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Here’s just a sampling of the New England historical connections
that we have through the pioneering Russell family.
Russell Lines
Our direct line of descent from English immigrant 10GGP William and Martha Russell of Cambridge shows in pink. From 9GGF Benjamin Russell through 5GGF Oliver Wheeler II, they all lived in the area now called Carlisle.

The records are not altogether clear, but there seems to be a fair consensus that William and Martha had eleven children, of whom our Benjamin of Concord was the second.

Stories keep surfacing about their remarkable descendants who are our forebears, cousins, and connections in various degrees. I’ve already encountered interesting memories of the families of Benjamin’s big brother Joseph, as well as those of his younger brothers Philip and Jason.

In this series, we’ll follow a few of them around some places with honorable and evocative names, such as Concord, Lexington, Menotomy, Cambridge, and, eventually, Carlisle.

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