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1871 RG10/4129 Folio 71 Page 11 Blatchinworth          
10, Wilderness, Littleborough          
Paul Greenwood head m 48 loom jobber Todmorden
Hannah Greenwood wife m 48   Todmorden
Alice A Greenwood dau   10 Scholar Todmorden
Jacob Edmondson son in law m 24 c. weaver Barnoldswick Yks
Susy Edmondson dau m 23 c. weaver Todmorden
1871 RG10/4129 Folio 71 Page 12 Blatchinworth          
10, Wilderness, Littleborough          
William Greenwood head m 26 c. weaver Todmorden
Emma Greenwood wife m 30 c. weaver Bristol Glos
James R Greenwood son   6   Todmorden
Elizabeth A Greenwood dau   4   Todmorden
1871 RG10/4129 Folio 71 Page 12 Blatchinworth          
13, Wilderness, Littleborough          
John Dawson head m 35 c. weaver Walsden
Mary Dawson wife m 31   Calderbrook
Charles R Dawson son   10 c. weaver half time Calderbrook
Stansfield Dawson son   3   Calderbrook
William Dawson son   1   Calderbrook
Elizabeth Prince niece   13 c. weaver Rochdale
1871 RG10/4129 Folio 71/72 Page 12/13 Blatchinworth          
18, Wilderness, Littleborough          
Joseph Townsend head m 56 draper Walsden
Mary Townsend wife m 56   Stubbins Lancs
Mary Townsend dau un 19 c. weaver Littleborough
Betsy A Townsend dau   17 c. weaver Littleborough
1871 RG10/4129 Folio 72 Page 14 Blatchinworth          
26, Wilderness, Littleborough          
Ann Sagar head w 62 washing Walsden
1871 RG10/4129 Folio 72/73 Page 14/15 Blatchinworth          
30, Wilderness, Littleborough          
William Mitchell head m 32 sanitary tube maker Walsden
Mary Mitchell wife m     Barnoldswick Yks
Alice A Mitchell dau   11 c. doffer half time Blatchinworth
John W Mitchell son   9 c. doffer half time Blatchinworth
Susannah Mitchell dau   7   Blatchinworth
Sutcliffe Mitchell son   5   Blatchinworth
James A Mitchell son   3   Blatchinworth
Elizabeth E Mitchell dau   6mth   Blatchinworth
1871 RG10/4129 Folio 73 Page 15 Blatchinworth          
32, Wilderness, Littleborough          
Samuel Holt head m 64 c. weaver Walsden
Martha Holt wife m 65   Calderbrook
Alice Holt dau un 30 c. weaver Calderbrook
1871 RG10/4129 Folio 73 Page 15/16 Blatchinworth          
35, Wilderness, Littleborough          
William Workman head m 46 labourer (Weslyan local preacher) Bisley Lancs
Hannah Workman wife m 38   Walsden
Joseph Workman son un 19 c. weaver Norden Lancs
Mary Workman dau   15 scholar Rushton Lancs
John Schofield grandfather w 84 retired farmer Walsden
1871 RG10/4129 Folio 73 Page 16 Blatchinworth          
36, Wilderness, Littleborough          
Joseph Woodhead head m 32 labourer Walsden
Susannah Woodhead wife m 29 c. weaver Walsden
James Woodhead son   9 scholar Calderbrook
1871 RG10/4129 Folio 73 Page 16 Blatchinworth          
38, Wilderness, Littleborough          
Charles Mitchell head m 60 labourer Walsden
Betty Mitchell wife m 60   Walsden
Jane Mitchell dau un 30 c. rover Walsden
William Mitchell son un 26 c twister Walsden
Mary Mitchell dau un 24 c. winder Walsden
Sarah H N Mitchell dau un 20 c. slubber Walsden
Hannah Hawkard boarder un 27 c. weaver Walsden
1871 RG10/4129 Folio 73/74 Page 16/17 Blatchinworth          
40, Wilderness, Littleborough          
Abraham Schofield head m 48 labourer and grocer Walsden
Susannah Schofield wife m 52   Langfield Yks
John Scholfield son un 20 grocer's assistant Walsden
Sarah A Schofield dau un 18 c. weaver Walsden
Thomas Schofield son   16 fulling miller Walsden
Elizabeth Schofield dau   13 throstle spinner Walsden
Abraham Schofield son   11 scholar half time Blatchinworth
1871 RG10/4129 Folio 74 Page 17 Blatchinworth          
44, Wilderness, Littleborough          
Mary Dawson head w 60   Todmorden
Alfred Dawson son   16 blacksmith Blatchinworth
1871 RG10/4129 Folio ? Page 20 Blatchinworth          
Lower Chelburn, Littleborough          
John Lord head m 50 stoker in c. mill Walsden
Mary Lord wife m 49   Walsden
James Lord son un 18 c. twister in Walsden
Susan Lord dau   16 c. weaver Walsden
John Lord son   8 scholar Walsden
1871 RG10/4129 Folio ? Page 20 Blatchinworth          
2, Lower Chelburn, Littleborough          
Thomas Dawson head m 44 plate layer railway Walsden
Mary A Dawson wife m 49   Walsden
1871 RG10/4129 Folio ? Page 20 Blatchinworth          
2, Green Vale, Littleborough          
John Whitehead head m 61 manager at c. factory Todmorden
Ann Whitehead wife m 63   Todmorden
1871 RG10/4129 Folio ? Page 21 Blatchinworth          
8, Green Vale, Littleborough          
Thomas Schofield head m 38 loom jobber Walsden
Jane Schofield wife m 38 c. weaver Walsden
Clara Howarth boarder   4mth   Rochdale
1871 RG10/4129 Folio ? Page 22 Blatchinworth          
Chelburn, Littleborough          
William Roberts head m 33 farm labourer Walsden
Betty Roberts wife m 34   Blatchinworth
Alice Roberts dau   10 weaver half time Blatchinworth
Robert Roberts son   8 weaver half time Blatchinworth
Thomas Roberts son   6   Blatchinworth
Edwin Roberts son   4   Blatchinworth
Sarah Roberts dau   2   Blatchinworth
James Roberts son   9mth   Blatchinworth
1871 RG10/4129 Folio ? Page 23 Blatchinworth          
Summit Lock House, Littleborough          
John Kershaw head m 46 lock keeper Walsden
Srah Kershaw wife m 43   Walsden
Cyril Kershaw son   15 percher in fulling mill Walsden
Martha Kershaw dau   13 throstle piecer Walsden
Susannah Kershaw dau   11 throstle piecer Walsden
Sarah J Kershaw dau   8 doffer cotton Blatchinworth
Grace Kershaw dau   6 scholar Blatchinworth
1871 RG10/4129 Folio ? Page 24 Blatchinworth          
2, Longlees, Littleborough          
John Jackson head w 81 retired c. weaver Walsden
Martha Jackson dau un 45 c. weaver Walsden
Mary Jackson dau un 43   Walsden
John H Jackson gr/son un 29 c. weaver Walsden
Fielden T Jackson gr/son   17 shepherd Walsden
1871 RG10/4129 Folio ? Page 24 Blatchinworth          
East Summit Lock House, Littleborough          
Zachariah Jackson head m 55 lock keeper Walsden
Grace Jackson dau un 22   Blatchinworth
Mally Jackson dau un 20 c. weaver Blatchinworth
Ellen Jackson dau un 18 c. weaver Blatchinworth
James Jackson son   17 c. weaver Blatchinworth
Sarah Jackson dau   15 c. weaver Blatchinworth
Susannah Jackson dau   13 c. weaver Blatchinworth
Martin Jackson son   10 scholar Blatchinworth
1871 RG10/4129 Folio ? Page 24 Blatchinworth          
Quarry, Littleborough          
John Stevenson head w 70 retired stone mason Walsden
Betty Stevenson dau un 40 housekeeper  
1871 RG10/4129 Folio ? Page 24 Blatchinworth          
3, Quarry, Littleborough          
William Stansfield head m 19 warehouseman Walsden
Selina Stansfield wife m 23   Bolton Lancs
George T Stansfield son   1   Calderbrook
1871 RG10/4129 Folio 81 Page 3 Blatchinworth          
Caldermoor Road, Littleborough          
Absolam Greenwood head m 20 fuller Todmorden
Mary Ann Greenwood wife m 24 c. winder Charlestown
1871 RG10/4129 Folio 84 Page 10 Blatchinworth          
Box, Rochdale Rd., Littleborough          
Alfred Roberts head m 27 cabinet maker Todmorden
Jane Roberts wife m 20 c. weaver Colne Lancs
1871 RG10/4129 Folio 85 Page 12 Blatchinworth          
Will Hill, Church St., Littleborough          
John Roberts head m 40 c. weaver Todmorden
Sarah Anne Roberts wife m 28 c. weaver Bacup
Elizabeth Roberts mother w 69   Scotland
1871 RG10/4129 Folio ? Page 16 Blatchinworth          
Will Hill, Church St. Littleborough          
William Brown head m 45 printer & stationer Todmorden
Elizabeth Brown wife m 48   Leicester
Mary Brown dau   17 c. weaver Todmorden
Betty Brown dau   15 c. weaver Todmorden
Annie Brown dau   7   Todmorden
1871 RG10/4129 Folio 91 Page 23 Blatchinworth          
Victoria St., Littleborough          
James Greenwood head m 42 loom jobber Walsden
Rachel Greenwood wife m 42   Padiham Lancs
Mary Greenwood dau un 20 w. weaver Blatchinworth
Sarah Greenwood dau   17 c. weaver Blatchinworth
James Greenwood son   11   Blatchinworth
Joseph Greenwood son   3   Blatchinworth
Lilly Greenwood dau   10mth   Blatchinworth
Sarah Greenwood sister un 53 c. weaver Walsden