F. C. H. Lampe:

 A. R. Horne:

 W. Rickert:

 A. L. Yount:

 G. Kunkle:

 W. F. Rick:

Records of marriages at St. Mark's begin with the wedding of Karl Hauser and Miss Elizabeth Mehl, both of Williamsport, by Rev. F. C. H. Lampe on May 24, 1863.  Although the church was founded in 1852, the records of earlier marriages from 1852 to May 1863 are missing.

The early  records usually include only the names and residences of the parties and the date of the wedding.  Later records include the name of the witnesses, place of wedding and "remarks."  The records are organized by date and by the pastor who performed the wedding.

The records are handwritten, typically on paper that has become yellow or brown, and in some cases, is brittle and frayed.   Content is rarely lost due to damaged paper.  In some cases, the ink used to record the record has faded or has bled through the paper, partially obscuring records on the back of the page. In almost all cases, the faded content is readable at higher magnification.

Included in these records are marriages performed by the following pastors: