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Myth #01 - Some trees show that the William Rogers, the subject of this profile, married Sarah Lowe. The William Rogers who married Sarah Lowe on the 12 January 1791 in Lincoln Co. KY. seems to have been the son of the William Rogers who per his Adair Co., KY. Revolutionary War Pension application was born 24 May 1748 Culpeper Co. VA. (DAR profile) and died 1 May 1835 in Adair County, Kentucky; the son of William Rogers and Veletta Dowining.  A biograhical sketch on this William Rogers parents can be found here.

All of the William Rogers children for the subject of this biographical sketch were born roughly 20 years prior to the marriage of William Rogers and Sarah Lowe.  These are two distinct and separate couples.

Myth #02 - Some trees show that the William Rogers in the profile is the same one who married Sarah Braham Reneau.  Sarah Braham Reneau Rogers is stated to have died in 1820 Tennessee.  At least the last four children of William Rogers & Sarah Braham Reneau were born in Tennessee.   The William Rogers and Sarah his wife of Hampshire Co., VA. (now Mineral Co., W.V.) lived and died in Hampshire Co., VA.  These are two different Rogers families who happen to share the same given names.


The 1828 Francis and Pamelia A. (Parker) Duffy family bible [1] states that Pamelia A. (Parker) Duffys mother was:

Susana Rogers wife of Thomas Parker was born 11th April 1773; she was the daughter of William Rogers and Sarah his wife. Susana was born in Hampshire County, Virginia.

This family bible links Susana Rogers to the William Rogers of Hampshire County, VA.  Additionally 1904 letters found in Parker in America on page 482 show that the eldest three sons of Nathaniel Parker namely John, Thomas and Richard married three sisters, the Misses Rogers. John married Mary ?, Richard married Nancy and Thomas married Susie Rogers.

William Rogers born about 1740 Frederick County, Virginia; died  after 1805 and before1810 in Hampshire, Virginia.; was the son of Matthew Rogers and Ann Woods who settled on Patterson Creek, Frederic County, VA. (later Hampshire County, VA/W.V.; now Mineral County, W.V.) in June 1749.  William Rogers married Sarah ______ born about 1740 about 1761.   William Rogers sold land inherited from his father in 1767, and appears in the 1782 and 1784 Hampshire County, VA. enumeration / tax lists.  In the 1782 list we find William Rogers with 10 people in the household and in the 1784 list we find 11 individuals in the household.  Assuming Sarah was William Rogers only wife and roughly 25 child bearing years, then the oldest child was born circa 1759 and the last child 1784.  On April 18, 1805 William Rogers Senr of Hampshire, Virginia made William Rogers Junr of Nelson, Kentucky his lawful attorney (Power of Atforney DB6,p 391).   The 1805, 1808 Nelson, Kentucky tax lists only list one William Rogers.  No William Rogers found in the 1806, 1807, 1809 and 1810 Nelson, Kentucky tax lists.  This strongly suggest that William Rogers Senr. remained in Hampshire, Virginia and did not migrate to Kentucky.  Nor does a William Rogers appear in the 1810 U.S. census for Nelson County, Kentucky .

The children of William Rogers and Sarah____ were:

01. William Rogers [11] born 1761-____.  William Rogers, Jr. was in Nelson, Kentucky in 1804/1805 when he was given Power of Attorney by William Rogers, Sr.[DB 6, p. 291].  This Rootsweb.com Message Board thread indicates he died in 1832 Ohio County, KY.

1792 Nelson County, KY Tax List - William Rogers with 1 person above 21 years of age

1793 Nelson County, KY Tax List - William Rogers with 1 person above 21 years of age.

1794 Nelson County, KY Tax List - William Rogers with 1 person above 21 years of age

1795 Nelson County, KY Tax List - William Rogers with 1 person above 21 years of age

1796 Nelson County, KY Tax List - William Rogers 200 acres on Beech Creek

1797 Nelson County, KY Tax List - William Rogers 200 acres on Beech Creek

1800 Nelson County, KY Tax List - William Rogers 200 acres on Beech Creek

1801 Nelson County, KY Tax List - William Rogers Beech Creek

1802 Nelson County, KY Tax List - William Rogers Beech Creek

1803 Nelson County, KY Tax List - William Rogers Beech Creek

1804 Nelson County, KY Tax List - William Rogers Beech Creek

1806 Nelson County, KY Tax List - William Rogers Beech Creek

1807 Nelson County, KY Tax List - William Rogers Beech Creek

1808 Nelson County, KY Tax List - William Rogers Beech Creek

Did not find a 1809, 1810 or 1811 tax record for William Rogers.

Is the William Rogers referenced as being one of the pioneer settlers of Rogers Station, founder of Cedar Creek Baptist Church Nelson, Kentucky.

02. John Rogers [11] born 1766, died 1800 [5] ; married Susan

03. Mary Rogers (aka "Molly") [11] born abt. 1768 in Hampshire County, Virginia . (Some treees state born 1755 in King & Queen County, VA but it seems suspicious with both William and Ann being born about 1740 which would have made her mother 15 years old at her birth.  Also the county of birth seems suspicious with William Rogers father Matthew Rogers having settled on Patterson Creek, Frederick County (later Hampshire County, VA) in June 1749.; died before 1800 in Hampshire, Virginia.  She married John Parker about 1785 in Hampshire County, VA.   A 1904 letter page 482 of the 1911 book Parker in America' states "John, s. (son) of Nathaniel (2), lived at Shelbyville, Ky."  The same page states the three oldest Parker boys married three Roger's girls. This same statement about the three Parker boys marrying three Roger girls was also found in Jay Guy Cisco's 1909 book 'Historic Sumner County, TN.  Based upon the 1851 Thomas Scott letter found in the Ohio State Archives John Parkers 2nd marriage was to Sarah Collier.

04. James Rogers [11] born 1769, died ____, married

05. Nancy Rogers [11] born January 30, 1771 [6] in Hampshire County, VA; died February 9, 1838 in Sumner County, TN. [6]; She married Richard Parker in Tennessee.  [6]

06. Margaret Rogers [11] born 1772-__; died __-__; (married Samuel Higgerson or Hickerson in Tennessee ?)

07. Susana Rogers [11] born April 11, 1773 [1] in Hampshire County, VA. (now northeast county of West Virginia); died October 24, 1838 in Sumner County, TN.; married Thomas Parker [1] about March-April 1792 (1st child born February 3, 1793).

08.  Sally Rogers [11] born __-__; died before 1810. Married 1) Aaron Jones 2) Ebenezer Fenley

09 Elizabeth Eliza Rogers [11] born 26 Aug 1783 Hampshire Co., VA; died __-__; married 31 March 1811 Sumner Co., TN.  Nathan Davis.  They resided in Washington County, Illinois.[11]

[1] Francis Duffy Family Bible.

[2] From Early Land Grants and Settlers Along Patterson Creek, by Charles Morrison: pg 169, 170 Grants on Patterson Creek Below (North of) Patterson Manor.

Matthew Rogers, 379 acres, Lot #13, June 10, 1749. Note #10, Lot #13, was apparently bequeathed to William ROGERS in several acreage parcels by his father, Matthew ROGERS Sr. prior to and at Matthew's death. William in 1767 conveyed these parcels to his other siblings, including 264 acres to Col. James ROGERS. This record would seem to verify that Matthew Sr. was the Father of Col. James and his siblings rather than William Sr. as some researchers seem to think. Most of this was sold (and records are available) just prior to Col. James and his Brothers and Sisters leaving for Kentucky. The last 115 acres were sold in 1772 by Jonathan Rogers (Brother of Col. James and William Rogers) to a Peter Jones.

Lot #12 was owned by John Parker whose grandson Thomas Parker married Susan Rogers granddaughter of Mathew Rogers.

See Patterson Creek Settlement Survey.   (aerial photo)

Hampshire Co., VA will book: Okey Johnson, - will not dated, pr. Oct. 16, 1768. Wife and children, but not moved. Sons get land; "everything to wife and children." Executor, Wife. Witnesses: Peter Jones, John Jones, William Rogers.

Hampshire County Deed Book 1, pp. 359-360 - William Rogers and wife Sarah conveyed 264 acres of the 379 passed on 10 June 1749 to Matthew Rogers Sr to James Rogers on 14 April 1767.

Hampshire County Deed Book 2, pp. 163-165 - William Rogers sold by lease and release 115 acres of land to Matthew Rogers (Jr) on 14 March 1770. This tract of land was the same for which Matthew Rogers (Sr) deceased obtained a deed from the Proprietor of the Northern Neck on 19 May 1762.

Hampshire County Deed Book 2, pp. 161-165: - William Rogers sold by lease and release 115 acres of land to Jonathan Rogers on 14 March 1770. This 115 acre tract was part of the original 379 acres conveyed by the Proprietor to Matthew Rogers Sr on 10 June 1749.

[3] Hampshire County, Virginia Minute Book 1788-1791 p 400: Mar 10, 1791: did grand jury duty.

1792 Hampshire County, Virginia will of John Jones probated:  Jones, John - May 14, 1792; pr. Oct. 15, 1794. Wife, Cather. 11 children: 1) Peter; 2) Abel; 3) Samuel; 4) Kesiah; 5) David; 6) Solomon; 7) Aaron; 8) Abraham; 9) Daniel; 10) John; 11) Joshua. Grandchildren: Septamous, Catherine and Nancy Lawson; Margaret and Matty Rogers. Exec. sons, David and Solomon. Sec. William Rogers and John Thiller. Witnesses: John Dixon, David and Isaac Jones..

[4] Hampshire County, Virginia Minute Book 1795-1798 p 388: Mar 22, 1797: Ordered that William Rogers be appointed overseer of the road in the room of John Rogers dec'd, from Frankfort to Hollowbacks Mill.

Hampshire County, Virginia (Now West Virginia); Volume 1 - Minute Book p. 93:  14 May 1798 On the petition of sundry inhabitants of this country to have a new road opened from Jacob Slagle's through Nobly Mountain to the North Branch ordered that John Pearsall, William Rogers, Senr, Thomas Hollinback and Arjalon Price... view the ground... Page 49.

[5] Hampshire County, Virginia Minute book 1799-1802 p 133: Jan 20, 1800: On motion of Wm. Rogers he is appointed guardian of Susannah Rogers and Jno. Rogers, orphans of John Rogers dec'd he having complied with the law.

[6] Ophelia Parker Family Bible - Beth Page, TN. - Published 1885 - Births Page; Deaths;

[7] 1782: in Hampshire County, Virginia_enumerations; Abraham Johnson's district; 10 free whites. (1 Tithe, 6 horses, 16 cattle)

Rogers, James            8 - 3
Rogers, William         10 - 12

Total number of whites and total number of blacks.

[8] 1784: in Hampshire County, Virginia_enumerations: Abraham Johnson's district; 10 free whites; 1 dwelling; 2 other buildings.

Rodgers, Ezekial         7    10
Rodgers, William        11     6
Rogers, Owen              7     9

1786: on Hampshire County, Virginia tax list.
1788: on Hampshire County, Virginia tax list.
1786: on Hampshire County, Virginia tax list.
1792: on Hampshire County, Virginia tax list with 10 whites.
1793: on Hampshire County, Virginia tax list.
1794: on Hampshire County, Virginia tax list.
1796: on Hampshire County, Virginia tax list.

[9] SIMS Index to Land Grants in West Virginia Hampshire County, VA (Mineral County, WV) 1762 -1863

Name of Grantee                                    Acres           Local Description                      Year           Book        Page

SIMS Index to Land Grants: John Rogers

[10] Horner p. 417 (1743-1745 - JOSEPH HORNER : Frederick Co. VA: 1759 Record Type: Rent Role Database: VA Early Census Index

Abraham Bird, Providence Williams, Abner Anderson, Robert Bennett, John Holkens, William Ross, Nicholas Crist, David Stepler, Matthew Black, Williams Rennalds, John Parks, William Neller, John Thomas, GEORGE HORNER, Roger Parks, William Cape, Joseph Robins, William Rogers, Zebulon Hollins, William Glover, John Rion, Richard Crunk & Joseph Edwards to be added to tithables.

[11] In a Nelson County, KY court deposition over land in 1818 James Rogers Sr., age 75, stated that William Rogers, who died 7 or 8 years ago was his eldest brother, and that another brother, Jonathan Rogers died in Virginia in 1782. There is also a confirming statement by an Agnes Bailey who identifies herself as a sister of these 3 brothers, James Rogers, William Rogers and Jonathan Rogers.

Following is a summary of the Rogers descendants and their apparent relationships whose names appear in the papers for some reason.

01 William Rogers (of Morgan Co., IL.)
02. John Rogers (decd. 1834)
    1. Susan Real (wife of James Real) (also appears as Susannah Wright)
    2. John Rogers
03. Nancy Parker ( aka Agnes ? ) (wife of Richard Parker, Sumner Co., Tn.)
04. Sally Jones (widow of Aaron Jones, m. 2nd Ebenezer Finley by 1835, died in Fayette Co., Pa. Jan. 1851.
05. Susan Parker (wife of Thomas Parker, Sumner Co., Tn.)
06. Mary Parker (wife of John Parker, Shelby Co., Ky.)
07. James Rogers (of Ohio)
08. Elizabeth Davis (wife of Nathan Davis, Washington Co., IL)
09. Margaret Hickerson (wife of Samuel Hickerson, Wilson, Co., Tn.)


[12] Court: Road order, 17 Sep 1798, , Hampshire Co., Virginia. John Jones is appointed surveyor of the road from Hollenbacks to Frankfort in the room of William Rogers...Page 238
Note: "in the room of" meant "instead of" or to replace.

[13] Will of Willaim Rogers, 15 May 1803, , Hampshire Co., Virginia. William Rogers wrote his will on 15 May 1803. The witnesses present were A. King, David Jones, Thomas Hollenback and John Thompson.

[14] Thomas Hollenback Estate Inventory: 24 Sep 1805, , Hampshire Co., Virginia. Bill of appraisement of the personal estate of Thomas Hollenback, dec'd, as taken the 24 day of September 1805 by John McBride, William Rogers, Sr., and Fred'k Sheetz, three of the four nominated by the Court of Hampshire Cty.
List of Goods
Being appointed by the Worshipful Court of Hampshire County to value the Estate of the late Thos. Hollenback after having been first duly sworn have therefore appraised the estate as Inventory to Thirteen Hundred Twenty Six Dollars and 31 cents as account as herewith annexed as witness our hands this 27th of September 1805
Signed: William Rogers, John McBride, Will Armstrong and Fred'k Sheetz

If you are a descendant of the people listed on this page, have information different, or in addition to what's shown above (birth information, baptistery info, marriage bonds/certificates, wills, obituaries, deeds, court records, etc..) please forward to Joe Crouch and I will edit and or add it to this site.