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Introducing Salty...
faithful companion of Bobbi - valued member of our "Group", and former shipmate.
Now...we're going to do some guessing here, and that is that Salty is a lady, and a salty one at her guardian, who, not only pursued a career at sea as Ship's Purser, but has owned pleasure craft of her own.'s a safe bet Salty spent some time sailing herself. Then again, "Salty" may be just that, as she lives on the beach.

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The photos clearly show who's the "Fat Cat" around the house, and when sailing. I had a skipper when I was a young Third Mate, who'd plop himself down in his chair in Wheel House while I had the watch. He'd just sit there like a Buda, never saying anything, but surely trying to intimidate me. Since then, I've always associated such a stance with authority.
Look at that...just look at Salty in next two pictures...the perfect example of "One Who Must Be Obeyed"! Brrrr...shiver me timbers!

expanding_new_anim.gif JUST IN: Salty has stayed on the sailboat with me...yes....and "he" is a wee lad....not lassie! ( a 16lb Manx)...did I say wee? Bobbi

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