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ATTENTION:- Our sincere thanks to those descendants of immigrants arriving by the ship London who contacted Jenny Robin Jones about this voyage. Jenny's subsequent book, No Simple Passage, published April 2011, records the journey of the London to Port Nicholson (Wellington) in 1842 and tells the lives of the passengers after they reach New Zealand. You will find details of this fascinating book at

The amount of information on our website has meant that we have had to split some off.
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Hello folks and a very warm welcome to our Homepage. We hope that you will find something here that will inform, interest and entertain you. We are interested in family history and also in the early history of New Zealand and in the many stories we have found there.

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Justice and Jury Lists
This is a good starting point to locate an ancestor in early Wellington.
There is also a Jury List here for Auckland for 1851.

New Zealand War Medal 
Recipients of the New Zealand War Medal.


Register of Barmaids 1913 and 1914 
The Barmaids Registration Act of 1912 required that all Barmaids be registered by the following year.
The first list was published in 1913 and added to each year following this.

Full alphabetic Register of Barmaids
A-C   D-F    G-I   J-L    M-O   P-R    S-U   V-Z
Our sincere thanks to Ann Lemon for providing this list


New Zealand Land Grants
1867 Wellington
1872 Wellington

Short stories of Events and Characters from Early New Zealand.
Things, events and people that we have found interesting.


Short stories of interesting New Zealanders from the early days.


Passenger lists messages_updated_001.gif (1811 bytes)
Here you will find over 1000 on-line passenger lists of immigrants to New Zealand.
Come, have a look. You may find an ancestor. We have done our utmost to keep the transcriptions accurate.


Shipping Arrivals & Departures
These arrivals and departures relate, in the main, to New Zealand coastal shipping with the occasional trans-Tasman and international vessel to and from New Zealand. Some include passenger lists.


Nineteenth Century New Zealand Immigration and Settlement
How each of the different areas and cities of New Zealand were settled.


Safeguarding the Coasts of New Zealand
Quarantine Stations & Lighthouses
A description of the Quarantine Stations and Lighthouses in early New Zealand


New Zealand Church Ministers 1866 
List of  Officiating Ministers under the MARRIAGE ACT 1854


New Zealand Industrial Schools/Orphanages  


New Zealand Schools and Education  
School Rolls for the Wellington Commercial & Grammar School 1857 to 1860


Naturalisation in New Zealand
Information concerning early naturalisation in New Zealand.
Includes a transcription of Wellington Naturalisations 1840 to 1899.


Burgess and Electoral Rolls 
Burgess Rolls for Wellington and Electoral Rolls for Wellington, Auckland, Christchurch, Dunedin, Napier & Nelson and other districts.


Pioneer Rolls
Lists of early New Zealand pioneers taken from various resources. The resource is specified with each list.


New Zealand Births, Deaths and Marriages 
Some Births, Deaths and Marriages extracted from various New Zealand newspapers


Death & Baptism Register 
Some burials and baptisms registered in the Wellington Region from 1840.


New Zealand Directories
Wise's Directory Listings for Wellington, Auckland and the West Coast 1866/67.

Wellington Directory for 1872.


Wellington Almanack
Wellington Street and Trade Directory. Shows names, addresses and occupations of many of Wellingtons residents. Listed geographically in Ward and Street order.


Publicans, Brewers and Wine & Spirit Merchants
Some lists of those licensed to make booze and run Ye Old Watering Holes in early New Zealand


Officers of the New Zealand Government
Employees of  New Zealands Central and Provincial Governments as at December 1st 1871.
Civil List (Government Employees) 1881


Officers of the Customs Department  
Employees of the Customs Department (1870) including office held, location and date of apppointment.


PAMIR - The New Zealand Episode
A page celebrating the time PAMIR spent in New Zealand.


Sea Voyages, Shipwrecks & Disaster Tales with New Zealand Connection
Stories of New Zealand Shipwrecks and Disasters.

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