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Muster Rolls

Kew Records Office

Passenger Lists

Branches (1833)
brig Daniel O'Connell (1832)
FitzJames (1854)
Harvest Queen (1855)
Malsham (1821)
SS Wisconsin (1880)
Steamship Northstar (1861)

Ship Descriptions

Abbots Reading (1856-1857)
Algeria (1873-1875)
Bohemian (1871)
Breeze (1843)
British Queen (1842)
British Union of Plymouth (1824-1828)
Cato (1839)
Dicky Sam (1850-51/1856)
Fanny of Plymouth (1839-1840)
Fitzjames (1854)
Ganges (1842)
Good Statesman of Plymouth (1811-1812)
Griffin (1840, 1841)
Hiram of Plymouth (1808-1810)
Istrian (1872)
Jane of Plymouth (1847-1850)
Mary Schooner of Plymouth (1811-1812)
Matilda & Susan (1822)
Mercury of Plymouth (1819)
Naurino (1838)
Nymph of Plymouth (1828)
Pride of Wales (1869)
Providence of Plymouth (1831)
Richard and Ann of Plymouth (1845-1847)
SS Ionic
Stranger of Plymouth (1813)
Turakina (1883-1884)
Worrall (1863)

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