An old cemetery lying some three miles from Penpont, Dumfries, in open country walled around in a small wood. When these epitaphs were gathered by Mr Lovat-Watson, he said "it is now much overgrown and neglected". However from the recent photos I have of the cemetery it is very tidy and well cared for.

Here lyeth the corpse of JOHN HOATSON in Dresserland who departed this life 7 March 1717 aged 55 years. Likewise the corpse of Katharine WOOD his spouse who departed this life 3 November 1724. Also here lyes Janet or Rachel (probably Janet) SMITH, spouse to George HOATSON in Nether Park of Yenoch who died 25 February 1774 aged 77. Affliction for a long time I bore Physicians were in wain. All God did please to give and to end my grief and pain. Weep not for my husband do not forget (indecipherable) and one (indecipherable) rather prepare to follow me into Eternal Life.

Killron HOATSON, Spouse to William HARKNESS of Locherben died 20 May 1761 aged 68.

NOTE From the IGI Kelton or Kettrin HOATSON born 1696 Locherben married about 1717 to William HARKNESS.  Died 1764.

Also from the IGI  - Kettrin HOATSON born 1676 at Locherben. She married William HARKNESS in 1696 and they had William HARKNESS born about 1697 at Locherben, Dalgarnock and John HARKNESS born 1710 at Holestain, Dalgarnock who married Margaret McCORMICK about 1745. Kettrin died 20 May 1744. William HARKNESS Jnr died 1767 and John HARKNESS died 1790.
William HARKNESS Snr was born about 1673, the son of James HARKNESS of Locherben. William HARKNESS Snr died in 1723.

I have found John HARKNESS born 1710, son of William HARKNESS and Isabel CURRIE. This John married a Margaret McCORMICK about 1745. John was the brother of Isabel HARKNESS wife of James HEWETSON (see below for Penpont burials).  A sister Margaret HARKNESS was born 1714. (All born at Holestains). This is verified by a "Genealogy of the family written in 1822 by William HEWETSON, the School Master.

There are 376 entries for the name William HARKNESS's on the IGI for Dumfriesshire. I will put some effort in finding out more about William and Kettrin HARKNESS.

In memory of Margaret CARUTHERS spouse to George HUTSON in Locherben died 4 August 1750 aged 34 years. Also James HOATSON son to the above George HOATSON who died 29 September 1759 aged 13 years. (Follows an indecipheral text). In memory of the above George HOATSON who died in the 80th year of his age 19 September 1787 and of Margaret CARRUTHERS his spouse who predeceased him 6 March 1783 aged 76 years.

Sacred to the memory of James HEWATSON Esq of Hardibrae House, who departed this life on 16 December 1806 aged 57 years. He died much (indecipherable) and in the (indecipherable) respected by all who were acquainted with his many virtues and knew how to appreciate the work of an honest man. Also in memory of Jean GRAHAM his spouse who died at Burnswark 30 August 1811 aged 72.

Here lies interred beneath this stone John HOATSON in Closeburn who was grandfather to the present possessors John and James HOATSON in Wanlachead by whom this stone was erected in the year 1756.

In memory of Adam HARKNESS 1657 Farmer in Mitchelslacks and Tower of Locherben and Margaret FRIZZEL or FRASER his spouse died December 1687, Ancestors of distinguised Covenanters. Thomas HARKNESS 1690 in Locherben their elder son. Bessie HOWATTSONE, his spouse died in 1674.  Godly Andrew HOWATSON. Also Agnes HAIRSTANES his spouse 1684.

Bessie HOWATTSONE born about 1630 married Thomas HARKNESS about 1650 and died 1674.  Bessie was the sister of our oldest known ancester Thomas HOWATSON.

 Andrew HOWATSON  born about 1628 married Agnes HAIRSTANES (born about 1630)  about 1647 at Mitchelslacks. Agnes died 1684 and Andrew died before 1675 when Agnes married Thomas HARKNESS who died 1690. Thomas was the son of Adam HARKNESS and Margaret FRIZZEL or FRASER (above).

Agnes and Andrew had a large family, one is known - ISOBEL born 1673 at Mitchelslacks.

One of these monuments is one laid aside under the eastern beeches, but intact, with its letters raised upon a handsome flagstone. This inscription is round the stone:

Here lieth Andrew HOWETSON in Laight who left this life 18 December 1675 of his age 45. Erected by Agnes Hairstens his spouse.

Then on the face: In Andrew HOWETSON whom this stone doeth cover Godliness and Virtue did dwell together.


Here lies the body of Thomas HEWETSON who died in 1682. Also Janet GILCHRIST, spouse to James HEWETSON, son of the above who died 27 January 1731 aged 61 years. Likewise James HEWETSON aforesaid who died at Auchenbenzie 27 January 1747 aged 77 years.

Also James HEWETSON in Auchenbenzie son of the said James who died 27 December 1778 aged 72 years.

Also George HEWETSON brother of the late James who died 20 (indecipherable) aged 22 years. Likewise Isobel HARKNESS, spouse to the late James who died at Auchenbenzie 27 May 1782 aged 69 years. Also Janet LORRIMER, spouse to George HEWETSON of Grennan who died 10 October 1805 aged 52 years. And the said George HEWETSON who died 12 June 1833 aged 92 years.

George HEWETSON of Grennan was born in 1740 son of James HEWETSON and Isabel HARKNESS. He married Janet LORIMER about 1764.

In memory of John HEWETSON who died at Glencar 14 February 1845 aged 91 years. Also of Mary HYSLOP his spouse.who died at Glencar 28 September 1807 aged 47 years. Also of Robert, their son, who died at Glencar 22 July 1806 aged 5. Also of WILLIAM, their son, who died at New York, 28 August 1818 aged 36. Also of their son Joseph HEWETSON MD who died at his own residence of Belmount, St Clawsville, Co. Ohio in the 51st year of his age. Also of THOMAS, their son, who died at Glencar 10 November 1861, aged 68 years. Also of WALTER, their son, who died at Kirkhouse, Kirkbean, 8 December 1862, aged 67 years. Also of JAMES,  their son, who died at Penpont, 16 January 1863 aged 71 years. Also of JOHN, their son, who died at Baltersan, Pennincharne, 13 September 1863, aged 73 years. (Note: I think the place should read Penningham).Also of MARY, his daughter who died at Penpont, 26 December 1875 aged 77 years. Also of MARGARET, daughter of the above and wife of George LORRIMER, who died at Penpont 11 May 1868 aged 84 years. Also of GEORGE, son of the above, who died at Penpont, 5 January 1878, aged 92 years.

In memory of John HOATSON who died 2 March 1759, aged 67 years. Also Samuell HOATSON, his son, who died 23 September 1765 aged 9 years. Margarit HOATSON, his daughter, was born 25 March (1739 or 1759), died 25 September 1791. James HOATSON, erector hereof died 10 October 1803 aged 53 years.

Bottom of stone reads: Erected by James HOATSON in Thornhill, his son, 1791.


In memory of William HEWETSON, School Master in this Parish, who died at Grennan, 21 October 1822, aged 78 years. Agnes MOFFATT his spouse, who died 5 March 1829, aged 66 years. Also Agnes HEWETSON, their daughter who died at Bilbow, 23 December 1853 aged 55 years. Also Isabella HEWETSON, their daugher, who died at Bilbow, 4 January 1868, aged 82 years. Also Helen HEWETSON, their daughter, who died at Bilbow, 13 March, 1878, aged 77 years.

Here lyes the body of James HOATSON who died 24 September 1749, aged 65 years. Also of his son William HEWETSON who died 15 September 1774, aged 65 years.

(This is a very large monument consisting of a railed enclosure within which are three separate wall-type monuments. The central stone is recorded first then the wing or side walls.)

Sacred to the memory of James HEWETSON who died at Auchenbenzie on 14 May 1825 in the 76th year of his age and of Isabel McTURK his spouse who died on 27 March 1851 in the 92nd year of her age. Also of their children, JOHN who died on 19 December 1806 aged 1 year. ISOBEL who died 17th February 1813 aged 23 years. Also of Robert HEWETSON Esq of Swyre, their son, who died at Auchenbenzie 22 October 1866 aged 71 years. And of Jane KENNEDY his widow who died at Burnbrae, Penpont on 14 April 1876 aged 81 years. Also Margaret HARPER, wife of James HEWETSON who died at Auchenbenzie 16 May 1884 aged 45 years. And of the said James HEWETSON Esq of Craiglearan, late of Auchenbenzie, who died at Park House, Dumfries, 27 May 1905 aged 65 years.

In memory of James HEWETSON, Farmer at Barr in the parish of Penningham, son of James HEWETSON and Isobel McTURK. He died at Auchenbenzie on 16 August 1855 in the 70th years of his age. Also of Jane WILLIAMSON, his wife, who died at Barr on 13 July 1828 aged 39 years. Also of their children, JAMES who died at Barr 27 October 1826 aged 2 years, JANE who died at Glasgow 16 May 1850, aged 29 years. ISABELLA who died at Auchenbenzie 30 September 1855 aged 37 years. ELIZA who died at Carsenestock 8 February 1888 aged 71 years. MARY ANN, who died at Glasgow 14 October 1891 aged 63 years. Agnes WILLIAMSON who died at Edinburgh on 9 November 1895 aged 70 years MARGARET, widow of Robert F BARR, who died at Penpont on 3 December 1902 aged 82 years.

In sacred memory of James HEWETSON, late of Castle Douglas, who died at Penpont 16 January 1863 aged 71 years. Also Jane HEWETSON, his wife, who died at Auchenbenzie 12 February 1862, aged 64 years. And of their family. ISABELLA, who died at Castle Douglas 28 September 1857 aged 27 years and is interred in Kelton Churchyard. JOHN who died at Penpont, 1 January 1869 aged 32 years. JANE ANN, who died at Penpont, 14 April 1897, aged 63 years. Roberta KENNEDY HEWETSON who died at Penpont on 2 July 1914 aged 71 years.

Here lyes interred Janat MINZIES wife to Mr William HEWETSON, School Master of Penpont who died 9 January 1777 aged 26 years. Also two children JAMES and ISOBLE.

On reverse of the stone:

In memory of Mr John HEWETSON, Surgeon, son to Mr William HEWETSON, School Master and Agnes MOFFATT his wife, who died at Penpont 29 May 1917 aged 28 years.

William HEWETSON LFPSG and LMIRCPE. Born at Penpont 25 August 1855. Died Hartlepool 7 October 1884.

Thanks to Robin I now know the initials stand for Licentiate Fellow of the Royal Faculty of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow and Licentiate Memer of the Royal College of Physicians, Edinburgh. Robin also supplied information on William. In the 1881 Census he was living at a Medical Association in Hartlepool aged 31. He wife was MARGARET aged 24 with a one year old son, John B HEWETSON.

A mother, Agnes HEWETSON, widow of John NEALE. Also MARGARET their daughter, who died 19 October 1948. Also NELLIE wife of E Donald FRASER.

In memory of John HOATSON of Thornhill, who died 1 July 1820 aged 60 years. Also Janet HOATSON his daughter died 1 May 1792 aged one year. Also John HOATSON his son, Surgeon in the Ceylon Regiment who died at Badula in the Island of Ceylong 7 November 1821 aged 33 years. Also Isabel LOURIE his mother, who died 2 January 1828 aged 66 years. Also Sarah GEDDES, spouse of Samuel HOATSON who died 1 March 1875 aged 75. Also the said Samuel HOATSON who died 5 April 1865 aged 67. Also ISABELLA, daughter of the above Samuel HOATSON and Sarah GEDDES who died 2 September 1903 aged 75.

In memory of William HEWETSON who died at Knockelly on 17 October 1847 aged 52 years. Also GEORGE his son who died on 3 February 1847 aged 22 years. DAVID, his son who died at Port Natal in 1851 in his 23rd year. Marrion SCOTT his wife who died at Little Hall, Llandovery, South Wales, 27 November 1871, aged 78 years. Also of Helen CORRIE, wife of John HEWETSON, Shoemaker, Penpont, who died 2 April 1864 aged 28 years. Also JOHN MILROY, their son, who died 8 February 1864 aged 18 months. Samuel HEWETSON, their son, who died 23 December 1874 in his 16th year. James HEWETSON, their son, who died in Australia 27 July 1881 aged 23 years. Also the said John HEWETSON who died at Penpont on 29 March 1883 aged 64 years.

In memory of Margaret HEWITSON wife of William YOUNG who died at Chanlock Foot, 9 January 1874 aged 54 years.

To the memory of Janet HEWETSON who died 22 June 1827 aged 80 years, spouse (indecipherable) and Janet HEWETSON who died 31 December 1829 aged 48 years, daughter of George HEWETSON of Grennan. Also GEORGE, son of the said George HEWETSON of Grennan who died at Grennan 9th March 1861 aged 72 years. Also John HEWETSON of Grennan, son the above George HEWETSON, who died 13 May 1865 aged 80. Also James HEWETSON of Grennan, brother of the late John HEWETSON of Grennan, who died there 13 March 1869 aged 82. Also Thomas HEWETSON Esq of Broomfield who died 4 December 1878 aged 90.

In memory of Mary KERR, wife of James HEWETSON, son of James HEWETSON of Grennan, who died at Townhead, Grennan on 22 February 1859 aged 23 years. Also Mary HEWETSON, daughter of James HEWETSON and Mary FORSYTH who died at Grennan 25 April 1875 aged 3 years. Also the said James HEWETSON Esq of Grennan who died 8 January 1879 aged 44 years. Also Mary FORSYTH widow of the above James HEWETSON who died 9 June 1915 aged 72 years. John HEWETSON died at Auckland, New Zealand, 25 March 1921 aged 54 years. George HEWETSON died at Glasgow 1 March 1931 aged 65 years, son of the above James HEWETSON and Mary FORSYTH of Grennan. Also James HEWETSON of Druid Hall who died 15th January 1945 aged 82 years.

Note: The entry for John HEWETSON died Auckland, New Zealand, 1925 is incorrect. John died Auckland 1894 aged 30 years. He is buried in Auckland. Thomas HEWETSON died 25 March 1925 at Hastings, New Zealand and is buried in the Hastings Cemetery.

In memory of Mary STODDART, wife of Samuel Williamson HEWETSON who died at Glencar, 5 March 1872 aged 34 years. Samuel William HEWETSON died at Glencar 28 December 1874 aged 46 years. Their eldest son John Wallace HEWETSON MD Major in the US Army Medical Corps died at Detroit 22 January 1925 aged 57. Their second son James Stoddart HEWETSON died at Armadale, Howwood 28 May 1929 aged 59. Their third and youngest son, Samuel William HEWETSON died at Girvan, 7 April 1935 aged 63. Their only daughter Katharine Millican HEWETSON late DAIMNS died at Edinburgh 28 December 1944 aged 76.

Katherine Milligan HEWETSON  was born at Penpont in 1868. She married James BRYDEN.

Two children are recorded on the IGI, born at Tynron, Dumfries. Jean BRYDEN born 1789 and Margaret BRYDEN born 1791, daughters of a James BRYDEN and Katherine HEWETSON. Either the dates are wrong and should read 1889 and 1891 or this is a different couple.

James Stoddart HEWETSON was born at Penpont in 1869.

Samuel William HEWETSON was born at Penpont 1871.

 If anyone knows the meaning of the initials after Katharine's name, I would be interested to know.

Elizabeth NEIL, wife of Samuel W HEWETSON died at Paisley 5 August 1944, aged 58.

Isabella WILLIAMSON wife of Samuel HEWETSON of Bilbow died 1 April 1887 aged 69. The above Samuel HEWETSON died at Penpont 26 November 1898 aged 75 years. Also Emma COOPER, wife of the above who died at Bilbow 15 May 1908 aged 72. Also AGNES, sister of the above Samuel HEWETSON and widow of the late John NEALE, died 13 December 1917 aged 83 years.

 PLEASE NOTE: These Inscriptions were copied from the headstones. Some of them were probably not  in good repair. Therefore, where possible please check the original death certificates.