Ancestors of Gary Dix  

The Ancestors of Gary Dix

[Major legs include the surnames Dix, Harrison, Sommer, Roth, and Voeller.]

Dix Ancestory


Harrison Ancestory


Roth Ancestory


Family Tree:

 Johannes Deutsch  Johann Ludwig Deutsch 
 b. Apr 18, 1703
 d. Aug 21, 1785  Anna Magdalena Heylmann 
 d. Mar 26, 1766  David Vautrin  Christina _____  William Harrison 
 b. 1730
 d. 1812  Worlenda Davis  Major Isaac Curl/Karl  Johann Ludwig Deutsch 
 b. Abt. Nov 29, 1729  Christina Magdalena Lang  Johann Heinrich Vautrin 
 b. Apr 1744  Eva Christina Reiss  Bazel Harrison 
 b. Mar 15, 1771 
 d. Aug 30, 1874  Martha Stillwell 
 b. 1774 
 d. Jun 7, 1857  Charles Botkin 
 b. Oct 8, 1738 
 d. Mar 1820  Jemima Curl/Karl 
 b. Apr 6, 1763 
 d. Jul 1807  Johann Christian Burri  Eva Margaretha Voller  Johann Adam Deutsch 
 b. Aug 23, 1788 
 d. Oct 20, 1870  Eva Margaretha Vautrin 
 b. Jun 3, 1787
 d. Apr 15, 1859  George H. Dix 
 b. Abt. 1816
 d. Aft. Jun 9, 1880  Susan M. _____ 
 b. Abt. 1818
 d. Aft. Jun 9, 1880  Nathan Calvin Harrison 
 b. Jul 15, 1801 
 d. Jan 11, 1883  Anna Botkin 
 b. Jan 4, 1804
 d. Mar 1, 1887  Unknown Roth  Jacob Voeller  Magdalena Fluhrer  Nicolaus Bury 
 b. May 24, 1825  Catharina Deutsch 
 b. May 8, 1823  Irving E. Dix 
 b. Abt. 1840 
 d. Abt. 1879  Jemima A. Harrison 
 b. Apr 1841 
 d. Jun 5, 1900  Frank Sommer 
 b. Sep 9, 1830 
 d. Mar 17, 1907  Louisa Mecklenberg 
 b. Jan 18, 1847 
 d. 1931  Peter Roth  Christine Schlosser  Jacob Voeller 
 b. Oct 24, 1855 
 d. Jul 22, 1914  Caroline Bury 
 b. Mar 17, 1857  Nathan Henry Dix 
 b. Mar 12, 1878 
 d. Aug 20, 1939  Anna Dorothea Sommer 
 b. May 16, 1878
 d. May 10, 1938  Emil Roth 
 b. May 12, 1874 
 d. Jan 15, 1949  Karolina Voeller 
 b. Jul 31, 1882 
 d. Feb 3, 1948  Gordon Walter Dix 
 b. May 16, 1911
 d. Feb 8, 1995  Bertha Roth 
 b. Nov 30, 1908
 d. Nov 14, 1999 large view

The Ancestors of Karen Muehleisen Dix The Ancestors of Karen Muehleisen Dix



  • To my mother Bertha Roth Dix for keeping family records and photos.  While she was able, she was diligent in updating me on family news.
  • To my aunt Katherine Roth for sharing photos, documents, and memories of her family.
  • To my aunt Emma Roth Kaphengst for sharing her memories verbally and in print.
  • To Scott Duncan, et al for researching and publishing The Descendants of William Harrison.  I found much detail on the ancestory of my great-grandmother, Jemima Harrison Dix, on this site.
  • To Bill and Teresa Welscher for publishing information on their family tree.  It was there that I discovered many additional ancestors of my grandmother, Karolina "Lena" Voeller Roth.


The database for our Dix and Muehleisen ancestors can be accessed at RootsWeb's WorldConnect.

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