FrontPage Resources

As a "WYSIWYG" (What You See Is What You Get) editor, FrontPage is designed to hide the details of pages' HTML code from the user, making it possible for novices to create web pages and web sites easily. It was first released in 1995 as Vermeer FrontPage 1.0. Vermeer was acquired by Microsoft in January 1996 specifically so that Microsoft could add FrontPage to its product line-up. ~ From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ~

There are quite a few people who still use Microsoft FrontPage to both design and maintain their genealogy websites. While the program is ancient, it can still do a good job IF YOU LEARN HOW TO USE IT and what features to avoid.

If you understand the basics of writing HTML code and using CSS, you might prefer to move to Microsoft Expression Web 4 which is free and creates standards compliant code.

This section of my website will help you in using FrontPage to both design and maintain your RootsWeb sites.