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Our immigrant ancestor Philip ZIEGLER was an early member of the Little Swatara Church of the Brethren started in 1757 which celebrated its 250th anniversary in 2007. Philip is listed in the 1770 members list. His 5th generation descendants donated land for a Ziegler Meeting House.

Earl K. Ziegler, relationship unknown, preached the sermon September 16, 2007 in Germantown, Pennsylvania for the 300th Anniversary of the Church of the Brethren, the religion of the ZIEGLER's shortly after the time of their arrival in America.

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Philip ZIEGLER born in Switzerland in 1734 arrived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania September 27, 1746 on the ship Ann Galley from Rotterdam, Netherlands. Philip did not take the oath, but Jacob ZIEGLER did. Perhaps Jacob was his father or an older brother? A number of ZIEGLER families arrived years earlier including Michael ZIEGLER an unrelated ZIEGLER who started Zieglerville, Pennsylvania. See ZEIGLER Places.

Click to go to 1913 Jesse & Lillie PROUGH ZEIGLERMy grandparents Jesse ZEIGLER 1886-1977 of Whitley County, Indiana and Lillie PROUGH 1891 LaGrange County to Noble County to 1982 Whitley County, Indiana. They are in this large crowd on the right hand side at the 1913 Winona Lake Church of the Brethren Annual Meeting. They are buried in the Christian Chapel Cemetery near Merriam where Jesse's grand uncle Philip was the first paid minister is buried near the trees on the hill, with grand aunt Elizabeth Cook and hundreds of other relatives buried here.

Billy Sunday's Tabernacle

Billy Sunday, a professional baseball player from 1883 to 1891 for Chicago, Pittsburgh, and Philadelphia teams, was a poplular evangelical minister whose tabernacle without electronic amplification seated 20,000, with a 2,000 seat choir, at the turn of the 20th Century. He could draw 100,000 people in New York and 181,000 in Columbus, Ohio. From 1909 to 1935 he made Winona Lake the evangelical center of the United States. Sunday moved from Chicago and built a cottage in 1911 Winona Lake now owned by the Winona Lake Historical Society in The Village at Winona. My Jesse ZEIGLER and Lillie PROUGH met at Winona Lake, where they attended Church of the Brethren Annual Meetings as shown in the photo above and likely some of Billy Sunday's hugely popular "sawdust" gatherings. You can read more about the Life of Billy Sunday by Paul Keller in the North Manchester Historical Society, Inc. newsletter VOLUME XIII, NUMBER 1 (FEB, 1996). Online searches turn up lots of Billy Sunday pages, even YouTube videos of his sermons survive. "I Have Fought A Good Fight, I Have Finished My Course, I Have Kept the Faith II Tim 4:7" is his tombstone epitaph.

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View Round Lake Cemetery burial location and 1889 plat land in Whitley County, Indiana in a larger map

My great-grandparents Jonas ZEIGLER 1858-1902 Whitley County, Indiana and Mariah ROYER 1856 Wabash to 1898 Whitley County, Indiana. Their land is seen on the 1889 plat map at the Whitley County Genealogical Society web site. Uncle Henry Zumbrun is north of Round Lake and J. Ziegler on the corner is brother Jesse Ziegler's land who had a sawmill in an old newspaper photo. Jerry EGOLF, second cousin three times removed of my Royer Family, and his father Jno Egolf in 1889 have the land across from the Blue River Church of the Brethren formerly owned by Jonas' father Joseph ZEIGLER and cousin Christ ZUMBRUN and others have the corner land owned by grandfather Christian KINSIE.

From ZIEGLER Family Record 1906 page 66

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Street Level View or View Whitley County, Indiana in a larger map, with Blue River Church of the Brethren and land of Elder Joseph Zeigler west of the church,
first Deacon Christian Kinsey west of Joseph, and Henry Zumbrun southwest of church.

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Joseph Zeigler's land was west across from the Blue River Church

My 2nd great-grandparents Joseph ZEIGLER 1813 Cumberland County, Pennsylvania to Montgomery County, Ohio to 1894 Whitley County, Indiana and Saba KINSEY 1815 Montgomery County, Ohio to 1888 Whitley County, Indiana. Joseph was a Church of the Brethren Deacon and minister who along with my KINSEY, ZUMBRUN, and other families from Montgomery County, Ohio formed the Blue River German Baptist now Church of the Brethren Church in Whitley County, Indiana. Many Zeigler's, Zumbrun's, Kinsey's, and Royer's are buried with Jonas and Mariah in Round Lake Cemetery.

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View David's burial location in Liberty Church (Ulrey) Cemetery in Clark County, Ohio in a larger map

My 3rd great-grandparents David ZIEGLER 1791 Lancaster (now Berks) County, Pennsylvania to Cumberland County, Pennsylvania to 1866 Clark County, Ohio and Marie EHINGER about 1791-1830 Pennsylvania had eight children. Second wife Lydia FRANTZ 1805-1886 had 12 children. I can find little information on the EHNINGER-EHINGER family. Said to be River Brethren in Clark County, Ohio. See also Brethren In Christ. Buried in the Liberty Church (Ulery) Cemetery on Sigler Road - significance of Sigler Road is unknown?

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My 4th great-grandparents Jacob ZIEGLER 1760-1797 Berks County to Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania and wife Catherine KINSEY about 1762-?, Lancaster/Berks County, Pennsylvania to Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania. FamilySearch has his Probate Records that show he died before November 25, 1797 when his widow Catharine Zigler was in Pinegrove Township, Berks County now Schuykill County with his brother Philip Zigler November 29, 1798

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Street Level View shows the driveway or View Ziegler memorial in Berks County, Pennsylvania in a larger map

Jacob's parents Philip ZIEGLER 1734-1803, wife Regina RIEGEL-REGUEL 1730-1824 Bern, Switzerland to Berks County, Pennsylvania. The ZIEGLER Bible places Philip's arrival as 1746. It is thought the fourteen year old Philip was on the ship "Ann Galley" September 27, 1746 with an older Philip ZIEGLER his wife Barbara four children, and a Jacob ZIEGLER. Philip Ziegler and wife are listed on page 320 of the book German Baptist Brethren listing the 1770 members of the Little Swatara Congregation of the Church of the Brethren. Philip is listed with my fellow Follis ancestors Peter and son John HECKMAN with their wives and Jacob MOYER/MEYER and wife. Philip Ziegler has a tombstone at the Ziegler Meeting House Cemetery, but is buried on his farm in the Ziegler Family Cemetery where there is also a large memorial stone both shown in photos on Find A Grave. They are buried in the Ziegler Family Cemetery with some information on Find-A-Grave. The Ziegler Meeting House Cemetery is just north of their farm visible on Google map Street Level View.

Some Trivia from page 3 in the book ZIEGLER Family Tree In Germany, ZIEGLER means, tile, tiler, or a dealer in tile and tile kilns. Martin Luther's mother was thought by some to be a Margarethe ZIEGLER.

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