genealogy of Patty Rose



Genealogy of Patty Rose

Name Ens. Richard* NASON
Birth bap 3 Aug 1606, Stratford-on-Avon, Warwickshire, England
Death bef 22 Dec 1696, Kittery, York, Maine22,33
Other Spouses Mrs. Abigail FOLLETT
Marriage bef 1640
Spouse Sarah* BAKER
Birth abt 1614
Death 15 Mar 1695, Kittery, York, Maine
1 M John NASON
Birth abt 1640, Berwick, York, Maine22
Death bef 6 Oct 1719, Berwick, York, Maine22,43
Spouse Hannah HEARD
Marriage 6 Nov 1674, Dover, Strafford, New Hampshire15,22
Spouse Bridget WEYMOUTH
Marriage 7 Oct 1687, Kittery, York, Maine22
2 M Benjamin* NASON
Birth abt 1640, Kittery, York, Maine
Death bef 11 Aug 1714, Berwick, York, Maine22
Spouse Martha* CANNEY
Marriage 30 Jun 1687, Dover, Strafford, New Hampshire15
Spouse Sarah "Shuah" BOWLES
Marriage abt 1705
Spouse Elizabeth* MARTIN
Marriage 27 Dec 1708, Portsmouth, Rockingham, New Hampshire22,74
3 M Jonathan NASON
Birth abt 1645, Kittery, York, Maine
Death 1691, Berwick, York, Maine22,64
Spouse Sarah JENKINS
Marriage bef 1670, Kittery, York, Maine22
4 M Richard NASON
Birth abt 1650, Kittery, York, Maine
Death bef 1687, Kittery, York, Maine
Spouse Shuah COLCORD
Marriage bef 1682
5 F Sarah NASON
Birth abt 1650, Kittery, York, Maine
Death bef 1723, Newington, Rockingham, New Hampshire46
Spouse Henry CHILD
Marriage abt 1679, Kittery, York, Maine
Spouse John HOYT
Marriage 10 Nov 169522,33,42,46
6 M Joseph NASON
Birth 1655, Kittery, York, Maine
Death 1714, Nantucket, Nantucket, Massachusetts
Spouse Mary SWAIN
Marriage abt 1680
7 F Mary NASON
Birth abt 1655, Kittery, York, Maine
Death aft Dec 1723, Newington, Rockingham, New Hampshire
Spouse Ephraim TRICKEY
Marriage 1681, Newington, Rockingham, New Hampshire
Spouse William WITTUM
8 M Baker NASON
Birth 1665, Berwick, York, Maine
Death bef 30 Jun 1729, Berwick, York, Maine22,33,43
Spouse Elizabeth HATCH
Marriage bef 1692, Kittery, York, Maine
Notes for Ens. Richard* NASON
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son of John NASON and Elizabeth ROGERS
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NASON, Richard, Kittery, had 200 a. at Pipe Stave Landing. His 1st w., Sarah, may have been a dau. of John Baker who was fined in 1645 for beating R.N. black and blue. Coroner's j. 1647, j. 1649, 52, ensign 1653, town commissioner 1654, O.A. 1652, a trustee for Gorges 1662, selectman 1659, 66, 67, 68. A militant Quaker, he was constantly in difficulty after Mass. took over the gov. In 1653 he was disenfranchised for entertaining travelling Quakers, and in 1655, charged with blasphemy, he was in danger of losing his life, but the Gen. Ct. decided that he was not so guilty that he ought to die. Elected a Dep. to Gen. Ct. in 1656, he was not allowed to sit and the town was censured for choosing him. In ct. for abs. from meet. 1655, 63, 70, 71, 75, as were four of his sons, 1685. Rejected as selectman, 1669. Charged with being abusive toward officers, 1678. After 1663 he m. Abigail Follett, wid. of Nicholas, who surv. him. In 1694 he deeded the homestead to sons Benjamin and Baker. Will 14 July 1694 - 22 Dec. 1696 gave his w. a 12 annuity and div. the residue between his surv. ch. and her Follett ch. Ch. by 1st w: John, Jonathan, Joseph, Richard, Benjamin, Baker, Sarah, Mary. [ref 22]
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RICHARD, Kittery 1649, submit. 1652, to Mass. was ensign 1653, and in 1656 chos. rep. but disallow. by the Gen. Ct. and 3 yrs. later was fined for receiv. Quakers, and disfranch. He had John, Joseph, Benjamin, and Baker, nam. in his will of 14 July 1694, pro. 1696, in wh. he names his w. wh. had been wid. of Thomas Follett, and was not mo. of these ch. [ref 20]
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The name of his first wife was Sarah, and the fact that she had children named John and Baker, suggests that she was of the Baker family. Nason's second wife was Abigail, widow of Nicholas Follet. He lived in old age with his son Benjamin. His will, dated 14 July 1694, was probated 15 March 1696-7. His children were all by first marriage. Children: Richard, Jonathan, John, Joseph, Benjamin, Baker, Charles?, Sarah. [ref 33:625]
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will recorded York co: Nason, Richard, March 15, 1696-7 [ref 43:9-114]
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NASON, Richard, yeoman, Kittery, took oath of allegiance to Mass. govt. 16 Nov. 1652. Sold land 20 Feb. 1654, to George Leader for John Beex & Co. as chosen deputy to Gen. court 24 March, 1656. Deeded land with consent of wife Abigail to sons Benjamin and Baker Nason, 20 Sept. 1694. Richard made will 14 July, 1694, "under the infirmities of old age;" gave to wife Abigail whatever belonged to her former husband Nicholas Follett, and other estate; residue to be divided between his own children and children in law, John, Joseph, Benjamin and Baker Nason, Sarah Child, Mary Witham, Nicholas Follett and Sarah Meader; Benjamin N. Nicholas F. and John M. executors. Recorded 15 March 1696-7. [44:147]
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RICHARD1 NASON emigrated from England or Ireland and was living at Pipe Stave Landing, Kittery, Maine, in 1639. He signed submission to the government of Massachusetts Bay in 1652. He was selectman at Kittery, and held other town offices, and in 1653 was ensign in Captain Shapleigh's company. Among the signatures to a petition to Charles II in 1680 the following names occur: Richard Nason, Benj. Nason, John Nason, Jonathan Nason. Richard Nason's wife was named Sarah, and her maiden name probably was Baker. He married (2nd) Abigail, widow of Nicholas Follett. He died about 1696. His will was probated March 15, 1696. The children of Richard and Sarah Nason are: Benjamin, Jonathan, John, Richard. [ref 64:35]
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Nason and Nasson were probably evolved from some old Scandinavian surname. The earliest New Englander of this family of which we make mention was RICHARD NASON, of Kittery, who lived at Newichawannock, and made a peculiar will which was probated Mar. 15, 1696. He was an old man, whose wife had been the widow of one Nicholas Follett, and her son of same name was then at sea. He says he is "penitent from the bottom of his hart" for his sins; wishes his debts "contented and paid"; bequeaths to wife Abigail "the least iron pot which is to say the midleng pot and the least brass cittell, the bruing vessels and cople of washing tubs and spoons and chars." [ref 66:1075]
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Richard Nason was living at Pipe Stave Landing in 1639. In 1645 John Baker was presented at Court in New Hampshire "for beating Richard Nason that he was black and blue and for throwing a fire shovel at his wife." Baker was fined five shillings gs.

Some think that Richard Nason came from Stratford-on-Avon, where there were many of his name at that time and where Nasons still are found. A Richard Nason was bapt. at Stratford-on-Avon, 3 Aug. 1606. He was son of John Nason, who married Elizabeth Rogers 28 Oct. 1600. Richard Nason was a planter and often assisted in surveying. He was a juryman in 1649 and was accused of "blasphemy" in 1665. The General Court did "not judge him so guilty of that fact as that by our lawe he ought to die," but put him under bonds of forty pounds for good behavior. Philip Chesley of Oyster River was witness against him. The inhabitants of Kittery showed their opinion of him and of his offense by electing him as Deputy to the General Court the next year, along with Thomas Withers. The Court refused to allow Nason his seat, and the persons who elected him in Kittery were called to an account. He was presented at York in 1655 for not attending meeting, and in 1659 he was fined five pounds and disfranchised for entertaining Quakers. He was ensign in 1653, was selectman and held other town offices. His lot of 200 acres was confirmed to him by the town.
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WILL of RICHARD NASON 14 Jul 1694: In the name of God Amen I Richard Nason of newchewanack in the Prouince of maine in New England hauing vpon me the Infirmitys of old age but of good and Perfect mind and Memory thanks be to Almighty god/ and Calling to Remembrance the vncertaine Estate of this Traincytory Life and that all flesh must yeld vnto death when it Shall Please God to Call Doe make Constitute ordaine and appoint and hereby doe declare this my Last will and Testament in maner and form following Reuokeing and Annulling by these Presents all and Euery Testament and Testaments Will and Wills heretofore by me made and declared Either by word or Wrighting/ and this Is to be taken only for my Last will and testament and none other and first being penitent from the bottom of my hart for my Sins Past most humbley Desiring forgiunesse for the Same I giue and Commit my Soul unto Allmighty God my Sauiour and Redeemer In whoome and by the merrits of Iesus Christ I Trust and beleue Asuredly to be Saued and to haue full Remission and forgiueness of all my Sins and that my body at ye Generall day of Resurection Shall arise againe with Joy and there in the merrits of Christs Death and passion possess and Inherit the Kingdom of heauen prepared for his Elect and Chosen./ and my body to be buried in a deasent maner where it shall Please my Executor heareafter named to apoynt And now for the Setleing of my Temporall Estate and Such goods Chattels and Debts as it hath pleased god to bestow vpon me I doe order giue & Dispose the same in maner and form following that is to say first I will that all those debts and duties as I owe in Right and Conscience to any person or persons whatsoeuer shall be well and truly Contented and paid or secured to be paid within Conuenient time after my Decease by my Exeeutor hereafter named Shall be paid out of my whole Estate/

Item I giue and bequeath vnto my beloued wife whatsoeuer was her former husbands Nicholas Follets as allsoe one of my best beds and furniture belonging vnto it and two Chests and Eight pounds in Siller Curant Money of New: England to be paid out of the whole Estate moreouer I giue vnto my Said wife one third of all the Indian Corn that Shall be left after my decease/ 2ly/ I will that those that Shall Enjoy my houseing Lands and Stock Shall pay vnto my sd wife Twelue pounds in money yearly for her mainteenance duering her Life

3ly: All my other Estate whether in moueables as beding money granery or whatsoeuer Else not before giuen I will that it Shall be Equaly diuided between my own Children and Children in Law vizt/ John nason Ioseph nason Benjamin nason Baker nason Sarah Child Mary Witham Nicholas Follet and Sarah Meader

And I doe herein nominate ordayne and appoynt my son Benjamin nason and Nicholas Follet to be my Executors both or Either of them in Case of Mortallity or absence att sea In Testimony whereof I haue unto this my will put my hand and Seale this fourteenth day of July one thousand Six hundered ninety and four and in ye Sixth yeare of ye Reign of our Soueraign Lord and Lady/ King William & Queen Mary ouer England Scotland france and Ireland Defendrs of ye faith.
Richard (his mark) Nason (his seal)

Signed & Sealed
In presents of us
John Tucker
Obediah Morse
Henry Crown notary Publick for this Prouince New Hampsr
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
WILL of RICHARD NASON, 28 Dec 1695 - inventory 4 Jan 1696-7: Be it known to all Christian people to whome this present writing may concern that I Richard Nason of the Town of Kittery in the Prouince of Maine in New England Doe make this present writting as an Addition to my former Will this 28th of Decembr 1695. And in the Seuenth year of his Majesties Reign/ which was forgotten at the making of my will.

Primus That is to Say all the prouisions of all Sorts and kinds whasoeuer that Shall be left and Dry at my Deseas I doe giue and bequith to Abigall my wife and all the Rents that Shall be due at my Deseas I doe giue unto her if God Shall take me away before her 2ly I also doe giue to her the least Iron pott which is to Say the midleng pott and the least brass Cittell with all that she brought with her when I tooke her to be my wedded wife as alsoe the bruing vessells and a Cople of washing Tubs and spoons & platters and Chars for her one use with other Nessesary things fit for her one use/ And if it should please God that my Son ffollett do not return from the Seas then I doe giue my other Son John Meader full power to Act with my Son Benjamin Nason about my Estate And I doe giue to my wife all the money that shall be left after Charges are mad good for my buriall for her tender Care ouer me in my Sickness/ this being my last Desire as an Addition to my former will I haue Set to my hand and Seall this 28th of Decemr 1695 And in the Seuenth year of our Majesties Reign
Richard (his mark) Nason (his seal)

Joseph Smith
Martha Lord
Thomas Butler

Recorded March 15th 1696-7, Two Inventories: the first of 9:9:0, returned 4 Jany 1696-7 by William Pitman and Joseph Hill, as being "in New Hampshire": the second 12 March 1696-7, by Peter Grant and Jno Keiay, appraisers, at 31:12:06.
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Notes for Sarah* BAKER
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
daughter of John BAKER and Sarah WALL
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[poss child] CHARLES? Had a grant in 1669. Will made about 1698 and indexed, but lost. [ref 33:625]
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