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Success, 1825
Type: 6th rate ; Armament 28
Launched : 31 Aug 1825 ; Disposal date or year : 1849
BM: 504 tons

8 Jan 1827 departed Sydney with the colonial cutter Currency, to form a settlement in King George's Sound.

15 Jun 1828 at Madras.

15 Oct 1829 reported to be in New South Wales.

29 Nov 1829 ashore in Cockburn Sound, W Aus. ; eventually warped off after being lightened : temporary repairs made. By 1831 she was in Bombay, whence she returned to the UK to be docked.

22 Jan 1831 it was reported that she was to be sold or broken up in India, but as above, she was brought home to the UK, meanwhile Capt. Jervoise and his the crew were reported to be bringing the Calcutta, 84, (new) from Bombay, back to the UK.

15 Jan 1831 has been repaired at Freemantle, Western Australia, and departed for India.

21 Feb 1831 departed Madras on a cruise.

28 Feb 1831 arrived Ceylon from Madras.

Circa middle of March, 1831, the Southampton, Cruizer, Success, and Satellite, were to sail from Trincomalee for Bombay, to fit out the Calcutta, new teak ship, 80 guns. The squadron was in excellent health, and was to touch at Pondicherry.

9 Apr 1831 arrived at Bombay.

25 Nov 1831 arrived Portsmouth, from Madras (17 Jul), Cape of Good Hope (25 Sep), St. Helena (13 Oct), and Ascension (19 Oct), Capt. Jervoise, in command.

26 Nov 1831 at Spithead.

16 Dec 1831 was paid off and laid up in ordinary at Portsmouth.

29 Dec 1832 has been slated in to be docked 3 Jan for repair.

4 Jan 1833 docked at Portsmouth.

12 Sep 1833 undocked.

20 Mar 1835 receiving ship at Portsmouth.

24 Apr 1840 Portsmouth towed to Spithead to commence operations on the wreck of the Royal George.

9 May 1840 Assistant Surgeon R. J. Rogers (additional) appointed to Victory, for service in the Success hulk.

9 May 1840 Portsmouth, It is still the intention to explode the large cylinder of 2,400 lb. of gunpowder, on Monday next, on the wreck of the Royal George if the necessary preparations can be completed, which is doubtful, by that time. Should it take place, notice thereof will be given two hours previously, by red flags being hoisted on board the Success hulk and the Lumps.

13 Jun 1840 Assistant-Surgeon J. W. Roberts, appointed additional, to the Victory, for the Success hulk.

1 May 1841 Portsmouth, The Success hulk has been taken out to Spithead, to resume operations on the wreck of the Royal George.

29 Oct 1841 Portsmouth, the Success hulk, and her two attendant lighters, which have been engaged in clearing the wreck of the Royal George, came into harbour to be laid up for the winter.

Feb 1842 receiving [accommodation] ship at Portsmouth.

2 May 1842 towed out of harbour to assist with the recovery of the remainder of the wreck of the Royal George under the supervision of Maj. Gen. Pasley of the Royal Engineers.

31 Oct 1842 with the mooring lighters has been taken back into harbour from for the winter following the summer's operations on the wreck of the Royal George at Spithead. 103 tons of pig iron ballast has been recovered, which is probably thought to leave about 23 tons to be salvaged next year. Similarly 11 tons of shot has been salvaged along with 18,100 cubic feet of timber.

20 Dec 1848 at Portsmouth.