Tyre, Byblos, figure-head, Aegean ship, Kalnes, reed-boat, Naqada, Gerzeh, year ritual, votive ship, Syrian ship, round Greek shields,

Shipbuilders | Time-boat, ritual ship, flock, village, journey, hird, folk, folkland, early shipbuilders, Valderøy ship, Ferriby ship, world's oldest boat, Valderöy ship, clink-build, sewn boards, tap-hole, resin cake, cat, hen, catch octopus, traders

Culture as cargo 1 | figure-head, offer find, buck, Aspeberget, Ekenberg, running-dog, ram horns

Bronze Age Rigveda | Thor woodman and smith, Rigveda, treadmill, Sun poetry, Sun chariot, World Egg, Rain Dragon, advices in Kalevala, Aryan, trading Erils, Celtic hero, Pushan, Agni

Bronze Age Thor | Ionian bridge, Vedic Age, Master of Wheel; Jesus, Kullervo, Riding Thor, Marrying Thor, Master of Ceremony, Gille at Bro, noble riders, religious mysticism, Val Camonica, Lokasenna, battle chariot, swine-phalanx

Bronze Age Odin | Leadership, Odin, messenger birds, Lugh Long-arm, Odin, Tyr, Amled saga, neck-ring, Cernunnos, the Stag, Trinity, the Horse, The Bird, comradeship, Loke, Mercurius

Bronze Age Goddesses | Many goddesses, Cybele or Kubebe, sitting Tinia, wandering people, cultural growth, Maidens of Childbirth, Naked Nerthus, Eta in Echraid, Snake Goddess,Irish legends, Wayland smith, Edda, Asa gods, Edda literature

Rock carvings of Idaho |Rock carvings, Snake River, earth oven, Polynesian umu ti, Indus Script, fireplace, Indus culture, Siva, Parvati, season for salmon, Ramadan


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