Port Toulouse

Port Toulouse

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Once there was a place, and that place drew many people. Each of those people left a story in that place....

Stories they made, marked and lived - through memory, discovery, work, prayer and play.

Some had the first stories of that place.
And the land shaped their stories, in silence, speech and song.

Some spoke into the new stories of that place
The old stories they brought with them.

Some of the stories of the place changed so completely
That all that remained of the old were the names
And the faces the people wore through the generations
And their realities and dreams
And their struggles and triumphs.

Not all the stories can be heard,
But it is worth listening to as many as you can
So that you may understand your own story that much better.

Adopted from Multicultural Association of Nova Scotia

Copyright June 2004, All Rights Reserved