Creek Indian Researcher - Creek Nation Cemeteries

Okfuskee County cemeteries:

Namein theSec.Twp.Range NotesSurvey Find-A-Grave
Arbeka Church  NE pt Sec 51012  1998, Lance Hall Find-A-Grave
Buckley-Green-HarjoNE ¼ Sec 171011  1998, Lance Hall Find-A-Grave
North Fork   (alt link) NWSec 121010  1999, Terry & Donna Barnes Find-A-Grave
Robison familyNE ¼Sec 261011  1998, Lance Hall Find-A-Grave
Mary Yahola, 1 graveNE
Sec 111011  [Need to relocate]
Wiley - WatsonSWSec 281012  1998, Lance Hall Find-A-Grave
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Okmulgee County cemeteries:

Many of these surveys are from "Okmulgee County Cemetery Records, V.1".  

Some of these old surveys list just a few people in large cemeteries so refer to the Find-A-Grave pages instead for full and up-to-date transcriptions. If the Find-A-Grave listings are correct it appears the transcriptions may have just been written submissions (partial listings) and the writers never verified the locations or people in them. [Lance Hall 2020]

Namein theSec.Twp.Range NotesSurvey Find-A-Grave
AsburySE¼Sec 321112   1998, Lance Hall Find_A-Grave
Barnett - Fisher  
Sec 311112   1998, Lance Hall Find-A-Grave
Barnett - Starr Sec 34 T11NR12E  1974, Louisa Field No listing.
Berryhill Family
Sec 201212   197?, Mrs. Norman Johnson Find-A-Grave
Big Cussehtah

Big cemetery.
Sec 51212   1974 Find-A-Grave
Cinda HillSW ¼Sec 30 T14NR15E4 miles east of Morris.
Cussetah Indian

Located on the on the southeast
corner of the intersection of E.
Banyan Rd and S. 270 Rd.
Sec 25
Evidently same cemetery as below. 1974, Louisa Fields
Fields family
Sec 25 T11NR12E Evidently same cemetery as above. 1974, Louisa Fields Find-A-Grave
Fish family  SW ¼ Sec 71112   1999, Lance Hall Find-A-Grave
Grave Creek

Maybe same as "Cinda Hill"
Johnson Family NE ¼Sec 191212   197? Find-A-Grave
Jumsey & Katie BarnettNW ¼ Sec 311113   1974, Louisa Field No listing.
Larney (Bird)SE¼Sec 331312   1973 Find-A-Grave
LooneySec 341112   1974, Louisa Field Find-A-Grave
Sec 61213   1975, Lena Murphy No listing.
Randall 1centerSec 20 T12NR12E  Harvey Randall in 1974. Find-A-Grave
Randall 2 Sec 29 T12NR12E  1974 No listing.
SunnyNE¼SE¼Sec 201312   1974 No listing.
TigerSW ¼Sec 341312   1974 with recent corrections. Find-A-Grave

Bird Spring Indian Cemetery

Nancy Grayson Barnett - Indian Pioneer History interview [PDF]

There are lots of graves on the Pumpa West [Pompey West] land a mile west of Jackson Barnett home, a mile south of Bryant. 
James Barnett Cemetery. - Section 6, Township 10, Range 12, East
Asberry Cemetery. - On Miley Asberry allotment - Section 32, Township 11, Range 12; Still in use.
Barnett Cemetery. - Section 29, Township 11, Range 12. Still in use.
No Name. - About a half mile south of the James Barnett farm on the same Section 6, Township 10, Range 12,
there were fifty or sixrty Indians and one white child buried there but they have all been plowed up.
Booker Tee Cemetery. - On Section 6, Township 10, Range 12, there is also a colored cemetery.
Johnson of Bristow had the first store at Booker Tee. There were lots of folk there about ten years ago but not many now.

Old Trail. - An old trail from Texas to Seminole, wetumka, Weleetka, to the Jim Barnett store, a half mile south of my place or house went west of our house and east of Bryant. There
was a crossing, ford, on Bad Creek east of the railroad bridge on the other side of Bryant. This trail continued on west of Henryetta Cemetery, west of Shulter and on to Okmulgee.

Hughes County cemeteries:

NameSec.Twp.Range Notes
Old Barnett cemetery     [Google Maps]