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KinNextions (Public Version)

Charles C. FEATHERSTON was born 25 Sep 1892. He died 20 Sep 1973. Charles married Bertha Elizabeth OWENS.

Bertha Elizabeth OWENS [Parents] was born 5 Jan 1894 in Umatilla, Lake County, Florida. She died 4 Nov 1956 in Home, Featherston, Pittsburg County, Oklahoma. Bertha married Charles C. FEATHERSTON.

George Augustus WIMBERLY was born 4 Mar 1907 in Macon, Georgia. He died 25 Sep 1987 in Lakeland, Lake County, Florida. George married Evelyn Louise OWENS.

Evelyn Louise OWENS [Parents] was born 5 Mar 1907 in Lakeland, Florida. She died 29 Sep 1979. Evelyn married George Augustus WIMBERLY.

Francis S. HARRISON was born estimated 1855. He married Georgia Ann BROOKER on 6 Oct 1888.

Georgia Ann BROOKER [Parents] was born about 1859. She married Francis S. HARRISON on 6 Oct 1888.

Other marriages:
HARPER, Charles Arthur


Joseph BROOKER was born 1820 in Emanuel Co, GA. He married Savilla Adeline STRICKLAND.

Savilla Adeline STRICKLAND [Parents] was born 1833 in Wayne County, Georgia. She married Joseph BROOKER.

They had the following children:

  F i Georgia Ann BROOKER was born about 1859.

Dan Franklin KNIGHT [Parents] "Jack" was born 10 Oct 1916. He died 4 May 1945 in Germany In WWII. Jack married Georgia Jane KERN on 20 Sep 1941 in Brunswick Glynn County, Georgia.


Georgia Jane KERN was born 22 Jun 1916. She died 5 Jun 1984 in Brunswick Glynn County, Georgia and was buried in Palmetto Cemetary, Brunswick, Glynn County, Georgia. Georgia married Dan Franklin KNIGHT on 20 Sep 1941 in Brunswick Glynn County, Georgia.

Jesse Howard WOFFORD was born 24 Jul 1944 in Athen, Georgia. He died 20 Jan 1998 in Brunswick, Georgia.

He had the following children:

  M i
William Douglas WOFFORD NELSEN was born 11 Aug 1965 in Atlanta, Georgia. He died 4 Jul 1991 in Locust Grove, Henry County, Georgia.

David Eugene BROWN was born 1 Jan 1944 in Detroit Michigan. He died 9 Dec 1977 in Albertville, Alabama.

He had the following children:

  M i
Jason Everett BROWN NELSEN was born 10 May 1970. He died 11 May 1970.

Charles Carey REGISTER was born 21 Mar 1907 in Clinch Co, Georgia. He died 8 Apr 1973 in Escambia Co, Georgia. Charles married Jewell Annie Mae HARPER.

Jewell Annie Mae HARPER [Parents] was born 9 Feb 1909 in Wayne Co, Georgia. She died 11 Aug 2001 in Newberry, Newberry, South Carolina. Jewell married Charles Carey REGISTER.

Malachi John HARPER Jr. [Parents] was born 13 Sep 1921 in Wayne, GA. He died 4 Mar 1996 in Wayne, GA. Malachi married Alene PATERSON about 1950.


Alene PATERSON was born 24 Mar 1922. She died 25 Nov 1996 in Wayne, GA. Alene married Malachi John HARPER Jr. about 1950.

Washington Columbus CONGER [Parents] was born 23 Nov 1922 in Ware Co, Georgia. He died 8 Feb 1978 in Dade Co, Florida. Washington married Betty REUTHER.

Betty REUTHER was born 3 Dec 1927 in Dade Co, Florida. She died 7 Nov 1979 in Sumter Co, Florida. Betty married Washington Columbus CONGER.

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