Soper Artists in Britain

Soper Artists in Britain

John Soaper (1743-1794) religious coral composer, London, buried St Paul's Cathedral (a wealthy man) :
Thomas James Soper (c1817-1893), a landscape painter, London, later Berks. Died Brighton :
William Soper (1851-?) (& son) enamellers & jewellers, Ebury St, London, a miniature painter at Clapham :
John Soper (son) enameller
Thomas Henry Soper (1870-1903) photographer of London; Soper & Stedman Ltd
Gerald Edward Kay Souper (1871-1947) a travelling Shakespearean actor, b.China :
Vernon Lissenden Soper (1899-?) a childrens' book illustrater of London :
(James Hamlin Gardner Soper (1877-1939) a US book & fashion illustrator)
George Soper RA (c1870-1942), an etcher, painter & book illustrator of London :
Harold Conrad W Soper minature painter & enameller of Clapton; exhibited RA 1900
Eileen Alice Soper RMS SWLA (1905-1990), daughter of George above, etcher & book illustrator :
Eva Lilian Soper (1901-1990), a china bird modeller, daughter of George above :
W A Soper (1929-1998), oil paintings of Loweton, then Lancs
W Soper society photographer of Park Lane; only seems active 1936-8?
Annette Soper (c1931-2011) art teacher & water colour painter in Scotland

John Soaper (1743-1794) composer, b.1743, a lay-vicar of Westminster ... : British Musical Biography pub 1897 Googlebooks [??a John Warrington Soper (not Soaper) bapt 12 Mar 1743 St Benet, Pauls Wharf to John & Anne]
: John Soaper, one of the vicars choral & a pupil of Savage, ... Like many of the musicians we have lately been noticing, Soaper was a lay vicar of .... no date in snippet of 'The Organists & Composers' of St Pauls p.92 by John Skelton Bumpus - Organists - 1891 - 272 pages : Googlebooks
: J Soaper 'Woman', a Song, sung by Mr Lowe at Vauxhall, 1760 British Library
: Mr Soaper attended (or played/sang in) a concert in Mrs Talbot's music-room, mentioned in a letter from her daughter Miss Catherine Talbot to Mrs Carter, Lambeth, 30 Sept 1762 (Letters pub.1808) : Googlebooks
: J Soaper, one of many names contributing to 'Parochial Music'. Psalmody to use in country churches. Tunes in 3 & 4 parts. Work by some of the Principal Composers & Organists in London. Published by author William Riley, Lon, 1762 British Library. John Soaper, subscribed to it. It mentions 'the ridiculous & profane manner of singing practised by the Methodists' & 'Reflections on the bad Performance of Psalmody in London', from's database of Directories
: J Soaper in list of Gentlemen of the Chapel Royal 1660–1837, 28 Apr 1764, 1 of 4 that year; they were paid £73pa +£2 new year gift & ‘riding wages’. Appointed by Dean of the Chapel, 10 priests & 16 plain gentlemen or lay clerks appointed. (5 priests & 8 clerks waited each month) : British
: John Soaper appointed Gentleman of the Chapel Royal 3 May 1764 (from 'EB 36, p45')
: John Soaper, Petticoat Lane... snippet from 'The Political Register' pub.1767 Google Books
: J Soaper's Lyrics, about 20 of his songs ['The lambkins are skipping' is a recommended read] : [3 John Soaper book/publishing subscriptions London 1762, Portsmouth, Hants 1777 & London 1794, London]
: Mr Soper's Chant Nr.80 in UPP & nr.263 in SP, appears in Vandernan's Collection 1770. source
: Mr Soper & Mr Dyne sung 'If we believe that Jesus died' at the interment of Dr William Boyce at St Paul's Cathedral 16 Feb 1779 : Dr Boyce a composer, organist & Master of the King's Music :
: John Soaper one of 16 gentlemen of his Majesty's Chapel Royal £73 paid in December (listed 11th of 16): from 'Great Wardrobe [accounts] 1485 [presume date wrong] : Google Books
: ??a John Soaper married Mary Devalley 5 Oct 1771 at St Giles, Cripplegate to [connection? perhaps lay vicars remained unm?]
: a John Soaper was mugged in London of a knife & money 10 Aug 1782 : Old Bailey Online
: John Soaper, address Sion College, London Wall. Listed in 'A Musical Directory for the Year 1794' : 'Occupation; Base music', [presume vocalist]. Member of the Chapel Royal Choir, St. Paul's Choir & The Madrigal Society : from's database of Directories & Lists
: John Soaper (1748-94). Pupil to Savage. Vicar Choral to St Paul's Cathedral. Gentleman of the Chapel Royal, St. James. A good organist. Coarse bass voice. ... from 'A Forgotten Composer of Anthems' [lost link]
: John Soaper, chorister in St Paul's Cathedral under William Savage ; Gentleman of the Chapel Royal, and vicar-choral of St Paul's Cathedral; died June 5…. P267 'Scottish Church Music: Its Composers' pub1891 : Googlebooks
: John Soaper, 13 Jun 1794, aged 52. Vicar Choral of St Alphage. this Church. (The Body was brought into Church attended by the Choir) p183 of 'The Registers of St Paul's Cathedral', pub.1899 : Googlebooks : British Musical Biography adds ... buried in St Pauls crypt 'age 51', Lay vicar & composer of psalms & chants a href="">source.... He had considerable reputation as a vocalist [lost link]
: John Soaper vicar choral of St Paul's, was succeeded in 1795 by Jonathan Nield (1760-?) : from 'Dictionary of Music & Musicians (1450-1880)' : Googlebooks
: John Soaper, composed 'a florid litany, he was one of the vicars choral of St Paul's during the end of the 18th century, a great favourite at ...' from A Dictionary of Ecclesiastical Terms, p174 pub.1969
John Soper (c1742-1794) buried, age 52, London (St Paul's Cathedral); London Burial Index, from
John Soaper left over £5,000, to his sister Ann Thomas Haynes widow of Rev William Haynes, a canon of St Paul's cathedral who died 20 Oct 1790 leaving 7 children b.1775-1787. In her will, she left the £5,000 inherited from her brother (in 3% consols). She willed the interest divided between her 7 children & when all died, divided between her grandchildren. In Hayes v Hayes 25 Feb to 24 Apr 1828 the grandchildrens' bequest voided as none alive when will was made : from 'High Court of Chancery' pub1844 : Googlebooks [Ann Thomas Soaper m.William Haynes 16 Dec 1773 St.Benet, Pauls Wharf (igi)]
John Soaper, Gentleman of the Chapels Royal & Vicar Choral of St Paul's, d.1794. In Goss's Collection of Chants are 3 by Soaper. One in A, is generally known & popular; but singularly lacks originality as 3 of the 4 strains found in older & better chants The Musical Standard pub.1864 from Googlebooks
: Soper's chant in A given by the afternoon choir; in 'Trewman's Exeter Flying Post' 22 Jun 1848; scan
: Soper's chant in A sung by the choir in the afternoon service at Exeter Cathedral; in 'Trewman's Exeter Flying Post' 4 Jan 1849
: Soaper's chant in A at Bangor Cathedral , 'North Wales Chronicle' (pub Bangor 14 May) 1852
: Soaper's chant in D sung at St Asaph Cathedral, Sunday morning, 'North Wales Chronicle' (pub Bangor 17 Sep) 1853, from
: Soaper's Psalm 22:24-30 – antiphon from A Portland Psalter/ chant sung New York 2006 source
: Soaper's Psalm 111 'The Lord said unto my Lord', on 'The Complete Psalms of David' CD
: Soaper's Psalm 139 in 'Psalms from St Paul's', Vol.12 : [anyone out there care to pass-on a Soaper audio snippet for this site?]

Mr Soper 3rd of 7 actors & 4 actresses in Mr C Ewer's company; performed for 6 weeks to good houses; in 'The Stranger', 'The Broken Sword', 'The Sea', 'Uncle Tom's Cabin' & 'Vasha' at Gosport Town Hall, in The Era (pub.Lon), 9 Jan 1853

I Soper's picture 'Bolton Abbey' for auctioned for 20 guineas, at Wallis Gallery, 2nd day; in 'Morning Chronicle' 19 Nov 1860, from; scan J Soper

Edmund Soper Hunt (1827-1909) automated quality fan making Weymouth, Massachusetts, USA 1868-1876 (1869 patent) Wrote memoir "Weymouth Ways and Days

J Soper, a 50x40cm painting, at A J Koster Gallery, Laanweg 7 Nov 1871 BH School, Holland : picture to right

Soper's Novello contains 60 songs; in 'North Wales Chronicle' 2 Sep 1871, from; scan

Richard F Soper, an engraving after George Sanders, published by R Martin, New York, undated. 19x14cm. A 1/2-length portrait of George Gordon Byron, Baron Byron (1788-1824). 'My dear Murray, yrs very sincerely, Byron sometimes Biron' Harvard University Library J Soper paintings

J Soper Two "Parisian Street Scenes" oil paintings on canvas: Frame: 20" x 23". Signed lower left, "J Soper". Circa - 20th C. source

Bernhard Sopher (1879–1949), sculptor born in Safed, Palestine, w. His son Wolfgang Klaus Sopher (1918–1987) met and married 1946 a fellow German immigrant [asume the immigration to Americas?]

T S Soper's water-colour painting auctioned at Liverpool : from Guardian Newspaper, 30 July 1881 : [see biog]

The late Miss Isabella Soper, wrote the requiem "Securely Slumber, Blessed Saint, Until The Trumpet Wake Thee ; Let Guardian Angels Keep Thy Bed, And Then To Glory Take Thee" : Supposed to be sung over the tomb of her mother : from a google books snippet ; [no date or place but sounds Victorian] : [seems not the Isabella H 24 with parents '91cen as Isabella Humble Soper m.Apr>Jun 1895 Hampstead & mother alive '01cen]

J SoperThomas James Soper, Artist (c1817 1893)

Thomas James Soper (c1817-1893), b.London, m.Elizabeth (c1820-?) lived in Edmonton / Newington, London. A landscape painter, late in life he remarried & moved to Milton, Berks. He died Brighton aged 76 : A page of his paintings & biog : his photo & a painting to right

Thomas Soper (c1818-?) living at 1 Lansdown Terrace, Lambeth, St Mary; 1861 census; age 43, an artist / landscape painter, b.Favidale?, Edinburgh? & wife Elizabeth Soper 41, b.Bermondsey, Sy, also niece, Elizabeth J M Gillis 8 'b.District of Columbia, Sy' & unm house servant, Martha Newman 22, b.Southwark, Sy

William Soper & Son Enamellers & Jewellers, Ebury St, London,. Victoria & Albert Museum aquired (in 2000) their notebook & correspondence 1824-1902 (MSL/2000/14) :
- 1841 & 51cen, at The Rocks, East Grinstead, Trayton Thomas Soper b.c1805 Heathfield, Sx [font color="gray">?no connection? a Trayton Slater Soper (1807-1809) b.Hadlow, Tonbridge
] : Trayton Thomas Soper m.1830; Ann Coates Wheeler b.1805, Tonbridge, Ann b.c1832, Henry b.c1834, Elizabeth b.c1837, Barbara b.c1839, John b.c1842 & William b. Apr 1850 [from igi &]
- 1848, Formula & account books, c1848-1901 held : City of Westminster Archives : ref Acc1627 Aquired 1991
- '61cen - - Henry 30 b.E Grinstead at St Pancras household head with Elizabeth 36 b.Whitechapel [incomplete so perhaps others?]
- '61cen - - John 19 b.E Grinstead at St Pancras household head perhaps with Barbara 21 sister b.E Grinstead [incomplete so perhaps others?]
- '61cen - - William 10 b.E Grinstead at Brighton, Sx, son Percival F 2 both b.Clapham
- 1871 census;
- Trayton T Soper (c1804-?) a book master 67, b.Heathfield; at 4 Terminus St, Brighton; 2nd household of Thomas Medhurst 32 railway porter, wife Muriam 34 b.Brighton & 3 children
- William 20 artist in lithography, b.E.Grinstead, Sx at at 80 Hampstead Rd, Pancras; living with brother Henry Soper (c1834-?) master dyer (empl 2 men) 37, b.E.Grinstead & Elizabeth Soper 48, b.Whitechapel,; scan
- 1873 Kelly guide has John & William Soper, at 107 Wardour St, but
- 1874 only William : Boyce & Soper at 28 Great Pulteney St &
- 1875-6 at 6 Poland St, 1877-1881 only John Soper recorded there.
- 1876 ‘Boyce & Soper’ dissolved 26 Jan by mutual consent. J Soper to carry on the business (George Boyce) London Gazette
- 1878-82 : Purton & Soper partnership of Charles Connew Purton & William Soper, photo studio 139 Southampton St, Camberwell 1878-9 : Partnership dissolved 26 Feb 1882 : [see 1910] Museum of London
- 1881 Charles Connew Purton & William Soper of 449 Wandsworth Rd, Surrey, zincographers & photo lithographers, firm of Purton, Soper & Co has been dissolved 26 Feb 1881, by mutual consent. Business to be continued C Purton. 8 Mar 1881 (London Gazette 10 Oct)
- 1881 census; Trayton, a widower, 76 b.Grinstead visiting daughter? at 28 South Molton St, Lon; George (55 b.Germany) & Elizabeth Muller (44 b.Grimstead), costume makers.
- 1881 census; 3 Soper families in Wandsworth Rd, Clapham, Lon [presume brothers?]
- - at nr 643 Henry 46 publisher b.E.Grinstead & Elizabeth 57 b.Whitechapel [a master dyer? at 9 St James Place, St Pancras with wife in '61cen] : [?m.1860]
- - at nr 649a John 39 engraver & jeweller b.E Grinstead, [see biog below]
- - at nr 639 William 30 enamel painter (artisan) b.E.Grinstead Mina 25 b.Scotland, Ethel, 1 & Harold 5m both b.Clapham
- - - William Soper m.Wilhemina H M 'Mina', (c1856-1941) b.Scotland c1878: [m.not vis; m.33y in '11cen; so Scoland?]
- - - Ethel Eva Soper b.Jul>Sep 1879 m.Charles Henry Eldridge Apr>Jun 1901 both Wandsworth; 2 kids; d.Jul>Sep 1931 Elham, age 52
- - - Harold Conrad William Soper b.21 Feb 1881 Clapham; b.Jan>Mar, Wandsworth; m.Rosalia Golt Jan>Mar 1911, St George Hanover Sq, Lon; '11cen, enamel artist, 30 painter with Rosalina 35; see below; Harold Conrad William Soper enamel painter 1913, exec of father
- - - Ivo Frank Soper 'Frank' b.Oct>Dec 1882, Wandsworth; a marine 1900-6; to Canada 1906 as labour
- - - Horace Victor L Soper 'Victor' b.Apr>Jun 1884, Wandsworth; Victor Horace Soper b.21 May 1984 Clapham; '01 'Victor'; '11cen 'Victor Sylvanious'; 9y in territorial artillery; 1915-17 France, gun wheel injured foot WW1 record/biog; to Alberta, Canada as farmer; ?a 'Victor' d.Jul>Sep 1927, Southwark, Lon, age 43
- 1882-1900 John, engraver & William, enamel miniature painter;
- 1891 census : William 40 enamel miniature painter (sculp) at 56 Lansdowne Gdns, (St Barnabus, S.Ken), Lambeth; b.E.Grinstead; Wilhelmina 35 b.Scotland; Ethel E 11; Harold C W 10; Ivo F 8; Horace V L 7 all scholars b.Clapham, Lon; scan : [brother still next door]
- 1897 Horace Victor Soper b.c1884 admitted age 13 to 28 Mar 1897 to St Margaret's Technical Day School & Westminster City School (Day School), Westminster; father Wm miniature enamel painter & enameller of 15 Rectory Grove, Clapham, SW; readmitted 23 Aug & 9 Nov 1897 scan scan scan ; Paint on porcelain, signed on back & dated 1899, Oval gilt-metal frame, 98mm
- 1899 Miniature painted by William; Paint on porcelain, signed on back & dated “Wm Soper 1899”; 98mm oval gilt-metal frame;
- 1901 census : William 50 enamel miniature painter (employer) at 14 Rectory Grove, Clapham, Sy, b.East Grinstead, Sx; Wilhelmina 45 b.Scotland; Harold 20 enameller & enamel painter (employee); Victor 17 auctioners junior clerk both b.Clapham, Lon; also at address in 1 room sister Elizabeth Muller 64 widow dressmaker (self employed at home) b.E.Grinstead, Sx; scan (brother John 59 engraver & enameller at Lambeth with family)
- 1901 William Soper, moved to 91a Mortimer St & by
- 1904 son Victor (1884-?) left for Canada; His brother Frank had farm in Northern Alberta (Sec 7, township 24, Alberta); they fought in WW1 & both returned to the Canadian farm 1919
- 1904 John Soper at 51 Berwick St, continuing to 1967. [see biog below]
- 1904-6 William Soper at 223 Oxford St [sample form in Nat Archives] & by 1907 at 36 Ebury St; Sketches & designs for jewelry 1904
- 1904 ??a Mr, Mrs & Miss Soper, of Clapham, London; holidaying at Fairholme, Sea View Place; in Cardigan Bay Visitor Register, 25 Jun 1904 scan [only 2 Clapham couples in '01cen, (othe iron painter of iron); perhaps with a grdau?]
- 1906-18 William Soper enamellers & jewellers at 136 Ebury St, SW1, in London Phone Book 'Westminster 5487'
- 1908-19 William Soper & Son at 136 Ebury St : City of Westminster Archives : www.a2a; Business card in National archives
- 1910 Purton Soper Bros & Co photo-lithographers, London Office at 6 Poland St; Works at 139 Southampton St, Camberwell; business card & letter head in Archives of William Soper & Son, enamellers; (price lists date Nov 1850 to 2 Jul 1910). ref 1627/13 : www.a2a

: [see Purton & Soper 1878 above]
- 1911 census : William 60 enameller & enamel painter (miniature) in 8 rooms at 12 Rectory Grove, Clapham, Wandsworth, SW Lon; b.E Grinstead & Wilhelmina H M {m.33y, 4 births, all alive} b.Glasgow scan
- 1911 census : Victor Sylvanius Soper 21unm [he was 27? & b.'Horace V'] 'out of work - wants it - jewelry salesman' in 7 rooms at 'Kenlichere', 1 Shallsarne Rd, Kingston; b.Clapham, Lon; visiting Walter Mugford 38 lawyers clerk b.Dev; Francis Emma 34 {m.16y, 2 births} housewife b.Kemble, Berk, [m. not vis bmd], sons 8 & 14 both b.Kensington & boarder Violet Bergmenia 18unm bressmaker b.Lon scan william_and_harold_cw_soper_miniature.jpg
- 1912 William & Harold CW Sopers' hand-painted miniature of Sir Francis Reginald Wingate's coat of arms 7¼"x5". [officer & colonial governor] source
- 1913 William Soper d.21 Oct 1913, of 14 Rectory Grove, Clapham, Sy; probate London 14 Nov 1913 to Harold Conrad William Soper, enamel painter [son]; value, £896; from Probate Calender ( : [William (c1850-1913) d.Oct>Dec, age 63, Wandsworth bmd dist]
- after 12 Rectory Rd, Clapham; family at 1 Stretham Rd, Lon SW; & by 1914 n of k Mrs Soper of 156 Ebury St; N of k in Victor's military record
- 1915 son; Frank 552723 C.S.M : b. England: Next of Kin, Mrs. F Soper of Calgary, Alta. : Enlisted at Calgary on 16 Aug 1915, to the 13th Regiment, Canadian Mounted Rifles : Previous unit; Royal Navy; source
- 1921 : William Soper & Son at 12 Rectory Grove, SW4 'Enamellers & Engravers' in phone book 1921 & 2 (Latchmore 4359)
- 1939 census : Wilhelmina H M Soper 84w incapacitated (b.21 Sep 1855) at Green Leigh, Keyhaven Rd, Lymington, Hants; Rosalia 64m unpaid domestic duties (b.10 Sep 1875); Viola Rosalia 25unm designer & artist in enamels (b.17 Jan 1914); Harold Conrad W 58m designer & artist in enamels (b.21 Feb 1881) scan & scan
- 1941 : Wilhelmina H M Soper (c1855-1941) d.Oct>Dec, New Forest, Hants 86 (bmd) [wife of William]
- 1947 notebook with enamel formulas 1816; volume of formulas 2 feb 1848-1 Sep 1869; formulas for jewelry making 1899-1947
- 1953 They made a plaque 13"x 11�" for Winston Churchill, (Part finished, & temporarily placed his stall in St. George's Chapel for his ceremony, but Churchill would not contribute to finishing it so it was returned & for sale in 2003 for £20,000 source
- 1958 Invitation cards to Miss Soper of Dolphins, Keyhaven Rd, Milford-on-Sea, Lymington, Hants, to attend a service of The Most Noble Order of the Garter at Windsor Castle; 16 Jun 1958 : [from archive of above]

John, elder brother of William above;
John Soper m.Jane Elizabeth Ward Jul>Sep 1867, Lambeth, Lon (bmd)
John bpt.10 Oct 1841 East Grinstead to Trayton Thomas Soper & Ann Coates Wheeler
1830, Tonbridge, Kt
- John Henry Soper b.Jul>Sep 1868 Clapham (Lambeth bmd dist); m.Kate Adkins Oct>Dec 1894 Edmonton; '01cen 31 an engraver & enameller (gold) Lambeth
- Arthur Ernest Soper b.Apr>Jun 1870, Wandsworth, Lon; '91cen 31 settersmith; (?Arthur G '81cen); dental mechanic; (d.17 Jun 1937 Bromley, Kt)
- Charles William Soper b.19 Jul 1872 [b.Jul>Sep], Wandsworth; m.Mary Maud Larbey Jul>Sep 1897, Wandsworth; a victreous enameller
- Grace Jane C Soper b.Oct>Dec 1874, Wandsworth; m.Frank Trussler Waller Apr>Jun 1910, both Wandsworth
- Florence Lizzie L Soper b.Jul>Sep 1877, Wandsworth; m.Norman Bowden Soper Apr>Jun 1903, Lambeth; [dentist at Dover '11cen] : [what relation were they?]
- Percival Frederick Soper b.27 Jan 1879 Clapham [b.Jan>Mar Wandsworth]; dental mechanician; m.Ethel Maude Johnson 1905, Lambeth; d.1958 Worthing, age 79
1861 census John 19 cheesemonger; sister Barbara Soper 21 both b.E Grinstead; mother Ann C Soper 56 b.Tonbridge, Kt; cousin Frederic Soper 22, mechanical dentist b.Brighton, Sx
1871 census John 29 engraver & jeweller at 449 Wandsworth Rd, Clapham; b.E Grinstead, Jane E 28 b.Lon, John H Maine 3 & Arthur E all b.Clapham scan
1874 John & William Soper at 107 Wardour St, Kelly guide 1873 but 1874 only William; Boyce & Soper at 28 Great Pulteney St & 1875-6 at 6 Poland St, only John recorded there 1877-81. Westminster Archives
1876 : John Soper & George Boyce carrying on business as engravers & enamellers, 6 Poland St, Oxford St,, under the firm of ‘Boyce & Soper’, has been dissolved, by mutual consent, 26 Jan. All debts due & owing to John Soper, who will carry on the business 31 Jan 1876 (London Gazette 1 Feb) : Boyce & Soper at 28 Great Pulteney St & 1875-6 & at 6 Poland St, 1877-81
1881cen : John 39 engraver & jeweller at 649a Wandsworth Rd, Clapham, Sy; b.E.Grinstead; Jane E 38 b.Lon; John H 12; Arthur G 11 both b.Lambeth, Sy; Charles W 8; Grace J 6, all scholars; Florence L 4; Percival F 2 all b.Clapham; & lodgers Henry Hunter 25 engraver b.Kent Road & wife Martha 25 b.Lambeth {assume m.1880 nee.Barnard} scan & scan : [brothers Henry 46 publisher at nr.643 & William enamel painter at nr.639]
1891cen : John 49 engraver & enameller at 54 Lansdowne Gardens, (St Barnabus, S.Ken), Lambeth; b.E.Grinstead; Jane E 48; John H 22 engraver & enameller; Arthur E 21 piercer (21/12); Charles W 18 engraver & enameller; Grace J C 16; Florence L L 14; Percival F 12 both scholars all b.Clapham, Sy; scan, scan 2: [brother William enamel painter at nr.56]
1901cen : John 59 engraver & enameller (self employed) at 54 Landsdowne Gdns, Lambeth (St Barnabus); b.E.Grinstead, Sx; Jane E 58 b.Mile End, Arthur E 31 settersmith?, Grace J C 26, Florence L L 23, Percy F 22, dental assistant, all b.Clapham [recorded as 'Loper]; scan
1901cen : son John H 31 engraver & enameller (gold) 60 Grantham, Lambeth; b.Clapham; Kate 32 b.Bayswater
1901cen : son Charles William Soper 28 engraver & enameller (worker), 20 Trytham Rd, Lambeth; b.Clapham, wife Mary Maud Soper 29 b.Croydon, Sy, Gladys Maud Soper 1 b.Stockwell
1904 : "John at 51 Berwick St, continuing to 1967" Museum of London
1911 census; John 69 retired engraver in 9 rooms at 53 West Side, Clapham Common, Wandsworth, SW Lon; b.E.Grinstead, Sx & Jane Elizabeth 68 {m.4y (should be 44y), 6 births, all alive} b.Whitechapel; son Arthur Ernest 41unm dental mechanic, b.Clapham scan
1911 : Arthur Ernest Soper of 53 West Side, Clapham Common, SW a dental mechanic registed as proprietor with land registry a dwelling house & garden 22 Herbert Rd, Lambeth (London Gazette 18 Aug 1911)
1912 William & Harold C W Soper, hand-painted miniature of Sir Francis Reginald's coat of arms; 185x125 mm, dated 1912. A colonial governor (1861-1953) source [see right]
1914 : J Soper at 51 Berwick St, an enameller & engraver had phone installed 1914 (Gerrard 6737) : [assume son & brother] Percival Soper at 51 Berwick St, dental mechanician; phone installed 1915 (Gerrard 6736)
1918 ; Jane assumed at 51 Berwick St, Westminster; 1918 voter list; also there Ethel Soper [assume niece], also Annie Hall, Harreitte Page & Ethel Silveyra all 3 abode elsewhere in London, all [h] qualified to vote through husband's job [military listed both sides] scan; Jane's name on annual lists at address 1918-29; son Percival Frederick 1917-39; son? John 1918-21; neice? Ethel 1918-28; {son John Henry 1923-39 &? speculate wife Maud 1935-39}; {son Charles William 1924-39 & his wife Ethel Maud 1929-39};
1927 : ?a Jane E (c1842-1927) d.Apr>Jun, age 85, both Wandsworth, Lon (or ??a Jane E (c1845-1914) d.Oct>Dec, age 69)
1927 : John of 'Staplehurst' 53 Westside, Clapham Common, SW4 (d.10 Jan 1927) will proved by John George Fenton & Frank Trussler Waller , 28 May 1927, Claims on estate 20 Aug 1927 (London Gazette 14 Jun)
1927 : John d.10 Jan 1927, of 53 West Side, Clapham Common, Sy; probate Lon 28 May 1927 to John Gerge Fenton, engraver, Frank Trussler Waller, accountant [son-in-law]; estate £4,228; from Probate Calender ( [d.Jan>Mar 1927, Wandsworth, age 85]; {John Fenton enameller & Frank Waller also executor of son Arthur 1937}

Harold Conrad William Soper (1881-1961) m.Rosalia Golt Jan>Mar 1911 St George, Hanover Sq, Lon
- Viola R Soper b.Apr>Jun 1914, St George Hanover Square, Lon (mother nee Golt); Miss Viola Soper b.1989
1881 Harold Conrad W Soper b.21 Feb 1881; b.reg Jan>Mar (Wandsworth district) to William enameller & Wilhemina H M m.bef1879
1881 census; 5m b.Clapham to William 30 , enamel painter & Mina 25 above]
1892 pendant enamel of white hart in woodland, 95mm, set with garnets & pearls, signed & dated sold 1994 Christies £418
: C W Soper minature painter of 14 Rectory Grove, Clapton; 1900 'Oliver Cromwell'. after Sir Peter Lily, exibited at Royal Academy from "Royal Academy of Arts Contributors" pub.1905 from
1901 census; Harold 20; an enamel painter at Clapham
1902 Enamel Print; an enamelled copper navette shaped plaque by Harold Soper, depicting St George slaying the Dragon, painted in naturalistic colours, signed; 1902; 17cm long; sold £300 in 1994 by
1906 onwards, assume the son in William Soper & Son; father William d.1913
1911 m.Rosalia Golt Jan>Mar 1911 St George, Hanover Sq, Lon
1911 census; Harold C W Soper head 30 enameler & enamel painter (own account, at home) in 5 rooms 136 Ebury St, St George, SW Lon; b.Kent/Lon, wife Rosalia 35 {m.under 1y, no births} b.Gibraltar scan
1922 Harold C W Soper designed & executed a mural monument to Sir Anderson in [Gonville &Caius] college chapel, Cambridge source
1924 Harold C W Soper, an enamel worker, designer at 12 Rectory Gdns, SW4, in London Phone Book 'Westminster 5487' from 1924 to at least 1930
1926 Mr H Soper & Paul Cooper made a mahogany cabinet ornamented with silver & shagreen that housed an honorary diploma for Prince of Wales from Soc of Apoth 1926 harold_sopers_churchill_plaque_1954.jpg
1926 Harold C W Soper one of many art workers who signed a letter to the editor of The Times re the fate of Waterloo Bridge, 12 Jun 1926
1930 : a Harold also at 42 Hayes Way in 1930 [the same?] from 1931 nr change 'Macaulay 4359'; from 1932 12 Rectory Clo'; number changed 1934 to 'Battersea 4359'; by 1935 back with studio at rear of 12 Rectory Grove, SW4; 'Macaulay 4359'
1937 Harold C W Soper of Clapham. Invoices for 7 stall & arms plates for Knights. National Archives
1939 Harold Conrad W 58m designer & artist in enamels (b.21 Feb 1881) at Green Leigh, Keyhaven Rd, Lymington, Hants; Rosalia 64m unpaid domestic duties (b.10 Sep 1875); Viola Rosalia 25unm designer & artist in enamels (b.17 Jan 1914); household head Wilhelmina H M Soper 84w incapacitated (b.21 Sep 1855) scan & scan
1949 ?a Rosalin Soper m.Leonard Wedge Oct>Dec 1949 Droxford, Hants
1951 Harold C W Soper heraldic enameller, age 70 assisted by his dau Viola working 'no set hours' in a 2 storey house at Milford-on-Sea, Hants; King & Queens chairs in Westminsater Abbey bear their plaques & stalls in St Paul's, a plaque ouside a hospital in Sierra Leone. 44 shields in |House of Commons. Scores in Garter Knight's stalls Westminster Abbey. His father passed down years of research on medieval vitreous enamellers. Mr Soper wants to find time to produce a book. Cairns Post 29 Dec 1951 article with 5 photos
1954 Harold made a partially completed stall plate for Churchill’s Garter installation ceremony Jun 1954, but removed it after the ceremony ‘in its unfinished state’, replacing it with a cardboard dummy; by Oct 1954, Soper informed the Garter King of Arms, Sir Bellew the plate was finished but refused to produce it or submit invoice.Bellew found new maker, ‘after nearly 6y trying to bury the hatchet with the Sopers' source : [image right]
1961 Harold C W Soper d.Apr>Jun 1961 Droxford, Hants age 80
1961 Rosalia Soper d.Jul>Sep 1961 New Forest, Hants age 86
1989 Miss Viola Soper d.1989; the stall plate made for Churchill by Harold Soper, auctioned with her possessions & fetched £6k

Edward Kay Souper (1871-1947) sometime 'G Kay Souper', 'Gerald E K Souper' & 'Kay Souper' Gerald Kay Soper, on stage, 1901

- 1871, born Gerald Edward Ker Souper 29 Nov 1871, Shanghai, Kiangsu, China to Edward Bennison Souper (an Australian born businessman, b.Perth 1845) & Josephine Augusta d'Almeida bef.1871 : [a Shanghai webpage] : [Mother, Josephine Augusta Souper (c1849-1909) died 5 Jun, age 60, Amersham, Bucks, from pay-to-view page : (Josephine A d.Apr>Jun 1909 age 60 -bmd)] :
- 1881 census, no sign of Gerald, but.... Perhaps his mother here?.... a Josephine Souper 52, married, in Sussex, matron/domestic servant, living with cousin Francis Souper 37 & his family at his Eastbourne school [Francis's Biog] : Perhaps father?.... Edward Souper, 59, married, a British Subject, b.Belgium, lodging with a Brighton dressmaker, a private secretary (clerk). Also .... an Edward B Souper 35, married, b.Perth, Australia, farming 32acres at Poultry Farm, Frimley, Surrey employing 7, living alone
- 1883? Gaity Theatre, London 20 Nov (possibly a miss-type?)
- Gerald's early years in Perth, W.Aust. He studied stage acting in Britain
- 1891 Edward C Souper 69 at 10 Ventnor Villas, Steyning, Sussex, nr.Brighton, with 3 servants
- 1894 Mr Souper played a supporting part in 'The Tempest', Oxford Union Dramatic Society, from The Times 1 Feb 1894 [any connection to? Woodford Souper b.c1881, Sussex, an Oxford Student in 1901, who's father Rev Francis Abraham b.c1845 Bedford?]
- 1898 Gerald Edward K Souper m.Apr>Jun, to Florence Gretton, Croydon, Surrey (bmd) an actress from Birmingham.
- dau Eileen Lucy Key Souper b.Jan>Mar 1905 Wandsworth, Lon; m.Jul>Sep 1929 E.Preston; Eric William Greenhill (1904-33) {Eric b.Midhurst, Sx; d.Hastings, Sx}
- dau Geraldine Mary Kay Souper b.Apr>Jun 1909, Uckfield, Sussex; m.Alistair Birnie (1895-?) 1934*
: dau Zoe Blanche Kay Souper b.1916 Australia, lived in: Temora, d.1994 NSW, Australia; m.Aubury Winter Singleton (1913-97) Aubury 1945 d.Mornington, Victoria, Aust; m.1948 to Robert Edward Lockard (1911-61) *; Divorce papers Zoe Blanche Kay Souper (falsely called Singleton) Aubrey Winter Singleton Western Sydney Records 4 Nov1946 - 23 Feb 1948 source
- 1899 'Antony & Cleopatra', 6 Feb : Coriolanus 15-17 Feb, Royalty Theatre, G'w with FRB Glasgow Uni
- 1899 'The Sign of the Cross', at Southampton; Gerald Kay Souper played 'Marcus', is completely satisfactory; from 25 Nov The Era, London source
- 1901 census Gerald Souper 29 actor in 2 rooms at 17 Rumford Court, South Manchester, (St Savior), Lancs, '01cen, b.Shanghai, China (British Subject); Florence Souper 21 actress b.Birmingham, Warwicks; scan
- 1901 photo of him sword fighting as Tignonville, in 'Count Hannibal, A Romance of the court of France' from : Gerald Kay Soper, on stage, 1901 as (Gremio) being frightened by the shrew (Kate), The Taming of the Shrew, 1954, Shakespeare Memorial Theatre
- 1904 'The Darling of the Gods' 10-15 Oct, Royal Lyceum E'br with HBT co Glasgow Uni; Mr Tree's Co & from 8 Aug 1904 at His Majesty's Theatre, London
- Member of Bensonian Shakespearean Touring Company source, over 900 actors over 50 years:
- 1906 ['Flute'] in 'Midsummer Night's Dream', Adelphi Theatre [Nov-Dec] 1906, a supporting part : from The Times 4 Jan, also [played 'Tranio G' in ] 'Taming of the Shrew' in June and [played 'Sir Sagramore' in] 'The Tristram & Iseult', Adelphi Theatre, London (8 of 25) 4 Sept & : from The Times 22 Sept : also - Played 'Capt Henry Morley' in Under Which Flag Jun 1905 at Adelphi & 'Peter' in Measure for Measure at Adelphi Apr'06 & ''Sir Sagramore' in Winters Tale at His Majesties Oct'06 & 'Herald' in The Virgin Goddess at Adelphi Nov'06; 'Pfeifer' in The Weavers at Scala Theatre Nov'06 : on the London Stage sometime between 1900-9 goggle books
- 1907 in 'As You Like It', Her Majesty's Theatre, London : from The Times 27 Mar 1907 47/85f, also 'Taming of the Shrew'/'['priest' in] The Virgin Goddess'/'Othello' rep 25-7 April 1907, Royal Lyceum, E'br & another play 4 Dec
- 1908 15-17 Apr 'Taming of the Shrew' / 'As you Like It' / 'Two Pins') : Asche & Brayton's Shakespeare repertory : Royal Lyceum, Edinburgh (15th of 18) & (11th of 12) : & again + 'Othello' 28 Sep-3 Oct source
- 1909 'As You Like It", Criterion Theatre, Sidney, 26 Mar 1909 (36th of 40 in Rupert Clarke & Clyde Meynell Season) ausstage
- 1909 'Woman in the Case' at His Majesty's Theater from 9 Oct (3rd of 13) from NZ Herald 7 Oct source
- 1909, 26 Mar 'As You Like It' by Shakespeare, at Criterion Theatre, Sydney (3rd of 40) 'with complete English company' program : and 21 days later in Scotland?? as Count Hannibal 19-24 Apr, Royal Lyceum, E'br, A&B co Glasgow Uni [3rd dau b.Sussex, so travelled alone]
- 1910 Mr Kay-Soper & Florence Gretton (Mrs Kay-Souper) supported the Asches in Australia; from The Stage Year Book 1910; Mr Kay Souper played 'Captain Rolando' in Melbourne Tobin's 'The Honeymoon,' source
- 1910 G M Souper (1909-?) age 1, sailed 3rd class on "Suevic" (White Star Line), from Liverpool to Sydney, Australia, departing 7 May; Nationality, British Colonial scan; [on same ticket Miss Bridget Conway 57 & Miss Margaret Conway 50, British Colonials] from findmypast
- 1910 They toured extensively with theatre companies, emigrating to Sydney NSW 1910 & their 2 daughters later join them. Gerald continued to tour Australia, England, America & Canada*
- 1910 in 'The School for Scandal' at Little theatre Sydney : photo 20 April 1910source
- 1910 Gerald injured while dueling with Oscar Asche in play 'Count Hannibal' at Sydney c4 May 1910. Souper, playing Tignonviulle was struck on the side of his left eye, the point emerging above his eyebrow. With his face bathed in blood & hardly able to see Mr Souper valiantly kept his blade flashing & once got so close he scratched Mr Asche's neck when the point went through his collar. The audience breathlessly watched the conflict, eager to see if Souper could hold out to the end before death from a blow from Count Hannibal; but he did & the plucky actor got an ovation. The state of the stage showed he lost a lot of blood, but not seriously injured. [his retaliation sounds surgical?] 5 May
- He work on both world wars, in fund raising & concert parties*
- 1913 'The Warning", Little Theatre, Sidney, 27 Nov 1913 (9th of 14 in Wilton Welch Co) ausstage
- 1914 'Master of Angerstroom & The Grey Parrot', Little Theatre , Sydney, from 6 July 1914 (14th of 14 in Gregan McMahon Players) ausstage
- 1917 played Ceasar in Julius Ceasar at The Kings Theatre (4th of 6 in cast) : from Argus (Melbourne, Australia), 30 Nov 1917 : Oz Papers
- 1917 played 'parliamentarian' in film, 'Our Friends the Hayseeds', an Australian comedy film; involving a Bush fued, Now lost (17th of 18 in bill) source: wiki on film
- 1918 snippets of an interview? with GKS "And I believe I could play those" ended Mr Souper "I mean make a noise like them off" His two little daughters are likelu to become well-known water sprites as their father is a ....1 Oct p.481; Kay Souper, who played the doctor in J & N Tait's production of “De Luxe Annie.” Distinctly an English actor of the best school, he has ... ; Perhaps a minor character in 'The Invisable Foe' at Kings Theatre p.479; Lone Hand, Vol.22 pub 1918, Australia googlebooks
- 1920 'Chu Chin Chow : a musical extravaganza of the Orient'; the story of the Forty Thieves at, Tivoli Theatre, Melbourne, Australia : source (2 of 5 principles, JC Williamson Ltd ompany) 11 Dec; same play Theatre Royal, Melbourne Mar 1921; Opera House Sydney, Mar 1921 & Majesties Theatre, Brisbane Jun 1921
- 1920 'The Little Damozel at Palace Sydney as Rocklaw Poole source
- 1923 'The Flaw', Australian play, (1st of 12 in cast - success!) : Criterion Theatre, Sydney, Jan
- 1923 6th of 7 in 'Madam Butterfly', Criterion Theatre, Sydney; Jan ausstage
- 1923 'The Outsider' at Theatre Royal Sydney, Australia (7 of 10) in company of Maurice Moscovitch 'actor genius' : from The Argus, 30 Dec 1924 : Oz Papers : played again 1925
- 1924 'My Lady's Dress', Theatre Royal, Sydney 1 Mar ausstage
- 1925 'Merchant of Venice', Criterion Theatre, Sydney, NSW, 9 May 1925 (4th of 7) ausstage
- 1926/7 'For the Term of His Natural Life', played 'Major Vickers', (7th in cast) 1 hour 41m Australian silent film, source : see 3m clip [Tasmania?]
- 1927 'Hullo Healo', Palace Theatre, Sydney, from 12 Feb 1927 (12th of 14) ausstage
- 1927 'Road to Roam' Criterion Theatre, Sydney from 13 Aug 1927 (9th of 9) ausstage
- 1927 'Notorious Mrs Ebbsmith' Criterion Theatre, Sydney, from 12 May 1928 (4th of 7) ausstage
- 1929 'Bird in Hand', Palace Theatre, Melbourne from 26 Oct 1929 (7th of 8) ausstage
- 1930 residence 20 The Grove, Mosman, New South Wales, Australia source
- 1930 G Souper 38 actor, sailed 3rd class on "Orama" (Orient Line) from Sydney, Australia to London, Eng arriving 25 Sep; Last permanant address Australia; Planned future residence British Empire; address 12 Rossdale Rd, Putney, London (ship from Brisbane, Australia) scan; UK Incoming Register
- 1931 'The Dreyfus Case', English film 'Kay Soper' (11th of 21 in cast); [2nd of 2 films in BFI database]
- 1931 a Gerald  Souper (c1872-?) 59 sailed on "Adriatic" from Liverpool to New York, USA, occupation actor, departing 18 Sep 1931; [no scan offered] ; from findmypast
- 1931 actor In Stratford Upon Avon Shakespeare Festival Company, University of Utah Theatre, Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah, US source
- 1932, Gerald Kay Souper 60 actor, sailed cabin class on "Antonia" (Cunard Line) from Halifax, Canada to Liverpool, Eng arriving 29 Mar 1932, Last permanant address & planned future residence England; address Memorial Theatre, Stratford on Avon, 19 Garden Lane (ship from New York, US) scan; UK Incoming Register
- 1932, Vancouver, Canada, 2 weeks of Shakespeare (11 plays) Stratford-upon-Avon Shakespeare Festival Company (13th of 22) source :
- 1936, photos in 'Play Pictorial' magazine No. 407 [e-bayed '07] from "Much Ado About Nothing" with (3rd of 7); for The Stratford-Upon-Avon Festival at Stratford, as Leonato photo : 'Romeo & Juliet' RSC, as Friar Lawrence, photo
- undated comment; "Gerald K (deed poll) Soper is not likely to be blazoned across the Haymarket in bright lights, unless he rubs off the corners of the awful 'K Souper'"; from a letter from 'Ken' mocking middle initials like 'Basil C (smug name) Langton' ; Gerald played 'Friar Laurence' p.107 Kenneth Tynan letters : Good to see Mr Souper again after a long interval. I wasw suprised & pleased to see again. He was in OUDS & then with Benson, after which he disappeared from my ken until he turned up in the Stratford Company. In Friar Laurence and Agamemnon his good style ...
- 1938, played 'Baltasar' (in braces) in a production of Strarford-upon-Avon source
- 1940, in The Merchant of Venice, as 'The Doge': RSC at Shakespeare Memorial Theatre photo
- 1941 'That Old Bensonist' Souper starting in 'Julius Caesar', as Ceasar photo & source
- 1941 in 'Richard II' Shakespeare Festival, Stratford on Avon; souvenire program with 3 photos source
- He work on both world wars, in fund raising & concert parties. On committee of Australian Actors Union*
- 1946 (circa), in 'Saint Joan', by Bernard Shaw, King's Theatre, Hammersmith, London (5th of 18) source :
- 1946 in Shakespeare's "Romeo & Juliet", King's Theatre, Hammersmith, London, with Basil C Langton
- 1946 wife Florence d.1946 Sydney & Gerald traveled to be with his recently widowed daughter in Kent, Eng & died there*
- 1947, Gerald died 2 Jan 1947 at 8 Heathwood Gardens, Swanlea, Kent, [Gerald E K Souper d.Jan>Mar 1947 Dartford, Kent, age 75];Partly from source; Probate 1947
- 1953, [photo right] Gerald Kay Souper as (Gremio) being frightened by the shrew (Kate), 'Taming of the Shrew', Shakespeare Memorial Theatre [date queried with the RSC]
- 1953, Kay Souper made a nice donnish figure of poor drunken 'Lepidus'. played against Donald Pleasence google book snippet
- - - A&B=Asche & Brayton Theatre Company (the male & female leads) : FRB=F R Benson & his Shakespearean Company : HBT=Herbert Beerbohm Tree's Company (Sir, 1853-191)
* from biog from 'a distant family member', in film website

Vernon Lissenden Soper (1899-?) a childrens' book illustrater of London
* 1899 Vernon Lissenden Soper, b.23 May 1899 Brentford [b.reg.Jul-Aug, Fulham dist] to John Cogan Soper & Ellen Lissenden m.
1897 Fulham; father a commercial traveller & later printers & lithographers
* 1901 Vernon L Soper b.Sheperds Bush, aged 1 in 1901 cenus with father John Cogan Soper 28 printer working on 'own account', b.Stoke Newington, Lon & Ellen 26 b.Bayswater, with a housemaid at 35 Pennard Rd, Hammersmith.
* 1911Vernon Lissenden Soper 11 school at [The/Avenue/Hill/E], Brentford, Lon; b.Lon; (with John Cogan Soper 37 commercial traveller b.Stoke Newington, Lon & Ellen Soper 35) 1911 cenus
* (not Vernon L Soper on a list of alumni of University of North Dakota, Grand Forks. Service records for WW1 in archives born 14 Apr 1897 at Soper ND. Bent draft board. Colorado draft registration cards : [d.20 Jan 1989; in navy WW1, bur.Fort Snelling, Minneapolis; Mentioned in book on Canadian Volunteer Reserve WW2, 'Sea Over the Bow']
* 1917 Vernon pvt 72486 Royal Fusiliers then gunner nr.191875, Royal Garrison Artillery in WW1; 25 May 1917 enlisted; Hounslow; 18y, cashier (The Times); 5ft 10in, 140lbs, chest 36-40in; C of E; mother Mrs Ellen Soper; (1914-19); only career offence; 'bed in untidy condition' 7 days confined to barracks, Dover; 'nil' drunkeness recorded; 28 Feb 1918 transfered RGA, Derby; medical cat B1; RA WW1 record
* 1921 Vernon L Soper an artist at 36 First Ave, W3, in London Phone Book 'Chiswick 2074' from 1921 to at least 1930, by 1945 he was at 125 Honor Oak Park, SE23 'Forest Hill 2950'
* Vernon was cousin/nephew to fellow book illustrators Eileen & her father George (a Royal Academy painter) : George's father & Vernon's grandfather was George Robert Soper seedman who m.Elizabeth Longman Cogan 1860
* 1929 record industry characters caricatured by Vernon L Soper 'Lissenden' a caricaturist; speculate perhaps Vernon? drew 16 record industry characters in 'Gramophone' magazine article; Dec 1929 source [see right] : 'Lissenden' caricatures featured in The Gramophone between c1929 & 1933; but seems he may not have been Soper see : photo of original ink drawings auctioned 2016 see
* 1932 Vernon L Soper m.Elise Roberts Jul>Sep 1932 Hammersmith [no Soper/Roberts birth reg bmd]
* '39cen Vernon L 40 artist illustrator (b.23 May 1899) at 125 Honor Oak Park, Lewisham, Lon; Elise 31 unpaid dom duties (b.24 Feb 1908) scan
* 1945 Vernon L Soper d.Oct>Dec 1945 Lewisham, age 46
* 1950 Elise Soper d.Jan>Mar 1950 Camberwell age 42
Published Books, illustrated by V Soper
- 'The Magic Walking Stick' & stories from the Arabian Knights; by John Buchan c1920 The colour frontispiece & 2 colour illustrations by Vernon L Soper
- 'The Underdog and Blackman's Wood' - 2 New Crime Stories, p.188 The Underdog a poirot story - by Agatha Christie & E Phillips Oppenheim : London: The Reader's Library, 1929, Jacket by Vernon L Soper
- 'Down Green Crescent' by Ethel Nokes; colour frontispiece by Vernon Soper; pub.London 1930s by Religious Tract Society; 255 pages
- 'Robinson Crusoe' pub.1930 by John Buchan & Frances Jenkins Olcott; illustrated by Elenore Plaisted Abbott, Monro S Orr & Vernon L Soper
- "Illustration for The Wonderland of Knowledge" pub 1930; book plate "Strange Conveyances of Other Lands" illustrated by Vernon Soper, . ebayed 2015 source
- 'Twenty-Six Radio Stories', by Arthur Russell, pub.Lon: The 'Boy's Own Paper' Office: pub.1930) & 1931 illust. by Vernon Soper
- 'The Secret Service Schoolboy', by Ernest Protheroe, ill. Vernon Soper (cover). GB: Readers Library, 1931
- 'The Gambler of Red Gulch' by Charles Ballew, illustrated by Vernon Soper; pub.London 1933 source [illustration below]
- 'The Wonderland of Knowledge', pub Odhams Press Ltd (nd c1933), 12 vol, illustrated by various artists inc Vernon Soper, Eileen A Soper
- 'Hans Andersen's Fairy Tales', pub Collins 1934 & 1954, with 12 full page b&w illustrations by Vernon Soper
- 'Once Upon a Time' by George G Harrap & Co, Lon 1934 & 1948 & 9. Illustrated by Honor C Appleton, Charles Robinson, Vernon Soper. Hardback
- 'Trial of Lotto' by Anthony Armstrong, Dust Cover pub.1936. Ill by Vernon Soper
- 'The Dragon Green'. childrens book by 'Joyce Bissell Thomas' pub London : Burns, Oates, 1936. Ill by Vernon Soper
- 'The Fisherman and the Mermaid', by Lillian Bradstock, illus. Vernon Soper a story in The Children's Golden Treasure Book for 1938
- 'Ahmat and the Eagle' by RH Wright; 'Artful Story-Teller'; 'Cat Princess' by Charlotte Cole; 'Tiger, the Man and the Precious Thing' by AG Piggot; all ill. by Vernon Soper, in 'Blackie's Children's Annual', pub.Blackie & Son, Lon; 1938? source
- 'Childrens Goldern Treasure Book For 1938'; by Wilhelm Hauff & Joyce Mercer & Vernon L Soper & et al.
- 'The Favorite Wonder Book', pub Odhams Press Ltd, London 1938 a compilation with several illustrators inc Vernon Soper & G & E Soper : [Vernon's grandparents were parents of artist George Soper (who's dau was artist Eileen) see link above]
- 'My Great Big Book' 1940s inc Vernon Soper's plate entitled "No Parent Was Ever More Surprised" source
- 'Forgotten Memories' by Simon Crabtree pub.1941 British Library - ill.Vernon L Soper
- 'Bedtime Stories' (Little Book nr2) by Enid Blyton, pub.1942 London. Coloured cover wraps & black & white line illustrations by Vernon Soper
- 'Hector Tumbler Investigates' by Simon Crabtree; Illustrated by Vernon Soper : 'amusing black & white cartoons' pub.London 1943
- 'Muddy Paws' by K D Nason; pub.1944 Hollis & Carter p.126 British Library - ill.Vernon Soper
- 'Trapped in the Jungle' (pub.1945 Hollis & Carter) - ill.Vernon Soper
- 'Dragon Island' by Joyce Alice Bissell Thomas, 1st edition 1946 with 6 colour plates by Vernon L Soper, published London British Library
- 'Hans Andersen’s Fairy Tales' by H C Anderson, with an introduction by Margaret W J Jeffrey 1954 British Library
- 'The Mysterious Affair At Styles', Agatha Christie, 'covers printed in full colour with a striking image by Vernon Soper of a hand reaching for a bottle of poison from a medical cabinet'
- 'Funland Story Book', pub.Dean, Lon [no date]. Illustrated by Vernon Soper, Colour Fontis
- 'The Scoop and Behind the Screen' illustrated by Vernon L Soper 7 stories by members of the Detection Club inc Agatha Christie & Dorothy L Sayers; 1st edition 1983 wiki

Images below by Vernon Soper; 1) Little Books : 2) & 3) Bed-time Stories The Magic Walking Stick : 4) Hans Andersen's Fairy Tales : 5) The Magic Walking Stick : 6) The Dragon Green; 8) 'Strange Conveyances Of Other Lands' : 9) 'The Gambler of Red Gulch' by Charles Ballew : 10) 'Dragon Island' by Joyce Alice Bissell Thomas, 1946

'Little Books, Bed-time Stories', illustrated by Vernon L Soper 'The Magic Walking Stick' illustrated by Vernon L Soper 'The Magic Walking Stick' illustrated by Vernon L Soper 'Hans Andersen's Fairy Tales' illustrated by Vernon Soper 'The Magic Walking Stick' illustrated by Vernon Soper The Dragon Green' illustrated by Vernon Soper 'The Gambler of Red Gulch' by Charles Ballew, illustrated by Vernon Soper ' illustrated by Vernon Soper of 'strange vehicles 'Dragon Island' by Joyce Alice Bissell Thomas, 1946

George Soper RA (c1870-1942), an etcher, painter & book illustrator his biog

Medici Post Card Series P.C.1029 Dormouse, Eileen Soper (large size postcard) Eileen Alice Soper RMS SWLA (1905-1990), daughter of George above, engraver, etcher & book illustrator. A biog page to follow. List of 30 Enid Blyton books she illustrated 1942-1956 : source






Eleen lived at 'Wildings' from 3 to near her death age 81

She attended Hitchin Girls School, though not much enjoyed it. Could drive & was a skilled mechanic. drawings of unsentimental children her speciality. Her etchings of children at play at Royal Academy Exhibition, the youngest exhibitor then, age 15. ‘Flying Swings’ etching purchased by Queen Mary from 1924's Royal Academy :

Eileen’s etchings sold well though the 1920’s until the end of the ‘Etching Boom’ in the Great Depression of the 1930’s. A career as an illustrator replaced it she illustrate 50 Enid Blyton books in 20 years, meeting a few times & working through letters. She wrote ‘Happy Rabbit’ 1945, then ‘Sail Away Shrew’ & wrote poetry :

China figure modelled by Eileen Soper c1942. Part of 'Wartime Series'. Due to the poignant nature of the subject, the model did not sell well & the Wartime Series was soon withdrawn : source

on cover of 'Five on Kirrin Island Again', [on right] Eileen painted a telescope the wrong way round (corrected at next publication). [Odd - as Eileen a keen nature studyist]

An Eileen Soper painting, 'Dormouse' for Medici Post Card Series P.C.1029 (a large size postcard pictured on right) : [sister Eva also painted for the post card series]

She was on TV's Animal Magic 1963, when her tame birds fed from her hand. The sisters live in increasingly decrepit Wildings, both went to hospital, then a nursing home. Eileen agreed for Wildings to be repaired, but died before she could return. She & Eva died 1990 :

Eva Soper, an sketch by her sister, Eileen Eva Lilian Soper (1901-1990), a china bird modeller

'11cen age 11 at Southwark, London

She joined The Royal Worcester factory in 1837, within two years she had designed a set of 12 model birds. 12 more followed in 1841/2. The range was popular, some remained for sale until 1986

A 1931 etching by sister, Eileen [right], shows Eva was modeling birds well before this

An example of Eva Soper's work, a Royal Worcester China Kingsfisher Eva Soper, an etching by her sister, Eileen Medici Bird Series P.C.928, Nightingale, Eva Soper (large size postcard) Medici Bird Series P.C.928, Nightingale, Eva Soper (large size postcard)

An Eva Soper painting, 'Nightingale' for Medici Bird Series P.C.928, (a large size postcard pictured on right) : [sister Eileen also painted for the post card series]

Sister, Eileen, also modelled for Royal Worcester [see above] They both contributed to Royal Worcester's 'Wartime Series', Eva modeling 'Salvage', 'Spitfire', 'Take Cover', 'Evacuees', 'Stowaways', 'The Rescue'

Her father George Soper, also an artist [see his biog]

Pictured above is an example of Eva's work for Royal Worcester, 'Kingfisher', 1938. A list of models with photos on Worcester Porcelain Museum's website Born 24 March 1901 [in Apr-Jun '01 register, Edmonton District]. In Jul-Sept 1990 death register at Hertford & Ware district, age 89

Another characterful sketch of Eva by her sister Eileen, from a page from Eileen's sketch book split up & ebay'ed, 2012; £150 asked

R Soper & G Stuart [listed 1st], stipple painting of George Washington, lot 636 [sold for 20c?], pub by JC Buttre NY, India Proof [an impression from engraved plate, on India paper - perhaps Soper the engraver?], from 'Portraits of the British Poets' Google Books snippet

Mabel Soper 26 artist & Grace Soper (c1860-?) journalist 32 both English sailed cabin class on "Cephalonia" from Boston, Massachusetts, arriving Liverpool, Eng; May 1892 scan UK incoming passenger List; : [not vis bmd/'81cen/'91cen]

C W Soper minature painter, 14 Rectory Grove, Clapton; 1900 Oliver Cromwell after Sir Peter Lily exibited at Royal Academy from "Royal Academy of Arts Contributors" pub.1905

1901 Census

George Soper 30 publishing artist (sculp) at 12 Palmerstone Villas, Southgate, (Christchurch),, '01cen, b.Stoke Newington, Lon; Ada Soper 27 b.Chelsea, Lon; - Soper 1m (under) b.Southgate, & visitor Lilian Lehany 38 widow b.Chelsea; monthly nurse Loiusa Orme 38 b.Kennington & Annie Harris 20 dom serv b.Herts; scan : [see above]

Gerald Souper born Shanghai, China & Florence Souper (21): An actor & actress lodging at 17 Rumford St, South Manchester, Lancashire : [see above]

Henry C Soper (c1878-?) 23 an artist in stain glass at Hampstead, Lon. b.St Pancras, Lon : [1912 draughtsman; '11cen stained glass painter; parents Henry Charles m.Isabella Middlemiss 1865]

Thomas Soper 31 photographer (own account) b.Battersea, at Saute? Rd. Wandsworth, wife Rhoda 30 b.Cornwall, Charles E b.Wandsworth & unmarried visiter Louisa Pearce 44 b.Cornwall : [Thomas Henry Soper (1870-1903) above Soper & Stedman Ltd]

Vernon L Soper, b.Sheperds Bush, age 1 in 1901 cenus with father John Logan Soper 28, a printer working on 'own account' b.Stoke Newington, Lon & Ellen 26 b.Bayswater, with a housemaid at 35 Pennard Rd, Hammersmith : [see above] : [Vernon Sissenden Soper, 11 at Brentford, Lon]

William Soper, 50 a general miniature painter at Clapham : b.East Grinstead & Harold Soper 20 b.Clapham a Enamel Painter : [see William Soper & son above]

1911 Census

George Soper an artist, painter 40 at Hatfield Herts b.London; b.Stoke, Lon : Ada Soper 37 b.Chelsea , Eva Lilly Soper 10 & Eileen Olive Soper 6: [see above]

Harold C W Soper head m 30 (136 Victoria/ St / George), London an enamel artist, painter b.Kent/Lon, wife Rosalia Soper 35 : [see William Soper & son above]

Henry Soper 33 stained glass painter at 72 Tufnell Park Rd N, Islington, Lon b.Camden Town, with father Henry Charles 72 widow, retired builder : [see parents Henry Charles m.Isabella Middlemiss 1865]

J H Gardner Soper's painting J H Gardner Soper's Spanish Dancer, in oils James H Gardner Soper's painting

James H Gardner Soper's painting J H Gardner Soper's 1909 magazine cover

James Hamlin Gardner Soper (1877-1939) a book illustrator : born Flint, Ml, 17 July 1877. lived in New York after 1925 settled in Los Angeles. Did portrait commissions in Los Angeles & exhibited locally. Died 1939. Exh: Paris Expo, 1900 (gold medal); Louisiana Purchase Expo (St Louis), 1904 (bronze medal); Bohemian Club, 1928; Calif. Art Club, 1928. AAA 1921; SCA; CA&A; FId. from 'Artists in California 1786-1940' : Produced magazine artwork, &

James H Gardner Soper received a bronze medal for contributing a water color or pastel picture to 'Exhibits of New York Artists' Louisiana Purchase Exposition Commission of the State of New York 1904 : from Gutenburg Project

J H Gardner Soper illustrations [above]. 1: B & W from 'The Title Market' by Emily Post : pub New York 1909 : 6 illustrations : 2: Colour from "The Way of Ambition" by Robert Hichens  pub New York 1913 : from Gutenburg Project James Hamlin Gardner Soper illustrated 'A Modern Chronicle', by Winston Churchill, pub 1910

J H Gardner Soper Oil on canvas portrait of a Spanish dancer source [above]

J H Gardner Soper illustrated 'A Modern Chronicle, pub New York 1910, by Winston Churchill, [sample page above] paperback & 'The Dark Tower' by Phyllis Bottome, c1916 : He did cover art & article illistrations for Cosmopolitan, 'Mundy's Magazine' & other magazines source

J H Gardner Soper painted '50 Years of Delineator Girls; Girl of 1912' showing fashions. (The woman in white) [above] source

J H Gardner Soper 'The portrait Painter' married (last Tue) Miss Elsie Bryant Jenvey of Oakland, Cal. at Hoboken : from New York Times, Sun 21 Nov 1920 : from New York Times

The body of a well-dressed man found in Baltimore harbor ship docks today was identified at the Mercy Hospital as that of James Hamlin Gardner Soper 14 Jun 1939 from NY Times Archives

Purton Soper Bros & Co, 1910 : Photo-Lithographers, London Office, 6 Poland St & Works, 139 Southampton St, Camberwell : City of Westminster Archives, William Soper & Son, Enamellers. ref 1627/13 www.a2a

Soper stands head and shoulders above colleaques in his acting. In 'Paying the Piper', he made a charming widow as 'Mrs Sherwin' : from Guardian paper, 11 Jun 1911

Soper & Mr Scruby's workmanship commended for their stall plate renevations at the seats of the Order of Bath in King Henry VII's Chapel, Westminster : from The Times - 24 Jul 1913 722/746n

Manoel Joaquim Soper (c1880-?) 33 actor; foreign country citizen citizen sailed 1st class on "RMS Ambrose" (Booth Steamship Line) embarked Levois? (ship from Manaos), Brazil arriving Liverpool, Eng 9 Jan 1913; Portugal citizen, last permanent residence Portugal [could this be a Portuguese territory?; either side in passenger list labourers]; Through ticket to New York scan; UK Incoming Register

Doug Soper [or F Doug Soper, though assume F=from?] 1914 signed 3 studio photos, £4 each, Apr 2016, 'To Billy & Mrs Welcon'; [not vis www] : UK seller suggests he was an entertainer?; post card on rear, so presume UK? : [not linked; no Douglas Soper b.bef.1913 in UK's bmd]

Harry Felice Soper (1858-?) job was 'a sculptor' (in son's wedding register 1915), see his m.1885 : [speculate a scuptor after 1908 bankruptcy as stone mason, employer] :

Gerald Kay Soper played Ceasar in Julius Ceasar at The Kings Theatre (4th of 6 in cast) : from Argus (Melbourne), 30 Nov 1917 : Oz Papers : [see above : & connection to Marjorie below?]

Miss Marjorie Soper played Sylvia in The Lifeguardsman at Princess Theatre 19 Jan 1918 (13th in cast of 15) 'minor characters were concientiously portrayed': from The [Melbourne] Argus 19 & 21 Jan : from Argus (Melbourne), 21 Jan 1918 : Oz Papers [connection to Gerald above]

Miss Mildred Soper US actress; The Passing Show of 1919 (280 performances); Shubert Gaieties of 1919; Cinderella on Broadway 1919-20 [she played 'hope gone wrong' in The Top of the World scene]; The Midnight Rounders of 1920 [120 performances, musical review, cast of 100+]; The Century Revue 1920-21; The Whirl of New York 1921; The Passing Show of 1921; Blossom Time 1921-3; The Passing Show of 1923; Artists and Models [1924] source
: 'Just when we thought Mildred Soper was lost for good, a press-sheet states she's to pose for paintings by Everett-Shinn. We suppose you could term this Mildred's shin-digs'. from 'Broadway Brevities', Aug 1922 source
: Mildred Soper & Elias Perlman, 1921 (see right), 2 press photos source & source





Jimmy Soper turning, Poole Pottery Jimmy Sopers banded vase Jimmy Soper designed a 1950's ice green and mushroom glazed banded vase, shape 818, (6.5 inches) Jimmy Soper designed a 1950's ice green and mushroom glazed banded vase, shape 818, (6.5 inches) Jimmy Sopers banded pot

Jimmy Soper executed a 37cm red earthenware dish with slip trailed and combed decoration, designed by John Adams, 1920's mark & swastika impressed on dish.
- Jimmy Soper turning, Poole Pottery
1; Jimmy Soper designed a 1950's ice green and mushroom glazed banded vase, shape 818, (6.5 inches). Estimate £40 to £50 : [photo on right]
2; Jimmy Soper pot
3; Jimmy Soper turned this hand thrown earthenware vase. Dated around the early 1950's and very similar to those produced by Keith Murray for Wedgwood. Impressed Poole mark to base
4; Jimmy Soper's pot, Poole, early 1950s 5" high; colourway C97 source
5; Jimmy Soper's [tall, straight, white] pot, Shape 'nr.410 Poole' ebay
6; Jimmy Soper his turning lathe is in a workshop used to turn all the hand-thrown ware in the Craft section at Poole Pottery. This gave a smooth surface to pots for paintresses to work on. Jimmy was still working at Poole in the 1970's. He's best remembered for the banded vases of late 1930's & early 1950's which echoed the style of Keith Murray at Wedgwood. "You could say Jimmy was part of the old Poole Pottery, he worshiped the place & had his hands full teaching us young ones! One day he put 3 or 4 trucks of ware outside to dry (for turning), he didn't noticed that they had frozen, when he bought them in they all started to collapse! `Well I´m Buggered´ was his comment source
: connection? Sopers Lane, Poole, Dorset, production moved from quay to new site until its closure 2006

Mr H Soper & Paul Cooper made a mahogany cabinet ornamented with silver & shagreen that housed an honorary diploma for Prince of Wales from Soc of Apothecaries : BMJ Jan 1926 [speculate Harold C W Soper enamel artist, painter age 30 '11cen : son in William Soper & Son see]

Eileen K Souper (c1905-?) 22 actress, sailed 3rd class on "Largs Bay" from Sydney, Australia to Hull, Eng arriving 23 Apr 1927; Last permanent residence Australia; Planned future residence England; English nationality; address 55 The Avenue, Kew Gardens, London, [ship fom Brisbane] scan; UK Incoming Register [not in bmd, link not vis]

Frances O Souper wrote 'Mozart & Modern Research', in The Musical Times [vol73, nr1077, p10301] Nov 1932 : from source : 1930 & 1940, 'Mozart & the Flute' : [presume conection to Francis A Souper]

Soper of Park Lane signature W Soper a society photographer of Park Lane, London; only visable 1936-9; perhaps publications stopped with paper rationing, &/or he joined miltary?; Not yet linked to a family

W Soper's archive auctioned for £3,824 at Bonhams, London 2004; substantial quantity of prints relating mainly to Court assignments, 1st on behalf of Van Dyk & later on his own account; negatives, studio book & correspondence with Buckingham & St James's Palace, [c.1915-39]
W Soper's Collection inc;
- George V & Queen Mary (extensive series of proof prints of Queen Mary nr.Silver Jubilee);
- Edward VIII (inc 3 large prints of Soper's wedding photograph of Edward & Mrs Simpson, 1 signed 'Wallis Windsor' & 'Edward' in margin, another signed in 1920, in Welsh Guards uniform);
- George VI (mostly as King, but inc family group as Duke of York with duchess, both sets of parents & infant Princess Elizabeth, another signed 'Albert', dated 1920);
- Henry, Duke of Gloucester (series of portrait proofs from nr.marraige, & 3 marriage phototgraphs, 1 with York princesses as bridesmaids, 2 earlier images signed 'Henry';
- others inc Earl of Athlone, King Leopold of the Belgians (series), & a number of political interest including Lloyd George (signed), Stanley Baldwin & Ramsay Macdonald (signed), 3 distinct views of Churchill & Atlee with various grouping of wartime ministers & cabinet members in Nr.10's garden, & portaits of Halifax, R A Butler & Alec Douglas-Home. bonhams

Bonham's Footnote; Soper's career with Henry Vandyk commenced c1907 when assigned to home of Duc d'Orleans, Woodnorton Hall, nr.Evesham, to cover m.of dau to Prince Carlo de Bourbon. Special Branch contrived for Soper to photograph the workman there, holding objects. A number excluded after vetting bef.King of Spain arrived.

Soper of Park Lane's portrait of Prince Edward, Duke of Windsor, at 2 Jun 1937 Silver print, signed by photographer on border & in pencil on reverse, "275B HRH The Duke of Windsor KG" 28x35cm, in protective folder. Soper took this the day before the Duke's marriage. Soper of Tilney St, Park Ln, worked for many years for the Court photographer, Vandyk. He took photographs after Cecil Beaton had finished his session at the Chateau de Cande, choosing the darkest room for the setting. Tilney's photographs then transmitted by radio to the US, so were on sale on the wedding day. auctioned 1998 Sotheby's, USA; [photo not shown here]

Soper of Tilney St, Lon, W1 made a photo of The Queen. She signed several framed copies 'Mary R 1938'

: Cecil Beaton took pictures for Vogue at the Chateau de Cande, Tours, the day before the wedding on 3 June. Constance Fry was there arranging flowers. Another photographer there, Mr Soper, whom Cecil ignored, thinking him a hack. Cecil hurried to Vogue's Paris office, but the lesser Mr Soper pipped him at the post & syndicated a snap to all the daily papers. Voque accused Cecil of betrayal thinking it his; from Greta & Cecil pub.1996, by Diana Souhami googlebooks

Soper of Park Lane photo of George IV Soper of Park Lane photo of Queen Mary Soper of Park Lane photo of The King at marchpast


1-:-Soper of Park Lane's photo of George IV inspecting Irish Guards, Chelsea Barracks 6 May 1936 source
2-:-Studio photograph, signed in red ink “Soper, Park Lane, W1”; Queen Mary wearing the famous Grand Duchess Vladimir tiara
3-:-Soper of Park Lane's photo of George IV; 70x88cm. auction 2012 est $1500-2000 : [framed photo above]

W Soper's photos of Lord Halifax (1881-1959) Tory foreign secretary; WW2.jpg Soper of Park Lane photo of Rab Butler Sopers_of_Park_Lane/Prince Leopold.jpg W Soper's photo of ex King & Wallis Simpson Prince Leopold by J Soper




4-:-Soper of Park Lane, signed right corner by the artist; photo of King Leopold III of Belgium; Size: 27.5 x 36 cm approx. ebay
5-:-W Soper took wedding photo of [ex King] Edward, Duke of Windsor & Wallis Simpson, 1937; Gelatin silver print, signed on the mount by Soper in pencil, signed in ink & dated "Wallis Windsor" & "Edward"; 30x24cm. A better quality scan here
6-:-'Soper, Park Lane, W1'. signed a large studio photo of King Leopold of Belgium 27x 37cm, 'by the renowned society photographer', signed in the right hand corner: source : [taken 18 Nov 1937]
7-:-Soper's photo 1930 of RHRAB. Baron Rab Butler, of Saffreon Walden, Tory Politician (1902-82) [as a S.African photo, perhaps 1938 when under-secretary for forign affairs]
8-:-Soper of Park Lane took photo of Lord Halifax (1881-1959); undated (a Tory foreign secretary in WW2)

Dr Hannon George V Soper of Park Lane photo of George IV King & Queen

Soper a photographer, in phone book at 4 Tilney St, W1, 'Mayfair 6989',from 1937-39 (but not vis 1945 dir)

Soper of London 6x8" photo of King George VI, standing in uniform of the Coldstream Guards source [auctioned 2012; not shown here]

Soper of Park Lane, unsigned; black & white photograph 11½" x 9", of Edward VIII by Soper of Park Lane, London

9-11-:-Soper of Park Ln, WI & Dorothy Wilding [society photographer] published photos of King George VI & Queen Elizabeth (later Queen mother) 2y after his accession, dated 1938 (2y after accession), some signed by King & Queen stamped with negative number on back 14½"x11" source : [as Sopers negative number is on the back, so seems Sopers were selling them; speculate in return for suppling a number for distribution (The Guards Depot displays a signed one)] : a photo of George V; 1 marked 'not for publication ; auctioned source [photo above]

12-:-Soper of Park Ln, WI;

13-:-Soper of Park Ln, WI; Dr Mr Hon J A Hanan b.1868 by Photographer, Soper, Park Ln, WI; negative nr.c/nF228/16 source [Josiah Alfred Hanan (1868-1954) Minister of Education & Chancellor, University of NZ]

Portrait of Prince Edward, Duke of Windsor, Chateau de Cande June 2, 1937 Silver print, signed by photographer on border, "Soper Park Lane W1" inscribed in pencil on reverse, "275B H.R.H. The Duke of Windsor K.G."

Liberal Robert Crewe-Milnes 1st Marquess of Crewe Royal Prince Henry Duke of Gloucester Sir Geoffrey Granville Whiskard Countess Reventlow Tory Politician Edward Wood 1st Earl Halifax Sir H Scott Royal Courtier Sir Edward Orde MacTaggart-Stewart

Soper, Society photographer; negative 30 Aug 1937 of Rear Admiral Sir Robert Arbuthnot 'at special sitting at Buckingham Palace to coincide with Coronation of George VI', 30 Mar 1937. ebay 2017 £11 each; negatives below; 16 x 11.5cm [above]
- 1 Negative Sir Edward Orde MacTaggart-Stewart 25 Nov 1938
- 2 Negative Sir H. Scott Royal Courtier Breeches 27 Apr 1937
- 3 Negative Tory Politician Edward Wood 1st Earl Halifax 1938
- 4 Negative Countess Reventlow 14 Dec 1938
- 5 Negative Sir Geoffrey Granville Whiskard 5 Sep 1938
- 6 Negative British Royal Prince Henry Duke of Gloucester 30 Jun 1937 Scots Guards Uniform
- 7 Negative Liberal Robert Crewe-Milnes 1st Marquess of Crewe 14 Apr 1938
- Negative of HM King Leopold 18 Nov 1937 (photod above) also in this Coronation negative collection

Soper 'of Tilney St, Park Lane, worked for many years for the Court photographer' source". [How did Soper come to photo royalty, while remaining outside the www except for 1936-8 & the initial 'W'; Tilney St behind The Dorcester is not some back mews off Park Ln It held solictors & aristos. So expensive address, if only a studio] : ['11cen not vis] : ['39cen abt.100 adult male W Sopers to choose from (not inc those in military); none nr.Park Lane, no photographers; nothing obvious in army/navy]

John E Soper Writer & composer of 'Foo Chang' or The Chinese Vase. An Original Chinese Operetta in 3 acts. 5 shillings. 1938 National Archives

Sylvia Soper (1926-1996) artist b.Pencoed, Glam, dau of Dorothy Elizabeth Soper ; m.6 Apr 1948, Pontypridd, Glam to Colin Busby Forward, sign maker b.4 Aug 1923 source : [Dorothy E b.1895, to Job & Ellen Smith who m.1893]

Gwendoline E Tapley-Soper (?-1950), amateur poet, painter & historian, dau of Rev William Frederic Connor (1852-1921), a missionary in Arabia, later rector of King's Nympton, Devon (1905-1921). Married H Tapley Soper, a local Devon historian & librarian of University College South West. Lived at Wixels, Topsham, 1944. Her 1st book of poems Dawn & Sunset at Topsham (Exeter ‘44). Then ‘Springtime in Devon’ (Exeter ‘46), lived Wonford Rd, Exeter. Her papers, at University of Exeter source

Frederick Soper & Frank Rhodes, Royal Artillery gunners, in 'Mr Bolfry' by James Brindie this week at The Little Theatre Players in Armenian St; Sopers inflection rather good; playing Gunner Cully, an intellectual soldiee; Photo of play; Singapore Free Press; 17 Jul 1950 source

Annette Soper, artist; From 1950, Joan Eardley started to spend part of each year away from Glasgow in Catterline, a small fishing village on Aberdeenshire coast. She produce stormy seascapes, often outdoors, often in poor weather. She focused the “Catterline School” of artists, a group drawn to the village in 1950s inc Annette Soper, Angus Neil & Lil Neilson. source

J W Soper published postcard of Victoria Falls, Rhodesia 1955, from rope 150ft down; source jw_soper_photo_rodesia.jpg

Gay Soper actress 1972 Gay Soper British actress 26 almost brought the house down when she & the cast of the rock musical 'Godspell' stopped a performance in London after it was learned Prince Charels was in the audience. Wearing a low-cut dress & waving a feather boa. Miss Soper plunged into the audience singing & yelled out "Hiya Charlie" to the Prince's amusement (wired photo via cable from London 1972). Photo on ebay 2012















Elspeth Soper's handmade casserole dish Elspeth Soper's handmade casserole dish, made at the Willey Furnace Pottery in Broseley Shropshire stamped clearly on the base WFP ; source; Elspeth Soper, art foundation Bristol Art College. 1977 BA Degree Ceramics, West Surrey College of Art & Design. Has been potting at Willey Furnace Pottery since 1985









W A Soper a painting of Allerford 1985picture, Lowton House Farm, Lowdon, Warrington by painter A Soper

W A Soper (1929-1998), oil paintings of Loweton, [nr.Wigan, Lancs now Greater Man]; Painted Old Packhorse Bridge, Allerford, Somerset c.1985, in oil, on family holiday' ebay Oct 2014; Paintings can be viewed on Ye Olde Lowton Facebook page
: A Soper painted Lowton House Farm, Lowton, Warrington, Cheshire [b & w above] abt.1900 century : [a local history site asking who Soper was - no A Soper locally or in artist page] ; picture from 'A Pictorial View of Old Lowton' by H Worsley pub.Nov 1993; ISBN 0 951H02 2 5 amazon
: Mr Soper, there are quite a number of Mr Soper's paintings in "A Pictorial View of Old Lowton" by Bert Worsley [pub.1993]; He had 2 children source
: Mr A Soper's painting shows St Lukes Church, Lowton, before the bell tower was added in the 19th century. source
: Alan Soper (1929-98) Lowton artist mainly painted old scenes of nearby Lowton & Scotland landscapes; ebay £195 : [if b.1929 perhaps Alan's painting from a photo c1900??]
: Alan Soper m.Lucille Brenda Molyneux, nee Flynn 19 May 1979 at Newton Le Willows ('Brenda' b.28 Apr 1932 Birkenhead to Edward Flynn & Alice Roberts; 1st m.Ronald Molyneux 1949, 3 birth )
: 1998 Wilfred Alan Soper b.19 Jul 1929 & d.18 Jun 1998 & wife Lucille Brenda Soper b.28 Apr 1932 & d.18 Aug 1998, bur.St Luke's Churchyard, Lowton, Lancs





Annette Soper (c1931-2011) art teacher & talented water colour painter. Lived in Stonehaven & persuaded the former Gaumont cinema, Union St, Aberdeen to allow exhibitions in its foyer; She invite Joan Eardley (1921-1963), who she'd not met, to stage the 3rd exhibition. While staying with [the Soper family, Annette one of the daughters] 1950 for the exhibition, she contracted mumps & was unable to return to Glasgow. When recuperating Soper took her to her favourite family picnic spot at Catterline. [20m S of Aberdeen] They saw a coastguard's watch house, lain empty for 2 or 3 years & thought it would be a magnificent studio. The Eardley was penniless, but Soper bought the cottage for less than £50 & invited Eardley to use it. Annette(later Stephen by marriage) d.age 80 & bequethed 'Watchy' to Lil Neilson, another artist source
: Anette Soper enjoyed family holidays at Catterline as a girl, Eardley taken there to recuperate from mumps; Eardley painted Catterline seascapes source
: Eardley, when ill, discovered Catterline 1951 on a drive with friend, Anette Soper. That year, Soper bought a small cliff top building, from which she & Eardley could paint. Eardley purchased her own cottage there 1955 travelling between Catterline & her Glasgow home, to her death. source Anette Soper b.Aberdeen & raised in Stonehaven; 1 of 4 artists called 'The Catterline School' 'watercour 'Cottages Behind The Back Catterline' auctioned 2016 source
: Joan Eardley spend part of each year away from Glasgow in Catterline, a small fishing village on Aberdeenshire coast. She produce stormy seascapes, often outdoors, in poor weather. She focused the “Catterline School” of artists, a group drawn to the village in 1950s inc Annette Soper, Angus Neil & Lil Neilson source

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