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TAFT,Edward & Jane,Dudley,Pre 1870, Judy Evans
TANDY,Pershore,Kidderminster,1750 to date,D Churchett
TAYLOR,Worcester,Little Comberton,Pinvin,Pershore,Kempsey,1700 to date, Katie
TAYLOR,Ombersley,1779 to 1800,Jayne
TAYLOR,Sampson,Sidemor Bromsgrove,1814 on, Rosie Taylor
TEARNE,any,any, Joy Cox
THOMAS,George,Grafton Flyford,married, 1870, Janice Davis
THICKBROOM ,Yardley ,All ,Martyn
THOMAS,Sarah Ann,?,1871+, Janice Davis
THORNE,George,Branford Rd Worcester,1856-1950, Annette Lindsley Barritt
TIMMINS,William,Dudley,1840's, Janet Drury
TIPTON, Thomas/William/Mary. Old Swinford. 1822, Corrinne Ryan
TREDWELL,Francis, Hadzor, Droitwich, Worcester,1820-1880, Cari Green
TROTH,Sidemoor, Bromsgrove,All, Colin Wood
TUCKER,Samuel & William,Netherton, Tipton, Rowley Regis,1776, Denise Sargeant
TUCKER,Samuel & William,Princes End & Windmill End Dudley,1776, Denise Sargeant
TUCKER,Samuel & William,Coseley, Stourbridge 1776, Denise Sargeant
TUCKER,Samuel & William,Kingswinford & Oldswinford,1776, Denise Sargeant
TUCKER,Samuel & William,Dudley & surrounding areas 1790 - 1900's, Denise Sargeant
TUDOR,Lower Mitton, Stourport, Kidderminster, Bewdley,Pre-1900 , John Bradbury
TURNER,Kidderminster,1800 to date,D Churchett
TWITTY,Thomas & Robert,Claines area,Before 1761, Kathy Roberts
TYLER,Worcester,1800 to present,Keith Price


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