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   Born on:  01 Aug 2005 
   Updated: 14 Apr 2012

An Irish Drummer's Legacy: Connecting Ireland, Ohio North Dakota & Illinois Families

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An Irish Drummer's Legacy

A Submission from Thomas & Rennie Higgins
Date: 01 August 2005
Area: Ireland, USA 

My husband, Thomas Alan Higgins and I are doing some ancestor searching. Tom's great grandfather was born in Chillicothe, Ohio and served in the Civil War in the 73rd regiment as a drummer boy. (His parents were from Ireland) We were wondering if any of the Higgins on your site might have had relatives from Chillicothe? Father was born in Minnesota and moved to South Dakota, later back to Minnesota and then to Park Ridge, Illinois.

Thanks so much,
Rennie and Tom Higgins tomrenhig@sbcglobal.net  

Here is my Higgins information:

James Hamilton (B. 1793) 
   married Margaret ? in Ireland, 
   They had a daughter, Mary Hamilton 
          (B. 1823 in Ireland, D. March 25, 1904)
          She married Daniel Higgins (B 1813 in Ireland)

Their Children:
   a - Mary Higgins 
          Born Dec 9, 1844 Ross County, Ohio
          Died May 30, 1901
   b - Fannie Higgins 
          Born Sept 22, 1846 Ross County, Ohio
   c - John C Higgins 
          Born Nov 26, 1849 Ross County, Ohio 
          Died Dec 28, 1945
   d - James Higgins 
          Born June 5, 1852: 
          Died June 8, 1892
   e - Thomas Higgins 
          Born Dec 15, 1855; 
          Died Mar 11, 1879
   f - Charles Higgins 
          Born Oct 11, 1858 
          Died Nov 10, 1860 Hennepin County, MN

John C Higgins  
   Born Nov 26, 1849 at Chillicothe, Ohio Ross County, Ohio 
   (Enlisted in Union Army regiment #73 Company "H" at the age of 12 
      - was a drummer boy throughout the entire war. 
      - said to have met Lincoln at Gettysburg which is where his regiment was
         at the battle of Gettysburg and after.)


John C Higgins 
   married Emma A. Getchell May 3, 1883 at Afton, MN
              B. Dec 19, 1858 at Detroit, MI; died Jan 6, 1914 MN

Their children:
  a - Harry Getchell Higgins 
Born Feb 16, 1884 at Lakeland, MN; 
         Died Sept 27, 1962 at Evanston, IL
  b - Fannie Higgins 
         Born Jul 23, 1885 at Lakeland, MN;
         Died Sept 16, 1923
  c - William E Higgins 
         Born Aug 26, 1893 at Lakeland, MN; died 1959
  d - Frank H Higgins 
         Born Jul 20, 1895 at Lakeland, MN; died 1947

Harry Getchell Higgins B Feb 16, 1884 Lakeland, MN. Married Alice Bell Bacon B Jan 21, 1887 at Minneapolis, MN; Died Jan 12, 1955 at Evanston, IL
(Lived in Ryder, North Dakota after their marriage with a man named Judge Dickinson, but soon moved to Baldwin, ND to open the Baldwin State Bank. When the war came in 1912, and a recession occurred and the bank failed. Harry and his family had to move to another ND town and eventually they settled in Minneapolis where they remained for most of their lives.) 

  Their children:
     a - John Allen Higgins 
            Born Aug 2, 1913 at Baldwin, ND; 
            Died Oct 18, 1965 at Evanston, IL
     b - Harry Getchell Higgins, Jr. 
            Born Jan 18, 1915 at Baldwin, ND
     c - Evelyn Elva Higgins 
           Born Sept 28, 1917 at Baldwin, ND

Harry Getchell Higgins, Jr. B Jan 18, 1915, 
  Harry attended the University of Minnesota, then joined the Navy and served during World War II. He then moved his family to Dayton, Ohio and was the administrator of the Miami Valley Hospital. He then moved to Illinois and became the administrator of the University of Illinois Research Hospital in Chicago.) married on Nov 25, 1939 at Minneaplois, MN to Margaret Estelle Radermacher Born Dec 13, 1917 at Gilbert, MN; Died Aug 13, 1987 at Park Ridge, IL.

 Their children:
     a - Thomas Alan Higgins (Living) 
            Born in Minneapolis, MN
     b - Margaret Ann Higgins (Living)
            in Dayton, OH

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View 1850 OH Census Scan   Daniel Higgins Chillicothe, Ohio
View 1860 OH Census Scan   Mary Higgins   Age 35
. . . . 

View 1900 MN Census Scan  John C Higgins   age 51

John C Higgins filed for a pension for his service during the civil war:
   Company H, 73rd Ohio
   invalid Pension # 1198306
   Certificate # 1151041
   filed in Minnesota

View 1910 MN Census Scan  John C Higgins    age 60

View 1920 MN Census Scan  John C Higgins   age 70 

View 1920 ND Census Scan   Harry G Higgins  age 36 

View 1930 MN Census Scan   Harry G Higgins  age 40  

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Other Higgins Families in Chillicothe, Ross County, Ohio Census Returns


View 1910 Scan HIGGINS ALVIN           26  ROSS CHILLICOTHE 

View 1920 Scan HIGGINS DORA           61  ROSS CHILLICOTHE 

View 1920 Scan HIGGINS ROY             40 ROSS CHILLICOTHE 

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Link to image of National Colors of the 73rd O.V.V.I.
73rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry


Link to lists of references about this regiment and unit history


Link to page with image of monument at Gettysburg honoring the 73rd Ohio Regiment

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360 Panoramic View of the Battles of Gettysburg

Added March 2007

April 14,1941 Edition of Winona Republican-Herald (Winona Minnesota)

-Minneapolis man suffers from broken hip- 
St. Cloud, Minn (ap) On the 76th anniversary of the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, which occurred Monday, one of the few remaining veterans of the Civil War who heard the emancipator make the memorable address at Gettysburg was a patient of the Veterans Administration facility at St. Cloud. Nearly 92 years old, John C. Higgins of Minneapolis had the misfortune to break his left hip at his home and was taken to the Fort Smelling Hospital July 12,1939.Then on Jan 13,1940 he was transferred to St. Cloud for further care. Higgins was born in Chillicothe, Ohio Nov. 26,1849 and enlisted as a drummer boy in the 73rd Ohio Infantry at the age of 12 years. This was Dec 17,1861 and he served in most of the important battles of the war, being discharged July 20,1865.

On Jan 13,1941 there were 1921 Civil War veterans receiving pension from the government. Only 22 member of the Grand Army of the Republic are remaining in 91 facilities through out the nation. Higgins is one of the very few soldiers surviving from the crucial period three quarters of a century ago.
The greatest memory carried by this 12 year old drummer boy to this day is that of Lincoln's address at the battlefield of Gettysburg. Out of the shadowy past there comes the figure of a tall, gaunt, sad faced man standing on the hastily constructed platform. "I shall never forget the face, lighted with a heroic glow" Higgins often said "I still hear his opening words: "Four score and seven years ago..." There are probably only a few persons living who heard Lincoln speak at Gettysburg, one of the battles participated by Higgins. At the conclusion of the talk there were none who were greatly honored than the 14 year old boy as the president stepped from the platform and went immediately to him, placed his hands on the lads shoulder and said "You are a pretty small boy to be in the war aren't you?"
-In March to Sea-
In addition to the battle of Gettysburg in which he was detailed on forage duty and had a horse shot down from under him. Higgins was also in Sherman's march to the sea. Following his discharge from the army Higgins took a commercial course and was a bookkeeper in a lumber company for a time. He moved from Chillicothe to Hudson Wisconsin, following a sister, and later to Lakeland Minnesota. In 1885 or 1886 he moved to Minneapolis and was in the grain business until his retirement in 1923.However,he continued some of his activities until 1938 when he sustained his first leg fracture. Higgins married in 1883 Miss Emma Getchell of Afton Minnesota. There were three sons; Harry, William and Frank, all living in Minnesota and a daughter Mrs. J. A. Stewart who died in 1923.Mrs Higgins died in 1914 and in 1922 Higgins married Anna Campbell who is still living in Minneapolis. There are also eight grandchildren and two great grandchildren living.


Source: North Dakota History and People: Outlines of American History, Volume 2 - By Clement Augustus Lounsberry - Published 1917

The financial interests of Burleigh county have a worthy representative in Harry G. Higgins, the present cashier of the Baldwin State Bank and also identified with other business interests in Baldwin, North Dakota. He is a native of Minnesota, his birth having occurred in Lakeland in 1883. His father, John C. Higgins, was born in Ohio and when a young man removed to Minnesota, making his home first in St. Paul, but in the early 60s he removed to Stillwater and later to Lakeland, where he engaged in the grain business for eighteen years. At the end of that time he became a resident of Minneapolis and there he is still living. For a short time he was interested in the real estate business in that city but is now serving as superintendent for the Peavy Company, grain dealers. He married Miss Emma A. Getchel, who had removed from Michigan to Minnesota with her parents in pioneer days, the family locating near Stillwater.
Harry G. Higgins is the oldest in a family of six children, four of whom are still living. He was educated in the Minneapolis schools, completing a course in the Minnesota University, from which he received the degree of L. B. in June, 1908. Following his graduation he went to Ryder, North Dakota, and entered the law office of B. A. Dickinson. an attorney of that place, with whom he remained for eight months. He then served as assistant cashier of the Citizens State Bank of Ryder until March, 1910, at which time he became a resident of Baldwin. In connection with August E. Johnson, Karl Klein and F. E. Funk, all of Washburn, Minnesota, he organized the Baldwin State Bank and has since filled the office of cashier in a most creditable and satisfactory manner. The bank has a capital of ten thousand dollars and a surplus of fifteen hundred dollars. It is one of the most reliable moneyed institutions of that part of the state and does a general banking business. Mr. Higgins is also interested in the real estate business on his own account and as a representative for the firm of Klein & Johnson, land dealers of Washburn, and he is a member of a company of three having the agency for automobiles at Baldwin. He is one of the most energetic and progressive business men of Burleigh county and usually carries forward to a succcssful completion whatever he undertakes.
In November, 1911, Mr. Higgins married Miss Alice B. Bacon, a resident of Minneapolis and a daughter of A. A. Bacon, who has been a member and lieutenant of the Minneapolis police force for the past twenty-four years. Mr. and Mrs. Higgins have two children: John and Harry.
Mr. and Mrs. Higgins are members of the Presbyterian church. and the republican party finds in him a stanch supporter of its principles. He has served as school treasurer but has never taken a very active part in political affairs aside from voting. He is identified with the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, and the Woodmen of the World and is serving as secretary of both lodges in Baldwin at the present time. As a business man and citizen he commands the respect and esteem of all who know him, and he well merits the success that he has achieved in life.

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