91st PA--Home Guard

Thirteenth ward home guards

['Local intelligence', Philadelphia Inquirer 4 May 1861 page 2]


The two companies, "Seniors" and "Juniors," comprising this organization, have elected their officers. The officers of the "Senior Guards" are Captain, JAMES T. BRODIE; First Lieutenant, A. SPANGLER; Second Lieutenant, R. HILL; Third Lieutenant, FRANKLIN BUTLER. The Segeants and Quartermaster will be elected this (Saturday) evening. The officers of the "Junior Guards" are, Captain, E. M. GREGORY; First Lieutenant, F. B. GILBERT; Second Lieutenant, A. HAMBERG; Third Lieutenant, LEONARD MYERS; Fourth Lieutenant, D. W. C. MOORE; First Sergeant, JOHN J. HEISLER; Second Sergeant, H. RUSSELL WARD; Third Sergeant, P. A. SASS; Fourth Sergeant, D. A. BUZBY, Quartermaster, L. W. WOODWARD. It has been determined to have but two companies instead of three, as at first contemplated. These will number 110 men each, all equipped according to "Home Guard" regulations. The Junior company has its full complement of men. A few are wanted to complete the Senior's Sworn Roll. These will be forthcoming to-night, so that on Monday, both companies will be ready to receive their arms, and be prepared to put in the field 250 men.

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