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This is step one in a matrix of 7x7. This represents a jounery of a lifetime. One that we all make. We all go through these steps as they represent transitionings to places of progression.
Ages Of Man
This 1st step in this archetype will also mark the 1st year of the age of man. Based on the biblical 50th year of jubilee. A 7x7 cycle of years and the 49th year marking the beginning of the year of Jubilee. Philo, Creation of the World 103-105 (tr. C.D. Yonge), follows Solon and Hippocrates in adopting seven-year divisions.
Since I was born in 1964, the year 2014 is a new cycle of 50 years for me. This 50 year cycle of energy repeated. The energies I experienced 50 years ago are repeating again this year. Read more about this at The Ages of Man.
The beginning  polical world leader is you. We are the beginning and the end of all structures including political, economic, social, and spiritual. Read more about this at: The 7x7 Priesthood. The 7x7 steps and processes begin with us.This is why we are the original quorum of 7. Every time we start a new circle of energy, we start a new beginning.  We start an new cycle of 7.  See more on the 7x7
Arcanum 1

Archetypical Mind
Welcome to my dream land.

Some times I'll wake up remembering what I dreamed. 
I record them here When ever I get the chance. 


Book of Lambspring

Emblem 1 shows us two fish swimming in opposite directions in our inner sea ("The sea is the body, the two fish are Soul and Spirit" states the epigram). These two polarities coexist though work in different ways.

We Are the prime source for the circle of energy emitted and sent out in two opposing directions. This is the beginning of all things. See the article The Circle Of Energy.

This is my adaption of the Monad: 

I am The Monad. I am a monarchy with out any­thing existing over it. I exists as the God and Father of the All., the invisible which dwells above the All, ... imperishableness which exists as the pure light upon which it is not possible for any eye to gaze.

I am the invisible Spirit, and It is not appropriate to consider me to be like the gods or that I am something similar. For I am more than divine, without anything existing over me. For nothing lords me.

I alone am eternal since It do not need anything. For I am totally perfect. I do not lack anything such that anything would perfect me, but I am always completely perfect in light. I can­not be limited because there is nothing before me to limit me. I inscrutable because there is no one who exists before me to scrutinine me. I am immeasurable because there is nothing which exists before me to measure me. It am invisible because there is no one to see me. I am an eternity existing eternally. I am ineffable because there is no one able to comprehend me in order to speak about me. I am unnameable because there is no one before me to name me. I am the immeasurable light, which is pure, holy, and unpolluted. I am ineffable being perfect in incorruptibility. I do not exist in perfection, blessedness, or divinity but I am far supe­rior to these.

I am neither corporeal nor incorporeal. I am not large or small. I am not such that one could say that I have quantity or quality. For it is not possible for anyone to know It. I am not something among existing things, but I am far superior—not as being supe­rior to others as though I am comparable to them but as that which belongs to myself. I do not partici]pate in the aeons or in time as a constitutive part of them. For that which participates in an aeon was first prepared by others. I was not given a portion in time because I do not receive anything from another- for what­ever I received would be received as a loan. For what exists prior to anything else is not deficient such that I should receive from any­thing.
Based on the Secret Book Of John at: