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Agnes was the sixth of ten children born to Michael and Margaretha Killian Price. She was born in 1759 in Augusta County, Virginia. In 1780 she married Thomas Hale. He died before she wrote her will on January 31, 1835. She died before September 6, 1841, when her will was presented before the Montgomery County, Virginia court.

Thanks to Susan (Hale) Parkhurst for furnishing a copy of Agnes' will and codicil

Agnes and Thomas Hale had eight children:

1.1. William had at least one son, Isaac

1.2. Jacob

1.3. Job

1.4. Elizabeth - married a Lucas

1.5. Hannah - married a Lucas

1.6. Margaret - married an All

1.7. Nancy- married a Bowles

1.8. Mary- married David Lucas and had 5 children.



Will of Agnes Price and Codicil


In the name of God amen I Agnes Hale of the County of Montgomery and State of Virginia being aged and infirm but of sound mind and disposing memory do make and ordain this my last will and testament. I give and bequeath to my oldest son William Hale the sum of Fifty dollars which I loaned him with interest thereon and desire that the bond may be cancelled as a fulfillment of the obligation and this devise. I give and bequeath to my son Jacob Hale in addition to the land his father willed him all debts and dues that I may have against him and desire that all accounts and obligations from him to me may be cancelled and further I devise to him one sixth part of all the personal property of which I may die possessed. I give and devise to my son Job Hale that third part of the land on which I reside being all of which I purchased of my son William and which was devised to him by his fathers will, I give this in lieu of any part of the personal estate. I give and devise to each of my daughters to be equally divided among them their equal sixth share of my personal estate that is to say my daughter Elizabeth Lucas, Hanna Lucas, Margaret All and Nancy Bowles, I give to the following named children of my daughter Mary Lucas and David Lucas one sixth part of all my personal estate to be equally divided between them and their Mother; Calvin, Parker and Vincent her sons and Elssy & Susannah her daughters to them & their heirs and upon the death of either of the children before their marriage or they come of age, their interest is to be equally divided among the survivors. I give this in lieu of any claim that their Mother might have had upon me or my personal estate I give and devise to Agnes Surface my Niece in consequence of her being called after me, and her being a widow and in straightened circumstances the debt which her husband owed me for the purchase of a horse and which would amount to near $20 with interest. Lastly I appoint my son Jacob Hale and my neighbour Charles Black, Esq. My Executors in whom I have perfect confidence, hoping that they will take upon themselves the execution of this my last will and testament signed & declared this 31st day of January 1835 & sealed & acknowledged.

In presence of Agnes A. Hale

James P. Preston

John Hale

John B. Slusser


Having altered my wish respecting some of my personal property and being desirous of making special devises to my daughters I make and declare this codicil as a part of my last will and testament and desire it to be executed by my Executors named in my will made 31st January, 1835 revoking only so much of the same as may be opposed to the following devises. I give to my four daughters Viz. Elizabeth & Hannah Lucas, Margaret All and Nancy Bowles my four beds and bedsteads to be equally and fairly valued by my Executors, and then they my daughters, or my Executors to draw lots for the same to be given to them and their heirs & in lieu of a bed I give to my daughter Mary Lucas ten dollars to be paid out of the sale of my personal estate not specially devised, and before a general devise of the same among my children shall be made. In testimony whereof I have subscribed my name and declared this to be a part of my last will & testament this 24th day of October 1835.


In presence of Agnes A. Hale

James P. Preston

John Hale

John B. Slusser



As a Court held for Montgomery County the 6th day of September 1841. This last will and testament of Agnes Hale deceased was presented in court together with a codicil thereto, and the said will and codicil were proven by the oaths of John Hale and John B. Slusser two of the witnesses thereto subscribed and ordered to be recorded; And on the motion of Charles Black one of the Executors therein named who made oath and together with John Barger his security entered into and acknowledged a bond in the penalty of twenty five hundred dollars; conditioned as the law directs. A certificate is granted him for obtaining a probate thereof in due form; and liberty is received to the other executor to qualify hereafter.


Teste: R.D. Montague, Clerk

The above was taken from a copy of the original document certified by Allan C. Burke, Circuit Court Montgomery County, Virginia and received by Susan (Hale) Parkhurst on December 28, 2002. Please accept my apology for any errors made in translating the text.









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