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Rose (1), 1794
Type: Hired Cutter ; Armament 10
Hired : 1794 ; Disposal date or year : 13 Oct 1800
Disposal Details : taken by two Dutch gun vessels in the River Ems.

3 Oct 1797 arrived Yarmouth from off the Texel to victual and store etc.

9 Oct 1797 departed from Yarmouth for the Texel. 11 Oct 1797 engaged the Dutch fleet in what was to be known as the Battle of Camperdown (Admiral Duncan).

21 Feb 1798 prize money resulting from the sale of Dutch ships captured on the 11 Oct 1797 due for payment.

1 Jan 1799 CO : Lt W Frissell ; stationed : North Sea (N.C.).

20 Apr 1799 Rose, Master Richard Stevenson, recaptured the Schooner Fortitude and her Cargo. 2 Oct 1799 paid salvage arising from the recapture of the schooner Fortitude and her cargo.

Circa Jul 1799 salvage monies due to the officers and crew of the Rose, Master Richard Stevenson, resulting from the re-capture of the packet Sprightly, of Berwick, and the brigantine Lord Salton, of Abserdeen, ready for payment.

13 Aug-Oct 1799 employed on expedition to Holland.

28 Aug 1799 capture of the Dutch hulks Drotchterland and Brooderschap, and the ships Helder, Venus, Minerva, and Hector, in the New Diep, in Holland.

The following appeared in the London Gazette :
Leith, December 20, 1799.
Notice is hereby given to the Offcers and Ship's Company of HM Hired Armed Cutter Rose, Richard Stevenson, Esq., Commander, that an Account of the Sales of the Four French Fishing Vessels Balthazar, Stadt Flemsburg, Blanckaneze, and De Zee Lust, captured by the said Cutter in the Months of July and August last, will be lodged in the Registry of the High Court of Admiralty in Scotland, agreeable to Act of Parliament. Ramsay, Williamson, and Co. Agents for the Captors.

11 Jul 1800 captured the Stadt Copenhagen, Stadt Arundahl, and Charlotta Henrietta, Richard Stevenson, commander.

31 Jul 1801 captured the Stadt Elsigneur, Christianus, and Aspacia, Richard Stevenson, commander. [I appreciate that there appears to be a contradiction here, in that the vessel had been captured by this date, and was a prize herself, to the Dutch, but this is what appears in the London Gazette : one wonders if the year might not have been 1800 taking into account the earlier captures ?

21 Sep 1801 prize money resulting from the captures on the 11 and 31 Jul 1800 due for payment at Great Yarmouth.

24 Feb 1802 prize money resulting from the capture of the Dutch hulks Drotchterland and Brooderschap, and the ships Helder, Venus, Minerva, and Hector due to be paid.

17 Nov-30 Dec 1802 this cutter entitled to prize money resulting from the expedition to Holland due for payment as this cutter appears to be employed in the North Sea whilst the other cutter is employed in the Channel and on the coast of France.