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Daniel Knapp was determined to fight in the Civil War. He enlisted in Co K of the 102nd Infantry and was discharged in January 1863 as disabled. He then reenlisted in Co G of the 58th Infantry Consolidated. He died August 1, 1865. His name & regiment are inscribed on the Soldiers Monument in Aledo. For another Knapp photo see Sam Fuller's Web Site for a photo of Daniel's sister, Mary (Polly) Knapp Fuller. Though Daniel's photo is not of good quality the family resemblance is quite clear.

Alternate Spellings - Knapp, Knap, Napp, Nap, Knop

Links - Fuller, Ferguson, Essley, Moore

Contacts - Linda Demuth, descended from Phoebe Knapp Albertson, has helped immeasurably with primary record information. Stan Drake, descended from Polly Knapp Fuller, has also been of great help with the Wilson, Drake, and Knapp families. Web Master Nadine Holder has much information on the Essley family (Daniel Knapp above was married to Martha Essley.) We shall be eternally grateful to Jan Robinson for furnishing the proof of parentage for Sally Wilson Knapp. 9/07 we are deeply grateful to Kathryn Meyer for sending us information about Emma Knapp Moore, daughter of Daniel and Sally Knapp.

Finding information on the Knapp family has been difficult and we do not have a lot of information that is confirmed in primary records. The major problem is that Knapps came very early to America, resulting in there being many, many different family branches with similar names. By 1790 there were 283 households bearing the name, with the majority in New York, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. The name is German, meaning page, boy, or minor so is a fairly common name.

We will include some information found in World Family Tree that is unproven, but is quite interesting, and hope that by posting the connections here we may hear from someone who can help us obtain proofs. Our main interest for this Web Site is of course in New Boston and Eliza Townships but we will include other Mercer County Knapps as an aid to researchers.

The Wilson family is also difficult but some excellent research has been done by descendants. We include links to their Web Sites and have a brief section at the bottom of the page with census records for these Wilsons. They settled in Muscatine County, Iowa, just across the river from Mercer County at an early date.

Knapp Land Purchases

Mercer County

Thomas Knapp purchased the SENE and NESE of Section 23 in Township 14N Range 2W (Green Township) on 5/18/1835. He purchased land with a military warrant indicating he, or an ancestor, served in the military. To date we have found nothing further on Thomas Knapp and do not know who he is. He is not found in Mercer County in 1840.

Sally M. Knapp (widow of Daniel Knapp, Sr.) purchased the NWSW of Section 10 in Township 15N Range 5W (Eliza Township) on 2/9/1853. She also used a military warrant but it may have been through her Wilson ancestry. This parcel was still in her name as M. West in 1875 (see Eliza Township Plat Map).

John W. Knapp (son of Daniel and Sally Knapp) purchased the NESE of Section 9 Township 15N Range 5W (Eliza) on 10/4/1854. He did not use a military warrant (hence our comment that his mother may have been qualified for a military warrant through her Wilson family. Note also that the family may simply have used up all the allotted warrants.) This parcel adjoined his mother's land and is in her name as S. M. West in 1875 (see township map above).


The Knapps may have been eligible for warrants through the service of Daniel Knapp in the War of 1812. Several Daniel Knapps served in the War of 1812, but there is no way to distinguish if one was our Daniel. If Daniel was eligible and had used up his qualification, then his heirs would not have been eligible for military land warrant purchases in Mercer County. Stan Drake's family is in possession of an old sheep skin land warrant that belonged to Daniel Knapp but does not give a location of the land. If it was a military warrant it would have been within the boundary of allotted lands (For a brief summary of legislation governing military warrants and where they could be used, see our History - Part I) . In the 1830 census in Jennings County, Indiana, Daniel Knapp is age 30-40, that is born between 1790 and 1800, so he could well have been old enough to serve in 1812. There are two cash land purchases for a Daniel Knapp in Clinton County, Indiana in 1837 (Bureau of Land Management Web Site) but no way to determine if it is our Daniel. We know that the Daniel Knapp in Jennings County in 1830 is likely ours as he married in Jennings County in 1824 but there is no such tie to Clinton County and Daniel Knapp was a fairly common name.

Daniel and Sally Wilson Knapp family

Daniel Knapp married Sally [Sala] Wilson on 12/9/1824 in Jennings County, Indiana as documented in the Indiana Marriage Index. His brother, John W. Knapp married Mary Irwin in Jennings County on 12/8/1825. (at present we do not know if Mary was related to the Mercer County Irwins.) The two young families are found side by side in 1830 in Vernon, Jennings County, Indiana: John W. Knap, 1 male under 5, 1 male 20-40, 2 females under 5, 1 female 20-30; Daniel Knap, 1 male under 5, 1 male 30-40, 1 female under 5, 1 female 20-30. The two young children of Daniel Knapp were John W. Knapp, and probably Emma Knapp.

Originally, we did not know the parentage of Sally Wilson Knapp. Sally was born about 1810 in Indiana and married in Jennings County, Indiana in 1824. In the 1820 census in Jennings County, Indiana, we find a John Wilson family with two females under 10 which is a possibility and one might guess that Sally's oldest son, John Wilson Knapp, was named for her father. Sally had brothers John, Samuel, and William Wilson, all found very close to her in the 1850 census in Moscow Township, Muscatine, County, Iowa, and all born Indiana. All three are of an age to be her brothers and would also fit into the 1820 census records in Jennings County, Indiana (except William who was born after 1820). The proof came from Jan Robinson, a descendant of Sally's sister Mary Wilson who married Jacob Cline. Jan has a Web Site which includes the John Wilson family of Indiana and Muscatine County, Iowa. She tells us that when John Wilson died (March 3, 1845 in Muscatine County) his heirs were listed as wife, Polly, and sons, and daughters: ____Knap, Hannah Henderson, and Mary Cline. Some of the Wilson family had moved on to Oregon Territory by 1852, but Sally remained behind in Mercer County. Her site includes photos of the tombstones of John and Mary Wilson in the Moscow Cemetery in Muscatine County, Iowa. She also has a photo up of a page from the Wilson Bible that gives Sally Knapp's name as Sala M. Wilson, born Feb 13, 1810. We have included census information on the Wilson family at the end of the page.

Jan also pointed us to Daniel Knapp and family in the 1840 census. He is found in Muscatine County, Iowa: 2 males under 5, 1 male 5-10, 1 male 30-40; 2 females under 5, 1 female 5-10; 1 female 10-15, 1 female 20-30. They are next door to Sally's parents: John Wilson 2 males 10-15, 1 male 15-20, 3 males 20-30, 1 male 50-60; 2 females 10-15, 1 male 50-60.

Daniel Knapp was deceased before the 1850 census, where Sally is found as a widow (details below.) Linda Demuth tells us that she has located probate records for Daniel Knapp in Muscatine County, Iowa, and they are dated April 15, 1850, so he evidently died not long before the census. Since Daniel was born between 1790 and 1800, he died at a young age and it may have been an accident, especially if there is no will. The probate records are signed by Sally Mira Knapp and John Wilson Knapp. There is a fascinating note in a World Family Tree file that Daniel Knapp was killed by Indians near Red Eye, Iowa. We would certainly like to find verification of such information but there is no Red Eye, Iowa. There is a Red Eye, Indiana, community but nothing for Iowa even on historical maps. Also 1850 would have been pretty suspect for a killing by Indians, as Indian troubles had long been settled. Perhaps the writer meant Red Oak, Iowa? The World Family Tree files also carry Daniel and his brother, John W. Knapp, as children of Elijah Knapp of Connecticut, but give a birthdate of Daniel of 1761 which is not credible. Also, his daughter Polly Knapp Fuller, gives Daniel's birthplace as Massachusetts and as New York in the 1880 census and the 1900 census, respectively. His son David gives him as born New York also. Unfortunately these are the only pieces of information we have as to his birthplace and there is no way of knowing if Polly and David were actually the persons supplying the information to the census taker in either case.

Sally Wilson Knapp is found as head of household in Moscow Township, Muscatine County, Iowa in 1850: #56 Sala M. Knapp, 37, born Indiana; John W. Knapp, 22, farmer, In; Mary, 19, In; David, 17, farmer, In; Phebe, 13, In; Charlotte, 11, Il; Daniel, 8, Ia; Henry, 5, Ia. Note Charlotte's birthplace of Il, indicating a possible stop in Illinois; however, the 1860 census gives her as born Indiana. Sally's name (in the national census copy) is somewhat illegible but definitely has an "L" in the middle so we have corrected her name from Sarah to Sala as indicated in the Bible records. Also note two additional children, Emma and Peter, as listed below under children.

As indicated in the land records above, Sally Knapp purchased public land in Eliza Township in 1853. The 1860 census records show us how badly census records can go wrong as Sally is censused twice in Eliza Township: #2631 Sally Knapp, 45, born In; David Knapp, 21, Phoeba Aldeson, 21, domestic, Il; Daniel Aldeson, 17, Il; Henry Aldeson, 14, Il; John Aldeson, 4, Il; Mary Aldeson, 2, Iowa. And #2704 Jacob Alverson, 26, farmer, Ohio; Phoeba Alverson, 21, In; John W. Alverson, 4, Il; Maria Alverson, 1, Iowa; Sally M. Knapp, 48, In; David Knapp, 26, laborer, In; Daniel Knapp, 18, laborer, In; Henry Knapp, 12, Ia; Charlotte Knapp, 19, domestic, Indiana. The second one is more nearly correct and nearly matches the 1850 Iowa record.

On July 26, 1868, Mrs. Sally Maria Knapp married Thomas West in Mercer County, according to the Illinois marriage index. Thomas West had two children by his prior marriage: Martha (born about 1835) and Benjamin (born about 1850, both Il). In 1870 Thomas and Sally are found in Eliza Township: #67 Thomas West, 61, farmer, born Md; Sally M. West, 58, In. The West children are not found in Mercer County.

In 1880 Sally West, 69, born Indiana, father born North Carolina, mother born Virginia, is living next door to son-in-law Ezra Fuller and daughter Polly Knapp Fuller and family in Eliza Township (see the complete record below under daughter Polly.)

In 1900 she is in the household of Ezra and Polly Knapp Fuller in Eliza Township: #1900 Ezra Fuller, born Dec 1835, age 64, married 47 years, born Maine, parents born Maine; Polly, born Oct 1834, age 65, 6 children born, 5 living, born In, father born New York, mother Indiana; Almira West, widow, born Feb 1809, age 91, 8 children born, 6 living, born In, parents born In; Manley E. Drake, grandson, born June 1880, age 19, born Il, father born Ia, mother Il; David Fuller, grandson, born July 1892, age 7, Nebraska, parents born Illinois. Manley Ernest Drake was son of Mahala Fuller Drake Louck but we have not identified the parents of young David Fuller.

Sally is buried in Eliza Creek Cemetery. Her tombstone reads: Myra Knapp West 1810-1904. There is a photo of Sala Myra Wilson Knapp West on Sam Fuller's Web Site.

Children of Daniel and Sally Wilson Knapp

Emma and Peter Knapp

We had learned of a daughter Emma from the obituary of brother Henry Knapp where she is listed as Miss Emma Knapp, deceased (apparently the person who wrote the obituary did not know she married.) She appears to be the daughter under the age of 5 in the 1830 census in Jennings County, Indiana.

Emma was not with the family in 1850 so we had assumed her death occurred as a young lady. In reality, Emma Knapp married a Moore 1 April 1845 in Muscatine County, Iowa. Kathryn Meyer sent us the proof that it was George W. Moore from "The Illustrated History of the Big Bend Country" which included a biography of son Marion Francis Moore, born 22 Oct 1850 in Davenport, Scott County, Iowa (just north of Muscatine County and across the River from Mercer.) The biography gives the maiden name of Emma Moore as Knapp and mentions they were married in Illinois (incorrect as the marriage is given in Iowa marriage records.) And we found her buried in Eliza Creek Cemetery: Emma, wife of G. W. Moore, died Aug 5, 1865, aged 39 mo 5 ms 2 ds. Buried with her are a son John A. Moore, died June 12, 1853 aged 4 yrs 5 ms 21 dys, and a son George W. Moore, died Jan 18, 1857 aged 4 yrs 4 ms 14 ds, so they were in Eliza Township in that time period. Calculating Emma's birthdate from the tombstone information, she fits perfectly as the eldest child of Daniel and Sally Knapp.

We found George and Emma in Scott County Iowa in 1850: #299 George Moore, 29, cabinet maker, born Indiana; Emma, 23, In; Hiram S., 2, Iowa; John, 1, Il; Peter Knapp, 14, Indiana. Note that Peter Knapp is likely Emma's brother and another child of Daniel and Sally as his birthdate fits well into the sequence of their children.

We will eventually be putting up a Moore page and we have a lot of information from Kathryn Meyer about George W. Moore. As nearly as we can tell he was a son of the widowed Elizabeth Moore found 1840 Scott County, Iowa Territory: Elizabeth Moore, 3 males 5-10; 2 males 10-15; 1 male 15-20 (George?); 1 female under 5, 1 female 10-15; 1 female 15-20, 2 females 20-30, and 1 female 40-50. Elizabeth is found in the 1850 census, age 51, farmer, born Virginia; Levi, 25, farmer, born In; Marion, 18, In; Elias, 15, In. George and Emma's son Marion was no doubt named for George's brother.

George and Emma Knapp Moore are found in Eliza Township in Mercer County in 1860: George Moore, 39, farmer, In; Emma, 39, In; Hiram, 11, Il; Marion, 8, Il; Mary, 7, Il; Ann, 6, Il. "The Illustrated History of the Big Bend Country" tells us Mr. Moore served in an Illinois regiment during the Civil War. He removed to St. Clair County in 1869, came west to California, and died in Everett, Washington in 1896." Son Marion Francis Moore lived in Lincoln County, Washington, and the History includes a biography of him.

John Wilson Knapp

According to the 1850 census in Muscatine, Iowa, John W. Knapp was born about 1828 in Indiana. He was likely born in Jennings County, Indiana, as his parents were married there and are found there in the 1830 census. John Knapp married Margaret Murphy on 3/20/1856 in Mercer County. We have been unable to locate them in 1860 census records. John Knapp appears to be in Red Oak, Montgomery County, Iowa, in 1870: #113 John Knapp, 43, farmer, born In; Phebe A., 25, In; Andrew Knapp, 20, Iowa (this seems to be an error for Andrew, age 2, as there is an Andrew, age 11, with them in 1880.) Montgomery County marriage records are not on line so we have not found a marriage record. Linda Demuth tells us that John died in Montgomery County, Iowa, Red Oak on 12/1/1888.

Mary (Polly) Knapp Fuller:

Polly Knapp married Ezra Fuller, son of Joseph and Dorcas Blaisdell Fuller, on March 17, 1856 in Muscatine, Iowa. We could not locate them in the 1860 census but it is likely they were in Missouri as the first two of their children, J. Fremont and Mahala, were supposedly born at Cape Girardeau, Missouri. Mahala's birthdate is confirmed as Missouri in the 1880 census where Sally Wilson Knapp West is living next door to Ezra and Polly in Eliza Township: #74 Ezra Fuller, 45, farmer, born Maine, parents born Maine; Polly, 46, born In, father born Mass, mother In; Mahala Drake, 20, daughter, school teacher, born Mo; Ezra A., 17, works on farm, Il; Ida E., 13, Il; Ulysses, 13, Il; Mira, 10, Il; Philip S., 10, Il (there were two sets of twins in the family); #75 Sally N. West, 69, In, father born NC, mother Va.

There is more on the children of Polly and Ezra on the Fuller Web Site including a photo of Mahala and Ida, daughters of Ezra and Polly Knapp Fuller. Mahala married William D. Drake first on 8/25/1879 in Grandview, Louisa County, Iowa. They were married again on June 2, 1880 in Muscatine, Iowa, at the request of Mahala's family. Only the second marriage shows in the Iowa marriage records but members of Stan Drake's family have copies of both licenses. He tells us that William Drake was so intimidated by the family that he left Mahala and returned to Iowa. This is born out by the 1880 census record where Mahala is listed as Mahala Drake but is at home with Ezra and Polly Knapp Fuller. We then find William Drake at home with his family in Cedar County, Iowa, in 1880. We understand from Sam Fuller's Web Site that they had one son Ernest. Stan Drake tells us that M. E. Drake was born 6/27/1880. This is confirmed in the 1900 census record given for Sally Knapp West above where Manley E. Drake is given as her grandson. Mahala later married Joseph W. Louck (indexed as Louch) on 24 December 1883 in Muscatine, Iowa.

David Knapp

In 1860, David, age 26, was at home with mother Sally M. Knapp and they were living with his sister and husband, Jacob and Phebe Albertson. In 1850 he was 17 years old when the census was taken so he was probably born about 1833. We mention this as the only likely David Knapp we find in 1870 is in Red Oak Montgomery Co, Iowa: #63 David Knapp, 27, farmer, In; Elvira, 19, In. His brother John is some distance away at #113. This record would work if David were age 37 and it is really hard to tell in looking at the original record whether he is 27 or 37. We do not find a marriage record but Montgomery County marriages are missing from the Iowa records. Things are further complicated when we find the 1880 census records where David and John are living side by side in Red Oak, Montgomery County, Iowa. David Napp is given as age 33 (he was 47) with wife Phebe, age 30, and son Henry, age 11. John Napp is given as age 35 (he was 52) with wife Alvina, age 28, and children Andrew, 11, Amanda, 8, Effie, 7, Daniel, 4, Laura, 1. Not only are the ages wrong but the wives are reversed compared to the 1860 census. In looking at the original census record the census taker had a very hard time with both records with much overwriting on both records. At this point we are ready to throw in the towel and guess that these are not sons of Daniel and Sally Mira Wilson Knapp! If they are not, then David and John are not found at all in the 1880 census.

There is some possibility this is the correct David with errors in age as he is found in Red Oak, Montgomery County, in 1910 at 105 So. Elm Street: David Knapp, 77, widower, own income, born In, father born NY, mother born Ohio; Henry, son, 35, tender, brick mason, born Ia, father In, mother Iowa. Here the age is correct! The son Henry does not match the one in 1880 however.

Phebe Knapp Albertson Ferguson:

Phebe Mae Knapp married first to Jacob Albertson on April 10, 1856 in Muscatine County, Iowa. Jacob and Phebe are found in Eliza Township in 1860 with Phebe's mother and brothers and sisters living with them: #2704 Jacob Alverson, 26, farmer, born Ohio; Phoeba, 21, In; John W., 4, Il; Maria, 1, Iowa; Sally M. Knapp, 48, In; David Knapp, 26, laborer, In; Daniel Knapp, 18, laborer, In; Henry Knapp, 12, Iowa; Charlotte Knapp, 19, domestic, Indiana.

Jacob Knapp enlisted in Company Co A of the 7th Iowa Infantry on 16 December 1861 and mustered in February 23, 1862. He was reported missing in action on 6 April 1862 at the Battle of Shiloh. He actually was taken with the wounded to Savannah, Tennessee, where he died on April 15, 1862. There were actually two Jacob Albertsons in the same company and the records are somewhat mixed up. Phebe Albertson applied for a pension (app #3917) on Oct 10, 1862, but it was apparently not granted (perhaps because of the mixed up records?).

Phebe Knapp Albertson married second to Franklin Ferguson, son of Samuel and Sarah Ferguson, on 1/6/1864 in Muscatine County, Iowa. Franklin Ferguson then applied (as guardian for a minor) for a pension on May 18, 1866 App #126806, cert #148683. This time the pension was granted. There is more about Phebe and Franklin on the Ferguson page. Phebe's son John W. Ferguson went to the Dakotas along with the Fergusons where he is found in the 1930 census.

Charlotte Knapp:

The last record we have of Charlotte is in 1860 where she is living at home and working out as a domestic. Then she is mentioned in the obituary of brother Henry in 1921 as Catherine Cole, deceased. We find nothing in census records anywhere or in marriage records for Iowa and Illinois.

Daniel Knapp

A photo of Daniel Knapp is given at the top of the page. His service in the 102nd Illinois Infantry is documented in the Illinois Adjutant General's Report: Co K, One Hundred and Second Infantry, page 611: Daniel Knapp, residence Eliza, enlisted August 10, 1862, mustered in September 2, 1862, discharged January 13, 1863, disability. His brother-in-law, Ezra Fuller enlisted in the same company on the same date. According to the histories of the 102nd the unit would have been at Gallatin, Tennessee, when Daniel was discharged. According to the "History of Mercer County, Illinois, 1882" the Soldiers' Monument in Aledo lists Daniel as enlisted in Company G, 58th Regiment. We have been unable to verify this enlistment, but Daniel is listed in the National Roll of Honor as dieing while enlisted in the 58th Regiment. Daniel Knapp married Martha Ann Essley, daughter of Elisha and Avarilla Pratt Essley, on 12/13/1864 in Mercer County so he was evidently at home at that time. For photo of Martha and Daniel {Click}. We will be putting up an Essley page. Martha died in 1868 and according to the scrapbook note of her sister there were no children of this marriage.

Henry Knapp

Stan Drake kindly furnished us with the obituary of Henry Knapp which helped immensely with research on the Knapps. Henry Knapp was born 6/9/1847 in Muscatine County, Iowa, and died 8/26/1921 in Keithsburg, Mercer County, Illinois. He married Jane Craver on 6/10/1869 in Mercer County. She was born 9/1847 in Indiana. Henry and Jane are living with John H. Craver, 35, fisherman, born NY, in 1870 in New Boston Township (household #119). John Craver is likely her brother and Henry is also a fisherman. There is an additional record for John and Jane as household #64 in Eliza Township: Henry Knapp, 22, farm laborer, born Iowa; Jane, 22, In; John, 1, Il. The addition of son John indicates this record was taken later than the one in New Boston Township. We will repeat Henry's obituary below for the information it gives on his children and his brothers and sisters. The 1900 census also gives additional information on the children of Henry and Jane: Alma Knapp, born 11/1872; John H. Knapp, born 1/1874 (the John listed in the 1870 census evidently died before this date); Loren Knapp, born 5/1875; Pearl Knapp, born 9/1879.

Obituary of Henry Knapp: Henry Knapp was born near Moscow, Iowa, June 9, 1847 and passed away at his home of Keithsburg, Friday, August 26,1921, being 74 years, 2 months, and 17 days old. Deceased was the son of John Knapp and Myra (Wilson) Knapp and the youngest of a family of eight children, namely: John Knapp, David Knapp, [three brothers served in the Civil War and Daniel was killed in battle], Mrs. Phoebe Furgerson, Mrs. Polly Fuller, Miss Emma Knapp, Mrs. Charlotte Cole and Henry, all of whom have preceded him in death. When Henry was four years of age his father died and his mother with her large family moved to Mercer county, Illinois, and took a war widow's land claim in Eliza township. Here the deceased grew to manhood and was married June 10, 1868 to Miss Jennie Craver of New Windsor. The young people settled on a farm near Eliza where five children were born to them. He leaves to mourn his loss, his wife, two sons and one daughter. They are John H. at home; Loren of Joy; and Mrs. Alma Rivett at home. One daughter Mrs. Pearl Rickard and one son, Aden, have preceded him in death. There are six grand children: Francis H., Kenneth, Wallace and Ivan Knapp of Joy, and Arna and Ernestine Rickard of Otteson, Iowa. In his early life Mr. Knapp became a member of the Baptist church. During the 53 years of wedded life he has been a most faithful and devoted husband and father. Mr. Knapp has been in poor health for twenty years, but was usually able to assist with the work of the farm, but a few months ago his strength (rest missing)(no date or newspaper is given as it was a clipping from a family scrapbook.)

Census Records for the family of Sala (Sally) Wilson Knapp West

The Bible records included in Jan's Web Site linked above give a clear picture of the parents and brothers and sisters of Sally Wilson Knapp. Since most of them were in Muscatine County, Iowa (across the river from Mercer) in 1850 we have included the records here for the use of researchers.

As given above widow Sala Knapp was household #56 in Moscow Township, Muscatine County, Iowa in 1850. Household #50 included her mother and two of her brothers: John Wilson, 37, farmer, In; Antha, 26, In; Elias, 7, Ia; Azelia, 3, Iowa; Samuel Wilson, 39, farmer, In; Esther, 18, Illinois; Mary Wilson, 57, Tn; John Wilson, 5, Iowa. John Wilson married Antha Moore 21 August 1841 in Scott County, Iowa (next to Muscatine County.)We wonder if Antha Moore was perhaps sister of George W. Moore who married John Wilson's niece Emma Knapp, since location, birthdate, and marriage date all are close together? Samuel Wilson had married Esther Cornwall on 13 March 1850 in Muscatine County. From the way the census record is presented it is not clear whom John Wilson, age 5, belongs to. More on Samuel's family with Mary Wilson Kline below.

Household #51, next to John Wilson is: William Wilson, 29, farmer, In; Elisabeth, 23, In; Nancy A., 1, Iowa; James Wilson, 26, farmer, In; Delia, 18, In; [George] Washington Wilson, 23, farmer, In; Thomas J. Wilson, 21, In. William Wilson married Elizabeth Dillon on 12 March 1848 in Muscatine County. James Wilson married Delia Reed 24 Feb 1850 in Muscatine. James' age in the census is interesting as it is quite a bit younger than indicated in the Bible records but perhaps he didn't want his young bride to know how old he really was! George W. Wilson apparently never married. Thomas J. Wilson married Matilda Miller 9 December 1855 in Muscatine.

Mary Wilson married Jacob Kline in Rock Island County, north of Mercer, on 29 December 1836. According to Jan's Web Site they divorced much later in life. They were an adventurous lot, found in Washington County, Oregon Territory in 1850: #180 Jacob Cline, 36, farmer, born Ohio; Mary, 32, In; Prudentia, 13, Iowa; John, 12, Iowa; Ann E., 11, Iowa; Anthy (male), 6, Missouri; Isabella, 5, Oregon Territory; Jacob, 4, O.T.; George, 2, O. T.; Caroline 4/12, O. T. Jan has a photo of some of this family on her Web Site. In 1860 they are in Portland, Multnomah, Oregon: #241 Jacob Klein, 49, trader, Oh; Margt, 43, In; John, 21, student, Ia; Ann #, 19, Ia; Nancy, 16, Mo (given as male in the 1850 census); Isabel, 14, Oregon; Mary, 8, Or; Jacob, 4, Ore (apparently the first son Jacob had died); Hannah Wilson, 10, Ia; Polly, 4, Or; Jacob, 5, Or; John, 4, Or (children of Samuel); and Washington Wilson, 30, lab, In. Mary is not found in the 1860 census; there is some possibility that is her in the census but the abreviation for Margaret is quite clear and the age and birthplace do not match Mary. Mary and Jacob were clearly divorced by 1870 where Mary and two of the Wilson brothers are found on Sauvies Island, Multnomah County, Oregon: #510 Mary Kline, 54, keeping house, born In; Jacob, 15, Oregon; #511 G. W. Wilson, 41, farmer, In; Samuel, 58, In; Polly, 15, Oregon (daughter of Samuel). The Wilson brothers were gone in 1880 and Mary is still on Sauvies Island: #12 Mary Cline, 64, farmer, born Inb, father born S. Carolina; mother born Virginia; Jacob, 25, farmer, born Oregon, father Ohio, mother Indiana. They have two people as hired help so were apparently doing well.

We have heard from another Wilson descendant, Susie Dent, who has a Web Site and has up a photo of John and Mary's daughter Hannah Wilson who married Daniel Henderson of Moscow, Iowa, and is her ancestress. She also has a photo of the John and Mary Wilson family and of John Wilson's tombstone in Iowa.

9/11/2007 Thanks to Kathryn Meyer we have discovered more on Daniel and Sally Knapp's daughter Emma and have added information.