Scandinavian rock-carvings

Scandinavian rock-carvings

The Naked goddess has many names and gave name to my original book. She is seen in our rock-carvings at the same time as she taught the Sumerians how to cultivate … she was of course the mind of the Sumerians. These files jump between rock-carvings and the roots in Sumer and Egypt. It was the Ritual Age since they followed the goddess of fertility. The Naked in the picture is from the French La Madeleine cave

In Scandinavia we have the megalith culture and a few rock-carvings from 4th millennium and we can connect it to the Inanna myth that mean "Follow Her"

Elkland |Dedication, your roots, the book, Gwion Gwion girls, Pilbara humour, a mystery, Time law, rock carvings of Dalsland

Early round at Dal | Elks' land, time law, dating, Ramadan, myth of agriculture, Dal, runic staff, shaman, rock-carvings at Alta Norway, ritual axes, elk and deer, nobility, boat axe, ground axes or chisels, slab stone cist

Follow in suite | Following the Goddess, new moon goddess, ritual law, time law, work order, law seasons, Lokasenna, in the ban, tales of Homer, Val Camonica the Alps, Lappland, Leirfall Norway, Aesir and Vanir, passage grave, Saros, Irminsul

On Dal we have the unique ritual laws and signs of peasants law including marriage code. The Law Rock should maybe be seen as the rostrum where they recited the early Voluspa / Enuma Elish at the spring festival. This started in early Bronze Age around 2300 BC.

Slab cist period | Follow Her in suite, myth of resurrection, people of the dagger, white spot Dal, Aphrodite, Maidenstone, Greek sophist, stoic method, follow the Maiden, Hill of Origin, Sothic, Osiris, afterlife, Age of Dagger

Law of the Naked | Law of the Naked, law in detail, Law of Brotherhood, binary system of syllables, hieroglyphs, Info-European common culture, Aesirs and Vanirs, Sumerian marriage, formula of protection, breast-plate or collar, time-wheel, naked goddess, Three Maiden

The Law of Brotherhood | Time Law, Voluspa, Asirs and Vanirs, Sumerian marriage, usage in spring, officiating suite, formula of protection, rostrum, Val Camonica, breast-plate or collar… brotherhood, songs of Inanna, law of the Naked, Inanna in Underworld, astro-ritual Haugsbyn Cultivator's claim, Thor in the Edda, smith's hammer, Brisingamen, time-wheel, Mare of the Moon, time-wave, Three Maiden, Law of Brotherhood, naked goddess, Three Maiden

Photosafari at Haugsbyn ... at Haugsbyn, Dalsland Sweden

Law codes on the rocks | see also this article about Ancient law codes, Criminal code, Code of religion, Commerce code, King's code, Community code, Marriage code, Inheritance code, Land code, Wandering minstrels,

Scandinavian World Order was just a parallel to better-known cultures in south. Surely the rest of European contemporary cultures practised similar World Order

First myths about World Order| Ubaid, Ereshkigal, Animal Round, zodiac, Sumerian, Akkadian, Ginungagap, Enki, Wainamoinen, Eridu, Oannes, Abzu, World Order, Edda, Kalevala, Enuma Elish, Voluspa, Sin, Enlil, Ninlil, Virgin, Scorpio, Oxen, Leo, Inanna , Dumuzi

Moon Temple | megalith, Gavrinis, Canchal Mahoma, Saros cycle, Troy, Carnac, fasces, kermesse, von Däniken, Le Menec, Ker Mario

Celestial Worl Order | Month Wheel, Aubrey holes, Medicine Wheel, Follow Hor, season boat, Egypt, Indus, Sumer, moon suite, Buderupholm, megalith, moon calendar, Ramadan, naksatras, Inanna, double-axe, Sun suite, Animal Round,

Origin of numbers | Numerals, count on fingers, giants, civilisation, intellectual power, one two many, singular, plural, syllable language, adjective numeral, ordinary cardinal numerals, parallel world, advises for poets, tokens, small twigs, small stones, Gullrum Gotland, Leibniz's Law, Sumerian numerals, proto-Elamite, rope and rod, Danish numbers

Inanna myth | Inanna steps down, Inanna lure the boys, Under the apple tree, Uruk, Sumer, Eridu, Easter, Ishtar, Maria, Fishman, Ereshkigal, face of Leo, Engelstrup Zeeland, shepherd Dumuzi, Enlil, Ninlil, Sin, Virgin

Sumerian heritage| Eridu, satelle, syllable writing, Gilgamesh, Sargon of Akkad, Bible, geronsia, Etana, Bible, Nanshe, yearman, aedicula, stand-in, bio-intelligence, teamwork, symbiosis, first-time-act, taming, herbs talk,

Early Animal round | Animal Round Thuban, Kochab, Oannes, Goat-fish, Abzu, Eridu, radio, kringkasting, round radio, the first on the Earth, Inanna and Dumuzi, Ishtar and Tammuz, resurrection

Sumerian astronomy | Sumerian astronomy, Scorpio, cardinal directions, Astronomy Square, Heaven, Earth, Underworld, Earth-eye, Gateway to Underworld, Face of Underworld, world corners, seal of Sargon, instead-ritual, other-side-symbol, two-stroked footprint,

Sumerian Law | The Me, Sumerian Law, Inanna ritual, Enki, Mother Invention, Ninhursag, Ninmah, Naked Moon Goddess, Ishtar, Eridu, Uruk, Time Law, Urukagina, Sargon, Urnammu, Hammurabi, Babylon, Akkad, Hebrew - Christian, Ezekiel, Gods Sister, slave, maid, Minoan, Sparta, Assyrian society,

Lingua Franca | Lingua franca, Indo-European, Aryan, Hurrian, Mitanni, cultural influence, Varuna, Mitra, Nasatyas, Nabu, Hittitian, Nuzi, Iran, time-wave, Naked Lady, Young Lower, Sitting Lady, Animal Round, Teshub, Mursilis

Iconography | Script, glyph, the Naked, high game animal, Big Man, Lepenski Vir, He-goat, renpet, Fishbeing, Follow Hor, Horus name, yearman, Elam, Persia, cultural interchange, little world, Culgi, fierce-looking lion, dragon, wild bull, Original Hill, Enki, Inanna, phase shift, entirety, ritual suite, space-time, World Order

Isis myth | Follow Gyr, early round, songs from the pyramids, Plutharch about Isis, world heritage, Bride of Spring, Ramadan, Aryans, Leo, River of Underworld, Virgo with Spica, Watergate, Capricorn, Sirius, Osiris is Orion

Egyptian calendar| Egyptian wisdom, House of Life, African heritage, Follow Her, Senenmut's calendar, Khufu's pyramid, dating, Sphinx or Leo, predynastic time, Astarte, Ishtar, hero, Sothic year, portal, palm-leaf, Egyptian ritual year, djed-pillar, Toth the moon, Atum

Egyptian icons and symbolism | iset-step, ur-hill, stairway to the stars, obelisk, djed-pillar, natural resurrection, unification, watering, pick, Maiden of Underworld, bronze sickle, Seth, Karnak, Anubis

Egyptian night sky | icons and symbols, night skies, Farmer's year, Ramesses, asterism, Horus the Time, fertility, Goddess of birth-giving, Ur-hill of inundation, Farmer's ritual year, ritual astronomy, New Year or Ramadan, epigone, Harem feast, oracles, sibyl, Great Bull

Indus symbolism | Indus symbolism, Easter Islands, Indus culture, Rigveda, Asko Parpola, Harappa, Mohenjo Daro, Argos, Unicorn, Indus seal, Mesopotamia, Negroid people, Aryan question, Four Corner, weather corners, cardinal directions, Chinese symbolism

The Naked Gangaur | Indus culture, Harappa, Mohenjo Daro, Rigveda, animal round, pictorial script, Indus Script, World Order, Vishnu, Tree of Life, Rahu, Ketu, Gangaur, Parvati, Siva, marriage, fertility, Hesiodos, Lait, Astarte, Aphrodite, Black Stone.

Going beneath | Isturitz, Malabar, going beneath, double-axe, ground grooves, Flyhov, ban-in-ban, flint chisel, Meton's cycle, Saros' cycle, New Grange, Underworld's portal, ancestor skull

Moon year | Indus calendar, ancient astronomy, animal round, zodiac, Time River, conventions, rough simplification, windmill, vasanta, varsha, sarad, sisiva, merged figures, triad, trisection, trinity, Brahmins, Sun Square, Month Wheel, World Corners, Siva, Vishnu, World Order, World Tree, old wise men, Seven Sages, Longleg, Rhinoceros, Ramadan symbolism, Zebu

Indus symbols | Toe of Gemini, gandharva, naksatra, Soma, double-axe, female centaur, Horus, Oxen, Narmer Palette, painted ceramics, aswins, humanising, Agni, Waterman, Crab, polestar, Thuban, Koshab, crossed circle, swastika, sun square, month wheel, earth oven

Indus script in Idaho |Rock carvings, Snake River, earth oven, Polynesian umu ti, Indus Script, fireplace, Indus culture, Siva, Parvati, season for salmon, Ramadan, Sarasvati, Sindhu, Rigveda, transpacific trade

Dream Time, space-time, thunderbird, thunderstorm, Romans, Sumerians, Scandinavian Thor, Same Drum, Wayward Sun, Rocky Mountains, Sun Dance, hare-god, Utes, patronising, spring equinox, zodiac, animal round, Flood, Bear Dance, Honeypaw, Bearwatcher, moon

Idaho Script, Indus Script, symbol script, syllable language, cupmark, algebraic meaning, Indus symbolism, moon cycle, urn-symbol, offer cauldron, bear paw, Boöetes, Bearwatcher, snake, dragon, Serpent Mound, grid, sticky figures, searching copper

Our many mothers |Motherhood, Leading Lady, naked mothers, good mothers, images of goddesses, mankind, another world, spacetime, otherworld, cave of Laussel, Timer River, Ensi, Enki, Sumerian literature, Images of goddesses, clothed child, sleeping Lady, Fishman, Trinity of childbird, Madonna

Kimberly Girls | virtual visit to Australia 10000 to 20000 years ago


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