genealogy of Patty Rose



Genealogy of Patty Rose

Name Thomas* SPINNEY
Birth abt 1630, Manchester, England20
Death 31 Aug 1701, Kittery, York, Maine20,33
Marriage bef 1652, Kittery, York, Maine
Spouse Margery* RANDALL
Birth 7 Oct 1630, Tharston, Norfolk, England
Death aft 23 Mar 1694, Kittery, York, Maine
Other Spouses William NORMAN
1 F Hannah SPINNEY
Birth abt 1652, Kittery, York, Maine
Death aft 170246
Spouse Samuel FERNALD
Marriage abt 1674, Kittery, York, Maine46
2 M Samuel SPINNEY
Birth abt 1658, Kittery, York, Maine22
Death bef 22 Mar 1737/38, Kittery, York, Maine22
Spouse Elizabeth KNIGHT
Marriage 26 Sep 1687, Kittery, York, Maine22,33
Spouse Margaret SHEPARD
Marriage 27 Sep 1708, Kittery, York, Maine22
Spouse Mrs. Mary RICE
Marriage 1731, Kittery, York, Maine22
Spouse Jane McCLURE
Marriage 26 Sep 1734, Kittery, York, Maine22
Birth abt 1662, Kittery, York, Maine22
Death bef 18 Feb 1724/25, Kittery, York, Maine33
Spouse Grace DENNETT
Marriage Kittery, York, Maine
4 M Thomas SPINNEY
Birth abt 1665, Kittery, York, Maine22
Death aft 1732, Kittery, York, Maine22
Spouse Christiana, wife of Thomas Spinney
Marriage abt 1700, Kittery, York, Maine
Birth abt 1668, Kittery, York, Maine22
Death abt 1705, Kittery, York, Maine33
Spouse Mary* DIAMOND
Marriage 1689, Kittery, York, Maine
Notes for Thomas* SPINNEY
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son of Samuel SPINNEY and Elizabeth KNIGHT
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SPINNEY, Thomas, weaver, Kittery, ag. 67 in Nov. 1697, first seen when John Webster wit. ag. him and Margerie, late w. of Wm. Norman, in N.H. ct. 30 Sep 1651. She was orig. Margery Randall and soon became his wife. A tradition was pub. in 1863 to the effect that the first Spinney here was b. near Manchester, England., went to Wapping Stairs near London, shipped as a fisherman for the No. Am. coast and was carried thence to the Piscat. by a Capt. Fernald, 1630. Kittery constable 1636. A wit. in 1638 (Edw. Melcher and the Websters). Gr. of 200 a. on both sides of Great Cove, afterw. Spinney's Cove, in 1659; Gr.j. 1660, 1666 (did not appear), 1670, 1688, 1692-3, 1695, 1698-9; ferry lic. 1668, 1671; selectman 1674. Margery was liv. 23 Mar. 1694, but not in will, 9 Jul - 23 Sept. (d. 31 Aug.) 1701, naming ch. and 2; wit. by Thomas and Mary Fernald. Ch: Hannah, Samuel, James, Thomas, John. [ref 22]
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THOMAS, Kittery 1652, submit. then to Mass. was constable 1656, d. 31 Aug. 1701 [ref 20]
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Thomas Spinney signed the submission of 1652. He married Margery. Perhaps it was Margery Randall about 1651. Had a grant of 200 acres in 1659 and lived at the end of Eliot Neck. He is called a weaver in 1669. He died 31 Aug. 1701. Children: Mary, Hannah, Samuel, James, Thomas, John. [ref 33:740]
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SPINNEY, Thomas, yoeman, Kittery, took oath of allegiance to Mass. govt. 16 Nov. 1652. Bought land of John Lymonds 23 July, 1669. Will dated 9 July, 1701, prob. 23 Sept. following; "aged and very weak"; beq. to sons Samuel, James, Thomas, and John, daughter Hannah (wife fo Nathaniel) Fernald, and grandchildren Mercy and Margery, (daus. of son John) and others. [ref 44:196]
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16 Nov 1652 Thomas Spinney, yoeman, Kittery, took oath of allegiance of MA

31 AUG. 1699/00 "OUR BROTHER THO: Spinney deceased after half a year illness & swelling with the dropsie." [Journal of Rev. John Pike]

1671 court ordered that a highway be built from York to the house of Thomas Spinney

Kittery, 18 Dec. 1697. At the motion and request of Mr. Thomas Spinney layd out the northern bounds of his old lot in the Great Cove as also his addition at the Head thereof containing fifteen acres, and in running out the aforesaid bounds as they were shewed to me by the sd Thomas Spinney and John Spinney I find the land in controversie claimed by Mr Christian Remick and improved by Samll Spinney to fall within Mr Thomas Spinney bounds of his fifteen acre lot as is demonstrated in the figure.

Thomas Spinney, the ancestor of all the Spinneys on the American Continent as far as known, was no doubt descended from the one of that name who came from Normandy to England with William the Conqueror. The name according to English heraldry was three times knighted - first De Spiny; second Spiny; and third, Spinney. Thomas Spinney our first ancestor in New England, is said to have been born near Manchester, England, in 1620, the son of Samuel and Elizabeth (Knight) Spinney. When a young man Thomas Spinney went to Wapping Stairs, near London, and shipped to go, "cod hauling' to the Bay of Chaleur. From the fishing ground he was carried tothe piscataway, by a Capt. Fernaid and settled at Kittery. he is said to have been the first schoolmaster of the place. A tradition of the family is, that about thirty years after Thomas settled at Spinney's Neck, a man making an excursion in the woods, called at his house fro refreshment. In the course of conversation they found that they were of the same name and hat they were brothers, it being his brother James, who was an infant when he left home. Thomas Spinney had a grant of 200 acres which lay on both sides of the Great Cove, later called "Spinney's Cove," at the end of what is now called Eliot Neck. Here he built his house and there he lived the rest of his life. In a legal document of the date of 1669, he is called "Thomas Spinney, weaver." In 1651, Mr. Spinney married Margory, who is said to be the daughter of Richard Randall, mariner, who was first of Boston. He removed to Saco as early as 1659, and later was of Dover; wife Elizabeth. [The Yarmouth Hearld, Tuesday 30 September, 1930 No.116]
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WILL OF THOMAS SPINNEY, 9 Jul 1701 - 23 Sep 1701:

I Thomas Spinney of Kittery in the County of Yorke in the Prouince of the Masachusets Bay in New England yeoman, being aged and uery weak and Infirm in body but by the mercy of God, of Perfect Mind Memory and calling to Mind the Mortallity of My body, not knowing how soon it may please god to remoue me hence Do make and ordain this my last Will and Testament hereby revoking all former and other Wills at any time by me made either by word or Writing. That is to Say. Principally and first of all.

I recomend my soul to god my blessed Creator and my body to the Earth to be buried in such Decent and Christian manner as to my Executor hereafter Named shall Seem meet, not doubting but at the General resurection to receiue the same again by the mighty power of God/ and touching such worldly Estate wherewith it hath pleased god to bless me in this life I giue Devise and dispose of the same in the following manner and forme

Imprs I giue and bequeath unto my well beloued son Samuel Spinney one feather bed bolster two pillows two blankets one rug one bedsted standing now in the Chamber ouer the Hall and the sett of Curtains & vallts that now belongs to it; I also giue him all my wearing Clothes both Wollen and linnen, Except my best coat and hatt, with a confirmation of fifteen Acres of land formerly to him given as by Deed of Gift may appear

2dly I giue and bequeath unto my well beloued son James Spinney one Yoake of oxen, one Cow & four Ewe sheep.

3dly I giue and bequeath unto my welbeloved son Thomas Spinney, my best Wearing Coat & best hatt, and fiue pounds in money.

4dly I giue and bequeath unto my wellbeloved son John Spinney all the land which had in Exchange, of my Daughter Hannah Fernald and Nathaniel Fernald, also twen ty acres of land on the back side of the Great Coue lying betwene the land of Samuel Spinney and the land of Nathaniel Fernald which was formerly purchased of Mr Richard Jose, I do also giue unto my said son John all my Houshold stuff and other my psonal Estate Except what I haue giuen to any other in this my Will

5dly I giue unto my Daughter Hannah Fernald three pounds in money, one pair of Sheets and my largest Bible,

6dly I giue and bequeath unto my Grand Children each of them one shillings g in money.

7ly I giue and bequeath unto my two grand Daughters namly Mercy and Margery, all my Pewter that belongs to the Shelues in my Hall, two brass Candlesticks, one cupboard, & one table which stands in the Chamber ouer Sd Hall to be Equally divided betwene them by my son John Spinney their Father when they ariue to ye age of Eighteen years or be marryed, and if it soe happen that either of them should die before they come to age or be marryed, Then the whole to be the Survivrs.

8ly I do make ordain and constitute my welbeloued son John Spinney aforesd, my onely and sole Executor of this my last Will and Testament and doe hereby Will and require him my sd Executor in all things faithfully to dispose of all and singular ye sum or sums of money goods or Chattels mentioned and by me given in this my Will, and also to pay all my Just Debts wherein I stand obleiged; In Witness whereof I the sd Thomas Spinney have hereunto set my hand and seal this Ninth day of July, In the Thirteenth year of the Reigne of our Soveraign Lord William the third King ouer England &c: and in the year of our Lord one Thousand Seaven Hundred and one.
Tho: Spinney (his seal)

Signed & sealed and Published
In presence of vs
Thomas Fernald
Mary (her mark) Fernald
Jos: Hamond Judg of Probate &c:

Recorded 23 Sept. 1701
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Notes for Margery* RANDALL
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daughter of Richard RANDALL and Parnell FAWCETT; siblings Thomas c1635-1688 and Mary 1630-1693 both born Tharston, Norfolk, England

Margery Randall -- divorced wife of William Norman.

[marriage to William NORMAN was declaired illegal, their child is called Mary SPINNEY in most sources]
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