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Please be patient as all of the Rootsweb sites come back online. Some folks may have chosen to move their sites to other servers. Links and pages may need to be revised. Tutorials on features RootsWeb no longer supports are being removed (File Manager, On-line Editor, Guest Book, Mailmerge, and Counters etc.).

Genealogy Computer Tips contains tips and tutorials you can use with your websites hosted on any of the Rootsweb servers. The FrontPage Resource section contains info and tutorials for those of you who use FrontPage to design and maintain your RootsWeb sites. The Expression-Web Resource section is for those of you who use Expression Web to design and maintain your sites.

There are many additional tutorials located on the Genealogy Web Creations site as well as tutorials on Expression Web and Web Design in general.

Rootsweb FreePages Tips and Tutorials

Now available Working With RootsWeb FreePages Accounts EBook in pdf format for free download. NOTE: This EBook is in the process of being updated with all of the changes that RootsWeb has made.

Also available here are examples of things you can use in designing and publishing your genealogy pages to RootsWeb FreePages. You can see how they will look with the Rootweb ads.

Barry Carlson's Tutorials and Tools

Pat Asher's Tutorials