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*David PREISCH was born in Offenbach, Landau, Rheinland Pfalz, Germany, and died there on July 11, 1735. He married Agnes HOFFMAN on June 27, 1713, in Offenbach(1). The translation of their record says "was married before me David Preisch and Agnes Hoffmann and they were both Catholic." Agnes was the daughter of Heinrich HOFFMANN and Anna Elisabetha. Agnes was christened August 25, 1686, in Offenbach

In this entry in the Baptismal Register(2) the first column lists the parents names (Henricus Hoffman and Anna Elisabetha), the second column names the child (Agnes) and also the godparents. The third column gives the date of baptism (Aug. 25, 1686) and the next column tells by whom she was baptised.



This is the Index to the Familienregister (Family Register)(3) and shows their six children. (explanation of marks used in German records)

This entry in the Family Register is especially important as it gives details about Agnes Hoffmann Preisch's parents names.


One of their children died as a child and all the rest emigrated to America. See "Sailing to America".

Children of David and Agnes Preisch:

1.1 Anna Margaretha (1713-1820)

1.2 Daniel (1715-1722)

1.3 Johan Michael (1718-1802)

1.4 Augustine (1722-1786)

1.5 Daniel (1724-)

*1.6 Johan Heinrich (1725-1797)

1.1 Anna Margaretha PREISCH was christened on September 21, 1713, in Offenbach (Landau), Rheinland Pfalz, Germany. Her godparents were Joannes Valentinus Gensheimer and Anna Margaretha ___. (2) She died in 1820 (4) in Christiansburg, Montgomery County, Virginia. Anna married Johan Philipp HARLESS on February 17, 1738, in Offenbach (Landau), Germany. Philip Harless was born in 1716 in Germersheim, Bavaria, Germany and died in 1772 in Montgomery County, Virginia. They are both buried at Harless Cemetery in Montgomery County.

According to Heavener(3) the children of Philip & Anna Harless are:

1.1.1 Martin, (1739-1820)

1.1.2 Edward Emmanuel

1.1.3 David (1746-1817)

1.1.4 John Phillip (1748-)

1.1.5 Henry (1752-1815)

1.1.6 Margaret (1750-1822)

1.1.7 Mary

For more information on the HARLESS family go to:

Preische and Harless Family History

From the Purple mountains...

1.2 Daniel PREISCH was christened on July 14, 1715 at Offenbach (Landau), Rheinland Pfalz, Germany. His godparents were Daniel Riedt and Rosa, his wife (2). Daniel died on February 14, 1722 in Germany.

1.3 Joannes Michael PREISCH was christened on October 9, 1718, in Offenbach (Landau), Rheinland Pfalz, Germany. His godparents were Joannes Michael Graus and his wife, Agnes of Insheim (2). Michael died before October 1802, in Montgomery County, Virginia and is buried at Wall Cemetery in Montgomery County. He married Margaretha KILLIAN who was born in Germany in 1721. She was a daughter of Andreas Killian and his wife Mary. A memorial to Andreas Killian was erected at St. Paul's Church Cemetery near Newton, North Carolina in 1952. He arrived in America on October 4, 1732(5) aboard the ship Adventure which landed at Philadelphia. He took the oath of allegiance in 1732. Margaretha Killian Preisch died after October 1802 and is buried at Wall cemetery in Montgomery County, Virginia.

Descendants of Andreas Killian Home Page

Michael and Margaretha Preisch had ten children.

1.3.1 David (1744-1825)

1.3.2 Michael (1746-1839)

1.3.3 Alexander (1748-1802)

1.3.4 Margaret (1750-)

1.3.5 George (1752-1799)

1.3.6 Agnes (1759-1841)

1.3.7 Jacob "Big Jake" (1760-1802)

1.3.8 Elizabeth (1761-1840)

1.3.9 John Henry (1766-1802)

1.3.10 Christian (1769-1802)

1.4 Augustine PREISCH was christened May 31, 1722 in Offenbach (Landau), Rheinland Pfalz, Germany (2). He died in 1786 and is buried at Peaked Mt. Church, Rockingham County, Virginia. He married Anna Elisabetha SCHERP (6). They had eight children.

Children of Augustine and Anna Preisch:

1.4.1 Susanna (1750-)

1.4.2 Conrad (1752-)

1.4.3 Augustine Jr. (1754-1820)

1.4.4 Elizabeth (1757-)

1.4.5 John Frederick (1759-)

1.4.6 John Peter (1762-)

1.4.7 Anna Catherine (1763-1835)

1.4.8 Maria Catherine "Mary" (1765-)

1.5 Daniel PREISCH was christened on April 10, 1724 in Offenbach (Landau), Rheinland Pfalz, Germany (2). He lived for a time at least in Orange County, Virginia according to an indenture whereby his nephew Adam (4)bought land from him. Daniel is buried at Peaked Mt. Church in Rockingham County, Virginia. Daniel married Anna Catharine and had two children that I know about.

Children of Daniel and Anna Preisch

1.5.1Sarah (1776-)

1.5.2 Rebecca

*1.6 Johan Henricus (Heinrich) PREISCH was christened on September 8, 1725 in Offenbach (Landau), Rheinland Pfalz Germany and died in 1797. Henry's wife was Mary Magdalene (7). They are both buried at Peaked Mt. church. They had two children.

Children of Henry and Mary Magdalene Preisch:

1.6.1 Henry David (1759-1834)

1.6.2 *Adam (1760-1828)

Sailing to America


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