Research Resources

Research Resources

Here are a few sites that I have found valuable in researching my Genealogy. BOLD links are my favorites:
Save the Buena Park Town Clock
Genealogy - Welcome from The Mining Co.
Vital Records Information for United States (birth, death or marriage certificate)
Census Online - Links
MHI Photograph Database
Hunting For Bears Genealogy Society - Online Genealogy Community
Surname Web
GENEALOGY and FAMILY HISTORY Research at Kindred Konnections
FamilySearch Internet Genealogy Service
U.S. Surname Distribution mapping
The National Archives and Records Administration-Aids for Genealogical Research
Family Tree Maker's Genealogy Site: Internet FamilyFinder
Orange County California Genealogical Society
National Genealogical Society
Reunion Home Page
Cemetery Interment Lists on the Internet


Shameless Pitch:
I use Reunion (the best genealogy database and charting program there is for the Macintosh Computer) to create the charts and webpage data on my website. All charts and webcard info was created in and exported from Reunion. Reunion is made by Leister Productions.
Below I have listed two of the e-mail discussion lists I know of that deal with Reunion. ReunionTalk is Leisterpro's official list. Reunion-Chat (on egroups) is an alternative user-group list that is run by an independant Reunion user, not officially endorsed by Leister Productions.
Official Leister Productions
Reunion User Group


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Save the Buena Park Town Clock