Georgia Legions

Georgia Legions
A legion is usually composed of artillery, cavalry, and infantry companies.  It is in essence a small army.  T.R.R. Cobb tried to carry the concept of a legion to its logical end.  Originally Cobb's legion was composed of a cavalry battalion and an infantry battalion.  In order to make Cobb's Legion a true legion he had the Troup Artillery attached to Cobb's Legion, but he learned a hard lesson.  An army can only move as rapidly as its slowest unit.  This meant that Cobb's Legion moved like an artillery unit.  To rectify the situation he had the artillery transferred out of his legion.  In Georgia the usual composition of a legion was a battalion of cavalry and a battalion of infantry.

Cherokee Legion, Georgia State Guards
Col. James E. Rusk


Co. A Cherokee Rangers Patrick H. Brewster Cherokee
Co. B Milton Cavalry J. J. Sentell Milton
Co. C Cherokee Lincoln Killers W. W. Worley Cherokee
Co. D W. H. Dean
Joseph McConnell
Co. E W. W. Harris Forsyth


Co. A Cherokee Revengers Newton J. Perkins Cherokee
Co. B Canton Infantry John B. Garrison
Jesse B. Langston
Co. C Cherokee Home Guards William T. Dowds Cherokee
Co. D Cherokee Repellers James L. Harris Cherokee
Co. E Cherokee Volunteers A. J. Covington Cherokee
Co. F Salacoa Silver Grays Henry P. Fuller Cherokee
Co. G Cherokee Stone Walls John L. Worley Cherokee
Co. H Thomas J. Edwards Cherokee
Co. I Pickens Raid Repellers James Bruce Cherokee
This company was originally designated as Co. A, 16th Battalion Georgia Cavalry, State Guards, but there is not information available to suggest it ever surved as such.
Co. K Forsyth Mounted Grays Hubbard Barker
Thomas J. Pilgrim
This legion was organized in July 1863 to serve for six months as local defence.

Cobb's Legion, Georgia Volunteers
Col. Thomas Reade Rootes Cobb


Troup Artillery Marcellus Stanley
Henry H. Carlton
This company was mustered into service as a part of the 2nd Regiment Georgia Infantry. It appears to have been relieved from duty with the regiment and made an independent company. It was later transferred to Cobb's Georgia Legion by order of the Secretary of War around 13-15 December 1861. It was later relieved from duty from this command and subsequently was attached to Cabell's Battalion, Artillery, which was a temporary organization composed of batteries from several States.


Col. Pierce Manning B. Young
Col. Gilbert J. Wright

The infantry and cavalry battalions were ordered to be seperated into distinct organizations and raised to regimental strength by S.O.#87 (10 April 1863).  It doesn't appear that this order was carried out although the cavalry battalion was increased to regimental strength.  S.O.#161 (11 July 1864) directed the cavalry regiment was to be designated the 9th Regiment Georgia Volunteer Cavalry; However, it appears that the cavalry continued to serve as a part of Cobb's Legion without change of designation.

Co. A Richmond Hussars, Co. A Thomas P. Stovall
Thomas B. Archer
Co. B Fulton Dragoons, Co. A Benjamin Cudworth Yancey
Zachariah A. Rice
Oliver H. P. Juhan
John H. Burr
Co. C Deloney's Cavalry
Georgia Troopers, Co. A
William G. Deloney
Thomas C. Williams
Co. D Dougherty Hussars W. J. Lawton
Gilbert J. Wright
C. H. Camfield
Samuel D. Bostick
Co. E Roswell Troopers Barrington S. King
William C. Dial
Cobb, Gwinnett
Co. F Grubb's Hussars Malcolm D. Jones
R. Bill Roberts
Co. G Fulton Dragoons, Co. B William M. Williams Fulton
Co. H Georgia Troopers, Co. B Jeremiah E. Ritch Clarke
Co. I Richmond Hussars, Co. B J. Jeff Thomas
William B. Young
Fulton, Richmond
Co. K Richmond Dragoons F. Edgeworth Eve Richmond
The only muster site I have been able to find for this company is Camp Maynard, VA; however, post war writings associate this company with Augusta, GA.
Co. L Alpheus M. Rodgers DeKalb


Col. Thomas Reade Rootes Cobb
Lt. Col. Guther J. Glenn
Co. A Lamar Infantry Jefferson M. Lamar
William D. Conyers
Charles H. Sanders
Co. B Bowen Volunteers Charles A. McDaniel
William W. McDaniel
Carroll, DeKalb
Co. C Stephens' Rifles Luther J. Glenn
Moses F. Liddell
Aaron C. Grier
Co. D Mell Rifles
Mell Volunteers
Thomas Camak
William A. Winn
James F. Wilson
Co. E [Burke] Poythress Volunteers W. S. C. Morris
Thomas Berrien Cox
R. McPherson Whitehead
Milton A. Brown
Co. F Carroll Boys
[T.R.R. Cobb] Invincibles
William F. S. Powell
George W. Moore
Carroll, Gordon
Co. G Panola Guards Gazaway B. Knight
Joel C. Barnett
Charles W. Baldwin
Cobb's Legion was organized 5 August 1861 for the duration of the war.  The infantry and cavalry battalions were ordered to be seperated into distinct organizations and raised to regimental strength by S.O.#87 (10 April 1863).  It doesn't appear that this order was carried out although the cavalry battalion was increased to regimental strength.  

Floyd Legion, Georgia State Guards
Col. James G. Yeiser
Co. A James H. Lawrance Floyd
Co. B Cave Spring Mounted Infantry Jackson Trout Floyd
Co. C Rome Cavalry Samuel D. Wragg Floyd
Co. D Floyd Rangers A. A. Terhune Floyd
Co. E Floyd Cavalry Marcellus L. Frankman Floyd
Co. F Chulic Mounted Infantry John A. Taliaferro Floyd
Co. G Polk Mounted Infantry Henty F. Wimberly Polk
Co. H Polk Volunteers Stephen A. Borders Polk
Co. I Forrest Artillery Charles Oliver Stillwell Floyd
Co. K Paulding Infantry James B. Dean Paulding
This legion was organized in August 1863 to serve for six months as local defence.  The units was disbanded in February 1864.

Phillips' Legion, Georgia Volunteers
Col. William Phillips


Lt. Col. William W. Rich
Lt. Col. Jefferson C. Phillips
Co. A Governor's Horse Guards
DuBignon Cavalry
Charles DuBignon
James H. Nichols
Cobb, Hall
Co. B Cherokee Cavalry
Johnson Rangers
William W. Rich
John F. Milhollin
Thomas G. Wilkes
Bartow, Cobb
Co. C Cherokee Dragoons William B. C. Puckett
E. C. Hardin
Co. D Coweta Rangers Robert Leeper Young Long
John B. Willcoxon
Hugh Buchanon
Co. E Bibb Cavalry S. S. Dunlap
A. F. Hunter
Co. F W. W. Thomas Carroll, Coweta,
Henry, Newton
Co. G Richmond Dragoons F. Edgeworth Eve Richmond
Compiled service records indicate that this company was transferred from Cobb's Georgia Legion; however, all post war writings associate Capt. Eve with Cobb's Legion.  There is no indication in post war writings that this company was actually transferred to Phillips' Legion.


Lt. Seaborn Jones
Lt. Col. Robert Thomas Cook
Lt. Col. Joseph Hamilton
Lt. Col. Elihu Sandy Barclay
Co. A Greene Rifles Phillip B. Robertson
Oliver P. Daniel
Frederic C. Fuller
Daniel B. Sanford
Co. B Dalton Guards Robert T. Cook
Thomas Hamilton
Co. C Habersham Rifles
Habersham County Volunteers
Elihu Sandy Barclay
John S. Norris
Alexander Smith Erwin
Co. D Polk Rifles Henry Frank Wimberly
John L. Dodd
Co. E Blue Ridge Rifles Joseph Hamilton
William H. Barber
Hardy D. Price
Jesse M. McDonald
Co. F Lochrane Guards Jackson Barnes
Patrick McGovern
Co. L Blackwell Volunteers James M. Johnson
James Fletcher Lowry
Co. M Denmead Volunteers James F. McCleskey
Samuel Y. Harris
The nickname for this company was discovered by Kurt Graham while he was examining Captain McCleskey's letter of resignation from 1863.
Co. O Marrietta Guards Thomas K. Sproull
Henry J. McCormack
Bartow, Cobb
This legion was organized 11 June 1861 with a cavalry battalion of four companies, and an infantry battalion of six companies.  In May and June two companies of cavalry and three of infantry were added.  In March 1863 S.O.#104 (Headquarters, Army of Northern Vrginia) dissolved the connection between the two battalions and each acted as independent units without change of designation.  Some of the information about this unit was furnished by Kurt Graham.

Smith's Legion, Georgia Partisan Rangers
Col. Sumner J. Smith


Co. D Joel Cicero Fain Union
Stiff's Co. L. M. Stiff Polk
Co. G John R. Hart Floyd
Anderson's Co. Blood Mountain Tigers Joshua Anderson Union
Ralston's Co. Samuel M. Ralston Gilmer
Standridge's Co. Towns Rangers George W. Standridge Towns


Co. A Jacob W. Pearcy Gilmer
Co. B Gilmer Light Guard Samuel F. Williams Gilmer
Co. C Andrew H. Morris Fannin
Co. D Dixie Rangers John H. Craven Union
Co. F R. H. Moore Floyd
Co. K Benjamin F. Brown Habersham
This legion was organized 21 May 1862 was the 1st Georgia Partisan Rangers.  The name was changed to Smith's Legion, Georgia Partisan Rangers on 1 July 1862.  In March 1863 the cavalry battalion became the 6th Regiment Georgia Volunteer Cavalry, and the infantry battalion became the 65th Regiment Georgia Volunteer Infantry.

Wright's Georgia Legion
See the 38th Regiment Georgia Volunteer Infantry.