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The following entries are from the guestbook.  I have changed the e-mail addresses so that they can't be snatched by e-mail spammers -- to e-mail the individuals, you'll have to type in the @ that I have replaced with an image in the addresses.  I've also combined a few entries by the same people -- and made note of that in the Comments section of those entries.

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Name: Nancy Corwin Hogan:    npcorwin00
Date: 2004-04-30
Ancestor Name(s) William Swann
Date(s) & Location(s) Born 1599 in england; patented land in Jamestowne around 1635
I have done extensive research on my line of the Virginia Swann family-William, Col. Thomas, Capt. Thomas, Major Thomas, Mary Ann Swann (Mrs. Josiah Thompson), Chancellor Waddy Thompson, Sr. (Greenville,S.C.), General/Congressman Waddy Thompson, Jr. (S.C. and Fla.). This has enabled my membership in the Jamestowne Society. I have no children and would be delighted to share this work with others who would value it. Likewise, I am still learning about my illustrious family and would like to know more. I am the 11th generation from William.

Name: Richard P Edwards Jr :     DEFE
Date: 2004-04-16
Ancestor Name(s) Benjamin Finney
Date(s) & Location(s) Born 6/13/1775 in Amelia county
I note the reference to Benjamin Finney and his wife Lucretia in the information on Glenmore.Her maiden name was Lucretia Jones deGraffenried from Lunenburg county and at the time of their marriage she was only 15. She was in the direct line of the deGraffenrieds that were involved in settling New Bern NC in 1710. Benjamin and Lucretia moved to Abbeville SC shortly after the settlement noted in 1798. She had two sisters living there that had married brothers of the Vice President John C Calhoun. The marriage produced 12 births but 13 offsprings the last birth was twins, The twins were born 2/28/1824. Benjamin died 6/19/1826. Leaving Lucretia with a load of children. Her son William Cary Finney that was born 1/14/1803 assumed leader ship of the family. This information on births and deaths came from Lucretia's Bible. William Cary Finney married Martha Worsham. Martha inherted land in the 1830 time frame back in Amelia county the family moved back to Amelia about 1835. Then removed to Fayette county Tennessee. William Cary Finney is recorded as buying land there in 1837. Out of the 13 children 5 lived to grow up and marry. All 5 were documented in Fayette county TN in 1850. I am from the twin Martha Ann Finney that was born in 2/1824 she was my Great Grand Mother she died in Fayette county 9/25/1900. She had married Josheph Harrison Edwards in Fayette county Tn in 1844. The two are buried in Rohobeth Cemetery in District 15 Fayette county TN. Other names associated with the Finneys that I have questions about are Cary, Page, & Punch. My wife and I visited Amelia county a while back and was impresseed with the local library and the room that was maintained there with family information. I have outlined a lot of information herein I have proof of all the information and did document Benjamin's father William as a patriot during the revolution. I will share any information I have with any interested party.

Name: Eugenia Woods Weathewrsby :     eugenia
Date: 2004-04-10
Ancestor Name(s) Isreal Brown Smith
Date(s) & Location(s) 1830-1850 Maury Co. TN--1850+ Shelby Co.TN
He was my great great grandfather. He married Olley Robinson
and had one child Sarah Melinda who married William Bartlett in Shelby Co. TN. Do you know who his parents were?
Thank you.


Name: Steve Moody :     jsmoody
Date: 2004-04-09
Ancestor Name(s) Moody, Perkinson, Southall, Goode, Cheatham, Wilkerson, Wilkinson, Gage, Fitzgerald.
Date(s) & Location(s) 1790's - current, Dinwiddie and Chesterfield Counties, VA
Link to Your Web Page
We share a lot of surnames. I have quite a lot of information on some of the families you have on your site.
Very nice site by the way, very well done!


Name: Garry C Henderson :     gh79852
Date: 2004-04-07
Ancestor Name(s) James C. Henderson, b. April 1828 in S. Carolina, m. Nancy Arthur; son Thomas Henderson,m. Sarah Cook
Date(s) & Location(s) James b. April 1828, d. July 1867 in Georgia.
Our family bible has disappeared, so we are working from memory trying to trace great great great granfather James C. Henderson's ancestors. If you have information, would appreciate. Have some info on his decendants to my father Loyd T. Henderson. Thank you...GH

Name: Daphne Humphrey :     hhhumphrey
Date: 2004-04-03
Ancestor Name(s) William Ridgway
Date(s) & Location(s) 1776 Sumter, NC
I am trying to find out where William came from and who his parents were. Daphne

Name: Paul Mannon :     mpmannon6900
Date: 2004-04-02
Ancestor Name(s) Maggie Shields, Daniel Shields- children of Michael Shields
Date(s) & Location(s) 1870-1908- Philadelphia, Pa.
Does anyone have information on this family in the Philadelphia, Pa area? Margaret or Maggie Shields married Josiah Black.

Name: Melissa :     mspvw
Date: 2004-04-02
I really like the way you have organized and controlled your site. It is a good model. I especially like the way you have set up a log and your Angel page. Melissa

Name: Ella :     elawson
Date: 2004-04-01
Ancestor Name(s) Magdalene Wilson Shepherd
Date(s) & Location(s) born in Ramsey Virgina aroun 1879
Magdalene ( Maggie ) Wilson was suppose to have been born around 1879 in Ramsey Virgina and married my grandfather ( Alexander Shepherd )in Virgina around the very late 1890's or 1900. She died at a young age and so did my father so I am having a very hard time finding any info on her.

Name: Chris Lawyer :     DorisLawyer
Date: 2004-03-31
Ancestor Name(s) George W Shields
Date(s) & Location(s) Borned on 6/29/1917 Amsterdam, NY
George W Shields son of Robert J Shields & Cora Belle Wilsey Shields

Name: Edwin Johnson :     wejohns132
Date: 2004-03-30
Ancestor Name(s) Adam Jones m. Nancy Harrison
Date(s) & Location(s) 4/17/1782 in Amelia Co. VA
any decendants or anticedents to this patriot would be welcome. Ed J

Name: M Jerdone Davis :     Sassynonie
Date: 2004-03-25
Ancestor Name(s) Francis Jerdone and Maria Coleman Jerdone
Date(s) & Location(s) 1700's?? and 1800's
Link to Your Web Page
Hi-- Just found your site on the web. It's interesting to me all the "veins" of genealogy that are "out there" for families to research.

My family descended from the Tory, Francis Jerdone, who built Farmington in Charlottesville, Va (now a country club), Jerdone Castle and Mt. Stirling in Louisa Cty, Virginia. Maria Coleman Jerdone was actually my great-great-great grandmother. There were no male siblings to carry on the last name. So, Jerdone began to be a first name for her female descendants--who ended up in Memphis, Tn. My great aunt was named Maria Jerdone Kimbrough, as was my mother.

If you have any info on his line, it would be nice to have. I don't delve into this very much because of time, but I'm always interested. Thank you. Jerdone Davis


Name: Jack Sperry :     drjack
Date: 2004-03-24
Ancestor Name(s) Thomas C. Sperry
Date(s) & Location(s) passed away 6-5-1863
My Great Uncle passed away and buried in the Thornrose Cemetery, he was amember of the The Giles, Alleghany and Jackson Artillery, died of Typhoid Fever in Staunton Hospital. Would like to visit grave site, but in wheel chair.

Name: Troi Jeane Sweetland :     troi
Date: 2004-03-23
Ancestor Name(s) William, Antony, Aphrey, Martin and Hezakiah Epperson
Date(s) & Location(s) VA, TN, ILL, MO 1700'S TO LATE 1800'S
Hello, I am searching for Epperson/Appreson family information on individuals listed above. Any information or relative contact information would be so appreciated!

This is an awesome web site! I'm sure this has been a blessing to many people.

Troi Jeane


Name: Michelle Southall :     msouthall
Date: 2004-03-23
Ancestor Name(s) Dorsey , Myrtle, Paul, Elsie & Robert Southall
Thanks for putting this web site up I found some of my family's burial spaces I didn't realize anyone even knew this little church in Prospect VA existed

Name: Wade Schmidt :     dwschmidt
Date: 2004-03-23
Ancestor Name(s) Elizabeth East
Date(s) & Location(s) 1848 in East Feliciana Parish, La.
You have mentioned Elizabeth in your research coming from a source: "East Family Notes; The Early East Families of the Southeast USA". My great-grandmother was Dixie, a sister of Elizabeth. Could you tell us where we may obtain a copy of this book?

Name: Ginnie Singleton :     Ginnie0304
Date: 2004-03-22
Ancestor Name(s) Nunn
What a wealth of information you have here. But I did not seem to find the name Nunn in your information. So much to read, I am sure I just missed it. My Nunns were from Stokes Co., NC and Patrick Co., Virginia. Were your Nunns from here?

Name: David S. Rains :     drains1
Date: 2004-03-22
Ancestor Name(s) Robert Henry Anderson & Luna Roberts
Date(s) & Location(s) 1853 Madison County, NC
I am seeking information on the parents of Robert Henry Anderson. I believe him to be the son of Nathan Anderson of Madison County, NC. Robert married Luna Faye Roberts and had children named James Nathaniel, William, Katie, and others whose names I am not sure of. This particular Anderson family married into the Roberts and Metcalf families.

Name: Cindy Corell :     ccorell
Date: 2004-03-21
Ancestor Name(s) Corell
Date(s) & Location(s) Riverview Cemetery, Waynesboro, VA
My grandparents' gravestone is pictured on your website. When I looked at the other Corells you have listed, I don't recognize anyone. Can you tell me the link my grandparents, Andrew B. and Cynthia C. Corell, buried in Riverview Cemetery, Waynesboro, VA, have to the other Corells listed?

I'm not yet a geneaologist - just curious.

Thank you,

Cindy Corell


Name: Bernice Conover :     berniceconover
Date: 2004-03-18
Ancestor Name(s) African American Richard Gardner
Date(s) & Location(s) Born: 1857 Church Hill Community/Warren County,NC
I am looking for information on Richard and Lucy Gardner.
They had a grandson named James Virgal Gardner. I need to
know who was James Virgals' mother and father.Richard is
23 years old in 1880 but I do not see him listed in the
census in 1870. Please help with this one Gardner family.
I have all the other connections to the other African
American Gardners during the 1880's but can not find the
connection to Richard.


Name: Dale Shaw :     daleshawjr
Date: 2004-03-13
Ancestor Name(s) Lydia Elizabeth Jordan
Date(s) & Location(s) 1635/England-1707/Surrey Co, VA
Looking for the parents/ancestry of Lydia Elizabeth JORDAN, b. ca. 1635/England; d. ca. 1707/Surrey Co, VA. She was m. to William NORWOOD, b. ca. 1616/England; d. ca. 1702/Surrey Co, VA. Info I've seen mentions that she was in the will of Col. George JORDAN and was listed as a "god-child". Can anyone help me with any info on her parentage/ancestry? Thanks!

Name: Merel Pollard :     mbpoll
Date: 2004-03-11
Ancestor Name(s) George Pollard
Date(s) & Location(s) 1735 -16 miles NW Amelia County Courthouse, VA
I am looking for the family of George, wife,children,mother and father. Where did he come from? When was he born?

Name: cheryl w. terry :     sulkie2
Date: 2004-03-08
Ancestor Name(s) elizabeth east
thanks so much for the research you have done on the east family.i am researching it for the gradmother of my daughter-in-law who will be 85 this year.she is related to the east's,elkins',alexander's,garrett's(garrott)all of whom came from have an excellent site.

Name: Jane Griffith :     Janewaltwork
{sss note:  I tried this e-mail & didn't get reply - perhaps entered incorrect addy?}
Date: 2004-03-07
Ancestor Name(s) Arthurs and Dacons
Date(s) & Location(s) 1800's Arthurs- Bedford Va: Dacon 1700's Boston
Wow what a spectacular job you have done I had lots of this information in a jumbled up collection but you have really done a great job of pulling it together. I have the records of my connection to Greenville would gladly contribute them. Jane

Name: Marie Edgar :     rvance
Date: 2004-03-03
Ancestor Name(s) Richard Henry Butler
Date(s) & Location(s) Sullivan County, Indiana
Searching for Richard Henry Butlers parents. Richard Butler married Susan Baber and was listed in 1870 Census with Susan and children: William--Leanna---Catherine---Margaret---Mahalia--David--Daniel V---Lydia --Eva Lucinda---Joseph--and Charles E.--Moved to Missouri and some are listed in 1880 Census in Phelps and Pulaski Counties in Missouri.
Leanna married Lewis Standley---Margaret married ? Thurman and Berry Ratliff---Mahalia married ??Welty and Robert L. Windle---David married Catherine Warfel---Daniel V. marr. Nola Ellen Clark (we think)--Lydia marr John O'Brien---Eva Lucinda marr George W. Myers---Charles E. married Mary J. Williams. Any information would be appreciated.
Marie Edgar


Name: margie :     dwellwood
Date: 2004-02-28
Date(s) & Location(s) 1700'S-1800'S some may have been in Amelia county

{two entries combined into one}

Interested in reaching anyone researching any of these names

Name: margie :     dwellwood
Date: 2004-02-28
Date(s) & Location(s) 1600'S TO 1800'S in Amelia Dinwiddie surrounding counties
I'm interested in contacting anyone researching any of these families in Virginia

Name: chares brightwell :     ccbwell
Date: 2004-02-24
Ancestor Name(s) Samuel Brightwell-Francis Berry;Robert Nixon-Charlotte Walker
Date(s) & Location(s) Brightwell-Berry 1804,VA -1809GA Nixon-Walker; N..C- TN 1820
Other family names: McCaleb, Ashley of N.C.,TN.,TX
Ball, Cain, Delaney, Drummond, Gill, Jenkins, King, Martin, of VA, N.C., S.C., GA & TX


Name: Susan Hartzband :     Susnchg
Date: 2004-02-22
Ancestor Name(s) James Chick
Date(s) & Location(s) Born in 1834 (no known date or parents' name) Showed up in 1850 census as having lived in Ohio
Sir or Ma'am,
My name is Susan Hartzband, and I live in Cincinnati, Ohio. This past year, I have been researching my family's history and have traced it all the way back to my great-great-great grandfather James Chick who was born in 1834, died in Ohio, and was reported in the 1850 census as having lived in Ohio. Unfortunately, there is no record of his having been born in Ohio in 1834. However, we do know that one of his children moved to Virginia (we believe Amelia County).

Our "guess" at this time is that James was born in another state. We think the state was Virginia because there are some references to Virginia in the numerous documents we have researched. Furthermore, we know we have family from West Virginia, and since West Virginia used to be part of Virginia, we believe Virginia is where we might locate James Chick's parents.

I noticed on your website that a James Chick and his wife Elizabeth gave birth to a son James Chick in 1834 (please see below). This is where our trail stops cold.

We were wondering if you had any information regarding what happened to James Chick's son John James Chick who was born the same year as our ancestor in 1834 (we are hoping these are the same person). Could you please help us or point us in the right direction to somebody who might be able to help us?

Thank you for your time and consideration regarding this matter.

God Bless,

Susan Hartzband
(513) 575-0544

• ID: I6863
• Name: James A. Chick
• Sex: M
• Birth: 9 APR 1797 1

Marriage 1 Elizabeth Betsey Shepperson b: 24 NOV 1803
• Married: 6 NOV 1822 1
1. William Nathaniel Chick b: 17 MAR 1825
2. Mary Elizabeth Chick b: 31 OCT 1827
3. Angeline Allen Chick b: 17 AUG 1829
4. Jane Caldwell Chick b: 19 FEB 1832
5. John James Chick b: 8 APR 1834
6. Josiah Richard Chick b: 15 SEP 1836 in Appomattox Co., VA
7. Eugene Augusta Chick b: 2 MAY 1839
8. Charles B. Chick b: 3 MAY 1842


Name: Judy Faye Green Bolen :     cdb3mom
Date: 2004-02-22
Ancestor Name(s) Issac (Isaac) Anderson
Date(s) & Location(s) 1811 Tennessee
I am looking for information on Isaac Anderson, he married Catherine Shirley, birth and death of both are unknown. They are the parents of Thomas Shirley Anderson b. Nov. 23, 1811 Tennessee. Any information would be helpful. Thank you in advance. Judy Bolen

Name: Mary Louise Dunn :     loudunn
Date: 2004-02-22
Ancestor Name(s) John Henry Shields ( Belfast Nr Ireland)
Date(s) & Location(s) 1884-1958 Mallow & Belfast
I am looking for information on the death of Captain John Henry Shields M.C. who died in Belfast ???? He was my uncle and brother of my father Robert William Shields. They were the sons of John & Louisa Amelia Shields.

Name: Stacy Sohn :     stacysohn1
Date: 2004-02-17
Ancestor Name(s) Samuel Vannah Taylor/ Nathaniel Taylor : B..1803 or 1805
Date(s) & Location(s) born abt 1830-1840, York Town York Co.Va.
I wish ti inquire about how to secure information from the American Beacon and Norfolk and Porstmouth Daily Advertiser..Norfolk Virginia 1827. There are four articles that I need looked up. A ladytried for me at the LVA, they do not have them. She suggested I try Swem Library, College of William and Mary, I did, they have some issues but not the issues I specified. Any one have further suggestions, I really need to know what is in the articles. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Name: Beth Hunter :     beth
Date: 2004-02-16
Ancestor Name(s) David Gardner
Date(s) & Location(s) About 1848 to 1900 (Oswego & Sterling, New York)
David married Mary Jane Avery ( of the Groton's of Connecticut Avery's) daughter of Polly M. Fairchild and Christopher J. Avery. Mary born abt. 1848 (Oswego, NY) died 1898 (Sterling, NY). They had at least 2 children; Elmer Avery Gardner, born abt 1883 in New York and Grace Emeline, born July 1885 in New York.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.........


Name: Zelda :     sunflyer
Date: 2004-02-14
Ancestor Name(s) Foster,Booker,Walker,Townes
Date(s) & Location(s) Amelia County and Prince Edward County,VA.before 1820.
looking for the parents of my greatgrandfater and his
siblings.They are Richard Foster and Judith Walker married
in Amelia Co,VA.June 2,1775.
Richard is said to be the son of William "the Elder"Foster
and Ann Booker.
Any help much appreciated and will share.


Name: Robbie McBride :     two4tx
Date: 2004-02-14
Ancestor Name(s) John Winters
Date(s) & Location(s) b. abt. 1810
John's wife, Mary. child b. 1835,GA Lucy Caroline Winters.
Who were Caroline's parents?


Name: Penny Taylor :     taylorsseptic
Date: 2004-02-13
Ancestor Name(s) William T. Harper and Mary Frances Harper
Date(s) & Location(s) Prince Edward Co. maybe Rice area
Looking for info on this family, they are listed in 1860 census and they have 2 children William and unnamed girl just born--this would be Nannie Elizabeth born May 1860, they do have other children later: Victor, Tommie, Lelia and Mamie. Any info would be appreciated. Nannie Elizabeth married John James Moorefield Dec 17, 1890 in Prince Edward. They are buried at Appomattox PE Church in Tuggle. Thanks, Penny    taylorsseptic

Name: laverne raisch :     boblarai
Date: 2004-02-13
Ancestor Name(s) Branch, Christopher
Date(s) & Location(s) b 1602 Eng; m 1619 London; d c 1681, Surrey co VA
I am searching for info on Jane [unk] who married in Surrey co VA c 1654 to Wm Branch; m c 1672 - 1677 in Henrico Co VA to Wm Baugh, Jr; m aft 1683 in Henrico Co VA to Abell Gower; she d Dec 1710, Henrico Co VA- Her father may have been a Hatcher or a Byrd.

Name: Ed Ayres :     eayres
Date: 2004-02-12
Seeking information on John Gills and John Bolton/Boulton who are both listed in the Amelia Co. tax lists for 1882 and 1785.

Name: Bonnie Farley Gary :     bonniesfarley
Date: 2004-02-11
Ancestor Name(s) Martha BEASLEY, SC, b. ca 1810. Married Robert Swanzy
Date(s) & Location(s) M. Beasley Swanzy moved to MS, Lowndes Co., 1835
Looking for info re Martha BEASLEY, listed as Hardshell Baptist, b. ca 1810, m Robert SWANZY and moved to MS in 1835. Settled in Lowndes Co., MS, buried in Rowan Cemetery, near Columbus, Lowndes Co., MS

Name: Vi (Seay) McAllister :     Vmcall
Date: 2004-02-10
Ancestor Name(s) Seay, Wingo, Blackwell, Lewis
Date(s) & Location(s) Amelia Co., VA prior to 1800 then Spartenburg, SC 1801-1840
I have a great deal of information on the above surnames, but there is always that possibility that someone will have documentation on James Seay Sr. and who his father was for sure and where did they come from. Was the name ever spelled differently that anyone knows.

Name: Ned Foster :     nfoster
Date: 2004-02-08
At the top of the hill there is a large monument commemorating Confederate dead. Just downhill from there is a much smaller monument that honors Confederate dead from Augusta County. Since I am studying Virginia's county Confederate monuments, I am looking for information about this unusual marker. Do you know when it was dedicated? Who put it up? Is there a write-up on it anywhere that I can get hold of?

Maybe I should add that this monument was very difficult to find. In fact, I just stumbled on it while looking at the bigger memorial.

Here is what the inscription says:
In Memory
Of the
Confederate Soldiers
Staunton and Augusta
1861 – 1865
“Not for fame or reward, Not for place
or rank, Not lured by ambition, or goaded
by necessity, but in simple obedience to
duty, as they understood it, These men suf-
fered all sacrificed all, dared all – and died!
No stately abbey will ever cover their re-
mains. Their dust will never repose beneath
fretted or frescoed roof. No costly bronze
will ever blazon their names for posterity
to honor – but the Potomac and the Rappa-
hannock, the James and the Chickahominy,
the Cumberland and the Tennessee, The
Mississippi and the Rio Grande, as they run
Their long race from the mountains to the
Sea, will sing of their prowess forevermore


Name: Barb McGee :     BMcGeeKY
Date: 2004-02-07
Ancestor Name(s) SHIELDS, Archibald E.
Date(s) & Location(s) Illinois & Kentucky
Archibald E. SHIELDS married COMBS,Annie E.(Mrs.), March 7, 1883, Quincy,Adams Co., Ill.

They moved to Lexington, Fayette Co., KY.
Source: Herald
Date: September 8, 1939
Locations: p. 1, col. 4
Abstrect: Archibald E. Shields, 85, for many years operator of a grocery store, one of the organizers of the Bank of Commerce and at his death member of Board of Directors and financial committee died yesterday at the home of his niece, Mrs. Clarence Walker of 808 Aurora Ave.


Name: Char Cole :     charcole
Date: 2004-02-02
Ancestor Name(s) Clayton P. Carr
Date(s) & Location(s) about 1875, Arkansas
Clayton P Carr born about 1875, in Arkansas. Married to a Cherokee Indian, Nona Jane(?). She died soon after giving birth to my Grandfather, William A Carr, born,1896.
Clayton P Carr then married Jennie Sanders Heath (no date). They are listed in Scotts Co., Arkansas, 1910 Census. Clayton P Carr, age 35, hired man, in the household of James E Plummer. Clayton's father listed as born in TN, and mother born in AR.
Jennie Heath, age 22, sister, in the household of Winton K Sanders.
Appreciate any info. Thanks.


Name: Wilma Thornton :     stormywilma
Date: 2004-01-26
Ancestor Name(s) Ila Shields, Callie, Anna, Clingman, Andy, Jarett Shields
Date(s) & Location(s) lived in North Carolina in late 1800's early 1900
I am trying to locate any Shields Family that lived in North Carolina. My grandmother name was Ila Alice Shields born 07/04/1891.She married in Aqone North Carolina on 11/03/ 1907 to John Thomas (Harvey) Moore,She was born on 07/04/1891. They later moved to Grubbs, about 1915. She died at age 44 In 1936 in Grubbs Ar, she was buried in Ballews Chapel Cemetary. I know in 1936 all her brothers lived in Texas, Jarett, Andy, Clingman Shields, and her sisters all lived in Georgia. I have photoes I will share if I can locate any of my ancestors, I never knew my grandmother or grandfather they had already died when I was born, but they still have 2 living children in Michigan. Please email me if you can help me find her family. email me at stormywilma Thanks So Much Wilma

Name: Maribeth Lasher Allen :     maribethallen
Date: 2004-01-24
Ancestor Name(s) (117) Lydia Stoddard
Date(s) & Location(s) b. 1798, Westfield, Conn.
Lydia Stoddard married William I. Lasher (b. 5-1-1796, son of John Lasher b. 11-30-1766 and Delia Markell b. 8-15-1868, both born in Palatine, NY)
Lydia and William's son, Renaldo Sidney Lasher (b. 8-12-1834), is my great grandfather.
This is according to a family tree I have which was made by my great-uncle Albert C. Lasher, one of Renaldo Sidney Lasher's sons.


Name: Maribeth Lasher Allen :     maribethallen
Date: 2004-01-24
Ancestor Name(s) (117) Lydia Stoddard
Date(s) & Location(s) b. 1798, Westfield, Conn.
Lydia Stoddard married William I. Lasher (b. 5-1-1796, son of John Lasher b. 11-30-1766 and Delia Markell b. 8-15-1868, both born in Palatine, NY)
Lydia and William's son, Renaldo Sidney Lasher (b. 8-12-1834), is my great grandfather.
This is according to a family tree I have which was made by my great-uncle Albert C. Lasher, one of Relado Sidney Lasher's sons.


Name: Audrey (Shields) Hancock :     AudreyShieldsHancock
Date: 2004-01-23
Ancestor Name(s) Daniel Shields
Date(s) & Location(s) Bef 1790 Ireland; then MD to VA perhaps to Ohio
Link to Your Web Page
Seeking connections to other SHIELDS families in Ireland, the United States, and elsewhere. I have the known information about my Daniel Shields on the mentioned website. Our line has participated in the SHIELDS Y-DNA PROJECT (still quite new) and my line's DNA matches at this time with one other participant's DNA of unknown relationship. Wish to find other DNA cousins and family connections. SHIELDS Y-DNA PROJECT WEBSITE: 

Name: M. Lee Dowdy :     k.dowdy
Date: 2004-01-22
Ancestor Name(s) Nancy Catherine Hays
Date(s) & Location(s) b. APR 1856
Looking for the family of Nancy Catherine Hays, b. APR 1856 in MS, m. 24 AUG 1879 to Joseph Lemuel Barrett in Neshoba County, MS. Death date unknown. Husband died 18 APR 1916; buried at White Oak Cem.Father of Nancy b. AL, mother b.MS.

Name: margie :     dwellwood
Date: 2004-01-19
Ancestor Name(s) Booker, Cocke, Jones, Moseley, Peyton, Tabb, Taylor, Jeter, Johnson, Robertson
Date(s) & Location(s) VA, MS, KY, OH 1600's to the present
Don't have a webpage. Thanks to you for providing the wonderful information you have on Amelia county at no charge. It is wonderful. If anyone has access to the deed books and has time to look up information on three pages in db 34 please contact me. In VA people wrote about every little thing they did, however, when they moved to MS I don't think they even had a newspaper for a very long time.

Name: Sandra Wright Due :     7billd
Date: 2004-01-19
Ancestor Name(s) William B. Gregory
Date(s) & Location(s) Prince Edward Co. 1860
Believe him to be living with Martha A. Gregory in 1860 census, Pr.Edward Co. Prospect Depot, age 25. Later married Virginia Dickerson, living with Wm. B. Ferguson in 1860 census, age 17. Anyone working on this line? They had 2 daughters before he died. Willice Anne Rebecca Gregory and Sarah Gregory who married an Irvin.

Name: Judi Shaw :     carolinamountaingirl2004
Date: 2004-01-15
Ancestor Name(s) Pinkney Shaw
Date(s) & Location(s) Lived in Montgomery Co.,N.C Untiil his death
I am looking for a Pinkney Shaw. he was born 6/15/1859. I don't know where he was born at. He moved to Montgomery Co.,N.C and married Eliza Morris. They lived there untill he died in 1922. He is buried at Uwharrie Meth. Church Cem. Not far from Troy,N.C. I would like to know who his parents was and about their family.

Thank you,

Mrs.Judi Shaw



Name: Cathy :     hawkchaser03
Date: 2004-01-11 &2003-08-19
Ancestor Name(s) Daniel Southall
Date(s) & Location(s) DOB: 1940

{two entries combined into one}

11 Jan 2004 msg:
I am looking for anyone and/or any info concerning Daniel "Danny" Robert Southall. He is from West Virginia and went to Shady Spring High school. Graduated in 1954/1955. Please help me find him!!!
thank you in advance~~~ Cathy

19 Aug 2003 msg:
Desparately Seeking Danny Southall!!!!!!!!!! Danny is of Native American Descent.DOD June of 1940. He seems to have barely existed. I can't find any info on him except on the SSDI. Does anyone else have any info?????

Name: Jane Griffith :     Janewqlt29
Date: 2003-12-27
Ancestor Name(s) Jonathan Dacon (Dakin)
Date(s) & Location(s) 1779 Hals Reg. Revolutionary war - 1820 Bedford , VA letter of application for pension
I am sure you have these copies already but I do have Jonathan Dacon's Military records from Revolutionay War and correspondence concerning his pension application. I found your Dacon and Arthur information terrific. especially Greenville's letter to his daughter. Greenville was my great-great grandfather.

Name: Penny Moorefield Taylor :     taylorsseptic
Date: 2003-12-27
Ancestor Name(s) Amos,Chick,Bolen, Baldwin, Harvey, Updike, Moorefield,
Just wanted to say that I have enjoyed your site would like to talk with you at some point. I reside in Appomattox, VA.

Name: Anne R. Hainesanne :     annerhai
Date: 2003-12-24
Ancestor Name(s) Evelyn Atwell Haines
Date(s) & Location(s) Infant, d. June 10 1907 Staunton VA
Evelyn Atwell Haines, 6/07/07-6/10/07, was born to William Atwell Haines and Theodosia Hamilton Haines. I did not find her in the plot of William Atwell Haines, Section 5 or 6 of Thornrose Cemetery Staunton VA. She could have been buried with her gr-grandparents, James W. Hudson and Elizabeth Hudson, Section 9; or with her grandparents Norval W. Haines and Evie Haines in Section 8.
If she is not buried in Thornrose Cemetery her remains may be in a small urn that has been in the possession of the Haines family for many decades. But we don't know the history of this.
Anne Haines


Name: Gary Austin :     Gaustins
Date: 2003-12-20
I live in a house built by Horace Hardaway in 1910. For a few years it ran as a hotel. Thats why I'm tring to find info on. Thank you Sincerely.


Name: Nancie Brown :     nancieb2001
Date: 2003-12-17
Ancestor Name(s) John Young Southall
Link to Your Web Page
I am curious about your pictures from the Amelia County Cemetary. My father is buried there. He was very involved in recording his family history. He wrote two books of the Southalls in Amelia.


Name: Syd Grice :     sydgrice
Date: 2003-12-16
Ancestor Name(s) James Southall
Date(s) & Location(s) Virginia
I am trying to find the family of my 2ggrandfather James Southall. All the records I have found say he was born in Virginia about 1832. He was married 29 Jun 1857 in Sydney Australia. It is beleived he was not white.

Name: Priscilla Leith :     islpris
Date: 2003-12-14
Ancestor Name(s) Joseph W. Gills
Date(s) & Location(s) B. 21 Nov 1833 at VA, probably Prince Edward Co, in or near Farmville
This Joseph W. Gills married Elizabeth Ann Whitworth, had children Ellen, Lelia, Betsie, Ann H., Joseph Wiley (1874), Christopher and William J. Am researching ancestors of Joseph Wiley Gills who married Lorena Bailey. Any help welcome!

Name: Sandra McIntire :     drfiddler1
Date: 2003-12-11
Ancestor Name(s) Carter F. Smith & Frances C. Swartz
Date(s) & Location(s) b. 11853 d. 1898 & b. 1856 d. 1946 respectively
Link to Your Web Page
He was a carpenter. They lived in Staunton, VA, and were buried in Thornrose cemetery.

Any information would be appreciated.


Name: Greg Paridon :     gregparidon
Date: 2003-12-11
Ancestor Name(s) Benchoff Family and SHIELDS
Date(s) & Location(s) 1824 forward Pennsylvania
I am researching primarily the Benchoff Fanily Evlyn Ann Benchoff married John Henry Shields.
These are transcriptions from The Gettysburg Times. I would like to connect with others from this lines of Shields. Thanks

The Gettysburg Times (Gettysburg, Pennsylvania) 1920 August 23
Lloyd Shields, Penbrook, spent Sunday among friends in town.

The Gettysburg Times (Gettysburg, Pennsylvania) 1922 August 1
The Following attended the third annual reunion of the Shields’ family at Harrisburg, Sunday: Mr. and Mrs. John S. Shields, Charles, Lloyd and Miss Lorena Shields, Mr. and Mrs. William Lenker, John, William, Jesse, and David Lenker and Misses May and Ruth Lenker, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Hollenbaugh, Robert, Richard, Janet Hollenabuegh, Mr. and Mrs. Emmert Shields, Winifred and Lois Shields, all of Philadelphia, and Mr. and Mrs. William Shields, Jr., Eleanor, Mildred, Delia, Junior and Edward Shields of Gettysburg; Miss Nellie Crouse of Fairfield,; Miss Carvin, Susan, Golda, and Ruth Shield of Gettysburg.

The Gettysburg Times (Gettysburg, Pennsylvania) 1929 April 29 Monday
Mrs. John S. Shields, 71, formerly of Gettysburg, died at her home in Penbrook, a suburb of Harrisburg, Saturday morning a 6 o’clock, of heart disease. She was born in Emmitsburg, a daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Paxton, and before marriage she was Miss Alice M. Paxton.

Surviving are her husband and the following sons and daughters: James F. Shields, Progress; Mrs. Edward N. Hollenbaugh, Penbrook; Mrs. William B. Lenker, Linglestown; Charles L. Shields, Penbrook; Miss Lorena Shields, Baltimore; Lloyd Shields, Penbrook, and Emmit Shield(s), Camden, New Jersey.

The following brothers and sisters:
Cahrles and James Paxton, Kansas; Mrs. Elmer Kilmer, Kansas; Robert C. Paxton, Gettysburg; Grant Paxton, Darlington, Maryland; Mrs. James Boyd, Littlestown and Mrs. Laura Riffle, Hanover, Eighteen grandchildren also survive.

Funeral services Tuesday morning at 10:30 o’clock at the home, the Rev. R. B. Kulp, pastor of Emmanuel Presbyterian Church officiating. Interment at Shoop’s cemetery near Harrisburg.

The Gettysburg Times (Gettysburg, Pennsylvania) 1933 December 23 Saturday and December 30
Former Local Resident Dies
J. Sanford Shields, 77 Dies of pneumonia Early Today
J. Sanford Shields, 77, former resident of Gettysburg, died at 1 o’clock this morning at his home in Pennbrook, Dauphin County, of pneumonia after an illness of ten days.

Mr. Shields conducted a creamery near the polling place in Cumberland Township, about thirty-five years ago. He was a lathing contractor for a number of years.

The deceased is survived by the following children: James Shields, Progress, Pa.; Mrs. Edwin Hollenbaugh, Pennbrook; Mrs. William Lenker, Harrisburg; Emmet Shields, Tennessee,; Charles Shields, Pennbrook; Lloyd and Lorena at home. His wife preceded him in death about five years ago.

Funeral Services from the home at 2 o’clock Tuesday afternoon with burial in Shoop Cemetery.

Mr. Shields is an uncle of William I. Shields, treasurer-elect of Adams County.

The deceased was a member of the local lodge Independent Order of Americans.


Name: decal :     peonygarden
Date: 2003-11-24
Ancestor Name(s) Samuel M. Cocke
Date(s) & Location(s) b.1820, NC/married26JAN1852,Marshall Co, MS,
This is my greatgrandfather, married to Darcus E. Festerman
b.abt1828,SC. Trying to locate their parents, etc. I have their children, grandchildren, and greatgrandchildren. If anyone can help, will be ever so grateful! Thanks, decal


Name: Willie Alexander :     alex66
Date: 2003-11-20
Ancestor Name(s) John Jackson Alexander
Date(s) & Location(s) Tenn.1803
Seen that you have John Jackson Alexander b. in Tenn 1803 married Nancy Wheat.I have that also but i cant get back past John and don't know who his Father is.He says in the census he and his father were both born in S.C.Can anyone help me?

Name: Ryan Rexrode :     rkrexrode
Date: 2003-11-18
Ancestor Name(s) Fern Phelps Southall; Virginia Rexrode; Stephen Osborne Southall
Date(s) & Location(s) Virginia Rexrode, died 1994
Fern Phelps Southall was my great grandmother, and I think Stephen Osborne Southall was her husband. Virginia Rexrode was my grandmother and is now buried in the Southall Cemetery in Amelia. She was Fern's daughter.

Name: Kim :     tlbkwb
Date: 2003-11-16
Ancestor Name(s) Susan Southall Ferguson Haines
Date(s) & Location(s) born ca 1841 in Virginia
Looking for my gggmother's origins. Mother's name was Elizabeth Southall. She was born ca 1816 in Virginia as well. Of course, Southall was her married name. I believe her husband's name was Daniel. Elizabeth Southall lived in Bourbon, IN with Susan and her second husband, Daniel D Haines. If I recall correctly, she is buried in Indiana.
I'm trying to locate Susan, because we think she met her first husband, Caleb (?) Ferguson from Canada, in Virginia. If this sounds like anything anyone has come across, I'd appreciate a word. We live in California, so physically researching is difficult right now.
Thank you!


Name: Linda Karalic :     LJKQuilter
Date: 2003-11-15
Ancestor Name(s) Rachel M. Shields
Rachel married George D. Posey in June of 1909. They are the parents of my mother, Anna Mae Posey, born Dec. 19, 1913 in Braxton, WV. I know nothing else about Rachel. Can anyone help???

Name: Wendi Robles (Bailey) :     wrob
Date: 2003-11-10
Ancestor Name(s) George Bailey
Date(s) & Location(s) Illinois, 1860'ish.
I am trying to find info regarding my ancestors on my father's side. My Great Great grandfather (Bertram Bailey)was born in Illinois, and his son (Bertrand "Doc" Bailey) was born in Leamington Ontario.

Name: Linda L. Haney :     llhaney
Date: 2003-11-06
Ancestor Name(s) Hartman/Maupin
Date(s) & Location(s) 1848-1931 Oh, Ind, Va. and WV
Are there any one working on Sadie Margaret Maupin Hartman. 1848-1931. I would like you to e-mail me. I have been working on her brothers and sisters. She was the d/o Daniel G. Maupin and Margaret Johnson. Linda

Name: Kelly Powers :     ahafrvr
Date: 2003-10-22
Ancestor Name(s) Francis Waddill & wife Nancy Dunscombe Duncan Waddill
Date(s) & Location(s) Married 1822 Amelia Co., VA; both died in Richmond, VA 1850's
Francis - Coachmaker
Sons Robert Osborne (Duncan) Waddill, William Waddill, & George Henry Waddill -Coachmakers
Sons Thomas Waddill, John Waddill, and Charles Richard Waddill - Blacksmiths. All in Richmond, VA Census 1850.
George Henry Waddill B. 1827 Amelia Co., VA, M. Mary Hall ca. 1859 Richmond, VA. Two Children: Emmett Osborn (my great-grandfather) and Rosa Lee (m. Adolph Gipperich). George Henry Waddill d. 1871; Mary Hall Waddill d. 1862; both in Richmond, VA.


Name: Jean Taylor :     jean_taylor
Date: 2003-10-22
Ancestor Name(s) McGahey, Henderson, Sample, Alexander, Shelby, Knox
Date(s) & Location(s) NC 1695 - present
Need name of Milton McGahey's first wife. Md. ca 1827. Milton was b. ca 1801. 2nd wife was Ann Elisabette Torrence. Also need Milton McGahey's date of death and location of burial. Residence 1850 was Northern Mecklenburg Co., NC. Milton's children inc. John F., Margaret C., William T., James, and Nancy.

Name: Clay :     Dugger">Dugger
Date: 2003-10-16
Ancestor Name(s) Texas Giants (Shields Brothers)
Date(s) & Location(s) Texas
Nice to have a Shields site. Can't wait to delve further into my family's history!



Name: Ezra M. Alexander :     maxtrax
Date: 2003-10-16
Ancestor Name(s) Wm. "Black Billy" Alexander [Black Powder Plot]
Date(s) & Location(s) b. 1749 PA, Mecklenburg by 1755, bd. Sugaw Crk 1836.
Seek confirmation of his wife, Margaret's, maiden name.
Lot of circumstantial evidence she was a Clark [Clarks
lived next to them in later life on Mallard Crk.) Son, Isaac who m. Catherine (nee) of VA, and moved to KY, had several descendants with CLARK middle names. Also, other family names on Wm.'s side.

Wm. BB Alexander was the son of Benjamin and Susannah (Polk) Alexander. Susannah Polk's brother was well-known
Gen. Thomas Polk of Mecklenburg. He lived at the inter-
section of Trade and Tryon Streets when he laid out the
town of Charlotte (or, Charlotte Town then). His old home
was where the Nations Bank Tower is at this intersection
of today. Thomas and Mary (Clark) Spratt were the parents
of Thomas Polk's wife, Susannah Spratt. T. Polk, and T.
Spratt, were two of the first whites in what became Mecklenburg Co., NC. Thomas Polk's dau., Margaret Polk,
became the wife of Nathaniel Alexander, gov. to be of NC.
It was Nathaniel Alexander's father, Col. Moses Alexander,
whom Wm. BB Alexander led the group of boys (he was 18)
against in the Black Powder Plot. Moses' wife was Sarah
Taylor, and she might have been related to parents of
Thomas and Susannah Polks; i.e., mother was Margaret
Taylor. Speaking of a conflict of interest, wow. Moses
was also kin to Wm. BB Alexander's father, Benjamin; their
grandfathers were brothers. Moses was a tory; Benjamin
was a frontiersman.

Mac Alexander

PS: A brother of Isaac's was Jonathan Alexander. He had
5 orphans living with him at one time. Do not know any
thing else about him. Some suggest he might have married
Ann Wood in 1822 and moved away. Do you have a clue?

A 3rd brother (of 3 - other one was Wm. C. Alexander) was
my 3Ggreatgrand, Daniel, who married Susannah Shelby (1st
cousins)...related to Sen. Richard Shelby of AL.


Name: Janet Morton McCart-Meier :     rmeier4
Date: 2003-10-04
Ancestor Name(s) Cline
Hello, I am in search of records/linkds between Kerr/Carr and Dowell or Cline.
There may have been a Kerr (possibly related) that witnessed adoption of my grmpa LN Cline or Dowell in 1900-1925. I am waiting for papers from my mother.


Name: Charles Brightwell :     ccbwell
Date: 2003-09-28
Ancestor Name(s) Samuel Brightwell
Date(s) & Location(s) b. ca. 1783 Prince Edward Co. VA
I have recently discovered what appears to be a kinship between Francis Harris Glenn Brightwell and a Sarah Harris Adams in Jackson Co.GA. Anyone who has knowledge of the Harris, Glenn, and Adams families of Prince Edward Co. area please contact me for the purpose of discussing this potential relationship.

Thanks for any reply, Charles Brightwell


Name: Willie Alexander :     alex66
Date: 2003-09-25
Ancestor Name(s) John Jackson Alexander
Date(s) & Location(s) 1803 -South Carolina
Susan you have done a fantastic job here. I found listed in your marriage column John Jackson Alexander and Nancy Ann Wheat.Thats my line and i'm still trying to find his father,was wondering if you might know anything about John's family.I looked thru all your trees and didn't see him mentioned. Thanks,willie

Name: judy steingruebl :     judy48
Date: 2003-09-22
Ancestor Name(s) Fayett Cochran
Date(s) & Location(s) 1886 lonoke arkansas
Fayett Cochran, 33, married Elizabeth Fureigh, 18, (bd 1878)? I have Lonoke (County or city) as a place of residence. I have info on many other Fureighs. Would like to know where her parents were born. She is listed on AL census as Lizzie. Her nephew is celebrating his bd Oct 25.

Name: Joanne Sutherland :     gammyjo
Date: 2003-09-21
You have done yourself proud with this web site. It is the best one I have run across. Keep up the good work.


Name: Joanne Sutherland :     gammyjo
Date: 2003-09-21
Ancestor Name(s) Jane P. Hill
Date(s) & Location(s) Prince Edward County
Link to Your Web Page The Webber Family of Virginia, Family Tree maker
Jane P. Hill married Josiah Brightwell. Thier daughter was Martha Elizabeth Brightwell, born 1832. Martha is my gr grandmother and Jane is my gr gr grandmother.
Do you know where she was born and who her parents are?


Name: Sandra Rowell :     sandrarowell
Date: 2003-09-04
Ancestor Name(s) Kyyle Weaver
Date(s) & Location(s) Floyd & Mont. Co. VA
I am a decendant of Nathaniel Wickham....I have a question about some of your information. According to my findings, Lucalvin's Mother was indeed Elizabeth "Betsy" Wickham... but Nathaniel was Betsey's brother and Lucalvins father is unknown.... possibly an indian???? Unless you kow that Lucalvin's parents were indeed brother and sister?????



Name: Robert Thomas, Jr. :     rthomasjr
Date: 2003-08-31
Ancestor Name(s) Steven Valentine Southall
Date(s) & Location(s) 4/27/1830 to 3/19/1913 Charlottesville, VA
I'm searching for his ancestors and siblings.

Name: David Kenney :     Lowell41
Date: 2003-08-28
Ancestor Name(s) James Bailey
Date(s) & Location(s) 1650-1706
I need thelocation of his gravesite.

Name: Vicki Mccollum :     jvmccnfam
Date: 2003-08-27
Ancestor Name(s) John and Athlinda Clay
Date(s) & Location(s) late 1700's to late 1800's, VA and Cobb/Paulding Co., GA
Hi. I appreciateFrances Powell Otken's pages of the Clay family. I believe my line is the same line of Clay's. I believe my Clay's are: John Claye, 1600's; Charles Clay b. 1638, VA., Thomas Clay 1670's, Va., Charles Clay (N.C.)James Clay married Mary Carruthers late 1700's, N.C.; John Clay married Athlinda Black, Cabarrus Co., N.C. early 1800's; Russell Warner Clay married Martha A. Busby, Cobb Co., or Paulding Co., GA 1850's; John W. Clay married Ada Rickerson, Paulding Co., GA 1890's; John and Ada had my grandfather, William Ernest Clay, 1896, they moved to Dekalb Co., Al 1900; W.E. Clay married Lola Mae Carr of Dekalb and Marshall Counties, Al., abt 1918-1920.
I would like to find information (copies of wills or other items) tying John Clay of N.C., to his ancestors...Clays of Virginia. If anyone has info, I'd like to share what I have concerning this line in return. Thanks! Vicki


Name: Pixie Farmer :     DONNDEAN
Date: 2003-08-19
Ancestor Name(s) Nellie Shields, her parents-William and Lottie (Wright) Shields
Date(s) & Location(s) Nellie b.1867 in Knoxville TN
Nellie married John Jacob Easterday (a.k.a. John Jakob Ostertag). John died in Knoxville. Nellie died in Memphis TN. Nellie parents are William Shields b. March 25 1825 in Knoxville--Lottie Wright Shields b. 1829 in Knoxville d. 1869 in Knoxville.
That's all the information I have about my husbands g and gg grandparents. Do you know of anyone researching this line of Shields?


Name: Harvey Owen Nester :     owen119us
Date: 2003-08-18
Ancestor Name(s) Hans Wimmer
Date(s) & Location(s) born 1610 died 10 nov 1661
Just looking for some more information on my ancestors.

Name: LaDonna Unrein :     ladonna320
Date: 2003-08-17
Ancestor Name(s) Southall
Date(s) & Location(s) From the 1700's through present
I have inherated my fathers (James P. Southall) research. I have pages and pages all by hand. I'm atempting to make sense out of the piles of papers. We are related to the Virginia Southalls, who went to Tennesse (Nashville), who then under up in Texas. I,m a Southall by birth and am looking for information on my family history.

Name: Melanie Atkins :     melanieatkins
Date: 2003-08-16
Ancestor Name(s) Margaret Alexander & Ezekiel Beaty McCoy, Sr.
Date(s) & Location(s) Mecklenburg Co., NC to Rutherford Co., TN, to Madison Co., TN
Great website!
My husband descends from Margaret Alexander, born 30 Mar 1750 to James Robert Alexander and his second wife Abigail. Margaret married Ezekiel Beaty McCoy, Sr., and they moved from Mecklenburg Co., NC, to Rutherford Co., TN, where both died. My husband is from their son Ezekiel Beaty, Jr. and his first wife, a Miss Gleaves. Ezekiel Beaty McCoy, Jr. left a Will in Madison Co., TN, in 1838.

Melanie Atkins, Dalton, GA


Name: Barbara Dodson Walker :     badbdw
Date: 2003-08-15
Ancestor Name(s) Alfred
Date(s) & Location(s) Surry County, Virginia
Trying to trace Alfred, the negro left to grandson Benjamin W Bailey.
I have found Alfred in census records in Washington DC in 1870 as a widow with a son Horace (my Grand Mother's father)
Alfred's occupation was shoemaker.


Name: Wilma Thornton :     redbug72005
Date: 2003-08-07
Ancestor Name(s) Ilah Alice (Shields) Moore
Date(s) & Location(s) born 07-04-1891 Married a John Thomas (Harvey) Moore in North Carolina on 11-03-1907
I have photos to share if I can find any of my ancestors.

Name: Thelma Fussell Dunn :     ThelmaF37
Date: 2003-08-07
Ancestor Name(s) Coleman, Correll, Wimmer, Lemon
Date(s) & Location(s) 1776-1873
I am inquiring about the above names. Maturnal side Atha A. Coleman was my grandmother Mary Jane Coleman was my ggrandmother, GGMother Malinda E. Correll, GGGMother Hannah Lemon. How can I gather more information? Thank you, Thelma

Name: Robert H.O'Guin :     trlmm
Date: 2003-08-05
Ancestor Name(s) O'Guin
Like your site. Very informative. Would like to send what info I have on O'Guins

Name: opal m lipson :     opallipson
Date: 2003-08-01
Ancestor Name(s) Henry, James, Samuel Bailey
Date(s) & Location(s) Samuel brn 12/24/1821 Ky. Married Elizabeth Riley
Knox Co. 1900 cencus shows Samuel brn Ky Father brn Va and Mother brn Va. Have been told his father was Henry Bailey but can not find anythinf to confirm. All help appreciated.

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