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Arthur says: "The brown one`s name is STUDLEY...he is the Father of HARLEY, the black one. These two are the best medicine in the world for us. After we had STUDLEY fixed we srarted calling him DUDLEY HA HA."
Okay Arthur...very good. Arthur has a book site, where you can purchuse, and/or browse for Used-Collectible-Rare-Out of print books...give it go.
Also, check out Arthur's USS Laramie AO-16 Page - Arthur's Laramie Page

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Heeeere's Zipper
...and his faithful guardian - Margaret.
Margaret says Zipper, a Dachshund, is 10 years old now.
Dachshund: Decended from a race of long backed, short legged dogs that existed in Egypt at a very early date. A true Hound type which in addition to tracking and scenting, can go to ground like the most tenacious terriers, and has been known to retrieve in Water. As intelligent and clever as he is clean, and industrious. Avg. Wt.: 15-25 lbs. Coat: Smooth, wire haired, or long. Color: One colored (red or yellow) 2 Colored (black, chocolate, or gray with tan), or dapple.

If Zipper isn't standing around, he's lounging around.
Look at those blue eyes...Wow!

Left to Right - Best Of Breed; Group 3rd.; First Prize.
Awards by The Brevard Kennel Club.
A Hound Of Letters!
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