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Photo Comparisons

My Grandma Ruth accumulated many photos of friends and relatives over the years, and lucky for me, my mother saved them all from her mother-in-law's estate after her death in 1988 at age 102.  After receiving copies of photos of my G-Grandfather Edward Ward's brother James from my new-found Australian cousins, I remembered some photos for Grandma Ruth's collection that bore no names or dates.   Compare the ones below and see if you think there's any similarity, then compare the two men...

Compare the woman in the middle pane to the woman in the right pane, known to be Mary Alice Peel Bellows, daughter of Mary Hudson Peel. The left photo was taken by Chapman's Studio in Stanton. The 2 women look very similar, so are they mother & daughter, or the same person?  I'm going with the mother-daughter scenario, making the woman in the middle photo Mary Hudson Peel Ward with husband Edward.  That's a wild guess, but the ears are slightly different in the two women.  If they are of the same woman, then the man is Elliot O. Bellows, Mary Alice Peel's husband.  What do you think?

Now try this: see if the man in the  left photo resembles the man in the center photo.  Some think Alphonsus Edward Ward Sr. (left photo) resembles the man in the center photo, thought but not proven to be Edward, father of A.E. Ward Sr.

Still more comparison opportunities arose recently when Cousin Tracey emailed this pic of some unknowns:

She speculated that maybe it was of A.E. Sr., Mary Hudson Ward, Edith Ward, and Mary Alice Peel Bellows.   Scroll back up and compare the two women...I'm not sure, other than to think that none of them in this picture were happy to pose for the camera!

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