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Monday 7 February 2000 - Published Weakly
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Hi Carl:
Heard you are not feeling well, I hope today you are feeling better, we missed you at the smah 9 attended. Not the same without you. Millie was down about two .weeks yesterday and today she is much better. Well Carl take good care and hope to see you soon by now

Hi Carl,
Sorry to hear that you're under the weather. I know how it feels, having been that way a couple of weeks ago. We missed you at MMMM today but I know you'll be back roaring next week. Now you have some use for all those oranges and grapefruit out back. Drink plenty and you'll be OK in a few days. You know that old English saying - If you take care of a cold it will last two weeks. If you don't take care of it, it will last a fortnight.

Hope you are feeling well again. We missed you at the MMMM on monday, and hope you will be there this next monday. We also missed ED. Had a suprise visitor monday. BILL ZARKAS was there. GENE SIROTA was back with us again. Not much happened there. Same old hashing over things that happened before, but all in all wasn't a bad MMMM. We adjurned at 1300. Been chilly down here for a few days. Yesterday it was cloudy all day, and rainning on,and off. It poured at one oclock this mornning. Dick still forgets his camera like always we have to remind him about it. Saturday the wife, and i will be going over to orlando to the ham fest, and see what we can't do with out. HA. HA. HA. HA. Same stoey every year. OH well have a good evening, and will catch you later.

Oh yes, Gene remembers everything, right, Gene? Unfortunately, it looks like our editor is under the weather a bit longer than we anticipated so perhaps you can also compose and otherwise process the newsletter, Gene. I know you are not at all busy and can find time for this most crucial task! Think of the thousands of readers out there! Cheeeeeeeeeeezzzzzz, it happened again, Remember, Bobbi, when we talked about our cherished unfinished compositions "disappearing" when we move the mouse about while checking something out? Well I lost this msg (all before Cheeeee, etc) for a while. Clicked on everything in sight and finally, giving up, I clicked on the "x" in the upper right-hand corner and BINGO, there is the msg I was working on! Oh well, at least I found it. More gripes later... Now, quit that sneezing, Carlos! Yes, and realign those eyeballs....

Hey Dickie boy, nice hearing from you! Thanks for all the compliments, but that doesn't refresh my memory.......ha......... unfortunately, I am past the age of remembering! but, I had fun............... perhaps Gene will.........?????????????????? b////. p.s. yes, Carlos......we did miss you!!!!!

Bobbi, you did a great job of filling in for Carl at the MMMM today. With cute remarks floating all over the place, I had plenty of opportunity to laugh and relax! By the way, did anyone ever tell you that you have a unique and extremely pleasant laugh? I have already told Carl how you took the best of care of his chair.... By the way, have you any idea as to the subjects of at least some of our conversations, which took place 2 or 3 at a time? It would help if someone would remember and advise our newsletter editor so he can publish that popular document. If he does not make it available to the multitudes, there will surely be a lot of disappointed mariners out there! With my hearing and memory, I can't remember just WHAT we talked about! ha ha
Take care!
Dick Alzheimers

Hope you are feeling better by now, Carlos. I know a bad cold can make one miserable and certainly trust that is not the case with you....
As there were no new faces at MMMM today and nothing unusual happening, I have no pix to offer and I didn't notice Gene taking any either.
Present were: 3 Bills (Qu, Va, & Za), Gene, Bobbi, Earl, Gary, and myself....
When I arrived in the parking lot at about 1125, I saw no evidence of anyone arriving before me. I sat in the car for awhile toying with the idea of perhaps going to Burger King when Gene finally cruised into sight. As we entered the lobby, whom should we meet exiting but Gary. That made three of us and five more MMMMers showed up subsequently . Attendance was good considering Mr Kingpin was amongst the missing! Although there were at least two lively conversations going on simultaneously most of the time, I cannot relate the subjects covered. Since my hearing is not all that good, I ordinarily just pretend to hear! Bobbi's unique and pleasant laughs did manage to keep me awake and smiling during the whole affair. By the way, Carlos, in case you are curious, Bobbi took kept your chair warm for the entire affair.... Perhaps Gene can shed some light on the subjects covered. How about it Gene? Without more facts to deal with, I can see where our distinguished editor wll have a bit of a hard time coming up with a newsletter! Give it a whirl anyways, Carlos! That is it for now. I hope I am right in anticipating an email saying you are feeling better, Carl.....


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