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Last update: 11 January 2004


To my knowledge, there is absolutely NO evidence that Edward Bolin, Sr. ever lived in Virginia or served in the Revolutionary War. Moreover, I have doubts as to whether he actually came over on a ship called the "Pearl."

In fact, the purported "grave stone" for Edward claiming him to be a Revolutionary soldier has been seriously called into question. Supposedly the marker was not even erected until several decades after Edward's death when family tradition had already been corrupted.

In my opinion, one should not study genealogy so they may be permitted to join certain clubs such as DAR and the like. Some people are so self-absorbed with their own burning desires that they are willing to rewrite history so that it fits their slanted view. This is extremely unfortunate.

Be very cautious in your research, as there is a plethora of bad data out there. Demand multiple sources for your work. While the Internet has opened new doors in communication it has also made it too easy for inaccurate info to be spread very quickly. Unfortunately, that may include some of the info on this site.

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