Genealogy Data

These are the sources where you might hope to find information on the birth, marriage, death, will, military service, etc. of a named individual.

General Data

LDS Family Search

This is the home of the IGI (International Genealogical Index), the 1881 Census on-line and various other search facilities. These sources have been compiled by members of the LDS church and others. They are incomplete and may contain a significant number of transcription errors. They constitute invaluable evidence, but should be checked against a primary source at the earliest opportunity. Don't neglect the "Share" option - you might find that someone else has done the work for you. Also, on this site you can download the free PAF (Personal Ancestry File) genealogy database to enable you to store all your findings on your computer, and find an on-line, interactive tutorial for it. The site also has a facility to enable you to find your nearest LDS (Church of the Latter Day Saints / Mormons) Family History Centre, where you can use their excellent facilities free of charge, and get helpful advice. Don't be afraid that they will try to recruit you; that isn't part of their agenda.

LDS Family Search- Record Search

This is a pilot site for a remarkable new LDS project. It is like the Family Search that we all know, but with access to a whole range of additional sources - census records, passenger lists etc .etc. It is still under development, so there is no knowing what else it will offer by the time it is complete.

IGI Batch Numbers

This site provides an additional and powerful way of accessing the IGI. All events (such as marriages) which took place at a particular church over a specified period of years have the same batch number. So, if, for example, you know that an ancestor was married in Manchester Cathedral in 1855, this site will tell you that the batch number associated with that event will be C073544, and that this covers the period 1854 - 1857. If you then search that batch number in the IGI, you could well find marriages of siblings or cousins of that ancestor. Other ways of using batch numbers in your research are suggested on the site.

Family History Online

This is a highly recommended and very substantial collection of data submitted by member societies of The Federation of Family History Societies. It is a pay per view facility, but the charges are extremely modest, being in most cases just a matter of a few pence. The data is in the process of transfer to Find My Past where it will be here

Documents Online

This is the NA(National Archives) site, and it is here that you can access the 1901 Census Online - a pay per view facility, which hit the headlines when it first opened through being disastrously oversubscribed. Things have now settled down, and you can use the site with confidence. (Go directly to ). Also on the main site you will find a selection of wills, though most relate to the south of England or large estates in the north, and also a variety of more specialist documents.

A recent development is a new project to digitise the First World War Campaign Medal Index cards (also known as the 'Medal Rolls Index'). These 5.5 million cards record the medal entitlement of almost all individuals - men and women, officers and soldiers - who fought in the British Army and Royal Flying Corps during the Great War, and form perhaps the most complete listing of all those who fought. You can access the index free of charge, though there is a modest payment to download an image of the actual card. In fact, most of the information, such as regiment, regimental number and rank are available in the index, but you may feel that an image of the actual medal card, is an almost tangible link with your ancestor.

This is the largest of the commercial genealogy websites, with a huge range of US and UK databases covering BMDs, Census records, Military records, immigration, obituaries, etc.,etc.. It operates on a subscription basis from a single search of their "People Finder" at $9.95 to access to all their databases at $189.95 p.a., though a few of their databases are free. Some public libraries and family history societies have subscriptions which cover their members, and this is certainly the cheapest way to access this site if you can find such a facility near you. It should be noted that the UK BMDs (one of the free facilities) is sourced from the Free BMD website but, as the two sites use different search engines, they don't always come up with identical results. To be safe, it is best to check both.

Family History Online

This is a searchable database provided by The Federation of Family History Societies. The database incorporates a wide variety of sources, many of which would be difficult to locate in any other way. It is pay to view but, being a not for profit organisation, the charges are very modest.

Borthwick Institute for Archives

The Borthwick Institute for Archives is one of the biggest archive repositories outside London. It tends to specialise in northern material and is well known as the source for Wills and Admons from northern counties. Unfortunately, there is as yet no online index for these, though the Institute is prepared to do research at a cost of £20 per hour with a minimum charge (in advance) of £10. Much more information on their collections is available on the website. (NB. Wills and Admons for both northern and southern counties are available on the British Origins site q.v.)

British Origins

British origins incorporates a vast range of searchable databases including the 1841 census and a partial coverage of the 1871, Boyd's Marriage Index, Wills from a variety of sources including Canterbury and York, Passenger lists etc. A variety of subscription plans are available for 72hrs, monthly, quarterly, or annual.

Procat (Public Record Office Online Catalogue)

As you might expect, this is a complex site, but worth the effort of getting to know it. The Help facility can be used as a tutorial, which makes things much more friendly than they seem at first sight. Try putting in one of the names that you are researching, and see what comes out!

Access to Archives (A2A)

A2A is a searchable database of abstracts from English archives. It is a very effective way of finding information about our ancestors which would be extremely difficult to locate in any other way. The abstract provided is only short, but it should be enough to decide whether it might be worth the effort of trying to obtain a copy of the original document. The database currently contains over five million abstracts from over three hundred repositories, and is still expanding.

The London, Belfast and Edinburgh Gazettes

The London, Edinburgh, and Belfast Gazettes are the official newspapers of record in the United Kingdom. Several legal notices, including insolvency notices, are required by law to be published in the Gazettes. In addition, you will find announcements of Honours, Awards and Medals (other than campaign medals) - in fact such events only become effective once they have been "Gazetted". The archive is searchable online.

Surname Navigator

This is a meta search engine for genealogy, and works very well. Just remember to deselect all the sources that you have already checked, otherwise you could find yourself trawling through pages of data that contain nothing new.

Surname Profiler

This is a first class site for finding the geographical distribution of your surname, which could prove very helpful in your research. It is certainly a lot easier than counting them in every UK telephone directory, which is how I did mine! In addition you can see distribution maps for 1881 and 1998.

This is a very substantial set of genealogy databases available on a subscription basis. There are several subscription options which enable you to join for anything from 72 hours to a full year. There is also a free surname search.

British Roots

This site provides pay per view access to a considerable amount of data, though most, if not all, of it can be found in other ways. The most impressive part of the site for me was the background data on each of the English counties, with population statistics, lists of parishes and local directories etc.

Find My Past

This site, previously known as 1837 Online, is a pay as you view database of UK Civil Registration information from 1837 to the present, Census transcriptions with facsimiles of the originals for 1861 < 1891, military data etc. It has now acquired the records of The National Archivist, and is a very substantial and popular source of family history data. There are a range of price plans ranging from 50 units for £5 and lasting 90 days to various combinations of longer times and more (and cheaper) units. In each case, if you buy more units before your time elapses, the remaining old units are carried forward; otherwise you lose them.


This unusual site concentrates on addresses rather than names, and could prove very useful. It has an excellent search facility which enables you to look for addresses direct or by county, town etc. At present the addresses are rather thin on the ground, but the remedy for that is in our hands - I shall certainly be submitting mine.

Ancestor Hunt

This genealogy search engine covers a large number of online databases, mailing lists, message boards etc., which saves you the trouble of finding them for yourself. It could be a good way of moving forward when you hit that brick wall.

Gravestone Photographs Resource Project

This project is in its infancy, but deserves support. If you have a little spare time, a digital camera and a CD writer on your PC, consider volunteering to record your own area. The project appears to be efficiently organised and the data is well presented on the website. At present the project is limited to E. Anglia - but you could help extend it.

Yesterday's Names

This unusual site is a collection of extracts from old parish magazines, indexed by parish. You chance of finding anything relevant to you own family must necessarily be quite small, but then it doesn't take a moment to have a look.

Family Chest

Any ancestor who bought, sold or leased a house or land, must have left a trail of legal contracts. Many are lost, but FamilyChest has acquired a vast pile of original, parchment documents that are for sale, and available on this website. The documents themselves are expensive, but you can get a transcription for a more modest outlay, or simply look at the free summaries, which are quite informative.

Internet Archive

This is a general archive, but contains a good deal of information that is relevant to family history. Put the name of a place or even a person into the search box and see what comes up.

Free Newspaper Archives

Links to free (and some subscription) newspaper archives from around the world

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Births, Marriages and Deaths


This is a searchable database to the civil registration index for the UK from 1837 to 1983. Or it will be when it is finished - though it is already extremely useful. It is based on the records held at the GRO (General Register Office) in London, which are a transcription of the records held in local register offices. (See UK BMD below) It only provides the information that you require to send off for the birth, marriage or death certificate, but that is enough to get you going. It is part of a larger project called Free UKGEN, and will probably be the first part of that project to be completed. Some years are complete, some are barely started. You will find bar charts giving the current status here. uses the FreeBMD database but, as the two sites use different search engines, they don't always come up with identical results. To be safe, it is best to check both.

FreeCEN and FreeREG

These are the other two components of the FreeUKGEN project and deal respectively with census data and church registers of baptism, marriage and burial. Both are in the very early stages of construction, but will be extremely powerful tools when complete. Keep an eye on them, and volunteer to help if you are able to do so.


This is a similar project to Free BMD, but is based on the primary data held at local register offices. This site has recently been completely rewritten, and now contains links to all local sources of birth, marriage and death data. Only a selection of counties currently contribute to this project, but the number is growing, and there is a cluster of them in the NW of England. Of particular interest to members of MLFHS is Lancashire BMD at Like Free BMD, the project is far from complete, but will be of enormous importance when it is. Also, like Free BMD it is looking for volunteers.

UKBDM Exchange

This is an information sharing site. You submit details of any B, M, or D certificates you may have, or any pre 1837 (Start of Civil Registration) church records of baptisms, marriages or burials, for others to access via a searchable database. You can also access the database for your own research. Unlike some sharing sites, you are not required to submit data in order to access other data. However, it is expected that you will do so if possible. The site was originally free, but you now have to pay £5 pa in order to access all resources.

Copies of Civil Registration Certificates

These can be ordered on line using: Certificate Ordering Service

For this, you simply require a valid credit card. Until recently you had to be a UK resident, but this restriction has now been withdrawn, so you can order from anywhere in the world. There are also sites that give guidance on how to apply for certificates by post. You can find some of these below under 'Official Government Sites', in the 'Genealogy Resources' section. However, you can obtain cheaper and more reliable copies (remember that the records at the General Register Office are transcripts of the original data from Local Register Offices) at the local office for the area in which the event occurred. These can be found in GENUKI, but the address of the Manchester Register Office, which is of interest to many of us is:

Manchester Register Office,
Heron House,
47, Lloyd Street,
M2 5LE

You need to know the place and year (preferably the quarter) of the event, and the current charge for the certificate is £7.00. If you have a credit card, and the equipment at the office is in working order, you can order from Manchester Register Office by telephone by calling: 0161 234 5503

Boyd's Marriage Index

This is available on a subscription basis (£6 for seven days) on the English Origins site. It is an incomplete index of marriages during the period 1538 - 1840. It covers some of the same ground as the IGI, but tends to be strong where the IGI is weak - for example in East Anglia. The coverage for Lancashire is 48%.

Cemeteries and Cemetery Records

A very ambitious voluntary project to record the data from monumental inscriptions in cemeteries throughout the world. It has a good search facility with a lot of useful features. It has to be said that your chances of finding any particular individual must necessarily be low, but the site is set to keep on growing.

National Archive of Memorial Inscriptions

This new site enables you to check whether or not there are any memorial inscriptions which are relevant to your researches. If there are none, then you pay nothing. If you find what you want, then you can download, and print out if you wish, not only the inscriptions themselves, but also a brief description of the memorial, a photograph of the church or chapel, a plan of the burial ground, and usually some historical information as well. For this, you pay a fee of between £4 and £7, depending on how much information you choose to retrieve from what is available. The site is in an early stage of development and, at present contains only MI data from Norfolk.

Deceased Online

This aims to be a record of burial and cremation data for the UK. It only started in 2008 and is far from complete, but well worth trying. There is a free index and a pay per view system for detailed information.

JewishGen Online Worldwide Burial Registry

The JewishGen Online Worldwide Burial Registry (JOWBR) is a database of names and other identifying information from cemeteries and burial records worldwide, from the earliest records to the present.

Census Data

1911 Census

This is a pay per view site provided by Find My Past. However, if you already know something of the families you are researching, you can get some quite useful information from the free index.

1911 Ireland Census

The digitisation of the 1911 Irish census is incomplete, but for those counties that are available the data and images of the actual census returns can be viewed free of charge.

UK Census Links 1841 - 1901

There is an ongoing project by genealogists to put the censuses from 1841 - 1891 online for free (but excluding the 1881 as that is already here). It's a huge project and will take years to accomplish. Many Family History Societies have or are transcribing the 1891 at this moment. This is followed by links to a wide variety of census data - from the complete 1901 to fragments of many others.

Automated Genealogy (Canada)

The site hosts a volunteer project to produce a free, online index to the 1901 Census of Canada. The site is based on transcribing from the census images provided by the National Archives of Canada and anyone with a web browser and an internet connection can participate. The site has over 2,000,000 lines transcribed, has approximately 40,000 links to other records, and is completely free to browse!

The 1831 Census

Yes there was a census in 1831, but one that was very limited in scope compared with the later ones with which we are all familiar. You can download a copy from here.

1901 Leftovers

This is another sharing site, where people who have paid to access the 1901 Census, put the information they have found online for the benefit of the rest of us. Far from complete of course, but worth a look.

2% of 1851 Census

An unusual sharing site, where the author, researching Bewick family genealogy has recorded online all the information that they extracted from the 1851 Census in the course of their research. If you fancy a free bet on a 50:1 outsider, then this is the site for you.

Military Data

Commonwealth War Graves Commission

This is where you will find details of ancestors killed in the two world wars. The site is easy to use, but there seems to be no consistent policy for dealing with combatants who were sent home, and subsequently died of their wounds.


This is an excellent pay per view site for both the First and Second World Wars. The charges are modest, and the credits last indefinitely, which is very helpful. In addition to a considerable amount of information about the individual, you can also download a replica of the memorial scroll issued to his next of kin.

Roll of Honour

The information on this site comes from war memorials, The Commonwealth War Graves Commission, the Naval & Military Press and a variety of other sources. It covers the 1st & 2nd World Wars, the Boer War, and several other conflicts. The search engine enables the data to be accessed geographically, by regiment, airfield or by the foreign country in which the men fell. In many cases there are photographs of memorials or even individuals.

For the Fallen

British and Commonwealth war memorials and war graves.

Officers Died

This is a list of British army officers who died in a large number of military campaigns around the world taken from a great variety of sources. If your ancestor was an army or naval officer who was killed in action - or maybe was murdered or died an accidental death while on active service, you could find him here.

Soldiers Memorials

A similar site to the above, for other ranks.

See also: Documents Online

For Medal Rolls Index

Great War Index

These reports, concerning Officers and Men of World War One, consist of:
Obituaries giving personal & service details.
Medal citations - brief accounts of the action which led to a medal.
Photos (usually head and shoulders) with brief details.
Photos/accounts of actions especially medal winners.
Copies of these reports may be ordered for £4.

World War II Index

Includes stories of RN and MN ships and campaign details of RAF Squadrons and Army Regiments.
The Roll of Honour lists head and shoulders photos of those who fell, usually with brief details.
Copies of these reports may be ordered for £6.

UK National Inventory of War Memorials

A valuable database of war memorials together with links to other related sites.

The Asplin Military History Resources

The Boer War and a variety of other Victorian military campaigns are covered here, together with a searchable database for nearly 40,000 men of the Imperial Yeomanry, Lovats Scouts and Scottish Horse who served in the Boer War; The Army Death Indexes for 1901-1905; Recipients of The Queen's South Africa Medal etc. etc. You really have to visit to appreciate the scale of this resource.

Register of the Second Anglo-Boer War

A useful source for researching the Boer War from which you can get some basic information on individuals at no charge. However, once you start looking for more detailed information, you have to buy credits, and the costs could mount very rapidly, as they are essentially search fees for particular documents. These vary between £3 and £25.

Lost Generation

This Channel 4 site provides access to a very large database of war memorials which can be searched either by location of the memorial, or by the names of individual servicemen and women. I found several family members who were not listed on any of the other sites.

Genealogy World

In spite of its rather general title, this site specialises in events in southern Africa, including the Boer War and Zulu War. It is a mine of information with links to a huge range of related sources.

The Army Nursing Service & Princess Christian's Army Nursing Service(Reserve)

This site explores the history of the Army Nursing Service & Princess Christian's Army Nursing Service (Reserve), and in particular those individual nurses who were in service at the time of the Boer War. The records of individual nurses have been put together from a variety of sources to create a rich resource for anyone interested in Army Nursing, or trying to find out information about an individual nurse.

Naval Biographical Database

People, Places, Ships, Organisations and Events associated with the Royal Navy since 1660. There are searchable databases for all the above.

Naval History

A prime source for Royal and Dominion Navy casualty lists from 1914-2008, searchable by name. Also history of ships and campaigns.

Royal Airforce WW2

Searchable database of personnel.

Armed Forces Memorial

This is a searchable database of members of the British armed forces who lost their lives in conflicts between the end of WW2 and 2006.

The Soldier in Late Medieval England

This unusual site provided by a group of academic institutions, provides a searchable database for soldiers in the late medieval period. If you get back this far you are doing very well!

Trades and Professions

Digital Library of Historical Directories

This is a Leicester University site in which are collected together a number of old street and trade directories. It is particularly useful if you are researching someone who had his/her own business, though the later directories often list private citizens by address.

The database is searchable by means of a search engine which has recently been enormously improved. If you have used it in the past, you will be impressed by the upgrade.

British Fairground Ancestors

Family History Resources for travelling fairground showmen; circus proprietors; ghost illusion shows; bioscopes (early travelling cinemas); other show and exhibition proprietors; waxworks and menageries; gymnasts, acrobats and equestrians; stall holders; travelling photographers and confectioners; hawkers; musicians; comedians and other performers; proprietors of travelling theatres and fairground rides; and other "frequenters of fairs".


A performing arts gateway to the UK, in which you can search for your actor ancestor by name.

The Adelphi Theatre 1806-1900

This site provides a searchable list of all actors appearing at the Adelphi over the period in question.

Railway Index

Major and Minor reports of accidents to railwaymen of all classes.Includes some Railway Police. Copies of reports may be ordered for prices ranging from £3 to £14.

The London and North Western Railway Society

The London and North Western Railway Society's website has a searchable database of staff, as well as a lot of background information on their wages, salaries and working conditions.

Naval Biographical Database

People, Places, Ships, Organisations and Events associated with the Royal Navy since 1660. There are searchable databases for all the above.

Clergy of the Church of England Database

A good place to find your clergy ancestor, being a relational database documenting the careers of all Church of England clergymen between 1540 and 1835.

Remembering Police Officers who have lost their Lives

This site is described as The National Police Officers Roll of Honour, and lists all British police officers who are known to have died in the line of duty.

Police Index

An index of reports from a wide variety of sources concerning police officers. Copies of major reports may be ordered for £6 and minor ones for £3.

Mines and Quarries Index

The reports give details of the accidents/disasters and sometimes include inquest details. Copies of reports may be ordered for prices ranging from £4 to £14.

The Blacksmiths Index

This is a new but rapidly growing site dedicated to all kinds of smiths and related trades (did you know about brownsmiths?). It includes such occupations as farrier, cutler, wheelwright etc.. We all have smiths in our family somewhere - why not send details of yours to this site and help it to grow.

Royal College of Nursing

You can search the archives for references to your nursing ancestors, and there is a helpful section for family historians on tracing nurses. Please bear in mind however that the term 'nurse', as used in the occupation column of the census, may well have referred to an untrained person looking after young children.

Small & Special

Small and Special is a collection of resources relating to the early years of The Hospital for Sick Children at Great Ormond Street, England's first in-patient children's hospital. Here you can trace a patient, learn about childhood diseases, or investigate a member of the medical staff.

Corkcutters in England

Corkcutters were working in England from the 17th - 19th century. If you had ancestors who were corkcutters, I hope you find this site and index useful.

Irish Data

Irish Genealogy

Irish parish registers on line, provided free by the Irish government. The data is going on line parish by parish and though it is currently far from complete, it is well worth checking back at intervals to see if the parish records in which you are interested have been digitised. The site also contains useful advice on how to research your Irish ancestors.

1901/1911 Ireland Census

The digitisation of the 1911 Irish census is incomplete, but for those counties that are available the data and images of the actual census returns can be viewed free of charge.

Irish Family History Foundation

This site provides links to family history data in each of the thirty two counties. It is fee based, and not particularly cheap, but you may feel that it is a reasonable price to pay to get through a brick wall. Bear in mind that a great deal of Irish genealogical data has been destroyed by civil disturbance over the years.

Griffiths Primary Valuation (Ireland)

It was a survey of property occupiers in Ireland made between 1848 and 1864 and it's importance lies in the fact that it lists almost every head of household for each county. The information given in the Griffiths is the following:
The townland address and householders name; the name of the person from whom the property is leased; a description of the property; the acreage and the valuation. If a surname was common in an area then the surveyors adopted the practise of indicating the father's name to show the difference between two people of the same Christian name and surname (usually).

Emerald Ancestors

Irish Genealogy website with online access to over 1 million birth, marriage, death and census records for Northern Ireland. Most of the information is provided on a subscription only basis. For current subscription, see the website.

Irish Pension Search

The Irish census records were destroyed by the fire of 1922, but much of the data from them is apparently duplicated in the pension records which still exist. This pay per view site enables you to search those records. I am not sure how complete they are but was surprised to only get 11 hits from the name Flynn, so don't expect too much.

Irish War Memorials

This web-site presents an inventory of war memorials in Ireland. It includes photographs of each memorial, the text of all inscriptions, and details of the site of the memorial. A database of all of those named allows a search for individual persons, with links to the photographs of the memorials. The site is work in progress, but should become very useful in time.

Irish Family History Foundation

This site contains the largest collection of Parish records for Ireland that are searchable online. The complete indexes, listing surname, first name, year and county of ALL records are yours to search freely. To view a detailed record you can purchase credit online for instant access.

Irish Genealogy

A subscription site where you can search for information on your Irish ancestors as well as learning about Irish history. There is a free trial to enable you see if it is worth your while to take out a subscription.

Index of Irish Merchant Seamen 1918-1921

This website contains an index of Irish born merchant seamen contained in the CR10 series of index cards in the Southampton Civic Archives. The CR10 Archive holds 270,000 cards covering the multinational workforce of the British Merchant Marine during the period from late 1918 to the end of 1921. All ranks and jobs at sea are covered from master to scullion. A unique feature of the CR 10 cards is that they usually contain a good photograph of the seaman. At this time RS2 Identity books, with matching photographs were issued to the seamen.

Kabristan Archives

Kabristan Archives is a non-profit making organisation dedicated to preserving memorial inscriptions from graveyards in the west of Ireland and the Indian sub-continent including many which no longer exist. They are presented here in a form which is easily accessible to the family historian.

Scottish Data

General Register Office for Scotland

This is the primary site for Scotland, from which you can purchase copies of civil registration certificates and find general census information. There is also a link to Scotland's People (see below). There are some good articles on searching the records, and some very useful tables of districts and parishes.

Scotland's People

This site belongs to the General Register Office for Scotland, and is described as "The official government source for genealogical data for Scotland". It is very useful, but unfortunately, access costs £6 for 30 'page credits' valid for 168 hours. Each page of index entries you download costs 1 credit, and each image costs 5 credits. I hate that sort of charging system, it makes me feel that I should spend all night on the PC to get my money's worth. On some sites, the credits last indefinitely, and I don't see why they couldn't on this one. However, it has improved; it used to be 48 hours.

Scots Origins

Part of the Origins group of sites, this is a useful contribution to Scottish genealogy research. It includes an IGI search engine for Scotland which has some advantages over searching the IGI in the usual way. It also has a free place search compiled from the place names in the 1881 census.

Scottish Genealogy

There is a great deal of generally useful information about Scots and Scotland here, including such things as a list of Scottish names for occupations, some of which might otherwise be incomprehensible to those of us from south of the border. There is also a lot about coats of arms and Scottish clan crests, which I find a little worrying - it is too reminiscent of the heritage industry to be convincing. Discovering whether an individual has a genuine right to a particular heraldic achievement is far more complex than simply finding one which is associated with his surname. Having no Scottish ancestors (so far as I am aware) I cannot try it out, nor can I try the "Guarantee successful Scottish ancestry search results (or no fee)" offer, but whether their idea of success would correspond with yours or mine, I have no idea. I would be interested to hear from anyone who has tried these offers.

Scottish Emigration Database

The Scottish Emigration Database, a project from The University of Aberdeen, currently contains the records of over 21,000 passengers who embarked at Glasgow and Greenock for non-European ports between 1 January and 30 April 1923, and at other Scottish ports between 1890 and 1960.

Welsh Data

Welsh Interest Group of the New Zealand Society of Genealogists

If you are a Kiwi researching your Welsh ancestors, then this is the site for you. However, the value of the site is not limited to Kiwi's, and could be of use to displaced Welshmen (or women) the world over.

Jewish Data

JewishGen: The Home of Jewish Genealogy

This very substantial website is the first port of call for anyone researching their Jewish ancestry. Just scan the home page to see the remarkable scope of this facility.

Genpals Cemetery Project

Transcriptions and photos from Jewish Cemeteries in the UK, over 1,000 entries, historical narratives and mini family trees

Life in the Shtetl

ShtetlDoc will provide you published information from many sources including newspapers in pre-war Europe and America that may not be available on Jewish geneology sites. We also can translate Yiddish documents.

Romany Data

Romany Genes

If you have Romany ancestry, this is the site for you. It has recently undergone considerable expansion.


Black Sheep Index

This is a searchable database of some of the people who appeared in court (not all criminals), in the period 1860 - 1900.

Capital Punishment

If your ancestor paid the ultimate price, you might find him here

Industrial/Reformatory Schools

This site contains information, on Industrial/Reformatory Schools and the like in England and Wales during the 19th and early 20th century. These schools were used for the punishment and possibly rehabilitation of young offenders. The databases include teaching staff as well as pupils.

The Proceedings of the Old Bailey

A fully searchable online edition of the largest body of texts detailing the lives of non-elite people ever published, originally containing accounts of over 100,000 criminal trials held at London's central criminal court. The database has since been extended to include trials for 1834-1913 i.e. another 100,000 trials. The website itself has also had some changes.

Convicts Transported to Australia 1787-1867

Over 123,000 out of the estimated 160,000 convicts transported to Australia are recorded in this database. These include prisoners sent to New South Wales, Van Diemen's Land (Tasmania), Moreton Bay (Brisbane), Port Phillip. Western Australia and Norfolk Island. Also recorded are some ships which were bound for Gibraltar.


New England (MA) Pilgrim and Great Migration Ship Lists Early 1600's

This site provides passenger lists and other details of some of the earliest migrations to the New World, including the Mayflower, which in spite of not being the first, was certainly the most famous of these of these early ships.

Ellis Island Database - One Step Search Tools

Although this is on the JewishGen database, it uses Dr. Stephen Morse's one step search tools to enable you to look for both Jewish and non Jewish passengers entering the USA via Ellis Island. Registration is free.

Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild

A volunteer site which aims to transcribe passenger lists of ships taking immigrants to the USA, and present them on line, free of charge. Around 5000 ships have been completed to date, and the project continues. Can be searched by passenger name, ship, port of departure, etc.

American Family Immigration History Centre

This is the site where you can find your ancestors who entered the USA via Ellis Island in the years 1892 - 1924. You can search by name only, and then add other data to refine your search.

Canada Emigration

If your ancestors emigrated (or even immigrated) to Canada, you will find this a very helpful site.

Pier 21 (Canada Immigration)

Pier 21 was where immigrants to Canada landed throughout the period 1928 - 1971
If your ancestors were among them, you could find them here.

The Ships List

This is a big site which covers just about anything to do with ships. The reason it is in the Data Section is that it includes some free to view passenger lists - which is pretty unusual. A fascinating site for anyone with a seafaring ancestor, or one who emigrated.

Channel Islanders New Zealand Bound

If your ancestor emigrated from the Channel Islands to New Zealand, you will probably find him here, along with a Register of pupils at Elizabeth College Guernsey from 1824 - 1911.

New Zealand Birth, Death and Marriage Historical Records

If your ancestors emigrated to New Zealand, you may be able to find them in this government website. You can search for: Births that occurred at least 100 years ago, Stillbirths if registered at least 50 years ago, Marriages and eventually Civil Unions that occurred 80 years ago and Deaths that occurred at least 50 years ago or the deceased's date of birth was at least 80 years ago. Searches can cover various periods, but they don't tell you until you get it wrong.

Boston Ship Arrivals

Philadelphia Ship Arrivals

Find ancestors in these One-Step Searches of Boston and Philadelphia passenger records from 1891 to 1943. There are three tools - one that searches for passengers, one that gives direct access to the manifests, and one that allows you to find ship arrivals.

Canadian Passenger Lists

Ship arrivals at Halifax, Quebec and Montreal, transcribed by Nanaimo FHS. This is an ongoing project which is still in its early stages.

Scottish Emigration Database

The Scottish Emigration Database, a project from The University of Aberdeen, currently contains the records of over 21,000 passengers who embarked at Glasgow and Greenock for non-European ports between 1 January and 30 April 1923, and at other Scottish ports between 1890 and 1960.

Olive Tree Genealogy - Passenger Lists

This is a vast site exceeding 1700 pages, and is not especially easy to navigate, but the effort can be very rewarding. There is an enormous amount of data on ships passenger lists from anywhere to everywhere, and other related topics. Access to the Olive Tree databases is free, but there are many links to subscription databases also. Well worth the (considerable) time involved in finding your way round.

Ancestors on Board

This website is provided by in conjunction with the National Archives. It is easy to use and provides a considerable amount of data on emigrants from the UK free of charge. The full available data requires the purchase of units, which are available at reasonable cost. I found several ancestors within minutes and regard this as a valuable addition to the online data on emigration.

Families in British India Society

We don't tend to think of members of the Raj, as emigrants, but for practical purposes, this is just what they were. Many spent their entire working lives in the sub continent, while others stayed for several generations. This website provides a wealth of detail about them - Births, baptisms, marriages, deaths, burials, embarkation lists, muster lists etc.. You can search the database by surname or keyword.

Genealogy World

The name is a little misleading, as the site concentrates on southern Africa. If your ancestor emigrated to this part of the world, you could well find information about him here. There are passenger lists to the Cape and Natal, lists of settlers, maps of the settlements and much more.

National Archives of Australia

A good place to look for relatives/ancestors who emigrated to the antipodes. To do a name search you can go straight to here."

New South Wales Immigration and Shipping Indexes

If your ancestor emigrated to Australia between 1816 and 1890, this would be a good place to start looking for his arrival there.

South African Genealogy

Contains some useful passenger lists, which would be of interest to any researcher whose ancestors had emigrated to South Africa.


During WWII Britain was host to huge numbers of overseas servicemen. Many of them married British women and returned with them after the war to their own country. This site enables you not only to search for, and perhaps find, individuals but also to learn something of their experiences, and how they coped with very different worlds.

The British Home Children Society

100,000 British Home Children were sent to Canada to work as indentured farm labourers and domestic servants as part of the British Child Emigration Scheme to Canada (1870-1957). Their familial ties were broken once 'in care' and sent to Canada. Many British Home Children spent their lives trying to find their parents and siblings. Many of their descendants have inherited their ancestors' lifelong search for their identities. If you or your parents were among this group, this would be a good place to start looking.

Lancashire Data

Boat Famalies of Lancashire

This site by Ormskirk & District FHS is a mine of information on the families who lived on and worked the narrow boats on the canals of Lancashire.

Lancashire Will Search

This is a searchable database of wills indexed at your local LDS Family History Centre.

Lancashire Family History Information

This is a pay per view site for a large range of Lancashire records. Most records seem to cost around 10 credits but, as they don't make it at all easy for you to find out how much a credit costs, I can only assume it is expensive. However, if you really need the record, it might be worth a try.

Manchester Family History Research

A good source for court and prison records concerning people from Manchester and other parts of Lancashire.

Manchester Family History Research

I don't normally include professional researchers, as I have no way of knowing whether they give value for money. However, this one is worth checking out for the information about Manchester in his website. As he claims, it is certainly a good read.

Cheshire Wills Database Online

Here you can order copies of wills online from the Cheshire record office.
This site is included as Lancashire people have frequently retired to Cheshire, and so their wills may be found there.

Historical and Genealogical Information for the Region anciently known as The Salford Hundred, now known as Greater Manchester

A long name, but a fascinating site. In addition to general historical information about the region, it seems to consist largely of extracts from a wide range of publications, and is fully searchable. I quickly found a probable ancestor, and there may well be others in there somewhere.

Stockport - History & Heritage - Genealogy

This is part of the Stockport Borough Council website, and is an excellent searchable genealogy database, which seems to cover most of Cheshire.

Photos of Cheshire

In spite of its title, this remarkable site does contain some material from neighbouring Lancashire, and much more that will be of interest to Manchester and Lancashire people. It consists of photographs of places, buildings, memorials, etc. It merits its place in the data section of the RUS List because the photographs are of sufficient quality to act as a source of names, dates, and much other information. In fact it even has a searchable surname index of considerable size.

1891 British Census Blackley

A searchable site for the 1891 Census in Blackley, Lancashire. If you have ancestors in Blackley, this will be an invaluable find.

Great War Roll of Honour for Manchester

This is actually hidden away in a website about the Lancashire cotton industry, and is a Roll of Manchester citizens who fought in the 1914-18 war. It is unusual in that it includes those who survived as well as those who fell. Like most genealogy sources, it is incomplete, but seems to have a very high proportion of those who should be included.

Bury Parish

The aim is to provide information that may be useful to folks researching their ancestors from the Bury area, starting by concentrating on listing the Churches and their records.

Lancashire Census Files

A substantial collection of extracts from the 1841 Census for Lancashire, and a single district for the 1861.

Todmorden and Walsden

A fine collection of data covering births, marriages, deaths, census records and monumental inscriptions for this township on the Lancashire/Yorkshire border.

Great Harwood Genealogy Resource Page

Contains very comprehensive census data together with abstracts of wills, tenants lists etc.

An online search facility of burial and cremation records at The Church of St. Michael and All Angels, Dalton. (If only all churches provided this service!)

Salford, Lancashire

If you are researching in Salford, you may find something useful here - Parish transcriptions, census extractions etc.

Parish the Thought

A selection of Lancashire BMDs plus a few extras and some from Sussex and Yorkshire.

East Lancashire War Memorials

Covers Burnley (inc. Briercliffe, Hapton and Padiham), Nelson & Colne (inc. Barrowford & Brierfield), Ribble Valley (inc. Clitheroe, Whalley & Billington, Bolton by Bowland and Hurst Green), Village Memorials (inc. Altham, Fence & Wheatley Lane, Higham, Newchurch, Read, Simonstone, and Wiswell), Blackburn (inc Cemetery and St Thomas).


This site provides a searchable database for numerous Lancashire cemeteries and graveyards. In addition to helpful articles on military abbreviations and common Latin phrases used on gravestones, there are a number of excellent cemetery plans.

MLFHS Catholic Register Index

A searchable database for Manchester Roman Catholic Registers compiled by Manchester & Lancashire FHS.

Old Mersey Times

Here you can access a mine of information about Liverpool and Merseyside generally. This is invaluable data for the genealogist including Births, Marriages, Deaths, Emigration, Passenger Lists, Graveyards & M.I.s etc. etc.