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Contacts - Marna Wilson has researched this family extensively back to the 1500's in England. Marna has been accepted to the Mayflower Society based on her descent from Dr. Samuel Fuller. She can also furnish information on the Knox family (see link on Surnames Page for the Knox family).

Sam Fuller is a descendant of Ezra & Polly Knapp Fuller, and has research back to Massachusetts. He has received his membership in the General Society of Mayflower Descendants on December 13, 2005. "The best Christmas present ever!" Sam has his data at In My Search for Family Ties and includes much ancestry of the Mercer County families and some photos.

Darlene White is a descendant of Ralph and Lydia Fuller Blaisdell and had her ancestry up, but the site can no longer be found 5/2004.

Photos - Sam Fuller has furnished several photographs of tombstones from the Stubbs Mill Cemetery in Jay Maine {Sam with stones of Ezra and Sarah Stubbs Fuller } {closeup of Ezra Fuller’s stone } {Lydia Fuller Blaisdell stone}

For those who are interested, the ancestry of the Mercer County Fullers has been traced back to Dr. Samuel Fuller who was ship's doctor on the Mayflower. See for instance the Mayflower Passenger List and the biography of Dr. Samuel Fuller.

The arrival of Fuller families in Mercer County was virtually an invasion. They came from Maine, from Pennsylvania and New York. (Note: the 1860 census in Mercer County lists several from Maryland, but this is apparently an error as in later census records they are shown as Maine.) We have separated the families into two major groups: Descendants of Ezra Fuller of Jay, Maine; and Miscellaneous Fuller families that we cannot place. We are very grateful for the help of Sam Fuller in sorting out the families in Mercer County who came from Maine. In October, 2000, he made another trip to Maine resulting in some corrections to this page.

Descendants of Ezra Fuller of Jay,Maine

Ezra Fuller was born about 1774 in Massachusetts. His tombstone in Stubbs Mill Cemetery in Jay, Maine reads "Ezra Fuller, died Oct 2, 1842, aged 68". Ezra Fuller married (1) Avis Briggs (1771-1814) and (2)Sarah (Sally) Stubbs (1784-1857). No tombstone is now found for Avis in Stubbs Mill Cemetery but Sarah is buried near Ezra. Her tombstone reads "Sarah, wife of Ezra Fuller, died April 27, 1857, age 73."

Ezra Fuller and Avis Briggs were married September 3, 1793 in Winthrop Maine. According to the Jay, Maine, Town Records of Births and Deaths (Vol 1: 1782-1845, page 24), kindly furnished to us by Sam Fuller, Ezra and Avis Briggs Fuller had children: Joseph Fuller, born 10/19/1793; Hilton Fuller 9/15/1795; Ezra Fuller, Jr., 7/31/1797; Sally Fuller, 9/15/1799; Samuel Fuller, 9/15/1801; Avis Fuller, 1803; Lydia Fuller, born 1805; Consider Fuller, born 4/28/1807; Clarisa Fuller, born 1810; Jefferson Fuller, born 9/22/1811, and Mary Ann Fuller, born 6/6/1813. Ezra and Sally Stubbs Fuller had children: William Fuller, 12/26/1818; and Isaac M. Fuller, 6/1/1822.

Of these children, we know that Joseph Fuller, Consider Fuller, Ezra Fuller, Jr., Clarissa Fuller Knox, and Jefferson Fuller came to Mercer County, Illinois. Some of the descendants of Samuel Fuller also came to Mercer. Jefferson Fuller's obituary says he came to Illinois in 1843, first stopping at Joliet and then moving to Mercer in the spring of 1844. The History of Mercer County and census records place some of the Fullers in Illinois as early as 1842.

There were connections between the Fuller family and the Blaisdell family in Maine, before they came to Mercer County. Ralph Blaisdell, son of Olive Horsum Blaisdell who came early to Mercer County, married Lydia Fuller and remained in Maine. Lydia Fuller Blaisdell died Dec. 19, 1836, age 31, and is buried in Stubbs Mill Cemetery. The inscription on her tombstone reads "Father, my life be done, She meekly said, And sweetly yielded up, Her chastined soul to God." Joseph Fuller married Dorcas Blaisdell, and Ezra Fuller, Jr., married Lavina Blaisdell, both daughters of Olive Horsum Blaisdell (more below).

Jefferson Fuller (son of Ezra of Maine) (including Libby Family)

One of the earliest Mercer County Fuller arrivals was Jefferson and Tabitha Libby Fuller from Maine. The Libby and Fuller families probably came together. There is a sketch of Jefferson and Tabitha's son, Jefferson Fuller, Jr., in the Millersburg Township section of the History of Mercer County, Illinois, 1882 indicating they arrived about 1842. Census records for their children confirm the approximate date. The 1914 Past and Present of Mercer County indicates they arrived in 1841 and settled near New Boston, later moving to Millersburg township.

Parents of Tabitha Libby Fuller, appear to be the Reverend Thomas Libby, a Baptist Minister, and his wife Joanna, who came to Mercer County about the same time. Thomas was born about 1791, and would have been a little young to be father of Tabitha who was born in 1813 (possible but needs proof). Thomas and Joanna had a daughter Drusilla, born in Maine, June 3, 1832, who married William Brown, and a daughter Libby, born about 1834, who married William's brother, John Brown. (We will be putting up a Brown page). There is another possible daughter, Minerva, born about 1831, who married Edward Lee (see Miscellaneous Families ), on 11/26/1857 in Mercer County. We call her possible as the 1860 census gives her birthplace as New York, which may be an error. Thomas Libby was the first school teacher in the first school in Keithsburg in the summer of 1846. Another Libby brother probably accompanied them, as Dr. Thomas Willits of Mercer County married a widow, Catherine Ainsworth Libby.

Jefferson Fuller of Jay, Maine, and Miss "Tabertha" Libby of Chesterville, were issued a certificate of marriage 25 February 1833, according to Jay, Maine, Records of Marriages (1824-1847, p. 61) furnished to us by Sam Fuller. The Town Records of Births and Deaths show the birth of their first three children: Martha M. Fuller, born 12/17/1833; Thomas L. Fuller, born 8/13/1835; Ezra M. Fuller, born 4/16/1837. Son Jefferson was born in 1839 in Maine, according to the Mercer County History. Census records give us a daughter Sarah, born about 1841 in Maine, a son William born 1843 in Illinois, and a daughter Oressa, born 1845 in Illinois.

Tabitha Fuller died about 1845, perhaps in childbirth, in Mercer County, and Jefferson Fuller, Sr., married Mrs. Elizabeth Blaisdell Downs 10/9/1848 in Mercer County. Elizabeth was a widow of Joshua Downs (m. 4/7/1836). She was Elizabeth Blaisdell, daughter of Ralph and Dorcas Ricker Blaisdell, who came to Mercer County before 1840. Information is courtesy of Ann Rothery a Blaisdell researcher. Jefferson and Elizabeth Fuller are found in the 1860 Census in New Boston Township: Jefferson Fuller, age 50, farmer, born Maine; Elizabeth, 49, born Maine; William, 17; Oressa, 15; Elizabeth, 11; Rosanna, 8; Mary A., 3, all born Illinois. Next door is Jefferson and Tabitha's son Jefferson Fuller, Jr., age 21, born Maine. William, and Oressa were also children of Jefferson and Tabitha. With the family are two children of Elizabeth Blaisdell Downs: Parthenia Downs, 20, born Maine; and Isaac Downs, 15, born Illinois. Elizabeth's daughter, Parthenia Downs, married William W. Mumey on 8/23/1863. Her son, Isaac Downs, married Samantha J. Knox 9/30/1868.

Jefferson and Tabitha had another daughter, Sarah, who married Samuel Palmer on 3/28/1858. Sarah is found in Pope Creek Township in 1860, age 18, already a widow, born Maine, with daughter Alva M., age 1. Sarah had a son, Gilbert, born 1860, living with Jefferson and Elizabeth Fuller in 1870. (More on Sarah below). Lovina Libby Brown, age 26, born Maine, wife of John Brown, age 34, born Ohio, was also living in Pope Creek Township in 1860. William Fuller, age 16; and Orissa Fuller, 14, are living with John and Lovina Libby Brown, so are duplicated in the census with the Browns, and with their father and stepmother above. Thomas Libby, age 69, peddler (actually Baptist Minister), born Maine, is living with the Browns, as Lovina was his daughter.

In the 1870 New Boston Township census we find: Jefferson Fuller, age 57, farmer, born Maine; Elizabeth, 53, born Maine; Mary Ann, 13, born Illinois; grandchildren Gilbert Palmer, age 10; Solomon Mumey, age 5; and Edward Mumey, age 4.

Thomas Libby (1791-1879) and Joanna Libby, wife of Thomas, (1794-1853) are buried in Norwood Cemetery in Suez Township. There is a notation "War of 1812" on the tombstone of Thomas. In Aledo Cemetery we find Jefferson Fuller(9/22/1811-2/4/1899) and Elizabeth, wife of Jefferson (7/31/18?0-8/17/1899) (The tombstone transcript gives 1850 as the year of birth of Elizabeth, but Sam Fuller tells us it is 1815 on the tombstone, so the error is in the transcript).

Children of Jefferson Fuller of Maine

We do not find a marriage for Martha Fuller, daughter of Jefferson and Tabitha, in either Illinois or Iowa and, since she is not with them in 1860, suspect she may have died.

Jefferson and Tabitha's son, Thomas L. Fuller, married Lorinda Perry, daughter of Nancy Perry, on 10/21/1854 in Mercer County (we will be putting up a Perry page). They are found in New Boston Township in the 1860 census: Thomas Fuller, 24, farmer, born Maine; Lorinda, 20, born Indiana; Orpha J., 4; and Silva M., 2, both born Illinois. Thomas and family were living with Patrick & Susannah Beard on Section 3 (New Boston plat map ). There is no known relationship between the two families, so Thomas was probably working for the Beard family. On the 1875 plat map J. Fuller owns adjoining property. It may have been owned by Thomas's father Jefferson, and Thomas was living with the Beard's until a home could be completed on the adjoining land. Thomas Fuller enlisted from New Boston in Company G of the 124th Volunteer Infantry on 4/2/1862, and was discharged as Corporal on 6/15/1865. Thomas and Lorinda are not found in Mercer County in 1870, nor do we find marriages for the children, so they evidently left the area. In 1899 they were living in Rock Island County so when time permits, we will check the Rock Island census records.

Sam Fuller shows a marriage of Ezra Martin Fuller to Martha Ann Palmer. Marna Wilson found the marriage in the Illinois Marriage Index (lic. date) in Knox County on 2/20/1860. They are not in the 1860 or 1870 census in Mercer County. Martha Ann appears to be the daughter of Ephraim and Ester Palmer of New York, Ohio, and Knox County, Illinois. She is age 14, born Ohio in the 1850 Knox County Census (T13N R4E) so she is of an age to be the right Martha. They are found in McCook County, Dakota Territory in 1880: Ezra Fuller, farmer, 43, born Me, father born Me; Martha Fuller, 43, born Ohio, father born NY, mother Pa (matches Ephraim and Ester Palmer); Minnie Fuller, teaching school, 19, born Il; Mary L. Fuller, 18, Il; George Banard, 21 born NH; Charles Mott, farmer, 23, Wi; Fred Stindsby, blacksmith, 25, NY. Ezra was living in Monrose, South Dakota, in 1899 so the family can probably be followed in that area.

In addition to being listed next door to his parents in 1860, Jefferson Fuller, Jr., is shown as a laborer with the William Harrison Riggs family in Millersburg. The Riggs family has a Lucy A. Fuller, age 3, born Illinois, who is still with them in 1870. We will be putting up a Riggs page. The Riggs family was known for taking in orphans, so Lucy may have been an orphan, although she matches a daughter of Amos Fuller in the 1860 census (more below). Jefferson Fuller, Jr. married Josephine Awbrey, daughter of Gabriel Awbrey of Tennessee, on 11/17/1866. He had just returned from four years of service in the Civil War, first in Company I, 17th Illinois Volunteer Infantry, and then as a veteran in the 8th Illinois Volunteer Infantry. According to the Mercer County History he was in the battles of Frederickton, Shiloh, Fort Donelson, and in the sieges of Vicksburg and Mobile. He received only one slight wound (at Fort Donelson) in his entire length of service. Jefferson enlisted from Aledo, and the family is found in the Mercer Township census in 1870: Jefferson, 30, farmer, born Maine; Josephine, 19, born Kentucky; Mary Orissa, 1, Il. They had another daughter, Dora E. Fuller, born 3/17/1879. Jefferson and Josephine divorced 12/6/1895, and Mrs. Josie Aubry Fuller married Albert B. Ellison on 12/9/1896. Josephine Aubry Fuller Ellison (1852-1932) is buried in the Aledo Cemetery. Jefferson Fuller, Jr. (6/14/1839-12/14/1927) is buried next to his daughter Dora E. Fuller (3/17/1879-5/25/1921) in Aledo Cemetery, and next to his sister Elizabeth Shaw and family. Dora E. Fuller married Robert Lee Downing in 1895 in Mercer County and had children: Otis, Helen, Marjorie and Lee. She evidently had at least one later marriage as there is an Aledo Cemetery Burial Record indicating she was married to George Thomas and died May 25, 1921 in San Francisco and her body was returned to Aledo for burial.

Jefferson and Tabitha's daughter, Sarah, married Samuel Palmer 3/28/1858 in Mercer County and, as mentioned above, was already widowed by 1860, and her son Gilbert was living with Jefferson and Elizabeth in 1870. Sarah's daughter Avis was apparently deceased. No cemetery record is found for Samuel or Avis Palmer. On 1/7/1864 Sarah Fuller Palmer married William Crose in Mercer County. We do not find them in the 1870 census, but they evidently returned to Mercer County, as William and Sarah are buried in Greenmound Cemetery at Keithsburg. No dates are found for William, but Sarah, wife of William, is given as 12/15/1842-2/16/1920. Quite a few of the Mercer County residents who left in the land rushes of the late 1860's and early 1870's became disillusioned and returned to Mercer County. Samuel Fuller has a list of children for William and Sarah: William, Elmer, Jefferson, Clarence; and four deceased. In Greenmound Cemetery we find: Elmer (1877-1944); wife Hilda (1879-1950); son Jefferson (1881-1955); wife Lucy M. (1900-19__); son Clarence G. (1883-1950); and son Fred (died 12/3/1916, age 41).

The History of Mercer County, Illinois, 1882 contains a brief biography of William Fuller, son of Jefferson and Tabitha Fuller, born Mercer County, October 27, 1843. He enlisted in Co H, 84th Illinois Infantry on July 24, 1862, from Ohio Grove Township, and was mustered out on June 8, 1865. The History says he sustained a wound at Stone River that resulted in eleven months of hospitalization. William married Joanna Brown, daughter of Hugh and Lydia Brown, on 2/20/1867 and they had children, Elmer and Edgar. We do not find William Fuller in the 1870 census in Mercer County; he was either missed in the census or returned to Mercer County at a later date. He died in Mercer County 11/21/1911 and is buried in McPherren Cemetery (his birthdate is given as 10/27/1843 on the tombstone). Joanna, wife of William is also buried there (7/16/1844-10/22/1906). William's obituary is posted on the Ancestry.com Mercer County Message Board (make sure Mercer County is selected and type in the surname and search). Son Elmer Fuller (1868-1945) and wife, Minnie B. Fuller (1864-1942) are buried in the Aledo Cemetery. They were married 1/30/1890. (Note: W. H. Fuller is mentioned in the History of Mercer County as a lieutenant in Company G, 84th Infantry, but it is definitely not this one as his records in Company H are quite clear!).

Jefferson and Tabitha's daughter, Orissa, was working as housekeeper for her brother, Jefferson, in Mercer Township in 1870. On 1/1/1871 she married Benjamin F. Mawby in Mercer County. In 1870 we find a widowed Christina Mawby from Switzerland living in Viola. She is age 41, so about the right age to be mother of Benjamin. We have no further information on this family.

Jefferson and Elizabeth's daughter, Elizabeth, married James B. Shaw on 12/4/1867 in Rock Island County. James Shaw's tombstone gives dates of 1/6/1845-8/12/1904. Marna Wilson has posted his obituary on the Internet {Go to the Ancestry.com Mercer County Message Board and make sure Mercer is selected, then enter surname and search}. James and Elizabeth are buried together in Aledo Cemetery. Elizabeth's dates are 6/28/1850-12/9/1923. Elizabeth is buried next to her brother Jefferson Fuller. Elizabeth Fuller Shaw married Ira Noble after the death of James Shaw, according to Sam Fuller. Ira Noble was born February 11, 1839 in Eliza Township, son of David and Sarah Pratt Noble (see Noble page). Ira's wife died in 1878 so a marriage to Elizabeth Fuller Shaw is plausible. Ira died January 17, 1908, and Sam tells us Elizabeth married a third time to Joseph Pomeroy on June 12, 1909. This is probably son of Olive Fuller Pomeroy (see Joseph Fuller family below). Sam Fuller gives children of Elizabeth Fuller and James Shaw: Charles; William; Milton; and Arthur. William C. (1872-1879), Milton V. (1877-1879), and Arthur G.(1874-1879) all died in the same year, so it was probably from disease. Aledo Cemetery records also give a son Frankie R. died 7/22/1876, age 2 yr,11m,22 dys. The obituary mentioned above says there were two children living (1904): Charles P. and J. Will, both residing in Aledo, so apparently another son was born and named J. Will.

Jefferson and Elizabeth's daughter, Rosanna, married Daniel Kennicutt on 3/1/1869 in Mercer County. In 1870 they are living next to Jefferson and Elizabeth: Daniel Kennicutt, age 28, farmer, born New York; Rosanna, age 18, born Illinois; James L., age 1, born Il. On the other side of Jefferson and Elizabeth, there is a Walter Kennicott, age 11, born Illinois, living with a Hillmon family. He is probably a brother of Daniel. In 1880 they are still in Aledo: D. Kennecutt, teamster, 40, born NY, parents born NY; Rosanne, wife, 28, Il; James Kennecutt, son, 10, Il; Ira Kennecutt, 8, Il; Isaac, 4, Il; George, 2, Il. Daniel and Rosanna Kennicutt are buried in Aledo Cemetery. Daniel Kennicutt, Co C, 58th Ill Infantry, died 5/25/1919. There was no readable date for Rosanna when the cemetery records were compiled in the 1960's. There are other Kenicutt's buried in the Aledo Cemetery but connections are not known.

Jefferson and Elizabeth's daughter, Mary Ann, married Charles Graves on 12/3/1884 in Mercer County. She would have been 27 years old, but marriage may have been delayed due to helping her mother with nieces and nephews from Jefferson's first marriage.

Joseph Fuller (Son of Ezra of Maine)

In the 1860 Census in Eliza Township we find several Fuller families that are all apparently connected. First is Joseph Fuller, age 67, laborer, born Maine; Dorcas, age 64, born Maine; Ezra, age 11, born Illinois. This couple is Joseph and Dorcas Blaisdell Fuller. Joseph was son of Ezra Fuller of Jay, Maine, born 10/19/1793, and Dorcas was daughter of John & Olive Horsum Blaisdelll, born 8/15/1795. Ezra is their grandson, probably son of Amos (more below). Joseph and Dorcas had children: Silas Hilman Fuller, born 8/1/1815; Olive Fuller, 11/4/1816; Joseph Fuller, Jr., 6/16/1818; Amos, 1820; Mary Jane, 1825; Abram (a possible son); Ezra, 12/10/1837, and Isaac, born about 1842, all born Maine. Sam Fuller has pension papers for Joseph from his service in the War of 1812. Joseph and Dorcas, with sons Ezra and Isaac, were living with Charles Bean in Rock Island County in 1850. Charles Bean was single, age 30, born North Carolina, and was shot by Jasper Hampton in the 1850's. Next door was Charles's brother Samuel Bean and family, born Maine, so there is no doubt the families knew each other in Maine where there were many Bean families. We do not know if there was a relationship connection between Joseph Fuller and Charles Bean or whether Charles was just extending hospitality to old neighbors until they could get settled.

Children of Joseph Fuller of Maine

Ezra, son of Joseph and Dorcas Blaisdell Fuller, married Polly (Mary) Knapp, daughter of Daniel and Sarah Wilson Knapp, on 3/17/1856 in Muscatine County, Iowa. We want to thank Sam Fuller for sending us documents proving that this Ezra was son of Joseph and Dorcas. Ezra and Polly are buried in Eliza Creek Cemetery: Ezra Fuller, Co K 102nd Ill Infantry, 1837-1921; Polly Knapp, wife of Ezra Fuller 1830-1906. They are buried near Polly's mother (Sarah) Myra Knapp West, 1810-1904. Ezra Fuller enlisted from Eliza Township on August 10, 1862, mustered in on 9/2/1862 and mustered out 6/6/1865. An Abram Fuller enlisted with him on the same dates and may have been a brother. Abram died at Gallatin, Tennessee, February 8, 1863 and is listed on the Soldier’s Monument in Aledo. Sam Fuller (web site link at top of page) has much information on the descendants of Ezra and Polly Knapp Fuller. He shows children: J. Fremont, Mahala Emma, Anna B., Ezza and Andy (twins), Ida E., Ulysses S., Myra, and Phillip Sheridan.

More on children of Ezra and Polly Knapp Fuller: J. Fremont and Mahala Fuller were born in Missouri. Mahala married (1) William D. Drake on 8/25/1879, in Louisa County, Iowa, and (2) Joseph Willard Louck on 12/24/1883, in Muscatine County, Iowa. There is a bit more about Mahala on the Knapp Page and on Sam Fuller's Web Site. As it turns out it is not likely that there were twins Ezza and Andy as Ezza Andy Fuller was one person. Ezza Andy Fuller married Serena Minor 9/9/1885 in Muscatine County, Iowa. Ezza and Serena had children: Lola, son(decd), two daughters (decd), Neva Nevada, Ida, and Dorothy. Much of the information on the children of Ezza and Serena comes from the obituary of Neva Nevada Fuller Ferguson as provided by Nancy Ferguson (see Ferguson Page). Philip Sheridan Fuller is the ancestor of Sam Ross Fuller and more can be found on his web site (see link at top of the page). There is a photo of Mahala and Ida Fuller on his web site.

Not too far from Joseph and Dorcas Fuller in Eliza Township in 1860, we find: Son Silas [Hilman] Fuller age 45, farmer, born Maine; Phebe, 45, born Maine; and Ben F., 17, born Maine. Benjamin married Emma Crooker on 4 February 1864 in Muscatine, Iowa. Benjamin was enrolled in the Eliza Township militia, but did not enlist otherwise in Mercer County. Silas H. Fuller married second to Felinda [Philinda] Dors, daughter of Freeman and Nancy Dors of Keithsburg, in January 1864 in Mercer County. The Dors family was also from Maine. We do not find Silas and Felinda in Mercer County in 1870 but have not checked the Iowa census records.


Joseph & Dorcas's daughter, Olive Fuller, married Nehemiah Pomeroy in Maine. Olive was no doubt named for her grandmother, Olive Blaisdell. We will be putting up a Pomeroy page as this was a rather large family group in Eliza Township and neighboring Drury Township in Rock Island County. Nehemiah died in April 1857, age 40, and is buried in the Leech Cemetery in Eliza Township. Widow Olive Pomeroy is found in Eliza Township in the 1870 census. Her mother, Dorcas Fuller is living with her. Olive has a daughter, Emma J. Pomeroy, age 13, living at home, and there is a William Irwin, age 11, living in the household (relationship unknown). Olive is living next door to her brother, Joseph Fuller, Jr., to her son, Joseph R. Pomeroy, to her son, Roscoe Pomeroy, and to her daughter-in-law, Jane Wing Pomeroy. This family enclave probably all ran their farm together, although their residences were separate. Their land adjoined that of Joseph Fuller, Jr. (see Section 11 on the 1875 Eliza Township plat map ). Olive's son, Roscoe Pomeroy, was born about 1843 in Maine. His first name was Cordillous. Cordillius Pomeroy served in the Eliza Militia and in Company I, 45th Illinois Infantry. On 3/22/1866 Cordillus R. married Mrs. Mary Ann Hand, widow of T. H. Hand, in Mercer County. In the 1870 census C. Roscoe and Mary Ann have a daughter Lilly J., age 3, and a son Andrew, age 1. Another son, Charles M., was born in 1873 died 1874 and is buried in Leech Cemetery. Olive's son, Joseph R. Pomeroy, was born 8/22/1844 in Maine. He married a widow, Mrs. Louisa Coggeshall, on 6/6/1866 in Mercer County. She is age 34 in the 1870 census, and they have children Isaac F. Pomeroy, age 3; and Israel J. Pomeroy, age 1. Israel died in 1888 and is buried in the Leech Cemetery. Louisa Pomroy (1/26/1835-1/13/1908) is buried in the Leech Cemetery. A son, Cordilous Pomery, 1877-1879, is buried with her. We believe Joseph Pomeroy married again in 1909 to Elizabeth Fuller Shaw Noble, daughter of Jefferson and Tabitha Libby Fuller (above). Joseph Pomroy died 1/14/1936 and is buried next to Louisa in Leech Cemetery. He too served in Co I, 45th Ill Vol Inf. Olive Pomeroy's son, Chesley Pomeroy married Jane Wing 4/7/1869 in Mercer County. Jane was living alone in 1870 next door to Olive, with a daughter D. Louisa Pomeroy, age 1. Chesley may have "gone west" as many did from Mercer County in this time period. Chesley (1850-1920) and Jane (1845-1894) are buried together in the Leech Cemetery. Jane Wing was a sister of Rosella Wing Strickland Culick and more is given on the Culick page about the Wing family. We will eventually put up a Wing page. Olive Pomeroy died April 1883, age 65, and is buried in the Leech Cemetery.

Joseph Fuller, Jr. seems to have been the only one to purchase public land in Mercer County. On 2/11/1856 he purchased the SESW Section 11, Township 15N Range 5W, in Eliza Township and by 1875 had increased his holdings. On the 1875 Eliza Township Plat Map his land can be seen next to that of two of the Pomeroys mentioned above. In the 1870 Census Joseph's mother, Dorcas Fuller, age 74, is living next door with Joseph's sister, Olive Pomeroy. From the 1870 Eliza Township census: Joseph Fuller (Jr), age 51, farmer, born Maine; Salome, 28, born Maine; Walter 11, and John, 8, born Illinois. Joseph Fuller, Jr. married Salome Albee on 11/5/1857 in Mercer County. Salome was daughter of James and Jane Albee of Millersburg Township. The Albee families were also from Maine. Joseph Jr. had apparently been married before, as in the 1860 census we see: Joseph, age 35, farmer, born Maine; Saline (Salome), age 20, born Maine; Israel, age 10, born Maine, Walter, age 1, born Illinois; Cordelius, 18, laborer, born Maine; Almeda, 7, born Illinois. The listing of Cordelius and Almeda after the list of children indicates they were some other relationship, possibly niece and nephew. Israel was no doubt the son of Joseph, Jr., and his first wife, name unknown. We find no further record of Israel and he may have died before 1870. Son Walter Fuller was Walter Scott Fuller. Walter Fuller, age 31, was first admitted to the Mercer County Almshouse in March, 1882 for bad health and bad habits. The index linked on the Almshouse page has March, 1892 but it is a typographical error as we have a copy of the original record which shows March 1882. He was admitted several more times, finally dieing there April 18, 1925 according to an obituary posted by Marna Wilson. He is buried in Oak Ridge Cemetery in Millersburg. There is more of Walter on the Albee page. Joseph Fuller, Jr. died 8/20/1879 in New Boston Township. Salome Fuller died 5/20/1880. Both are buried in Millersburg Cemetery.

Possible son of Joseph and Dorcas: In 1860 in Millersburg Township we find Amos Fuller, age 40, born Maryland, with almost his entire family born Maryland. We believe this is an error in transcription (Md for Me) as other census records for his children show Maine and Illinois. Curiously, we find most of the children in the family distributed around the County and censused twice in 1860. Because some of the children were with the Joseph Fuller family we believe Amos may have been son of Joseph and Dorcas Blaisdell Fuller. His birthdate of about 1820 fits right in after Joseph, Jr. We suspect that Sally Fuller, mother of the Amos Fuller family, may have been ill in 1860 and shortly died. We find Amos Fuller married Lydia Bird on 13 February 1862. The 1860 census record reads: Amos Fuller, 40, laborer, born Maryland; Sally, 41,Md; Roxy Ann, 19, Md; Robert M., 15, Md; Lorane(male), 13, Md; Ezra, 11, Md; Almeda, 9, Md; Sarah, 6, Md; Lucy A.,3,Md. As mentioned above, Cordelius, age 18, working for Joseph Fuller, Jr.,may have been another son of Amos. Lucy A. Fuller, age 3, born Il, is with the Harrison Riggs family in 1860 and at age 13 is still with them in 1870. Sarah Fuller, age 6, born Maine, is found with a McEwen family from Pennsylvania in Millersburg in 1860. She married Andrew Vance on 9/27/1874 in Mercer County. Almeda Fuller, age 7, born Illinois, is found with the Joseph Fuller, Jr., family in 1860. She married David Holmes 9/5/1866 and is found as his wife in Duncan Township in 1870, age 18, born Maine. She has a son Elmore B. Holmes, age 2. Ezra Fuller, age 11, born Illinois, is found with Joseph and Dorcas Fuller in 1860. Robert Fuller, age 16, born Maine, is found as a laborer with a Turner family from Pennsylvania in Millersburg in 1860. Roxanna Fuller, age 18, born Maine, is working as a domestic for the Riddell family who were operating the County Home in Hamlet in 1860. She married Thomas Jones on 1/9/1868 in Mercer County. They are found in Duncan Township in 1870 with a daughter, Maggie, age 1. Maggie married John Welch on 2/12/1890. Roxanna's brother Ezra, age 21, born Maine, is working as a farm laborer on their farm. All of the children of Amos Fuller seem to be with other families in 1860 except son Lorane [Loren]. We wonder if perhaps the Sarah Fuller found in a James Bergin household in 1860, age 40, born Maine, might be the wife of Amos and perhaps the Bergins were caring for her. There is no obvious relationship, but the Bergins were neighbors of the Fuller families. As time permits we will try to determine if Amos went to Iowa, as he is not found in Mercer County in 1870. Son Loren enlisted in Co G of the 124th Illinois Infantry on 7/28/1862. He was discharged 6/15/1865, and is not found in Mercer County in 1870.

Ezra Fuller, Jr. (Son of Ezra of Maine)

Ezra Fuller, Jr., was born 7/31/1797 in Maine and died 11/29/1859 at Coppers Creek, Rock Island County, Illinois. He married Lovina Blaisdell 11/30/1820 in Jay Maine. She was born about 1801 in Maine, daughter of John and Olive Horsum Blaisdell. Ezra died 5/4/1883 in Rock Island County and is buried in the Rock Island National Cemetery. Ezra served in the War of 1812. (Information courtesy Sam Fuller). We need to check the 1860 census in Rock Island County but it is possible that children remained behind in Maine. Sam Fuller tells us that daughter Avis married and remained in Maine. Her husband, Andrew Kendall, acted as executor for Lovina when she applied for a pension for soldiers serving during the War of 1812. Sam Fuller has copies of the pension papers.

In 1860 in Eliza Township, two doors from Joseph Fuller, Jr., we find Albion Fuller, son of Ezra, Jr.: Albion Fuller, 35, Shoemaker, born Maine; Luella, 30, born Maine; Durbin, 14, born Maine; Harrison P., born Maine; Malinda, 7, born Maine, Lewis L., age 6/12 born Maine (actually Illinois). With them is Lovinia Fuller, age 59, born Maine, mother of Albion. Albion's wife's name was actually Sevilla Bean, and they were married November 30, 1845, in Franklin County, Maine. Albion Fuller died 4/17/1883 in Mercer County and was buried in New Boston Cemetery. Marna Wilson has posted the obituary of Sevilla Bean Fuller, who died 7/15/1902, on Ancestry.com Mercer County Message Board (make sure Mercer Board is selected, type in surname, and search). The obituary tells us there were 10 children, 5 born Maine and 5 in Illinois. Two apparently died in Maine. (so far we have identified Dearborn, Harrison, Malinda, Lewis Leander, Lucinda, Johanna, and Laura in addition to the two deceased.) At the time of her death there were three sons living, Dearborn (Durbin in the census), Harrison, and Leander (Lewis L. in the census); there were three daughters living, Mrs. Nelson Jack, Mrs. Henry Noble, and Mrs. Lucinda Patch.

Albion's son, Dearborn, married Mrs. Jennie Hudson on 2/9/1867 in Rock Island County. There must have been a later marriage, as Dearborn Fuller, age 42, resident of New Boston, and family entered the Mercer County Almshouse on November 26, 1888. They were destitute. Wife was Sarah Fuller, age 28, who was pregnant and health bad. They had a daughter Sevilla, age 2. From the record keeping of the Almshouse we learn the family was temperate in habits, that Dearborn was a laborer who could read and write, that Sarah could not read and write and the family had no property. The family left of their own accord in April 1889. When they left in 1889 they took with them daughter Anna Fuller who had been born in the Almshouse in March 1889.

Son Harrison P. Fuller married Sarah Albee, sister of Salome who married Joseph, Jr., on 3/15/1867, in Mercer County. (Sam Fuller gives an additional marriage to Sophia Ellen Tuttle, with a child Celia Isabella Fuller).

Son Lewis Leander Fuller married Clara F. James 6/7/1879 in Mercer County.

Daughter, Laura Bean Fuller, married Nelson Jack on 11/10/1884 in Mercer County. Marna has posted an obituary of their son Cecil Jack on Ancestry.com Mercer County Message Board
We do not find a marriage for daughter, Mrs. Henry Noble, but we do not have access to records after 1900. There are two likely Henry Nobles among the grandchildren of David Fruit Noble. One had wife Elsie and one wife Sarah.

Daughter, Lucinda, married first to Thomas Terry on 1/1/1882 and second, Harvey Patch, on 4/22/1899.

Alvin (Albion) P. Fuller and Harrison P. Fuller enlisted together in Company G, 124th Illinois Infantry on 1/20/1864 from Eliza Township. Harrison was transferred to the 33rd Illinois Infantry and was mustered out on 11/24/1865. Alvin P. Fuller was discharged as disabled on 6/4/1865. Alvin and Sevilla had another daughter, Johanna P. Fuller, born in Illinois. Alvin and Johanna are buried next to each other in New Boston Cemetery. The tombstones read: A. P. Fuller, Private of Co ? 124th Reg Calv Inf (has him both Calvary and Infantry, but it was Infantry) died April 17, 1883, age 58 years, 6 months, 17 days; Miss Johanna P. Fuller died May 14, 1883, age 14 years, 7 months, 18 days.

Clarissa Fuller Knox (daughter of Ezra of Maine)

Sam Fuller found the marriage of Clarisa S. Fuller to George W. Knox on September 7, 1827, by Elder Joseph Macomber in Jay, Maine. Clarisa's brother Consider (below) married Mary Knox, sister of George. George W. Knox and Clarrissa Fuller Knox are found in the 1860 census in Mercer County in Millersburg Township: George W., age 53, farmer, born Maine; Clarrissa, born Maine; George E., 22, laborer, born Maine; Sarah C., age 26, born Il; Jane, 13, born Il; Joseph, 5, born Il. These records indicate the Knox family probably came about 1842 with the Fullers. There is an Asa Knox nearby, son of Moses and Susanna Knox, whose sketch in the History of Mercer County, Illinois, 1882 indicates he came to Mercer County in 1842. We will be putting up a Knox page as Asa first settled in New Boston Township. George E. Knox, son of George and Clarissa, married (1)Ophelia Ann Smith on 4/14/1862, and (2) Mary Taybor, on 6/2/1868 in Mercer County. George and Clarissa and George E. are not found in Mercer County in 1870. Daughter Sarah C. Knox married William C. Curry on 8/1/1860 in Mercer County. They are found in the 1870 Census: William C. Curry, 53, farm laborer, born Kentucky; Sarah, age 24, born Il; William H., 8; Martin W.; 7; Elizabeth J., 6; Clarissa K., 3; Francis E., 1, all born Illinois.

Consider Fuller (son of Ezra of Maine)

Consider Fuller is found in the 1850 Census in Township 14N Range 4W (future Millersburg Township) in Mercer County. Birthplaces of his children indicate he probably came about the same time as other Fuller families. Family #434: Consider Fuller, 43, farmer, born Maine; Mary, 33, Me; Mary Jane, 16, Me; Azubah, female, 14, born Me; Caroline, 12, Me; Adelaide, 10 (census taker's note born Oh,Me (?); Susan, 7, born Ill. (We have recently heard from a descendant of Azubah). (we have heard from Dawn Beasley who gives us another son, Moses Knox Fuller, evidently born after 1850 - she has more information on this family.) We find no further record of this family in Mercer County, except for daughter Mary Jane. Mary Jane Fuller married John Partridge, son of Joseph Partridge, on 3/27/1851 in Mercer County. They are found in the 1860 census in Millersburg Township: John Partridge, 34, farmer, born Ohio; Mary J., 25, Me; Samuel, 8, Il; Matilda, 6, Il; Adelia, 2, Il. In the 1870 Census they are found in Greene Township: John Partridge, 49, farmer, Oh; Mary J., 33, Me; Samuel, 17; Matilda, 16; Adelia A, 12; Stephen A. D., 10; George, 6; Amanda J., 3; and Susanna, 1.

Samuel Fuller (son of Ezra of Maine)

Sam Fuller sent us a copy of the marriage record of Samuel Fuller to Mary Briggs on October 20, 1824 in Jay, Maine. She may be related to Avis Briggs who married Samuel's father, Ezra. Samuel was born 9/13/1801 in Jay, Maine. He had a son Samuel C. Fuller, born about 1823, who came to North Henderson County, Illinois.

Miscellaneous Fuller Families

There is still another Ezra Fuller listed in Pope Creek Township in 1860: Ezra Fuller, 27, laborer, born Pennsylvania; Mrs. Fuller, age 24, born Ohio. He is a little too old to be Ezra, son of Joseph and Dorcas Fuller, and the Pennsylvania birth may be correct.

Another Fuller family is found in New Boston Township in 1860: Theodora Fuller, age 24, farmer, born New York; Nancy A., age 19, born Illinois; Willie, 1, born Il. We find a marriage record for Fedora Fuller to Nancy Swafford on 7/4/1858 in Mercer County. She was daughter of Jeremiah Swafford and second wife Ellender Tripp. We will be putting up a Swafford page. They are not found in Mercer County in 1870.

Still another Fuller family is found in the 1870 census in New Boston Township, with yet another son Ezra: Daniel Fuller, age 40, farmer, born New York; Kate M., 41, born New York; Ezra B., 16, born NY; Lillian, 14, born Ia; Frank, 12; Daniel, 10; Ida May, 6, Charles E., 3, and George, 1, all born Illinois. In Aledo with an Isaac Dunlap family there is a Charles Fuller, age 26, broommaker, born New York, who may be related.

2/26/2008 Added information on Dora Elizabeth Fuller, daughter of Jefferson Fuller and Josphine Awbrey Fuller. She died in San Francisco May 25, 1921 but her body was returned to Aledo and buried next to her father (information furnished by Karen Barhorst as obtained from Marna Wilson).
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